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Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, described coffee as “the favourite drink of the civilised world”.

Well, that was 200 years ago but Thailand has never been more in line with Jefferson’s statement than now… or the civilised world for that matter.

Thai people have developed a genuine interest for coffee tasting and currently, they ground coffee that even a no-cappuccino-after-10am hardcore Italian coffee drinker will blurt out “Mamma mia!”

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While many things in Thailand will hit you right in your face, like the “Entertainment” industry a.k.a. the red-light district – coffee shops are truly hidden gems that you would know about, only if you were a local.

So, we have picked up the slack and done the dirty work for you! Not in the red-light district, but around Bangkok.  Hopping just like a little rabbit in Wonderland – you’ll grasp the reference in a second – we found some head-scratching coffee places that will make you think:

How on earth have they come up with that idea?!

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1. I came. I saw. I ate. – The Rome Restaurant

Thousands of years ago, Romans believed in the idea that colossal structures were not only an epitome of potency… hmm… power, but also a sure-fire way to social progress.

Photo via Keattisak Areechon

Thousands of years later, we nurture more or less the same empowering principles.

In light of these clear-cut tendencies, The Rome Restaurant is a mammoth of an al fresco dining area, with imposing Roman statues and some posh seating areas located in a spacious pool.


The patio with beautiful dining tables on the backdrop of what seems to be an imitation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa at a much smaller scale – offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Unfortunately, the quality and range of dishes is a far cry from anything you would find in Rome or Italy for that matter, but it definitely does not disappoint.

Some popular choices are the barbeque skewers with lamb, beef or pork and bell peppers. Beef steaks and lobster with black pepper are high up among the favourites too.


If you enjoyed using the toilets at Terminal 21, here you will happen upon another regal surprise when the times come to do… so.

Photo via cecare

The best thing about The Rome Restaurant:
“Reserve a table, they have some fancy tables that are sunk down into the pool, you need to be at least 8 people to have this table. Food is good, price not too high” – Chana Kommedal

The Rome Restaurant

Address: 454 Nong Nong Phlu, Bangkok
Getting there: Located outside the city – Taxi or private car
Contact: +66 2 444 1088
Opening hours: Daily, 5pm -12midnight
From 500-1,000 Baht / USD$14.10-28.30 per person,
From 220 Baht / USD$6.20 (for Fried Shrimp with Broccoli),
From 480 Baht / USD$14 (for Tiger Prawns with salt and pepper),
From 80 Baht / USD$2.25 (for an appetiser)


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2. A little rejoice or just – Little ZOO Café

Are dogs too ordinary creatures for you? Do cats make you feel like you are going to end up old, cranky and lonely? Do rabbits feel a bit like… too first-quarter 2016?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then wait no more as the salvation is here!

Photo via jelynchiastupidlunaticiscarlettt

How would you feel about making some jolly play with exotic wild pets such as tiny fennec foxes, cute meerkats, cut-eye owls, plump racoons, and skunks all the while enjoying a sip of coffee?

Photo via mike taninrat, stswx
Photo via f3rddd, chaya.z

Wait, skunks are not actually part of the experience!

If you answered “I would love to but I want to make sure the animals are in good care” then here’s what you need to know:

Due to the unpredictability of these exotic animals and in-house regulations to protect them, you might have to wait in a queue for a bit until you get access to their enclosed environment.

Photo via coloursister, sarah.nyy

Do bear in mind that there are specific time slots for up to 10 minutes. As such, it would be advisable to book or call in advance.


The best thing about Little Zoo Café:
“The staff also kept a good watch on the animals to make sure they weren’t mistreated and we had a lot of fun talking to them about the animals” – jasoncE9346OL.

Little ZOO Café

Address: Bond St, Ban Mai, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand
Getting there: The coffee shop is located further away from the city centre – the easiest route is to take the BTS to Mo Chit and then a 30-minute taxi ride. There is also a shuttle van from Mo Chit station at 9:45am, 12:45pm and 3:30pm, with a return ticket sold at 100 Baht/2.80 USD.  You can book it on the coffee shop’s official website.
Contact: +66 92 448 1116
Opening hours: Daily, 10:30am – 7pm
Price range:
From 100-300 Baht / USD$2.80-8.50,
From 95 Baht / USD$2.70 (for a hot Cappuccino),
From 165 Baht / USD$4.60 (for an Omelette Lava),
From 215 Baht / USD$6.10 (for a Forest Cheesecake)


3. Somewhere over the rainbow – Unicorn Café at Sathorn

It is true that not on many occasions do you get to marvel at a majestic rainbow in Bangkok, despite the hundreds of gallons of rain.

Photo via yellyyyy

A creative alternative to this would be a unicorn figurine-packed little shop splattered with every single nuance of pink and pastel under the sun.

So, ladies and gentlemen – as we promote equality in every shape and form – here is how to enjoy this gem to its fullest!

a. Leave your disbelief at the entrance door because unicorns do exist.

Photo via beltbebuz, steppss

b. Order the signature Rainbow Cake – mostly for pictures, although it is edible as well

Phoot via lucymackay x

c. Convince your boyfriend this is a very manly place, because what’s manlier than a horse with a stick on its head?

Photo via beltbebuz

d. Have a little unicorn tea party

Photo via sheline518, xiaoqian0610

The menu is actually a bit more diverse than we might have inferred, but all food and drink items are pastel coloured and even the cutting utensils are diamond-shaped at the top.

The best thing about Unicorn Cafe at Sathorn:
“You can escape the mess of the city by stepping in this cafe. You will feel like you are in another world. The atmosphere fulfils your dream and your imagination” – NanniNande.

Unicorn Café at Sathorn

Address: 44/1, Sathon 8, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Chong Nonsi, walk past Residence Hotel towards soi 8, Sathon
Contact: +66 86 397 9262
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 12pm – 8pm
Price: From 100-250 Baht / USD$2.80-7 per person


4. True love is hard to find but not at – True Love @ Neverland

When the world seems to be in total shambles, and true love looks like a remote concept – a dog will always be there for you to help heal your wounds. That’s where True Love Cafe comes in.


The heart-melting huskies play around in a spacious enclosure, where they can roam free and meet the patrons. Before getting dubious about the dogs’ wellbeing, we would like to personally reassure you that this coffee shop has a very efficient system in place!


A short briefing including restrictions on touching the dogs’ snouts or picking them up, and restrictions on letting the dogs lick you or your licking the dogs – followed by hand sanitising and wearing special plastic footwear, are all part of regulations that ensure a positive interaction.

Get ready for playtime with the respective show slots at 12:30pm and 3:30pm, and for a triumphant husky parade towards the end of the show when the dogs return (Read: have a howling run) to their kennels.

It seems as if we’ve forgotten something! Of course – they do serve coffee and desserts here. And you actually get a complimentary drink and slice of cake with your ticket to a session with the doggies too!


The best thing about True Love @ Neverland:

“The people are very friendly there and the dogs are amazing. They are treated well and are definitely worth a visit, seems like they’re happy about every visitor!“  – Joana L

True Love @ Neverland

Address: 153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Sanam Pao and then a short taxi ride to soi 2, Ari
Contact: +66 90-101-9669
Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Thurs at 12pm – 4pm and Fri, Sat, Sun at 12pm – 6:30pm
Price: From 275 Baht / USD$7.80 to 390 Baht / USD$11 (Admission fee is included in the set menu.)


5. Perhaps we’re all mad here or – Perhaps Rabbits’

Since we’ve run out of jokes on Alice in Wonderland, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. But totally unrelated, Johnny Depp’s latest attempt at the Mad Hatter is a complete flop at the box office.

Photo via ii nutz ii, botunnnicepadie

Moving on!

Join a mad tea party, follow the amusing wooden arrows pointing in different directions, and sit down on the abnormally small chairs.

Photo via lingapy

Walking in, you’ll feel like a child again, missing that child-like wonder and creativity you used to have. Apart from the gloriously wacky designs, the delicious food will also make you go bats for more!

Photo via yok pinkylapin

Desserts and drinks not to be missed! – the Blue Bunny Egg, a blueberry cheese pie with chocolate eggs, a rabbit hole mud cake, crumble and berry puree or the Fluffy Caramel Milk. And do not forget the coffee!

Photo via nnnnaaaddd, staywithme.kk, snoopynatt, paddict, iradass

The best thing about Perhaps Rabbits’:
“Highly stylised, Disney-like family-oriented cafe / cake shop with a kids room. Decent coffee and cakes coming in small portions”- Pavel Hacker

Perhaps Rabbits’

Address: 5/1 Ekkamai 10 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Ekkamai station, exit 1, walk to Sukhumvit 63 and then take a taxi ride to Ekkamai soi 10
Contact: +66 96 616 3314
Opening hours: Daily, 9am – 9pm
From 110-350 Baht / USD$3.10-9.90 per person,
From 160-220 Baht / USD$4.50-6.20 (for a cake)


6. Hang out in a net – On the River Café

Who doesn’t dream of lounging on a Catamaran net and sailing the Caribbean islands?

Well, if you lop off the sapphire Caribbean waters, the sea breeze, and the Catamaran from your fantasy – you will find the exact same thing at On the River Café.

Photo via a muttulada
Photo via Yee Sunee

The very comfy netted platforms hanging off the edges of the coffee shop will feel like a bed of roses extending over Chao Praya River.  (Just mind the rainy season unless you are willing to bring on the swimming suit.)

Photo via JaaJa Jang

Try drinks such as the lotus-infused signature On the River Iced Tea, the Sunset on the River smoothie – and unique concoctions combined with desserts like Blueberry Cheese Pie made as a blended drink, or a simple Caramel Macchiato.

Photo via a muttulada

For desserts, the mixed-berry compote Noah’s Ark or just the old favourite Honey Toast will more than satisfy your sweet tooth!

Photo via ymrarmy,saiddysaisie,littlekanoon,lingmewling

The best thing about On the River Café:
“Good atmosphere, good coffee” – Supansa Ang

On the River Café

Address: 16/1 Keranawatana T.Bangprok A.Muang
Getting there: The coffee shop is actually located outside the city, further away even than Don Mueang International Airport. It is approximately a 40 minute drive from the nearest BTS station, Mo Chit. Your most hassle-free option is to call the coffee shop and they will direct the taxi driver to the exact location.
Contact: +66 092-621-7070
Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 9pm
From 85 Baht/USD$2.40 (for a hot Cappuccino),
From 100-250 Baht/USD$2.80-7 (for a dessert)


7. Goldilocks at a teddy bear factory – Villa de Bear

We assume that at this stage, you are already fed up with reading pompous descriptions such as “stepping into a phantasmagorical world brimming with fairy tale essence” or “a soul-reinvigorating paradise that will transport you to a time of unparalleled pureness”.

Photo via januaryyjan

Instead, we’ll just say this – Villa de Bear rocks!

Without falling into an abyss of redundant descriptions, the European-style teddy bear factory is meticulously adorned.

Photo via miewpornpan

Kaleidoscopic thread spools, wooden wheel trains resembling a mechanical watch pinned on the ceiling and walls, and inspirational quotes will enlighten your mood when you’re here.

Photo via zernan
Photo via bickybickyy, zernan

The menu of this restaurant is even fancier than its backdrop and as much as we’d love to paint a pretty picture of the gastronomic experiences – we’ll just make it a pleasant scrollable experience for you instead.


a. Crispy Villa de Bear spring rolls
b. Squid ink spaghetti with  crabmeat in pink sauce
c. Green curry chicken with roti
d. The beef De Bear double cheeseburger
e. Rum-based strawberry and peach cocktails
f. Fruit and toast shish kebabs with chocolate and strawberry sauce

The best thing about Villa de Bear:
“This place is huge, with a band playing outdoors…so many places to sit, inside & out, great menu for eastern and western tastes…food was delicious…loved it” – Jirral D

Villa de Bear

Address: 5, Ratchapruk Rd., Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170 Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Bang Wa, then a short 15min taxi ride to Villa De Bear
Contact: +66 98 496 624
Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 12am
From 300-1,000 Baht / USD$8.50-28.30 per person,
From 145 Baht / USD$4.10 (for dessert),
From 95 Baht / USD$2.70 (for a Hot Mocha),
From 380 Baht / USD$10.75 (for the Beef De Bear Double Cheeseburger)


8. Where French Gothic style meets fashion – B-story Café

The ecclesiastical décor of the 2-storey coffee shop with a guardian angel statue at the entrance, and indoor stained glass windows is in blatant contrast with the very Asian neighbourhood.

Photo via shisha danbo

The gardens, a veritable reminder of past French aristocracy, are a delight to get a healthy downtime dose with your friends or just on your own.

Photo via pampamcc

Yes, it is perfectly fine to dine alone and in this century, solitude in a public place does not make you a weirdo any longer – there you go, we said it!

Photo via shirleymomoko

The atmosphere is like in one of those Gothic country-houses, where your over-the-top uber fashionista granny came in and gave it a complete revamp. So, it’s chic but it feels like home!

Photo via nazinpitcha, fluke 1997, natjutapong

There are some mouth-watering edibles for you to try such as:


1. Korean-style fried chicken wings
2. Grilled salmon served with asparagus and tomatoes
3. Pizza Mexican Quesadilla
4. Macaroni with cheddar cheese and fried bacon
5. Fruit salad with fried shrimp

Perfect for every occasion!

The best thing about B-story Café:
“Thai and Western food menu. Wide range of selections. Wonderful find for this neighborhood. Good service – 2nd floor is especially charming” – Bob4378

B-story Café

Address: 89/35 Phayathai Rd, Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Getting there: Just outside BTS Ratchathewi
Contact: +66 662-6565677
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 11pm
From 250-500 Baht / USD$7-14 per person,
From 90 Baht / USD$2.55 (for a main course),
From 150 Baht / USD$4.25 (for an appetiser)


9. Not the next American Horror Story series – Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Let us all admit it!

As children, and particularly as adults, we’ve all had fears of abandonment and Mr. Jones’ Orphanage plays up on this aspect – and metamorphoses that angst into an enormously welcoming layout.

Photo via jessicaevelinee

In a pure Ashley Sutton legacy, the place is a highly glamorised and glorified version of what a real orphanage looks like, and that should be a solid reminder to make a donation at your kind discretion to children charities.

Photo via eileeenleow

Now, let’s dive in the haute-couture orphanage-ware extravaganza that makes this restaurant a real delight.

Photo via nufangkao, laongfongxx, currlyssa, thisisswan

a. Teddy bears dangling emotionlessly from the ceiling? ✓
b. Dollhouse-style carpentry and rare vintage prints? ✓
c. A wheelbarrow-sized wooden train railing on wooden tracks? ✓
d. A wooden carousel and 1900s-style kitchenware? ✓
e. A deliriously ginormous silver tower of cakes? ✓

The incommensurable array of pastries, cakes, desserts and drinks far exceeds the limited description space we have at our disposal. And so does their quality!

Photo via hesselstevenwong

But just to give you an idea, signature monikers like Custard Cow’s Poo, Giant Marshmallow or Chunky Monkey are all regarded as high-quality on their menu.

The best thing about Mr. Jones’ Orphanage:
“No less to say the cakes are delicious, it is a real real real pleasure, to get to pick your cake in the most fairy tale lookalike place! Eating your cake there and you will feel like in a hobbit house!” – Stephane G

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Address: Various locations at Siam Center, Empire Tower, Central World, Terminal 21, The Mall Bangkapi, Megabangna, Bangkok, Thailand
Contact: +66 2-658-1163 Siam Center, Empire Tower +66 2 286 1140, Central World +66 2 252 1895
Opening hours: Daily, 10am -12midnight
From 150-350 Baht / USD$4.25-9.90 per person,
From 200 Baht / USD$5.65 (for pancakes),
From 100 Baht / USD$2.80 (for a drink)


10. Have a coffee with a vintage aroma – (Un)Fashion Café

Well, the coffee is not actually vintage – you can safely drink it. But fashionistas will indulge in a décor ornate with time-proof leather bags, shoes and accessories, all imported from the USA, Japan and Europe.

Photo via ziyachiang

At first glance, the outer design of the whimsical building appears to have crawled out from a Minecraft scenario. The brick-walled shop with steel frames that appears to lean against a funky chimney is most definitely easy on the eyes.

Photo via puiqingfong, unfashioncafe

The actual café is housed in a very welcoming caravan with the type of mattresses and cushions you take full advantage of at home in your pyjamas while listening to country music.

Photo via danita ju

With such a homey vibe it is difficult not to drift off to slumberland and start drooling – please do not do it, for the sake of fashion.

On the food front, there are plenty of simple but delectable options such chocolate cheesecakes, lemon tarts, mixed berry tarts, and all can be washed down with a delicious Thai cappuccino or a Matcha latte.

Photo via yositatac, screammadison, mrp krub, jeanetteaw xuan

The best thing about (Un)Fashion Café:
“Loved everything about this chic cafe. From the building itself to the quality of the coffee, my wife and I felt at home” wrote Joel W.

(Un)Fashion Café

Address: Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Ekkamai, walk to Sukhumvit 63 Soi 10 for about 10 min
Contact: +66 2 726 9592
Opening hours: Daily, 12pm – 9pm
From 100-250 Baht / USD$2.80-7 per person,
From 65 Baht / USD$1.84 (for a hot Americano)

11. What’s whiter than Snow White? – Café Reverie

With a celebrity name like Thai Pop star’s Sarunrat Lydia Visutthithada attached to the ownership, Café Reverie is certainly not lacking advertising or publicity in the Thai media.

Photo via lydiasarunrat

And it’s definitely not lacking white colour either!

If Jasmine had a sudden panic attack after a brawl with Aladdin and started painting frantically everything in white pearl, this coffee shop would resemble her undisputed masterpiece.

This dreamy elegance-saturated setup takes the notion of a fairy tale scene reconstruction to a next level.

Photo via outbertofficial

You have the obligatory magic mirror à la Snow White in the enchanting bathroom, a ruby red entrance door in the shape of a book cover, Aladdin’s lamp hanging around, and Cinderella’s crystal shoe propped on top of a crystal support, among many others.

Photo via artclaytion
Photo via afotonov

But what about the menu? Seriously?! With such a level of luxury-washed décors you can expect pretty much the same in terms of food and beverages.

From the sublime Thai-French fusion dishes we would recommend the Peter Pandan, Caramel Dream, Duck Ragu Fusilli in red wine and tomato, Shrimp Tom Yum Spaghetti, or Barbeque Pork Chop – all at very affordable prices!

Photo via cafereverie, shrutikaaaa, Bebennbenn

The best thing about Café Reverie:
“An incredible meal from start to finish” wrote Alex S., “The food here changed my life” – Lee

Café Reverie

Address: 23/, Thanon Sukhonthasawat, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Getting there: Take the MRT to Lat Phrao, take a 20 minute taxi ride to the coffee shop
Contact: +66 2 932 9388
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 10:30am – 9:30pm
From 70 Baht / USD$1.98 (for a Lavazza Italian coffee),
From 160 Baht / USD$4.50 (for dessert),
From 250 Baht / USD$7 (for a main course)


12. Hello Kitty, I was wondering if after all these years… – Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok

…you stopped surprising us with more of your ingenious marketing tentacles!

Hello Kitty House Bangkok boasts premium ingredients such as flour and butter from France, chocolate from Belgium, strawberries from Japan and South Korea and a secret ingredient. No, it’s not love!

Photo via vinaguerrero, myspace alice

One of the greatest things about this three-floor coffee shop is its self-service option – which means you’ll still get an incremental boost for burning calories.

Regardless of your opinion on Hello Kitty, the place is beautifully decorated and it does have a unique character with an impressive array of Instagram-worthy drinks, desserts and dishes.


There are of course a souvenirs shop for merchandise, and even a spa at its lowest level.

Should you find yourself in dire need to go ballistic and indulge in a real Kitty frenzy, a stationary ride in the iconic Hello Kitty vehicle and a selfie-spree will absolutely fulfil your wildest urges.

Photo via pattdevdex, zomjuzz
Photo via shallysia, itonny, amorinaotran

The best thing about Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok:
“I so love this Hello Kitty House! From the food, drinks, house design, products — everything is so Hello Kitty! The food and drinks are a little bit pricey but hey! – it is Hello Kitty House!” – ZaiSacs.

Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok

Address:  Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Siam, walk towards Siam Square Soi 4
Contact: +66 2 115 1335
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm
Price: From 250-500 Baht / USD $7-14 per person


13. An enchanting shape-shifter! – Chocolate Ville

Some see it as a mystical fairy-tale realm that can take any shape or form. Some regard it as an à la mode European seaside resort, and some venture off here magically allured by the ever-present power of… boredom.

Photo via kai apisit

It is too much a statement to hint that people come here primarily for drinking coffee, but you do have a generous range to choose from.

Photo via wikewijayaa, fildzahanifa

And if you politely ask the waiting staff, they will offer you a veritable Italian undiluted espresso.

Photo via candyo3o5

Do not be fooled by its name – if you imagine there are endless creeks of chocolate to be enamoured with, you will be utterly disappointed.


In terms of appetising dishes, we would recommend Mussels with cheese, German pork knuckle, Foie Gras with caramelised banana bacon and caramel sauce, or Panna Cotta.

The best thing about Chocolate Ville:
“Place is actually a restaurant spread over an area about 25,000sm. It has waterways and lakes and decorated much theme park which many tourists go for sightseeing and photography. Food is great, though some say it’s on the pricy side” – johnslching

Photo via candyo3o5, alexthc85
Photo via jess 521, pindo nugrohowinnielytjovetanate

Chocolate Ville

Address: 351, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Getting there: Located outside the city – Taxi or private car
Contact: +66 83 077 3738 or +66 81 921 2016
Opening Hours: Daily, 4pm – 12midnight; it is recommended to arrive at the earliest hours, preferably with a reservation during weekends and public holidays
From 300-600 Baht / USD$8.50-17 per person,
From 195 Baht / USD$5.50 (for an Avocado Salad),
From 75 Baht / USD$2.10 (for a drink)


14. Rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits – Rabbito’ Café

Editor’s Note: Do be mindful of what you feed the bunnies. We have received comments that visitors have been feeding the bunnies spaghetti – grain products are not suitable for bunnies and can lead to their death. Other visitors have also noted that the bunnies here are not being well taken care of – if you see any bunny neglect or mishandling happening, please let the cafe owners know.

It’s pretty clear what the place is all about!

The reality is that as a human race, we have always been infatuated with rabbits and their evolutionary trajectory is quite impressive – from the steaks our ancestors used to devour, to adorable pets and nowadays to full-fledged superstars. Zootopia, anyone?

Photo via Kaaeeew, pimpattrapim

It is a very romantic place! Do you remember those Hollywood thrillers where the serial killer takes his victim to a nice quirky little eatery – it’s on that kind of level of romantic.


This coffee shop is in fact ideal for going on a date with yourself! Why?

First off – you have real-life heart-melting and smooch-inducing rabbits as company and secondly, you should always have a date with yourself every once in awhile.

Photo via pimpattrapim, hohiohnor p

The rabbits are in really good hands – not yours – and are greatly taken care of! Just pay a short visit and you’ll see what we are talking about!

The very affordable and unsophisticated options include rice with shrimps and fried egg, cheesy tuna toast, spaghetti bacon with chilli, chocolate brownie, peach tea or mix berry frappe among a few others.


The best thing about Rabbito’ Café:
“This shop offers a very good teaching and carries about rabbits. Cute design. Pretty bright” – Phoo.Bear.

Rabbito’ Café

Address: Sukhumvit soi 101/1, in a small shopping centre called Di Wavery Community Mall,
Getting there: Take the BTS to Udom Suk, walk for about 15 minutes towards Soi 101/1
Contact: +66 61 632 2365
Opening hours: Tue –Sun, 12pm -8pm
From 100-250 Baht / USD$2.80-7 per person,
From 69 Baht / USD$1.95 (for a pizza, salad, drink or dessert)


15. When memories inspire reinvention! – SiStory Room

Imagine you are passionate about something – wait, you really shouldn’t have to imagine.

Instead, think of your greatest passion that already exists, and could have the competence to transform and alter the status-quo, even at a nanoscale capacity. What would you do with it?

Photo via par mu, oyl.ll

Travel blogger Punyupa – no, she’s not another writer “advising” you on how to work remotely with no strings or internet wires attached – has invested her dearest memories from her time in Japan into a boutique/coffee shop.

Photo via tanitfluke

Even if you cannot relate to her personal journey, once you step inside there is an inexplicable nostalgic takeover as you scrutinise her extensive personal memorabilia.

Stop thinking that – she’s not a hoarder!

Photo via sistoryroom

For her social media fans and more, she has a consistent line of merchandise from stationery and decorative items to wooden power banks, and from her personal brand scarves to wooden phone cases.

Photo via mickeymildz, lk4788, yuii.stagram

Add some pancakes with ice-cream and a coffee, and you’ve some guaranteed relaxing time!

The best thing about SiStory Room:
“I love all of it really” – chin

SiStory Room

Address: Sistoryroom Shop Soi Lat Phrao Wang Hin 8, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Getting there: Take the MRT to Ratchadaphisek, and then a short 15 minute taxi ride
Contact: +66 85 566 5508
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 12:30pm -8:30pm
Price: From 150 Baht / USD$4.25 per person


16. Boy, when did London become so hot? – Mr. Bean Coffee Shop

Obviously, Mr. Bean does not need any introduction – unless you are under 25, and shame on you… for being so young!

In a completely bizarre turn of events, Mr. Bean’s image ventured off in the Land of Smiles and spawned this Britain-themed coffee shop where you can munch on full English breakfast, croissants, eggs Benedict and muffins among other autochthonous delicacies.

Photo via pinkyprae, mylonelynite, mr.oldhat, litapalita
Photo via mrbeanthailand

Mr. Bean’s slapstick craze is immortalised on a large LCD television and if you suffer from that childhood hero syndrome that Hollywood is cashing on profusely at the moment, then you can binge watch the show all day long.

And do not forget to buy one of those ubiquitous teddy bears! There is nothing creepy about a male adult in Thailand holding onto a teddy bear in a public coffee shop.

Photo via mrbeanthailand

How can you easily find the place? Look for the iconic 60’s Mini Cooper just outside the building.

Photo via chalineego

The best thing about Mr. Bean Coffee Shop:
“Delicious croissants and brownies and coffee tasted good too served in great big mugs. The toilet is through a big red telephone booth!” – Elmo1989_03.

Mr. Bean Coffee Shop

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 55, Thonglor (between soi 4-6)
Getting there: Take the BTS to Thonglor, take a motorcycle taxi to Soi 4
Contact: +66 92-503-7315
Opening hours: Mon -Thu 7am-10pm; Fri-Sat 7am-11pm
From 75 Baht / USD$1.98 (for a coffee),
From 145 Baht / USD$4.10 (for an omelette),
From 225 Baht / USD$6.37 (for Mr. Bean’s Benedict)


17. It’s Judgement Day – Hajime Robot Restaurant

We all know that when Terminator-style A.I. is going to take over the world, the Apocalypse will emerge from Japan – or maybe from its subsidiaries in Thailand.

Until then… let’s keep calm and stuff ourselves on Japanese food.

How does this work?

The idea is nothing but a five-finger exercise, although a tremendous amount of cybernetics engineering goes in this process. There are two tracks, each for one robot, inside a long glass corridor passing along your table.

Photo via rachel rummanee

How can the robots entertain you, and make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world?

Every now and then, approximately every 30 minutes, the Samurai-clad robots bring on their most skilled dance moves.

No, it’s not Go-Go, at least not yet – as they move their arms in a random manner and rotate on their axis, just how most Asian (human) pop stars dance.

How about the coffee?

What coffee? Right, this article’s focus is on that. Placing your order digitally on the touch-screen is a straightforward process initially executed by a human assistant.

Being more of a Yakiniku restaurant you have varied choices for average-quality dishes.  Coffees are on the menu too.

Photo via pinky yammy’

The best thing about Hajime Robot Restaurant:
“it’s more fun if you go with a few friends. It is definitely a novelty place but the price is very affordable considering the robots cost millions of dollars” – Jenny A

Hajime Robot Restaurant

Address: 3/F, Monopoly Park, 59/27 Rama 3 Rd., Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Surasak, then a short 20 minute taxi ride
Contact: +66 2 683 1670
Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm
From 300-600 Baht / USD$8.50-17 per person,
From 399 Baht / USD$11.30 (for Shabu),
From 499 Baht / USD$14.10 (for BBQ)


18. A brave attempt at luxury – Audrey Café and Bistro

If a modern-day Titanic had a luncheon setup in its second-class dining room, it would probably be in line with what you would find at Audrey’s.

Photo via audreycafe

The place is veiled in elegance with a hint of pretentiousness, but veers clear of Dubai-style over-the-top opulence which means one thing! We, the ordinary mortals can have a faux slice of luxurious dining.

Photo via pearchute

Depending on your definition of romantic – definitely not the my-heart-will-go-on type – it can prove to be a decent place for a successful date. If everything goes well that night, Audrey’s may also serve as your wedding venue for the future.

For a tad more privacy, head upstairs!

Why the name? – The concept was designed after Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with a touch of French Bistro.

The food presentation is stellar and truly upscale, however the quality does not reach the same standards – and it would help immensely if your expectations swerve from “the best food in Bangkok”.


The best thing about Audrey Café and Bistro:
“The setting of the cafe is quite peaceful. Great place to unwind and relax over a light meal” – rebeccaquek

Audrey Café and Bistro

Address: Various locations, we recommend the standalone flagship Audrey Café and Bistro, 136/3 Thonglor Soi 11, Bangkok
Getting there: Take the BTS to Thonglor, then walk towards Sukhumvit 53 Alley, walk further until you turn right to Thonglor 5 Alley, walk and turn left to Thonglor 17 Alley, walk and turn right to Thonglor Soi 11, all this should take you around 15-20 minutes
Contact: +66 2 7126667-8 / 089 000 8090
Opening hours: Daily, 11am -10pm
From 300-600 Baht / USD$8.50-17 per person,
From 140 Baht / USD$3.95 (for a Mango Colada),
From 240 Baht / USD$6.80 (for a Mango Salsa),
From 390 Baht / USD$11 (for Crispy Pork Cube)


Here we are at the finish line of our journey! We know – all great things must come to an end.

Our most precious goal as writers is to help you make an informed choice about a place you might have planned to visit for a long time.

Although we do admit we might have got a bit biased and made a teeny slip with some selections, this article was written with you in mind, based on your preferences – rest assured, we are not stalking you online, we use more orthodox methods.

Come to Bangkok, experience some of these unique and interesting eateries and then send us your #bestVSworst reviews as you never know – they might end up in one of our next articles.

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