Chiang Mai

Here’s our insider guide to Chiang Mai, including unique things to do, hotels, restaurants and travel tips you seldom hear from anywhere else.

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1 day ago

9 Flower fields and Cherry Blossoms (Sakuras) blooming this winter in Northern Thailand.

Flower Fields are where fairies lay, well we believe this anyway, and with the season approaching what could be more magical than frolicking amongst a field of wildflowers, with sunlight …
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3 months ago

19 Romantic things to do at Mae Kampong in Northern Thailand (1 hour from Chiang Mai)

Mae Kampwhatttt?? Don’t worry if you too have never heard of this tiny Northern Village (which is just 1 hour 15 minutes’ drive from Chiang Mai and also famed for …
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5 months ago

10 Romantic nature retreats for couples around Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand in Chiang Dao and Mae Rim.

Ah, amazing Chiang Mai, where the air is instantly fresher, and afternoons are filled with all things cultural. It’s also one of our absolute favourite places to visit during the …
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9 months ago

18 Things to do at Mon Cham including places to stay, eat and explore just 50 minutes from central Chiang Mai

You’ve been to the Old City and San Kamphaeng Hot Springs at Chiang Mai yet you still have a couple of days to spare. Where else should you go? Great …
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11 months ago

11 Things to do at San Kamphaeng just 30 minutes from central Chiang Mai

Did you know Chiang Mai has an Art Village? Yes, you read it right. An Art Village located just 30 minutes from central Chiang Mai. And it’s not just any …
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1 year ago

6 Traditional Japanese-themed hotels to stay at in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Has Japan been on your travel list for just about forever? There’s just something so incredible about how the Japanese take the word minimalist to the next level, from their …
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2 years ago

Cafe-hopping in Chiang Mai: 20 creative themed cafes with fun and interesting dining concepts

By  •  Chiang Mai

Known for its beautiful temples and natural sights, Chiang Mai’s cafe scene has also been growing over the years, popping up with fun and interesting cafe concepts from time to …
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2 years ago

10 Reasons couples should visit Pai in Northern Thailand, 3 hours from Chiang Mai – things to do, see and eat

Now I have to admit, I’m usually a tropical kind of girl, and the sun and the breezes always win my heart. After a short 5-day trip to Pai with …
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2 years ago

29 extraordinary cafes in Chiang Mai await: including a waterfall restaurant, jungle cafe, and garden cafe!

Written by Fiona G Mokry Co-written by Dawn Pillay Locals and expats alike have a deep love for Chiang Mai, and it’s no surprise why. Nestled in the peaceful mountains of …
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2 years ago

26 Exciting things to do around Pai and Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand

Just imagine a hippie little village hidden from the world, except from those in the know. That’s what Pai is! This is one secret Thai locale much loved by nature …
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