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Coco Chanel once famously said – “The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive.”

While she might not have been referring to Bangkok, her exuberant quote definitely applies to this incredible city that is Bangkok.

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This chaos-infused sprawling metropolis can prove to be dramatically daunting for the average traveller with a limited amount of time.

Truth be told, this is not a city to while away in if you are here just for a few days – so we will give you valuable pointers.

1. How to make the most of your time in Bangkok
2. How to do it for FREE!

Interested in embarking on a “journey of a lifetime” through colourful Bangkok? Let’s get down to it!

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1. Free photo ops at this uber creative market! – Chang Chui Market

Honestly, with all the airplane stuff that’s been coming up, has anyone ever thought how bizarre it feels to be exploring abandoned planes in the middle of nowhere – much less in the middle of a market?

Photo Via Dong_nateephat
Photo Via Escorpio_viernes,Yo_hairstylist

Get inspired at Chang Chui Market, a new creative hub/market which has recently opened. They’ve plonked a huge airplane in the middle of the market where you can dine and drink inside. And with four acres of open space showing unconventional street art, Bangkok rarely does things halfway.

Photo Via Edwfree

Chang Chui Market is bursting to the brim with creative spaces all around for you to take great photos at. There’s even this cool taxidermy museum where you get to pose with natural history exhibits. Though it can be quite macabre, it also makes a unique sight, and fantastic place to explore.

Photo Via Rainbow_hr,Edwfree,Yim_panisara

Apart from that, look out for interesting sculptures resting along different parts of the market – such as this life-sized bronze skull with smoke oozing out of the orifices. Enjoy!

Chang Chui

Price: USD $0.60 / approx. 20 Baht
Address: 460/8 Sirindhorn Road, Bang Phlat District, Bangkok
Contact: 081 817 2888
Opening hours: 4PM – 11PM Tues to Sun


2. Have a forest beneath your feet! – PTT Reforestation Project

Humans are such a beautiful paradox. 100 years ago Bangkok was nothing but a vast land with gorgeous rice paddies and luxuriant vegetation. Fast forward to present days, and you have an urban jungle – which innovative minds are trying to transform back into a salubrious green space!


When it comes to a company whose name is associated with oil and gas, it is almost impossible to believe that they have created a sustainable endeavour of this magnitude.


But that’s exactly the case with PTT’s green project! A huge metro forest in the heart – liver, to be more accurate – of the city.


What’s so great about the forest, apart from making the city a better place? Well… you can actually stroll above it along a sky walk with a view, so as not to disturb the growth of the saplings. There’s even an observation tower, for you to take a gander at the surroundings from a high vantage point.


And if at any time you feel overly heated from walking in the sun – escape into the indoor exhibition space where air-conditioning not only awaits, but some cool installations too. (It’s a pity most of it is in Thai though!)


Since this project was featured in Monocle Magazine, and visited by the U.S. Ambassador, we are guessing they are doing something right!

PTT Reforestation Project

Getting there: The easiest way is to take the BTS to Udomsuk. Then tell the taxi driver to go to Pa Nai Krung. Coordinates here
Contact: +66 02-136-6380
Opening hours: 1st Round 9am to 10:30am and 10:30 to 12pm, 2nd Round 1pm to 2:30pm and 2:30pm to 4pm, closed only on Monday


3. A prayer from a tree tunnel! – Chom Thong railway station

If you wake up in the mood to visit a Chinese-influenced Thai temple in the back of beyond, then head to this arched tree tunnel that also happens to be over a canal bridge.

Photo via Kittisak Ryankit Thiengwong

It might not be as jaw-dropping as Ukraine’s famous Love Tunnel – but the incredible quietude of the place, disturbed gently by the puffing sound of the train, the orange-clad monks passing over the footbridge, and the ubiquitous green all make for a wonderful little visit.

Photo via Usasran Charoensawas

The best time to traverse this sacred secluded place, is during a clear-sky morning of the rainy season. This is when the canopied tunnel is at its greenest, and the sunrays catapult its magical setting into pure perfection!

Otherwise it can be quite uninspiring, some might say – and the dry season will make the tunnel look rather withered too.

Photo via Usasran Charoensawas

Get there in the morning, between 10am to 12pm, and you will have a few shots at the train passing through. As you can see from our pictures – it looks pretty awesome!

Chom Thong railway station

Address: 258, Ekkachai Road Soi Ekkachai 4, Bang Khun Thian, 10150CHOM Thong, Bang Khun Thian, Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150
Getting there: The easiest way to get here is to take the BTS to Wutthakat and then a taxi to Wat Ratcha Orasaram Ratchaworawihan (Chom Thong) – the tree tunnel is just a few metres behind the temple
Opening Hours: The trains pass through between 10am and 2pm with intervals of approximately 15 to 20 minutes between changes.

4. Have your Disney moment at this abandoned Sleeping Beauty Castle – Magic Land

Bring your princess/prince, and live out your Disney fantasies before this castle that looks very similar to Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

Photo Via Fay_chpth

It’s been abandoned for awhile, but it’s still great for exploring, and for those photo-worthy moments.

Photo Via Thavee, Luk

Also, if you’re lucky, you might find an event being held here when you visit! There are some fun events that are held here occasionally that revolve around art, food and music too. A Songkran Festival has also been held here previously!

Photo Via Pond, Dnop, Amp, Jazz, Phoebe, Boutique

PS: We hear go-kart racing is available here too. Feel free to check that out!

Photo Via Cptbozo, Ajarnwissawa

Magic Land

Address: Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
Getting there: Take the MRT and alight at Phahon Yothin Station and walk towards Centara Grand Hotel. Magic Land is just ahead!
Contact: +66 87 450 1577
Opening hours: 24 hours daily

5. Step into a gorgeous literary mansion with old and rare books – Neilson Hays Library

Providing one of the largest selections of English books in Bangkok, Neilson Hays Library is one picturesque discovery.

Photo by may satita

Located in a vintage European-style mansion, this library provides a wonderful selection of approximately 20,000 books with a wide collection of English titles ranging from contemporary fiction to children’s books.

Photo by demonpanda, sikarnw

There are several reading nooks around, including a children’s corner. Otherwise, head to the glass house connected to the main building where you’ll find the Garden Cafe and Gallery. Coffee, small bites and eye-opening exhibitions can be found here!

Photo by yamyeah, mj ladpli

Apart from that, the library regularly holds book sales (that includes old and rare books), and other events such as monthly book clubs and more.

For travellers, do note that many books on the Southeast Asian region (including some early editions) can be found here that are difficult to find elsewhere.

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Neilson Hays Library

Address: 195 Surawong Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand
Nearest BTS: Chong Nonsi BTS Station (14 minute walk)
Contact: +66 2 233 1731
Opening hours: Tues-Sun, 9.30am to 5pm (closed on Mondays)
Price: From USD $0.50 / approx. 20 Baht


6. Watch people surf… in a bar! – Flow House

Imagine the perfervid grip of the feral surfs in Bali, aggressively yet tenderly making you one with the nature – and taking your senses beyond the imaginable! Who needs that? Instead, let’s do it Bangkok-style!

Photo via flow house bangkok

There are few inland urban spaces, maybe around 4 in the world, where you can eat, drink and surf at the same time – with a little break in-between, we might say!

Photo via mookcrawl, smninbkk

Flow House is a hippie and trendy two-floor facility that boasts such unique credentials.

Although this is a no-brainer, the time of the day dictates immensely whether this activity is suited for a family or for a group of revellers.

Throw in some tapas, that even a Spaniard will rave about, some music that will raise your splashy spirits – and you have the perfect recipe for a great day/night out.

Photo via jumper superlui

Arguably, the ones having the most fun, are the audience gawking at inexperienced surf-struck wannabes bruising themselves, or marvelling at the sight of experienced athletic silhouettes who can really bust a move… well… a surf!

Order a reasonably priced drink and get your smartphone ready for photos – fun is guaranteed!

Flow House

Address: A-square, 120/1 Sukhumvit 26, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Getting there: Take the MRT to Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, then a taxi ride
Contact: +66 (0)2 108-5210/ for reservations +66 (0)99 083-8787
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 2pm to 11pm; Saturday-Sunday and PH, 10am to 11pm


7. Pay your respects to flying in the good old days – Airplane Graveyard

In our series of trespassing abandoned private properties, we give you the post-apocalyptic-looking set of an airplane graveyard – right in the middle of the city. Well, sort of.

Photo via 22places, homeboundblues

Rarely documented, mainly by photojournalists or bloggers, this off-the-radar aircraft cemetery supports nowadays an off-the-grid living for its “residents” – homeless locals squatting in decaying metal-stripped airplane hulls. Regardless, the Boeing 747 fuselage is quite an eye-catcher, and you will enjoy exploring this airplane graveyard.

Photo via amandamustard

The great news about this whimsical tourist attraction? It is relatively easy to get to, and it can be photographed right from the side of the road.

Whatever angle you point the camera in, it will look like you were the first to have discovered this “disaster movie set”!

Photo via marikristinaaa

The not so great news?

You might be asked by a “security guard” to pay an “entrance fee”, which would be around 100-200 Baht / USD $3-6.

Once you are in, what in the past used to be deemed as donations for visiting the families, now is an upfront charge of up to 500 Baht / USD $15 for a sneak peek into their ‘homes’.

Airplane Graveyard

Address: Ramkhamhaeng Road, Soi 101, Bangk Kapi, Bangkok
Getting there: The easiest way is to take the BTS to Phra Khanong and from there take either a taxi to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 101 (just about 100 metres away), or bus 40ร that will take you almost the entire journey. This road is one of the most congested roads in Bangkok, so the best time to arrive/depart is between 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

8. Right out of a fairy tale… – Chocolate Ville

Have you ever imagined yourself waiting for your Prince Charming in one of Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, but with more flamingo birds and Dutch windmills? We cannot make that happen, but…

Photo via kai apisit

In a realm, far, far away, out in the boondocks – where you can still take a taxi – there is a visually inebriating theme park restaurant called Chocolate Ville, where you can find great delectable dishes, yet very little chocolate in fact!

Photo via janenyksr

The evocative European-style village with enchanting pavilions, statues and capacious indoor and outdoor dining areas – will quench your thirst for spruced up romantic décor and authentic German beer!

Photo via candyo3o5
Photo via candyo3o5, alexthc85

Although not exactly on the tourist map, if you come here during weekends or public holidays, get ready to share your fairy tale fantasy with thousands – yes, thousands! – of city dwellers coming here to enjoy a pseudo-countryside experience.

Photo via wikewijayaa, fildzahanifa
Photo via jess 521,pindo nugroho,winnielyt, jovetanate

Chocolate Ville

Address: 351, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Getting there: It is outside of central Bangkok – Taxi or private car
Contact: +66 83 077 3738 or +66 81 921 2016
Opening Hours: Daily from 4pm to 12am; it is recommended to arrive at the earliest hours, preferably with a reservation during weekends and public holidays


9. Marvel at the “Hanging Gardens”! – EmQuartier

We know that if you had a time machine, your first priority as an adventurer… might be going back a few thousand years to marvel at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – or maybe it’s just us!

At EmQuartier, Bangkok’s newest addition to its range of high-end luxury shopping centers – you’ll find something almost similar.

Let’s start from the beginning – a red carpet à la Hollywood awaits you at the entrance!

Photo via Dave Stamboulis

Keep walking on – ignore all the glitzy designer brands, and stunning cutting-edge architecture, or the occasional Thai celebrities/models – and head for the third section, the Waterfall Quartier.

Photo via kellyskl


There in all their glory, you have the hanging gardens and a decently sized 40-meter high cascade, as a bonus!

Not to be missed, in the Helix Quartier, at the 5th floor – admire some unique tropical flora including orchids and lush ferns in the Water Garden, all under the suave influence of the beautifully illuminated pond!

Photo via design boom
Photo via the spt,supara bakavou, ping nutcharin

Looking for more to do at EmQuartier? How about the Sky Cliff and its awesome panoramic views in the Glass Quartier at the 45th floor?


Address: 651, Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Getting there: BTS Phrom Phong
Contact: +66 2 269 1188
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm, daily


10. Let your imagination flap its wings! – Butterfly Garden

Isn’t true happiness all about the small things in life? Or isn’t life so precious because it is so
short? Donald Trump might beg to differ, but…

To those of you whose minds frequently linger in this pensive disposition, or to those who appreciate the fragile touch of life – we present the Butterfly Garden!

Right beneath the naturally lit glass dome, and within a delightful greenery of ferns and exotic flowers, lies the natural habitat of a few species of butterflies trying to enjoy life at its fullest…

Photo via dianenamchai, kushaan d wisdom

Walk around – this lively insectarium will surprise you with its little gems in the form of sheepish butterflies and even a waterfall!

And if you wish to learn more about the precious lifecycles of these metamorphosing insects, then an indoor display will offer you plenty of information.

Photo via dianenamchai, lana grey

But that’s not all! If more verdant spaces are your thing, head to Queen Sirikit Park just a stone’s throw away.

Queen Sirikit Park (Photo via waipyow)

With manicured trees and gardens that will fully satisfy your innate need for chasing beauty in the nature, your need for verdant greenery will be well and fully satisfied!

Butterfly Garden

Address: Rot Fai Gardens, in close proximity to Chatuchak Market. Coordinates here
Getting there: BTS Mo Chit/ MRT Chatuchak Park
Contact: +66 0 2272 4359-60
Opening Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm; closed on Monday

11. Get your spook on – Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower

Towering majestically over Chao Praya River like a Phoenix that has yet to rise from its ashes, this abandoned 49-storey complex can definitely send chills down your spine at a first glance!

Photo via dutchbangkokian

The unfinished skyscraper is extremely popular with urban explorers – with many online gravity-defying selfies from young exhibitionists playing daredevils. Adrenaline aside, the place offers some of the most ridiculously wild views over Bangkok!

Photo via explorewithus
Photo via Pete Rojwongsuriya

There is one catch though – it is illegal to trespass the private building, even in Bangkok! Not to mention that pieces of concrete or debris can detach from the structure and collapse onto you, and the fact that you’ll need to climb 49 floors!

Although in no way, shape or form do we encourage you to join the daredevil league or to bribe the authorities if you get caught – the eerie feeling of the ghost-hunted building can be safely experienced right from its base.

And it is just opposite its blessing spiritual patron, Wat Yanawa!

Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower

Getting there: Clearly visible from Wat Yanawa, a short walk away

12. Become an arty pants! – Bangkok Arts and Culture Center

Yes, we do know that it sounds like an oxymoron, but Bangkok has indeed become a contemporary arts center – and it’s actually quite well-mapped on the international art scene!

Photo via hi mango

The 3000 sq metre center is Bangkok’s hub for Thai modern art with numerous galleries, some of world-class value, and it gives the city a Guggenheim-like-ish vibe.

But the actual highlight is the state-of-the-art, vertigo-inducing design with rounded corners and delirious spirals, all beautifully whitewashed.

Photo viarachataaa, chanvout, goodnight, obsessed31

If you happen to be hobnobbing with a group of snarky friends, now is your time to get the upper hand and pretend you know an iota on modern art!

Otherwise, you can just talk to the local artists instead – no pretentious dialogues required!

(And if none of this interests you, then keep calm and have a coffee at Gallery Drip!)

Bangkok Arts and Culture Center

Address: 939 Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Getting there: BTS National Stadium
Contact: +66 2 214 6630
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 9pm, closed on Monday


13. Feed..just kidding! Check these crocodiles out – Wat Chakrawat

Unfortunately and tragically, we are living in a world where people are running out of unique places for snapping amazing selfies. Hence, we’d like to make the world a better place by introducing you to the crocodiles of Wat Chakrawat!

Photo via Galle

If Chinatown sounds like an over-consumed assault on your senses, nearby there is a stupendous temple with shiny stupas that shelters some really gargantuan types of crocodiles.

The two murky ponds are literally a playground for three crocodiles that were brought here as strays and are now taken care of by the monks.

Photo via Inazuma, kyrkylixa

There are many legends surrounding the mystical temple, including the one alleging cursed monk-devouring crocodiles, but we particularly liked the one of the fat monk, who intentionally made himself obese to cut down on his attractiveness among the ‘ladies’. Now, this is what we call a devout monk!

Have fun and be safe checking the crocodiles out, and if you are fortunate enough to find them open, walk through some small gates leading to the caves and some chedis atop natural hills!

Wat Chakrawat

Address: Chakkrawat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin, walk to the pier and take a boat to Tha Rachanongse (N5). Walk down Chakkrawat Rd and turn left at Sampaeng Lane that leads to a large car park
Contact: +66 2 688 9202
Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm

14. Watch a mesmerisingly simple dance performance – Khlong Bang Luang Artist House

Veiled in centuries of traditions and crafts, the sedate yet eclectic Khlong Bang Luang village hardly pertains to the urban jungle of Bangkok.

Stilted houses mirroring timidly into the murky waters of Chao Praya River, ornate chedis redolent of the Ayutthaya period, and a bijou Thai community of veritable artists are what infuses vitality in this “Venice of the East” canal village. (Even the iconic beer-belly red man statue seems to fit in!)

Photo via focusframe, plumrang

The teak wood Artist House features locally produced works of art such as drawings, prints and sculptures – and the project itself is conducive to communal artistic efforts, encouraging the preservation of authentic Thai culture.

Photo via takamiya1984, patchapon, aomyippy

As a tourist you can unleash the beast of your creativity by painting your own mask too!

The centrepiece of this project, is the 2pm daily puppet show – except for Wednesdays – when jet black ninja-looking puppeteers masterfully lend their souls to the bodies of traditional Thai puppets.

Photo via smallest 83, winkkzaa

You will be mesmerised by the simplicity of the beautifully executed performance, coupled with some occasional acrobatics!

Khlong Bang Luang Artist House

Address: 309 Phet Kasem Soi 28, Wat Kuhasawan, Thonburi, Thailand
Getting there: Take the BTS to Bang Wa and then a taxi to Wat Kuhasawan; the locals will gladly help you with the rest
Contact: +66 (028) 685 279, it is recommended to call in advance as sometimes there are no
Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm, daily

15. Keep your senses in your pants – Patpong

This is the exact opposite of what most (male) tourists are trying to do in Patpong, but trust us on this one. The red-light district of Bangkok is an incandescent splendour of colours, flavours, fragrances – and other illicit erotic or counterfeit souvenirs that are sufficient per se for a memorable experience!

Since this is a family-friendly website, we must steer clear of getting down to the nitty-gritty, aka Ping Pong shows! So, we will concentrate instead on other attractive selections, no pun intended.

Photo via rose.nayeli,junnhouse,tallcupofchocolatemilk

Actually, this small neighbourhood in Silom where people never sleep… alone… is rather charming and enticing during the day!

That being said, Patpong Night Market is the least authentic market in Bangkok – it was created only as a response to the hordes of tourists flocking to see what the fuss is all about with the red-light district.

And ironically, this is what makes it so special!

The areas around it are either chic or bizarre – just walk along Soi Thaniya and you will once again scratch your head at the ever-present obsession of Thai people with Japanese culture!

Photo via bangkok tenpo


Address: Phat Pong 2 Alley, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Getting there: BTS Sala Daeng/MRT Silom
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 6pm to 1am, Sunday 6pm to 12am

16. Set sail for awesomeness at a one-of-a-kind boat temple – Wat Yanawa

You might have heard that Bangkok does have some little quirky temples nested around, waiting to become the next big hit – like the David Beckham Temple featuring a teeny Garuda impersonation of the famous football/soccer player.

Photo via Igor Prahin

But some of these temples are really worth a visit and Wat Yanawa is probably at the top of the list! Wat Yanawa is a one-of-a-kind junk-shaped temple – by junk we mean an ancient Chinese sailing vessel.

The beautifully ornate wiharn (boat) with two white and gold chedis (stupas) at whose helm stands Buddha himself – a small gold leaf statue in the “wheel room” – is evocative of the Chinese trading era from centuries ago.

The temple is enclosed by an elegantly decorated complex/gatehouse with interesting extensions such as the ubosot – where monks get ordained, libraries and a relics hall.

Photo via tisstxx

These ashes and bone fragments are thought to posses magical powers that can cure cancer and forge economic prosperity. We cannot quite put our fingers on the cancer issue, but ironically enough the abandoned Sathorn Ghost Tower is the most disastrous financial project in Bangkok!

Wat Yanawa

Address: 40 Charoen Krung Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Getting there: BTS Saphan Taksin, a short walk away
Contact: +66 2 672 3216
Opening Hours: 6am to 8pm, daily

17. Chant: “Open, Sesame!” – Papaya Vintage Shop

If Alice had gone down the rabbit hole, and ended up in Ali Baba’s den it would look pretty much the same as what you would find at Papaya Vintage shop.

Photo via thomasvanbau, velasss

Camouflaged in a godforsaken area of Bangkok, once the shutters are up – this three-storey warehouse/studio will reveal a visual hotchpotch of items you never knew would ever come together!

This bonafide retro labyrinth is always in a constant layout change as items get sold or rearranged.

Photo via sheriffic, jimjimoon, dariotravels

Get transported to a hallucinogenic world where life-sized or larger- than-life figurines like James Dean, Spiderman, or Batman – rub elbows with items and ideas patented long before you were born.

The extremely rare items from days of yore are obviously not on the cheap – but the vintage studio serves more as a museum, or a shooting set rather than a merchandise store.

PS: Caution! After two hours of roaming around, when you step out of this wonderland – the world will appear slightly less colourful…

Papaya Vintage Shop

Address: 55/2 Soi Lat Phrao Road | Wang Thong Lang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Getting there: Take a direct taxi; or take the MRT to Lat Phrao combined with any bus – except 151, 156 – to soi 55/2, just 4 bus stops away, then walk down the street to a white building and look for a PAPAYA neon lit banner.
Contact: +66 2 539 8220
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm, daily

18. Catch the train rumbling through a market – Maeklong Railway Market

Legend has it that once upon a time, in 1905 to be more precise, there was a free local market where people would barter together happily ever after! And then a train came and it changed everything… again, ever after.

Photo via Paul Sarawak

If you want to catch this trendsetting train, and shop at the same time in the exact spot – on the railway tracks – this market is the best place to do so.

Photo via joaoleitaoviagens

When the train chugs through the quaint market, everyone wraps up their tarps/awnings and products in a hurry – and lays them back down when the train is gone. This happens several times a day!

Dope vs. Nope (Tips for the Inconspicuous Tourist)
– buying some delicacies like barbequed frogs vs. being a conspicuous tourist
– safely and quickly photographing the train vs. being a conspicuous tourist
– not being a conspicuous tourist vs. being a conspicuous tourist

Alright, we got it! You got it!

Maeklong Railway Market

Address: Banremu Rd., Ban Prok, Muang Samut Songkhram, Samutsongkhram 75000
Getting there: Recommended to arrive early in the morning! Take a direct taxi or the BTS to
Victory Monument combined with a 2-hour minivan trip to MEH-KLONG.
Opening Hours: Daily, from 7am to 5:30pm; Train arrival time at Maeklong Railway Market: 8.30 am, 11.10 am, 2.30 am, 5.40 am (last train)

19. Enjoy your business! (No, seriously) – The toilets of Terminal 21

It is a mathematical certainty that shopping till you drop will eventually cause you to drop other stuff as well. And there is no better place in the whole of Bangkok for dropping it down the toilet, than Terminal 21.

Photo via Destination exploration

Terminal 21 offers a unique shopping experience as it is the only airport-themed mall in Bangkok. Its 9 storeys are city-themed, featuring recognisable landmarks from San Francisco, Rome, London, and Paris among many others.

Look down on the Golden Gate Bridge and try to see how many miniature Lamborghini cars you can spot!

But let’s get down to business – the number one reason you should come here are the funky toilets.

Photo via ilovekatjuju

Probably the most Instagram-worthy, would be the Japanese-themed restroom that features… yes indeed… the famous or infamous automatic toilets that blow your precious butt dry. We’ll say no more, you simply have to experience the toilets of Terminal 21 for yourself!

And of course, don’t forget to take some photos around Terminal 21 for Instagram!

The toilets of Terminal 21

Address: 88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 88 Sukhumvit Rd, North Klongtoeyi Wattana Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Getting there: BTS Asok/ MRT Sukhumvit
Contact: +66 2 108 0888
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm, daily


(Now closed) 20. Have a taste of futuristic agriculture at the largest sky garden in Thailand – Siam Green Sky

Futurologists are predicting that within a few decades most of the world’s plants, fruit and vegetables, will be grown in vertically-distributed plantations as a more efficient manner of agriculture.
Photo via

And Thailand is one of the first pioneers to implement such practices.

Part of Chulalongkorn University, the rooftop garden project called Siam Green Sky on the top floor of Siam Square One shopping mall – is a learning center with a focus on agricultural awareness and social networking.

Photo via khunaux, natty yui

Concepts like renewable solar energy, landscape management, urban ecology, fully-integrated self-sustenance, and other sophisticated terminologies are high up on this audacious project’s goals list.

Photo via bijaherbal

And if you happen to be here in the third weekend of any given month, have a stroll at the
Green Market where you can savour organic foods and free workshops!

Siam Green Sky

Address: 254 Phayathai Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Siam Square One, Bangkok 10330
Getting there: BTS Siam
Contact: +66 099-001-8514, make a tour reservation in advance.
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat, 1st Round from 10:30am to 11:30am, 2nd Round from 2:30pm to
3:30pm, 3rd Round from 4:30pm to 5:30pm

21. Float through skyscrapers! – Boat Ride to Asiatique Night Market

The impressive skyline along Chao Praya River at dusk is not something to be missed! Nor the short 10 minute free shuttle around it…

Photo via faithjoyhope

The most expensive condominiums in Bangkok are located in Sathorn area, near the riverside and that is for a good reason – whichever direction you look, the views are spectacular.

Photo via smartwarm

Asiatique could be described as a spoiled spawn of Chocolate Ville and Chatuchak Market after a long-drawn-out divorce… and settlement! It has a pronounced European influence in its architecture, but offers very Asian-orientated merchandise.

Photo via darkis21, Kee Hua Chee, niklasarleryd

So, what little off-the-wall things can you experience here?

Let’s throw in some selfies in a bronze rickshaw statue, an original heritage two-storey living quarters, and a Pong Pong plant for sale.

Photo via rahayuswan

You know, those decorative plants whose seeds are so toxic to humans they will induce a poison-untraceable heart attack within minutes after ingestion? That’s right, these are just some of Asiatique’s interesting little finds!

Boat Ride to Asiatique Night Market

Address: Chareonkrung Soi 74 -76
Getting there: Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and then take the free shuttle from the pier –
it is clearly marked and an agent will usher you to the right lane.
Contact: +66 02-108-4488
Opening Hours: Daily, from 5pm to 12am


22. Indulge in a rooftop bar extravaganza – Vertigo and Moon Bar, The Red Sky, The River Vibe

Enough with this! Do you really have to bear the pain of getting to know all the greatest vantage points in Bangkok?

22-a. The highest al fresco rooftop restaurant in the world – Vertigo and Moon Bar at Banyan Tree

If you have wondered how a sailing vessel would look like flying through the skies, you’ll get your answer here.


For those of you who suffer from acrophobia or equivalents – fear of heights – this is not the place to opt for.

Photo via vonnycitra, chloebenson2

The prices will set you back… substantially but let’s admit it – you’re here to snap that Facebook photo that your friends will pretend not to feel jealous about! #LIKE

Vertigo and Moon Bar at Banyan Tree

Address: 21/100 Banyan Tree Hotel, South Sathon Road, Sathon Sathon, Bangkok
10120, Thailand
Getting there: MRT Lumphini
Contact: +66 2 679 1200
Opening Hours: Vertigo – daily, weather permitting, from 6pm to 10:30pm, Moon Bar – daily, from 5pm to 1am
Dress code: Smart casual – no shorts or flip-flops allowed


22-b. Great vibes, live jazz music and middle-range prices – The Red Sky at Centara Grand

To put it simply in perspective – this is the place to beat! Imported foods and ingredients on a more affordable scale, little to no crowd and great service, all make for a gleeful experience.

Photo via st.chien

Everything feels utterly premium, without being pretentious! From the 55th floor, your panoramic view will mainly appear like a constant reminder that Bangkok is soon going to catch up on Hong Kong’s skyline.

Photo via tankthana

The Red Sky at Centara Grand

Address: Centara Grand at CentralWorld 55F, Thailand
Getting there: BTS Siam
Contact: +66 2 100 6255
Opening Hours: Daily, from 6pm to 1am, smart casual dress code


22-c. Groove to the river vibes, backpacker-style – The River Vibe

Since we feel like we’ve neglected our beloved flashpackers/backpackers through this article…

…Oh, wait! Isn’t this whole thing called something like “free things to do in Bangkok? – we decided to make up for it, with our next choice that has almost become a cult place for an amazing laid-back atmosphere.

Photo via tavtee

When the fugitive sun comes down on all the old temples, then blend harmoniously with present day architectural marvels that mirror into the country’s emblematic river – and it’s so magically dark you cannot see the fumes of pollution anymore…

Photo via fhykongniwatsiri

The River Vibe will be there to make your evening!

The River Vibe

Address: 8th fl, River View Guesthouse, off Soi Charoen Phanit, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Getting there: Take the MRT to Hua Lamphong and then a taxi
Contact: +66 2 234 2078
Opening Hours: Daily, from 7:30am to 11pm


23. Pay a visit to the European-styled former royal palace! – Ministry of Defence

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Bangkok anymore!

The wildly fashionable European-styled former royal palace, built in the 19th century, makes a perfect use of colours and architectural styles to which even Jean-Paul Gautier would take his hat off.

Photo via bassariya

The open air museum consists of a few war canons solemnly guarding the palace’s manicured lawn, and are merely visual enhancers that contribute to how gracious this building appears in the mighty sun of Bangkok.

Please, we beg of you, do not attempt to enter the premises without a valid reason – this is still the Ministry of Defence after all!

Photo via pprrim,nam wanachai, aniwach

Located conveniently opposite the famous Grand Palace, which is probably among the 3 most visited places in Bangkok, this little gem is actually off the tourist map and many people miss it!

Photo via bosssupakh

Walk around to the lateral facade and take some catalogue-worthy shots – no one will believe you’re in a main area of Bangkok… or Thailand for that matter.

Ministry of Defence

Address: Ministry of Defence, Sanamchai Rd., San Chaopho Suea, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Getting there: Located just after the Grand Palace. From Saphan Taksin pier take a boat to the Tha Chang pier (N9). The building is a short 20 minute walk past the Grand Palace – a short motorbike taxi would be an alternative.
Contact (please don’t, unless you have a valid reason): +66 2222 3870
Opening (service) hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am o 3:30pm

To truly experience Bangkok, you need to look past the obvious tourist attractions and sample vistas, flavours and smells – or foul odours – that might hopefully make a subtle change in your lives.

We sincerely offer you our expertise and trust that this wittily tailored selection will help you make the most of your short precious time in the City of Angels – Bangkok!

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