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Who shops at 2am when the sky is pitch black?! Bangkokians do, and they do that for a good reason. The items sold at this time are super affordable and the selections are varied! Wondering where this is? It’s Bangkok’s Bobae Wholesale Market – open only on the wee hours from 2am to 5am.

Don’t confuse it with the regular Bobae Market that opens in the morning until the afternoon. At Bobae’s 2am Wholesale Market, the stalls operate along the Krung Kasem Road, selling everything from kids and adults clothing to home and living goods.

Photo Via Myzjleea, Oilypatcha, Iamarnyross

However, as it’s a wholesale market, most of the items are not sold per piece (you have to buy at least 2-3 pieces or in bulk, depending on the shop). Even so, most of the items here are priced much lower than anywhere else that it’s super worth the trip here.

Curious? Here are the 5 things you’ll find at Bobae’s Wholesale Market.

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1. I want a new outfit!! – Women

Not to mention one, you’ll get at least 3 outfits when you shop here! What’s great about this place is that they sell both regular and plus-sized clothing, accommodating all sorts of body types. You can also find other fashion items like bottoms, pyjamas and shoes, although I must say the selections here are really affordable despite their trendy design. I mean… 10 baht earrings and 20 baht belts!! Where else can you find that?!

Photo Via Wieda_waheeda, TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

2. Be as stylish as those GQ men on the runway – Men

Fashion is 90% confidence and 10% looks (says my friend), and one easy way to gain that confidence is by dressing up in the latest fashion trends. The items here are always up-to-date, whether that’s bomber jackets, sneakers or dress shoes, bags or shirts. They also have essentials like boxers and socks in all sorts of design.

And if you’re into a more unique fashion style – let’s say the military – they also have an entire shop dedicated to army fashion!

Photo Via TripCanvas

3. The BEST place to buy your kids’ outfits – Kids

Out of all the markets I’ve been to in Bangkok, Bobae Market at 2am is, hands down, the BEST place to buy kids clothing. Not only are the items super affordable, but there’s also a huge selection of cute kid items – such as skirts, onesies, Thai costumes and accessories (the locals I met in the market admits this fact too!). In fact, 40% of the market is filled with kids clothing!!

Photo Via TripCanvas

4. Time to upgrade your humble abode – Home & Living

Yep, not only could your wardrobe do with an overhaul but your house too. And when it doesn’t cost a pretty penny, doing so without a second thought is so easy! Get your mats, bed sheets, blankets and towels here – although remember to come with someone if you’re gonna buy a bunch since your shopping’s gonna weigh a ton!

Photo Via TripCanvas

5. It’s never too early to eat – Food & Drinks

Let’s admit it, shopping uses up A LOT of energy. Thhere’s a big selection of delicious Thai food being sold here – perfect for you to recover some energy at 2am. For something light, why not get a cup of milk tea/coffee or even a toasted bun? But if your stomach is grumbling, there are heavier options like rice topped with omelette and noodles too.

Photo Via TripCanvas

With Bobae’s Wholesale Market, “I have no money” is definitely you won’t be saying here. So remember to spare some time in the early morning/late night (and loads of cash; no credit cards please) to come here the next time you’re in town!

Happy shopping! 😀

Bobae Wholesale Market

Price: from 20 baht / USD $0.66
Address: 1086-1090 Krung Kasem Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Khet Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100 (Coordinates here)
Getting here: Take a taxi or Grab to Prince Palace Hotel (the market starts from around here).
Opening hours: Tue-Sun from 2am to 5am (Closed on Mondays)

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