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Travel 700km north of Bangkok and you’ll land in Chiang Mai – a beautiful verdant valley that doubles as a seamlessly mixed wonderland of ancient Lanna beauty (think venerable temples) – and modern buildings standing proudly side by side.

Chiang Mai is a home to misty mountains and energetic hill tribes. It is also a lesser-known playground for seasoned travellers, a drooling dip for shoppers and a delight for adventurers.

Do we have your interest yet?

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Well, this northern capital in the land of smiles offers unique accommodations – that’ll further compel you to take the off-the-beaten path, in search of a brand spankin’ new adventure!

Here you go with our list of 10 incredibly unique hotels in Chiang Mai. And you’re welcome!

1. Enjoy Chiang Mai’s exquisite natural beauty in this treehouse tent – Lan Na Wild Glamping

Oh my goodness, this reminds me of where Pocahontas would live if she was living in our times. And these tents, built in tree-houses, take glamping to the next level and are oh so beautiful!

Imagine staying among a grove of tall trees, where greenery and mother nature is your back garden, in a tent-style wooden structure built among the trees. This is seriously next level gorgeous in my opinion.

Photo Via Gogotravelgogohotel, Rchdp.k

Photo Via Gogo_hotel, Mr.thep_travel

It has this naturalistic/geometric look to it, and for some reason reminds me of an Instagram filter, is that weird to say? Pastels, dark woods and whites deluxe.

Photo Via Tong________, Maakhing

I mean, two of their treehouses have their own Onsen bath! If you don’t feel relaxed after staying here, I would truly be very surprised.

Photo Via Imlapian, Pearieswee

They’ve even got a group sized ‘Deluxe Gang tent’ so the entire crew can stay together and don’t forget to check out their prices on weekends / long weekends as they vary from weekday prices!

Photo Via Pearieswee, Bemine_bee, _evefee

Lan Na Wild Glamping

Rate: From 2500 Baht / approx. USD $76
Address: Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 143 9225


2. Try something a little different and stay in bamboo?! – Giant Bamboo Hut

In a giant field of vibrant green with nothing around you except for the sight of butterflies and sounds of birds chirping, you’ll discover this next interesting and naturally stunning place to lay your heads.

It looks kind of like a pirate ship from above, and the gigantic structure is made completely from bamboo. That’s everything bamboo, so you can expect things to be very naturalistic and simple.

Photo Via Iamyuyoo

Photo Via Snowmanstandbyme, Kwang_athitiya

The rooms continue this and are warmly and cosily decorated – I even get a slight African feel with the mixture of animals print and rich browns in a ‘hut’ vibe! (If you didn’t know, I’m from the motherland, South Africa.)

Photo Via Nanliketravel

My favourite thing about this place is the peace, quiet and serenity around you. There is literally nothing around you (except beautiful mother nature), making it the perfect place for de-stressing and reconnecting.

Photo Via Soda.kunyanutt

Photo Via Yammumu, Piizz_ploy

Giant Bamboo Hut

Rate: From 1500 Baht (1-2 people) and 1200 Baht (3-6 people) / approx. USD $45.90-36.70
Address: Inthanon national park Chom Thong, Chiang Mai. Tambon Ban Luang, Amphoe Chom Thong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50160, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 881 2471


3. A little bit of Moroccan flair, oooo I like it – The Grand Morocc Hotel

Either you’re thinking about one of two things; The Grand Budapest Hotel (the movie) or Morocco. Either way, your mind is wandering in the right direction.

This hotel definitely has an air of grandeur, and you guessed it, follows a Moroccan design and theme – done stylishly and reflective of the aesthetics of Morocco that we all love.

Photo Via Cattraveltime, Gunhogunz

A standout feature of the hotel is their pool and the building is built around it, making it a beautiful prominent feature, again true to Moroccan design.

Photo Via Alactarrr, Tae_phu

Photo Via Ms.barbiecue, Koeypaipow, Baibitoey

Photo Via Ayla_a, Maynattida

The beds here are soft and lush (Yas!) you can expect to live in a little luxury for the next few days.

Photo Via Ladyjasmena

Now at this grand hotel, you’ll only find suites, that each come with a lounge, kitchenette, coffee machine, and golden details – to name a few extras! I love the decor and furniture too, low blue wooden tables and pops of reds and oranges in sofa cushions.

The Grand Morocc Hotel

Rate: From 2315 Baht / approx. USD $70.90
Address: 596/2 Moo 1, Rim Tai Sub-District, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 53 299 835

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4. Welcome to your Chinese zen garden – Archita Hostel

Calling themselves a hostel definitely fits the theme of this Chinese style accommodation in two ways.

Traditionally Chinese households were built around a courtyard (to bring family members together), and rooms inside homes were divided with screens. They’ve taken this concept and adapted it slightly, still aimed at incorporating this idea of community amongst people. (Hence, it being a hostel.)

Photo Via Oil_nitcha

Photo Via Wwindysmile, Fahsarika

Photo Via Yingtoomtim, Bifern

Rooms are small and compact, but the entire space and setup are made up of natural textures. From wood to bamboo and lots of warm lighting, and oddly, but not surprisingly, there really is this feeling of actual zen to it.

They offer tons of different room options from two singles to a double, as well as dormitory style rooms sleeping from 4-8. However, all rooms share bathrooms.

Archita Hostel

Rate: From 1899 Baht  / approx. USD $58
Address:  Sam Lan 5 Alley, Tambon Phra Sing, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 95 459 2666

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5. Stay in luxury tented villas by cascading waterfalls – Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

Surrounded by lush mountains and greenery, Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa is slowly becoming a favourite of many by enchanting them with a blissful retreat.

Set on flourishing hillside, this divine abode offers Lanna-Balinese style cottages set in jungle greenery and cascading waterfalls.

Photo Via Itslaurenmilton,-Majestic_Jc

Its pool villas are famously frequented by celebrities both local and international. But we propose taking the off-beaten path and staying at tented villas by the waterfall.

Photo Via Note_8338

As the trickling water falls on the boulders, the sprinkled water creates luscious mist and it’s basically an experience that begs to be had once in a lifetime!

Photo Via Namey_Natrada

Enjoy crossing the resort’s sling bridge to reach your tented villa. If you reserve both tented villas (there are only 2), then you have this whole other side of the resort all to yourself!

Photo Via Khunmamui

Mountain biking, nature trekking and bird watching is the cherry on top for the adventurers – and if you’re traveling to Chiang Mai with your sweetheart, we highly recommend booking this resort.

Photo Via Oomimatchaya

We certify that this romantic retreat will intensify your romance to a whole new level.

Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

Rate: From USD $ 95 / approx. 3036 Baht
Address: 12/2 M.8 T.Maeram A.Maerim, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81881 1444

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6. A jungle bungalow along the river, with a private pool in every villa – The River Flows Camp เดอะ ริเวอร์ โฟลส์ แคมป์ กื้ดช้าง Chiang Mai

I honestly have no other way to describe this place other than breathtaking and this is totally my cup of (accommodation) tea.

It’s situated in Kued Chang, a little outside of town. However, they offer free shuttle services into the city and to tourist attractions, so there’s no need to panic. This is designed to let you indulge in a few stress-free days.

Each villa-style bungalow is placed along the river – they offer white-water rafting here too (again, no charge for guests!) – and it has been gorgeously designed. Lots of different woods and textiles, soft and warm colours with splashes of white sheets billowing at your bedside from the river breeze.

Oh, and lest we forget, each villa has their own pool and a beautiful, large wooden patio stretching and winding around you. There’s even a balcony around up and around a tree, it’s just too pretty, I can’t deal!

Photo Via Auii159, Pd.wichaikam

Photo Via Chaikunta, Daorachamankha

Photo Via Unnzlism, Janenii_phatrada

PS: A delicious breakfast is included and served to you on your private patio every morning. Heck, you may even want to eat whilst you’re having a morning dip, whatever you’d prefer, this one will blow ya mind!

Photo Via Ooycnya

Photo Via Rabbitzthanya, Gofravis

The River Flows Camp เดอะ ริเวอร์ โฟลส์ แคมป์ กื้ดช้าง Chiang Mai

Rate: From 10 000 Baht / approx. USD $306
Address: Chotana Road, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50150 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 62 261 5465


7. Party with your friends in your very own houseboat – Mountain Float

Ideal with a group of friends, this place is a shout out for all the travellers young, wild and adventurous at heart.

Photo  Via Khem_Tc

If you want to be in the midst of nature, without compromising on the luxuries of tiptop resorts, Mountain Float is what we recommend in Chiang Mai!

Photo Via Zephyrus_Seven

Photo Via Nnonns

Upon your arrival, a water taxi will wind-sweep you from the shore to your floating getaway on the freshwater lake of Mae Ngad Dam.

The resort offers 4 types of villas to choose from depending on the number of people in the group. Each room in the villa has its own balcony with a picturesque view of ‘floating mountains’. Awesome, isn’t it? 😉

Photo Via Zephyrus_Seven

Moving on, the deck is where all the fun begins! Sun tan, relax or jump right in the water – the call is yours!

Photo Via Eau1618

Fully equipped with comfortable sun loungers, paddle boats, kayaks, banana boats, inflatables, kitchen, BBQ and a karaoke machine, Mountain Float defines sheer fun in its truest form.

Photo Via Mmaxmax,-Eau1618,-Bhmiohm

Tip: In the evening, head out to the floating lounge which seats 8 people and paddle off into the sunset. Ask for a speedboat to tow you back just in time for dinner under the stars!

Photo Via Boomnetiruj,-Yiingz

Mountain Float

Rate: From USD $305 / approx. 10,000 Baht (for a 2-bedroom villa)
Address: Mountain Float, Mae Ngad Dam and Reservoir, Chorlae, Chiang Mai, Mae Taeng (Coordinates here)
Contact: 087-070-5050


8. Experience three different European worlds – San Pareni Hotel Chiang Mai

If traveling to Europe is out of the budget for you, head to Chiang Mai and straight to this hotel. Meticulously styled with a European theme, San Pareni features three buildings resembling the architecture of Tuscany, Amsterdam and Interlaken respectively.

Photo Via P_Anupong

Each of its 29 rooms (superior and suite) laden on 4 floors has a private balcony for you to get cosy in a true European style!

Photo Via Iiibarbie.Wateriii, Qqlovesport

Photo Via I_Am_Auu

If you’re hungry or simply looking for a place to chill, how about Daddy’s Antique? Their in-house café and restaurant offers great ambience with live music everyday from 8pm to 10pm.

Photo Via Buzzygal

From Chiang Mai Night Safari to Royal Flora and Wat Phra That Doi Kham, this hotel is situated a mere 5-minute drive from the city centre – and offers easy accessibility to everything you might want to do in Chiang Mai.

To make your trip hassle-free, they do provide rental cars and taxi service for those looking to head out via car. And when you return tired from a day out, feel free to request for a massage at the front desk!

Word of care: The hotel does not have elevators. We would advise booking a room on the ground floor if climbing stairs is not your favourite way of workout.

San Pareni Hotel Chiang Mai

Rate: From USD $24 / approx. 766 Baht
Address: 45/8 Moo 1 T. Mae-hea A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +6653105557

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9. Let your adventure juices flow in this treehouse in a real forest! – Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Located in a small village (yes, a village!), you’ll find masterpieces of art in the form of original treehouses.

Photo Via Cristaldoes_

Perfectly hidden in a teakwood forest which is alive in every form with animals around and fresh grown fruits on trees (which they’ll serve you with meals!), this place is guaranteed to give you an authentic off the grid experience!

Photo Via Fumihiko_T

Although all treehouses have their own unique characteristics, we heard Moon Cottage Treehouse is a clear winner. This charismatic cabin tucked away in the middle of woods offers an upstairs bedroom with a relaxing terrace.

Photo Via Edrussell,-Uhceihpos

Back to the nature activities include trekking, cycling, biking (provided free of charge!) and fishing in the lake that passes through the resort.

Photo Via Meta_Localypse

Tip: Grab your swimming costumes and cycle to the waterfalls, rivers and caves nearby. If peace and tranquillity are your friends, then this happens to be the perfect place to bond with them!

Photo Via Greggsinthailand,-Merzbrau,-Permanentmakeupbyrebeccabaylin

Beautifully secluded place and amazing Thai food, what else can you ask for?!

PS: Do keep in mind to carry extra insect repellent with you!

Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Rate: From USD $94 / approx. 3074 Baht
Address: Luang Nuea, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 87 660 1243

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10. Enjoy a cup of coffee up a tree – The Giant Chiangmai

Imagine waking up to a mesmerising sunrise in a treehouse next to your beau.

Photo Via Ptleica

With only 5 rooms (2 standard rooms and 3 deluxe rooms) to offer, The Giant Chiangmai is worth nudging your spouse to book a room ASAP! With a peaceful and harmonic ambience, this oasis in the middle of a forest is a one-stop soul recharging destination in Chiangmai.

Photo Via Daos_Md,-Pam_Sirapat

Enjoy the splendour of views while overlooking natural forestry down below, and allow your romance to climb a step (or two) higher.

Expect no mobile signals here, one good thing for lovebirds looking to disconnect from the noise of the internet for awhile to just reconnect and focus on each other. (Quality conversations is one thing to look forward to!)

Photo Via June_Poramapor

PS: If you can’t room a book here for any reason, we recommend visiting The Giant Café perfectly nestled on a GIANT tree because it’s that amazing.

Photo Via Puifainaka

Begin by taking an hour and half car ride through the forest and then walk swaying on a rope bridge (2 person at a time only!). We guarantee a divine coffee at the end of your sojourn.

The Giant Chiangmai

Rate: From USD $99 / approx. 3500 Baht
Address: Bann Pok Village, T. Huaykaew , A.Mae On , Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50130 Chiangmai 50210 (Coordinates here)
Contact: 086 7762946


11. A slice of trendy geometric paradise – Phing Phu Kao

A bit more low-key than the previous, this guesthouse shines in its design, with a totally geometric vibe going on here, lots of rectangular and square design.

Photo Via Adventureoveramenities_, Jett_jj, Graphcafe

It’s got a very hipster / trendy feel to it, and it’s like a minimalist / stylish farm in a sense, with lots of small details around the grounds.

Chiang Mai is all about keeping things natural, as you’ve probably noticed by now, and it’s another spot that’s combined different woods, cement, brass, brick and greenery, and it really works.

Photo Via Rapatsornn, _aom_aom_

Photo Via Pasakorn-Sae-Eia, Girlfans_ann, Torthanit

The rooms are very simple and clean, providing you with the few amenities you may need such as a kettle, mini fridge, towels, etc.

There’s also a cafe here so you can always expect your tummies to be happy, and it’s really cute and craftsy. Try one of their homemade teas, infused with rosemary, or a juice with rosemary, orange and roasted cherry tomato (on top).

Phing Phu Kao  

Rate: From 1016 Baht / approx. USD $31
Address: 588 moo.14, Tambon Tha Sala, Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 633 2822

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12. Stained glass holes, faded suitcases, Chinaware and a tiny carousel horse – Hotel des Artists, Ping Silhouette

A bit of dramatic sophistication, sticking totally true to its artistic name, and its totally, totally eclectic! It’s a splendid mix of 1920s Paris – I’m talking Picasso and Ernest Hemingway’s Parisian party times.

Photo Via Luck_wp, Bennnn

The rooms are luxurious and elegant, oozing comfort and a bed that says ‘I’m sooo soft’.

Photo Via Chihhao0513, P_i_m_j_a_i, Sara_wan_wan

The front of the building is done in a dark charcoal colour, and the back extends to a bright green backyard.

Photo Via Ploywuanood, Ohmycong

Photo Via Mykanyachat, Maybllur

And if you’re feeling a little frisky, why not spend the afternoon taking a dip in their beautiful rooftop pool!

Photo Via Bymilll, Pearlinstyle

Hotel des Artists, Ping Silhouette   

Rate: From 2851 Baht (Standard Room) / approx. USD $87.30
Address: 181 ถนน เจริญราษฎร์ Wat Ket, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 62 452 8222

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13. Living in your fantasy world of choice just got real and cheap! – The Time Movement

With a high emphasis on uniqueness and fun, The Time Movement provides 22 different themed rooms ranging from the cute to the ultra wacky.

There’s a World Class room for those looking for an extravagant lodging, Sea World for those who’ve always dreamed of living in a submarine under the ocean – and even Cartoon for parents who want to tickle their kids’ fancy with life in the cartoon world!

There’s even a Romanesque gladiator themed room for those who dream of being at Rome’s famous Collosseum!

With so many interesting options to choose from, we’re sure you’re bound to find one you really like!

PS: If you’re feeling a little naughty, try the Playboy Room, a 60s styled room with flashing disco lights or a Crystal room full of mirrors!

The Time Movement

Rate: From USD $5-13 / approx. 160-490 Baht (per hour)
Address: Photharam Road, Tambon Chang Phueak, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300 (Coordinates here)
Contact: 08-9192-9799


14. Get bowled over by a variety of themed rooms! – Is Am O Chiangmai Resort

As bizarre as the name of this resort may sound, Is Am O is the ultimate place for a relaxing getaway from the hustle bustle of everyday life.

This beautiful resort is nestled amid nature with true northern Thailand vibes. Its 14 private snoozing units are designed in a unique contemporary style anyone can easily fall in love with!

Each room’s exclusive décor does justice to its appealing themed name – Is Am Oceanic (with beach side feels), Is Am Only Love (with a heart shaped bed), Is Am Oriental Queen (with the crown as a headboard).

Photo Via Nafigator

Even the balcony, bathroom and corners are highlighted with what the room intends to make you feel – which is AMAZING! Wait till you explore Is Am on the Roof!

A lovely pond, soothing garden, a karaoke, billiards and exceptional on site services awaits you here. Also, Happy Instagramming!

Is Am O Chiangmai Resort

Rate: From USD $44 / approx. 1430 Baht
Address: 230-231 Moo 1 Chiangmai Doi Saket Road, Soi Santonpao 5, T. Sanpapao, A.Sansai Chiangmai 50210 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66(0)83-885 4747

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15. Spend a night in barns – Kaomai Lanna Resort Chiang Mai

Fancy staying in a real tobacco curing barn decorated in contemporary Lanna style with antique teakwood furniture? Kaomai Lanna Resort, with its picturesque buildings draped in ivy, is waiting for you.

Photo Via Meawziiii

The resort features 34 guest rooms renovated from 48 aged barns and is surrounded with shady towering trees, wild flowers and a variety of palms and bamboos. A subtle balance of nature, culture and leisure, this paradise is the best bet if you want it all!

It also boasts an outdoor pool with hydro-massage jet area, a tropical green garden with happy butterflies, relaxing spa – and restaurant which serves some serious lip-smacking Thai and Chinese dishes, made from fresh ingredients from the resort’s very own vegetable garden!

Indulge in paper-making and wood-carving workshops offered by the resort, or join in water aerobics classes every morning (now that’s new!). Kaomai Lanna Resort is bound to make you feel like a kid again!

Photo Via Sawarot_Aa

Photo Via Aey_Ubonone

Kaomai Lanna Resort

Rate: From USD $53 / approx. 1692 Baht
Address: Km 29, 1 Moo 6 Chiangmai-Hod, Chiang Mai, Amphoe San Pa Tong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50120, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 53 834 470

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16. Because DIY is the new theme that demands your attention! – Hotel Yayee

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments” – this is the first thing you’ll read when you log into this hotel’s website. We believe, they couldn’t have said anything better.

The newest kid in the list of unique bed and breakfast in Chiang Mai, Hotel Yayee (which translates to “darling hotel” in Thai) exudes a classic charm, but with the quirkiness of modern days.

Photo Via Sweeetsin,-Ryuji380,-Pummeimei

This eclectic boutique is a hillside hideaway that will instantly invite you to explore and get in on the fun. Be it quality conversation with old buddies or an impromptu clearance of tables to pave the way for some dance moves – this is your space for a concoction of creativity, style, craft and above all, life.

The rooms are adopted with the upcoming “DIY” furniture with a touch of rustic and romantic theme. Perfect for every modern-day voyager, this is an ultimate place if you and your partner-in-crime are searching for homey refuge for the tired (or hungover?) limbs at the end of the day.

Hungry? The selfie-worthy Rooftop Bar (with a view of landing aeroplanes!) and the Hungry Heart Café offers a range of signature staples that suits the mood of anyone during any time of the day!

Hotel Yayee

Rate: From USD $92 / approx. 2936 Baht
Address: 17/4-6 Soi Sai Nam Phueng, T.Suthep, A.Muang , Nimmanhemin, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50200 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 99 269 5885

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Special mention: Kayak in a swimming pool! – The Oia Pai Resort & Spa

Ever had the crazy idea of kayaking in a swimming pool? Well, it seems like you finally can! The charming Oia Pai Resort & Spa offers a memorable holiday experience with a strong emphasis on privacy.

Photo Via Jamielzqin

Surrounded by a saltwater lake, you’re welcome to indulge in recreational activities like kayaking, winter camping and cycling sans the additional costs!

Photo Via Feawfoaw,-Maycotchzz

Set in a prime location, the resort’s relaxing ambience will persuade you to lie back, forget about the tensions back home and enjoy life as it is.

Photo Via Sukilirongxun,-Feawfoaw,-Aapril0424

If you’re traveling with your sweetheart, we highly recommend booking a Honeymoon room with living space and river view. We’re drop-dead-stunned by its minimalist décor, and the romantic vibes that resides in this love nest!

Photo Via Theoiresort

Photo Via Theoiapai

The Oia Pai Resort & Spa

Rate: From USD $78 / approx. 2489 Baht
Address: 254 moo. 1 Ban Maeyan Tambon, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 939 3574

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Do we have your eyebrows raised with a thumping heart filling with wanderlust yet? As unique as these photos are, we guarantee you’ll be more enthralled once you step inside these abodes.

So, go ahead, book your tickets and pack your bags. Because guess what? You only live once!

We’d love to hear from you! Know any unique hotels that has got your adrenaline rushing like never before? Let us know in the comments below!

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