Written by Monica Gray
Co-written by Dawn Pillay, Kim Wilson

If you’re a budget traveller who wants a little bit of luxury, you’re in luck.

There are over-water villas in Thailand that might more beautiful than those in the Maldives, and for a much cheaper price.

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From spectacular sunset views, to private balconies, to numerous water sport choices, these water villas in Thailand will leave you feeling relaxed in paradise without putting a dent in your wallet.

1. A luxurious floating ark-like sanctuary – Z9 Resort

Z9 Resort is the latest in floating villas and offers a quietly luxurious retreat on the river.

It’s a pretty exclusive stay, with only 15 rooms available – and the designs reflect a meditative energy throughout.

Photo via nok_nok_69

Photo via sneakoutclub

You can go for the North wing which is more laid back or the South, which is built for two. Every room comes equipped with life jackets, so even if you can’t swim, you can still take a dip in the river!

Photo via gaps.go, june_juneee

Photo via t.buachum

You will be able to catch dazzling sunsets over the open water, from the comfort of your room and also grab a bite at their on-site restaurant and bakery. (Perfect for those who don’t feel like leaving Z9 Resort and it’s relaxing ambiance.)

Photos via milemind.ccs, Sneakoutclub

Enjoy the quiet and lounge on the decks or go canoeing; you will find your peace of mind here.

Photo via oychonlada

Z9 Resort

Rates: From 4500 Baht / USD $144
Address: 71250 Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 0632394459

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2. Immerse yourself in Thai culture at it’s best –  Blue Sky Resort

This sophisticated and elegant resort is paradise away from home. The rooms are modern and surrounded by beautiful, natural greenery. The dining area is on the beachfront for wonderful romantic and pleasant evenings.

Guests can take advantage of the free bicycle rentals and airport transfers. Adventurous guests can go kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and canoeing.  There are also Thai boxing and cooking courses, for those of you who want to immerse yourself into Thai culture.

Photo Via Comeonireal

The Maldives Zone R is a gorgeous water villa with partial sea view, 1 bedroom, and 1 king size bed. Breakfast is included. Escape the busy life of Thailand into this relaxing water villa you will quickly make into your home.

Photo Via Bigbig.galz_Neptune

The Blue Sky Resort is a Maldive type water villa at an affordable price, with numerous activities to take advantage of in paradise.

Photo Via Meowminikrikri

Blue Sky Resort

Rate: From USD $109 / approx 3,659 Baht
Address: Sapanpla Road, Koh Phayam, Koh Phayam (Ranong), Thailand, 85000. Coordinate here
Contact: +(662) 247-7310-11 (Only 8:30-17:00 Mon-Fri)

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3. A whole new meaning of ‘rafting’ – Wang Nok Kaew Park View Resort

Floating along the bank of the Kwai Noi riverside in Soi Yok are a line of wooden raft villas – Wang Nok Park.

Photo Via Beeboinstagram

Even the standard raft is amazing; air conditioning, hot water, free WiFi….oh and amazing views of the river flowing past.

If you love the water then you may choose both the natural river or the deluxe swimming pool to take a dip.

Photo Via Patt.nun,Zeppaetpd
Photo Via Aomy.kanlaya, Koratvan1

After a busy day why not relax in the hammock on your private balcony, or have a traditional thai massage?

Photo Via Betakamrai
Photo Via Chanansy

You certainly won’t go hungry with the buffet breakfast feast and varied menu at the riverside restaurant.

Photo Via Seb_ck_siam_compound

If you can tear yourself away from your floating raft, visit the nearby Hellfire Pass Museum or Prasat Muang Sing historical park.

Pack your swimwear – it’s time to go ‘rafting’!

Wang Nok Kaew Park View Resort

Rate: From USD $79 / approx. 2,600 Baht (for Standard Raft)
Address: Sai Yok, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi 71150, Thailand. Coordinate here
Contact: +66 96 456 6651 / +66 99 529 8745


4. The overwater villas for the ultimate charm and comfort – Kwai Tara Riverside Villas

These villas offer peace and relaxation as well as beach time fun. It’s in proximity to many nearby attractions in Kanchanaburi, like the Memorial and War Museums.

Unwind in these beautiful villas after spending the day in the city, by doing some of the non-motorized water activities. One of the main priorities of this water villa is to make sure each guest enjoys the highest degree of convenience and comfort. Each room comes with a plasma TV, bathtub or shower, air conditioning, canoes, and a private entrance.

Photo Via Kikiikik.Kik

The Floating House is one of the most popular choices at this villa, with its private entrance. It’s situated over the water, similar to many expensive accommodation choices in the Maldives, for half the price!

Photo Via Porkorawitt

These villas offer guests numerous views of the surrounding area. You’ll get to see major Thai sites without having to leave your room! These villas, with their ocean views, offer guests an escape into paradise.

Kwai Tara Riverside Villas

Rate: From USD $90 / approx.  3,106 Baht
Address: Wang Krachae, Sai Yok (Kanchanaburi), Thailand, 71150. Coordinate here
Contact: +66 93 925 8883

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5. Be surrounded by an emerald lagoon – 500 Rai Resort (Ban Ta Khun)

Each water villa is equipped with its  own private balcony and modern amenities. The contemporary designed rooms are elegant and relaxing.

The water villas are surrounded by a beautiful emerald lagoon and natural surroundings, which creates a tranquil experience for every guest. Guests get to enjoy the sunrise and sunset every morning and evening.

Photo Via Rzair_Chanurak
Photo Via Maribareksten,-Aileron07

The resort is 80 kilometers from Surat Thani, making it far enough away to feel like a relaxing getaway, but close enough to visit a busy city for the major attractions.

There’s also a solarium, outdoor pool, and canoeing available for the adventurous at heart.

Photo Via Bolzthanakitt

500 Rai is a wonderful getaway from the major cities in Thailand. If you’re looking for that picturesque paradise – 500 Rai resort has it all, with its emerald green lagoon and relaxing ambiance.

Photo Via Magasinetreiselyst

500 Rai Resort (Ban Ta Khun)

Rate: From USD $321 / approx. 10,750 baht
Address: 32/15 Khao-Wong, Takhun, Suratthani 84320 Thailand
Contact: (+66) 77 953 013

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6. Live amongst emerald green water and a National Park – Panvaree Resort

This beautiful resort is in Khao Sok National Park, surrounded by incredible nature, which creates a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

The River View Room is situated over emerald green waters, which reflect the dark greenery and shrubbery surrounding the villas. On the resort, guests can take advantage of the boating activities, such as canoeing. There’s also a solarium.

Photo Via Deer_Foto

Each room comes with air conditioning, a mini bar, blackout curtains to hide the sun, and a balcony, so you can enjoy the wonderful view outside. Guests are offered a free welcome drink upon arrival, and can enjoy the coffee shop, shared kitchen when they wish to cook their own meals, and on-demand movies in each room – this water villa will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Photo Via Potislt,-Nichakarn25

Panvaree Resort

Rates: From USD $400 / approx. 13,418 Baht
Address: Ban Ta Khun, Suratthani, Thailand, 84230
Contact: +66 90 991 5995

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7. Tropical gardens in one of the most beautiful locations in Thailand – Koh Tao Bamboo Huts

These huts are in one of the most beautiful locations in Thailand, right on the southwest coast of Koh Tao. The unobstructed sea view will take you away into paradise.

Photo Via Jydo5.Travelife

The huts are set amongst vibrant, tropical gardens. They offer a wide variety of watersports, as well as beach soccer for those of you looking for some physical activities.

If you’re looking to get out of the resort for a little while, it’s near many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

The Sunset Pool Villa is one of the best parts about these huts, offering some of the best sunset views in the entire resort. It’s directly on the water, and has its own private pool for you to enjoy.

Photo Via Oilsukolkaew

Koh Tao Bamboo Huts are in one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. The tropical gardens will sweep you away during the day, and the bars and restaurants will sweep you away at night.

Photo Via Jamesmason19

Koh Tao Bamboo Huts

Rate: From USD $155 / approx. 5,205 baht
Address: 30/20 Jax Trek, Jansom Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand, 84360
Contact: +66 (0) 7745 6394

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8. The best kept secret amongst the mountains of northern Thailand – Mountain Float Chiang Mai

This resort is surrounded by Thailand’s beautiful mountain ranges in the north.

Photo Via Khem_Tc

One of the most unique parts about this resort is that it’s a true water resort – only reachable by water taxi, which takes you to your room. Once you arrive, you’re greeted with a refreshing coconut drink.

Photo Via Zephyrus_Seven

It’s on the Mae Ngad Dam, and rooms feature balconies with beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Guests can go paddle boarding, zorbing, and kayaking if they choose.

Photo Via Nnonns

For those of you looking for some good food and to relax, the resort also offers BBQs and even a karaoke machine for the brave! Guests can order dinner to their private balcony at the time of their choice. Each room comes with a private bathroom and snacks to choose from.

Photo Via Zephyrus_Seven

This water villa is a tiny little secret in paradise – and will take your breath away with its views of the mountains and location on a wonderful lake.

Photo Via Mmaxmax-Eau1618-Bhmiohm
Photo Via Eau1618
Photo Via Boomnetiruj,-Yiingz

Mountain Float Chiangmai

Rate: From USD $305 / approx. 10,000 Baht for a 2-bedroom villa
Address: Mountain Float, Mae Ngad Dam and Reservoir, Chorlae, Chiang Mai, Mae Taeng. Coordinate here
Contact: +66 93 615 6365


9. The overwater villa with exciting water sports – Ruknam Resort

Ruknam Resort (direct translation: Love Water Resort) definitely makes full use of its location and lives up to its name indeed.

Photo Via Gybziiiiii

This resort has its very own dock that offers a wide variety of water sports. Each room comes with a refrigerator, hair dryer, and air conditioning. The style of the room is modern and elegant, furnished with dark wooden decor to blend into the surrounding environment. Each room comes with a private entrance and private bathroom, and is in proximity to a refreshing swimming area.

Photo Via Ohtinybaby

Guests can enjoy the water by taking advantage of the Jet Skis, banana boats, and water donuts!

Photo Via Babymild.Clns,-Puii_Ubolrat,-Lemonara

For those of you who want to indulge in nature and escape from the bustling and busy Thai life, then this resort is the place for you.

Photo Via Nongvenice,Oneeyed_Milkman

Breathe in the fresh and crisp air in the morning, and in the evening, watch the sky pulse with a fiery, vibrant red from the sunset.

Photo Via Ichbinbirdie,Mayurattawonrak

Enjoy your stay and take advantage of the banana boats and other water sports this resort has to offer. The view alone from the resort is enough to make you want to stay in this beautiful paradise.

Photo Via Tian_Sri

Ruknam Resort

Rate: From USD $173/ approx. 8,000 baht
Address: 5 259, Tambon Tha Kradan, Amphoe Si Sawat, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71250, Thailand. Coordinate here
Contact: +66 88 635 5999


10. Find out why this resort is called “the paradise on earth” – Ananta River Hills Resort

This recently established resort has a total of 11 types of floating villas, each one named after a particular fish living in the nearby dam.

The floating villas are all equipped with a private balcony, allowing you to observe the clear water and iconic mountains surrounding you.

Photo Via Sun_Tanti
Photo Via Roongmaneephan.I

Apart from the villas, there’s plenty to keep you having fun! With life jackets, canoes, a free water park full of floats (including a trampoline on a float), wet-rafting and jet skis available, you’ll be happy and well worn out by the end of the day!

Photo Via Jimmy_Taengmo
Photo Via Andannant21

One of the main things that makes this resort unique (and adds to the fun), is their kayak and fishing competitions where prizes are presented by the resort.

Photo Via Attawatknight

PS: If you’re a large group looking for places that can accommodate the whole group, Ananta River Hills has many options catering to different sizes of groups!

Ananta River Hills Resort

Rate: From 122 USD/4,000 Baht
Address: 270 Moo 2 Tha Kradan | Kanchanaburi, Si Sawat 71250, Thailand. Coordinate here
Contact: 087-588-1970 | 081-445-4488 | 034-696-179 (09.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m)


11. Interesting over-water villa with breathtaking views – KC Resort Overwater Villas (Now closed)

The views of the Gulf of Thailand from these villas are phenomenal.

You’ll also see other breathtaking views like the Big Buddha, Koh Phangan Island, and Chaweng Bay. The resort offers delicious, home cooked meals, and a wide list of different wines. From the restaurant, you can see incredible views of the other surrounding islands.

There’s also an infinity open deck lounge and an infinity turquoise blue pool, which offer cocktails and snacks to end a wonderful day enjoying the beach and sun. The resort offers kite boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, and even mountain biking.

The Over Water Villas offer a beautiful ocean view, air conditioning, and even a private pool, which it’s situated over! It’s furnished with modern facilities that are charming and elegant at the same time.

Photo Via Yanelish
Photo Via Umarinee
Photo Via Arnaud_Dupin

KC Resort Overwater Villas

Rate: From USD $191 / approx. 6,253 Baht
Address: 166/98 Moo. 2, T.Bophut, Suratthani, Chaweng, Samui, Thailand, 84320
Contact: +66 77 428 088

Check Rate on Agoda

Plan your incredible budget vacation with one of these amazing over water villas in Thailand! Have any more places to add? Comment below!

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