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Don’t you hate when you have to rush to finish your meal in a certain time when you visit a buffet restaurant?

You don’t get to properly taste and take the time to enjoy the variety of food you came for. Instead, you keep getting worried that you might be charged by minutes if you stay past the time limit. Where’s the fun in that?

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Luckily for you (and us), we’ve found 16 all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants in Bangkok – that offer unlimited time for you to sit and enjoy the delicious food while relaxing with your friends or family.

And the best part is… they all are under 400 Baht!

1. Scoop your own live prawns and they’re HUGE! – Nud Pob Seafood Suki & BBQ

When you can pick your own live prawns, you are guaranteed to bring the freshness straight to your table.

Photo Via Gebdownjubjub,Thipphawanpaiw

Nud Pob Seafood Suki & BBQ has an aquarium right in the middle of the restaurant, which allows you to scoop huge live prawns into your own basket and bring it to your table.

Photo Via Bnc.Sattayanukul,Aun_Amber

Not only will you know for sure that it’s fresh, but it’s also fun!

Photo Via Ijuyyasostory

The restaurant has over 200 tables in an open air space that you can easily spot from the street. You definitely can’t miss it!

Photo Via Takk_Wiphada

Nud Pob Seafood Suki & BBQ

Price: From USD $6.50 / approx. 229 Baht (includes 1 soft drink and a dessert)
Address: 261 นัดพบ แขวงดอกไม้ เขต ประเวศ Bangkok 10250 (Coordinates here)
Contact: 092 616 8822
Opening hours: Daily from 4pm to 12 midnight


2. Mega food selection that you won’t believe your eyes – Bar-B-Q Resort

This resort is not for sleeping – it’s for feasting. With over 200+ tables placed in an enormous open air space with a high ceiling, you will never feel crowded.

Photo Via Barbqresort

There are three long stretches of buffet lines with over 200 selections of food to choose – from seafood and meat for BBQ, to delicious prepared Thai and International dishes. (You will need many visits to this restaurants just to try every item!)

Photo Via Mengg

One must-try is the Shrimp Vermicelli Noodle Pot available at the cooking station. Shrimps and vermicelli noodles are baked in soy sauce and chinese parsley, then served steaming hot in a pot – one of the favorite dishes among Thais.

Photo Via Atitiyafon,Neungsujira1

We guarantee, you will never leave this place hungry!

Bar-B-Q Resort

Price: From USD $6.50 / approx. 229 Baht (includes soft drink and juice)
Address: 610 Borommaratchachonnani Soi 2, Khwaeng Bang Bumru, Khet Bang Phlat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 088 249 5299
Opening hours: Daily from 3pm to 12 midnight


3. If you’re crazy about cakes and all sweet things… – Le Boulanger Bakery-Lounge-Bar

As soon as you walk in, you’ll immediately smell the buttery sweet aroma of baking cakes, cupcakes, crisping croissants, and freshly baked bread. It’s one heavenly smell of delectable goodness.

Photo Via Bellmmm

And if you’re crazy about your cakes and sweet treats, how about trying them all? Le Boulanger offers an incredible Cake Buffet. Yes, you read it right. All-you-can-eat cakes, pastries, bread and ice-cream!

Photo Via Slowjhalife,Pangpang_Pp

Each week, the bakery updates its menu with special items, so each time you go back, you’re guaranteed to try something different.

Photo Via Zenmaez,U_Venus,Jimmy_Kab,Inging1st,Lookpla_Ta_Klm

We recommend the Spinach Vol Au Vent and Yuzu Apple Cremeux, they are to-die-for – and the best party? It’s a pretty sweet deal for your sweet tooth!

Le Boulanger Bakery-Lounge-Bar @ Bangkok Hotel Lotus

Price: From USD $9.50 / approx. 333 Baht (includes coffee, tea, and soft drink)
Address: 1 Soi Daeng Udom, Sukhumvit Soi 33 Rd., Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok
Contact: 02 610 0111 Ext 4130
Opening hours: Daily from 12pm to 4pm (for the Cake Buffet)


4. Craving a good dim sum buffet with all the soup dumplings you could ever eat? – Tai He Xuan Chinese Restaurant

Another alternative to shabu and seafood, is the Dim Sum Buffet at Tai He Xuan Chinese Restaurant.

Photo Via Bifernngungi

Serving up traditional Cantonese Dim Sum in bamboo trays, you’ll also get 1 soup, 1 congee, and 1 dessert along with the buffet.

Photo Via Toeyhugebear,Nygie0303,Nonnatheem,Mrs_Yumily,Jarmorn

The must-try here is definitely the Xiao Long Bao, also known as Chinese Soup Dumpling – Chinese dumpling with hot and super delicious soup within.

Photo Via N.d.Ping_

Whether you pop the whole dumpling in your mouth and feel the soup burst out, or nibble on the dumpling skin and slowly slurp the soup out – it’s great either way. (Do be careful and wait awhile to let the dumplings cool down as the soup can be really hot!)

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for their awesome promotions that often include a Peking Duck promo in the Dim Sum Buffet, or a free Peking Duck for large groups for the Dim Sum Buffet.

Tai He Xuan Chinese Restaurant

Price: From USD $11.40 / 399 Baht (includes soft drink and beer)
Address: 23/1 Soi Thong lor 20 Sukhumvit 55 Road Klongtun Nua, Wattana, Bangkok
Nearest Station: Thong Lor BTS Station
Contact: 02 714 8639
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10pm


5. Free ice-cold beers to go with your seafood! – Anda Seafood Grill Buffet

No gimmicks and no hidden prices. Anda Seafood gives you free beer to go with the varieties of fresh seafood to cook on the charcoal grill!

With its minimalist concept and white tone décor, when you enjoy the food at Anda Seafood you will feel easy and relaxed. Though the restaurant can be packed with many people, you will never feel crowded and the food never runs out.

Photo via tongdum_nuttawut
Photo via pachsita

Have you ever tasted a horseshoe crab? You won’t regret trying it here!

It’s a simply perfect place to duck into and cool down from the hot Bangkok sun with a nice glass of cold beer and delicious seafood.

Anda Seafood Grill Buffet

Price: From USD $11.30 / approx. 399 Baht (includes soft drink and beer)
Address: 7 Soi BangNa-Trad 21, BangNa-Trad Rd, BangNa, Bangkok. ( Before Central BangNa)
Contact: 095 758 7649
Opening hours: Daily from 4pm to 11.30pm


6. All about the soup and vintage Thai country style – Shabu Ban Rai

The décor of Shabu Banrai will take you back to vintage Thai country-style living in the 60s.

The food even comes in Thai-styled food trays and Thai tiffin boxes, adding a quaint touch to the cute country styling.

Photo Via Kobtubbin

The highlight of this restaurant is that there are 5 different types of soup broth to complement the Shabu to choose from.

  1. Spicy clear soup

  2. Spicy cream soup

  3. Pork rib clear soup

  4. Soy sauce soup

  5. Super soup

Photo Via Numaymaewadee-Jaruwanpploy

Great for escaping the Bangkok heat, stay cool within the big air-conditioned dining area, enjoy the food and unique dining experience!

Photo Via Pipe_Stillalive

Shabu Ban Rai

Price: From USD $9.7 / approx. 299 Baht
Address:475/8 Hathai Rat Road, Bang Chan, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok
Contact: 097 083 2577
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 4pm to 11pm; Sat-Sun and PH 11am to 11pm


7. This restaurant will bring out the carnivore in you – Ant-Ni-Mal

Their slogan is “Heaven for BBQ lover”, so if you’re a die-hard BBQ fan, you know just where to go. It’s also a cool and hip hang out after-class joint for students from nearby colleges!

Known for their brass grill pans and good cuts of quality beef, like brisket, hump, chuck eye, sirloin tip and more – but the tender ribeye is the most highly demanded.

Photo Via 9en.Ji_

They can’t refill it fast enough, and there are also other meats apart from beef as well, such as pork, chicken, and choices of seafood for everyone to enjoy.

Photo Via Timmervio-Fanoi.Tnp-Aiew_Guatan

If you’re a meat lover, be sure not to miss this restaurant.


Price: From USD $10.3 / approx. 313 Baht (includes soft drink)
Address: Phuttha Bucha Road, Bang Mod, Bangkok (Opposite Soi Phuttha Bucha 44)
Contact: 083 578 9299
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 11pm


8. Shabu and chill by the river – Shabu Indy

Relax and feel the cool breeze by the river while enjoying good quality food. Sounds just like paradise? If so, Shabu Indy is the place for you.

Photo Via Wongnai

It’s just on the outskirts of Bangkok with a big open air space by the Chao Phraya River.

The aromatic clear soup sets them apart from other Shabu places, and they also infuse Thai flavours in the traditional Japanese Shabu.

Photo Via Ijuyyasostory,Mypuppub

If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing this Thai delicacy “Shrimp Brain Paste” in the soup – the result will blow your taste buds away.

Photo Via Kkaewon

Shabu Indy Rama 5

Price: From USD $7.10 / approx. 249 Baht
Address: 5/11 NakornInn Rd, Tambon Bang Phai, Amphoe Mueang, Nonthaburi
Contact: 081 750 1989
Opening hours: Daily from 4pm to 10pm


9. Say CHEESE and more CHEESE!! – Shabu Shabu Nang Nai at AQUA

Shabu Shabu Nang Nai has several branches all over Bangkok and the country.

Photo Via Nangnai_Aree

They offer varieties of seafood and thin sliced meat that is so very tender, it almost melts in your mouth!

Photo Via Babypig77

The star of Shabu Shabu Nang Nai is mozzarella cheese. The smell and taste of melted cheese goes really good with any meat or even seafood.

Photo Via Pear_Ii,Sawaros_K,Thepatzz,Ijuyyasostory

If you’re a cheese lover, Shabu Shabu Nang Nai is the place to go.

Shabu Nang Nai – AQUA

Price: From USD $8.50 / approx. 299 Baht
Address: 490/6, Aqua, Phahonyothin Rd., Samsen Nai, Phraya Thai, Bangkok (Coordinates here)
Contact: 062 689 5695
Opening hours: Daily (except Tuesdays) from 11.30am to 10pm


10. You will want to Instagram at this hip and chic restaurant – Shabu Na Mor

Shabu Na Mor wants to bring the farm-fresh food straight to your table – with top grade meat, fresh shrimp and big mussels imported from New Zealand, and more.

Photo Via Mytjira,Biegig,Tention

If you like bacon, you will definitely love their smoked bacon. The delicious smoky aroma of the bacon on a hot grill will make you want more and more (and you absolutely can get more).

The décor of Shabu Na Mor is as amazing as its selection of food.

Photo Via Jomjamspch,Bestpyp

Decorated with metal and glass, the restaurant exudes wicked industrial vibes that makes this place feel super cool and hip. No matter which angle you take a photo, it will be perfect for your Instagram.

Photo Via Biegig

Lastly, get your drinks in a mason jar – this will give you an Instagram photo that will definitely guarantee many likes!

Shabu Na Mor

Price: From USD $6.52 / approx. 199 Baht
Address: 77/9 Soi Lad Proa 101 (Between intersection 37-39), Lad Prao, Bangkok
Contact: 096-7895695, 092-7987989
Opening hours: Daily from 3pm to 11pm


11. Love a good lobster and dozen oysters? They’re huge here – Chills Lay Seafood

People flock to this restaurant for flathead lobsters as big as a human hand. Its delicate taste is claimed to be superior to crabs and prawns.

Photo Via Minny333

And if you’re a big fan of oysters, Chills Lay Seafood has huge raw oysters available too! Be sure to put the toppings on top, just like the Thai people do. It adds interesting flavours and texture which elevates the taste of oysters to a whole other level.

Photo Via Panupongsr,Pui-Atittaya

It’s also right on trend with the open-air “street seafood” concept in Thailand – and though you may find that Chills Lay Seafood is not as big as other mega seafood places, they are still huge on good service and friendly staff.

They really do pay attention to your needs, and ensure that every hungry guest leaves the place feeling on top of the world.

Chills Lay Seafood

Price: From USD $11.40 / 399 Baht (includes soft drink)
Address: Soi 28 Chalem Prakert Rama 9, Dok Mai, Prawet, Bangkok (Near Suan Luang Rama 9)
Contact: 90 424 6124
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 12 midnight


12. If you like authentic shabu and fried chicken, you have to try this – Shabu Samurai

“Homemade” or “at home” is what you will feel at Shabu Samurai. Sitting in this cosy restaurant with a Japanese style bar will make you feel like you’re sitting in someone’s home kitchen.

Photo Via Up2gu

One thing you won’t find in other Shabu restaurants is its fish stock soup. This homemade stock is made from dried fish just like the authentic Shabu restaurants in Japan. They also have Tom Yum soup if you’d prefer something more spicy.

Photo Via Wegoto

And the best part? All meat is freshly sliced when you order – you can see it right in front of your eyes!

We recommend you try their signature appetiser, the Crispy Fried Chicken USA Style, which is made with spies that the owner personally brought back from USA.

It’s a perfect blend of Thai, Japanese,and American tastes all in one place.

Shabu Samurai

Price: USD $9.80 / approx. 299 Baht (includes appetiser)
Address: 1/1 Soi Ramkhamhang 24 Ram Yaek 20 ,Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok
Contact: 02-319-6100 ext 106 , 093 424 2974 , 063 417 8299
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm


13. This authentic Isan dish will spice up your day – Isan-NangNua Buffet

Isan makes up the northeastern region in Thailand, and the traditional Isan dishes are hot and spicy.

Photo Via Fernii_Tnt

With 24 different types of Som-Tum (Thai Style Papaya Salad) made to order – and over 20 different types of Spicy Thai Salad made from seafood, corn, ground pork, chicken, mushroom, duck, bamboo shoots… Let’s just say the variety is guaranteed to leave you in awe.

Photo Via Emmy_Pyd

What’s a must-try? The Thai delicacy, pig’s small intestines that comes deep-fried or poached!

No need to worry about waiting for a table or slow servers at this restaurant. They have 2 seating zones, outdoor and indoor, with plenty of tables.

Photo Via Para.Paer_

Everything is self-service, and you can simply pick from prepared dishes at the buffet line, or order items off the menu directly from their open kitchen and watch them cook your food.

While waiting for your food, listen to the music at the restaurant – what you hear is the traditional music of Isan!

Photo Via Street30,Kru_Nit

Are you ready to spice things up now? We sure are. XD

Isan NangNua Buffet

Price: From USD $5.70 / approx. 199 Baht
Address: 86 Rachadaphisek Rd., Huai Khwang, Bangkok.
Nearest Station: Walking distance from Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station.
Contact: 088-030-9989
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 11.30pm


Special mention 1: All the fruits you can eat, plus free stunning sky high views of Bangkok – BaiYoke Sky Hotel

Here’s something different than shabu or seafood. Try this new concept of buffet that you definitely can’t find anywhere else!

Set in the second highest building in Bangkok, BaiYoke Sky Hotel offers something unique that places great emphasis on exotic Thai fruits.

Photo Via Worldtrip375

They serve up a variety of fresh fruits, fruit ice cream, fruit sorbet, fruit juices, dried fruits, fruit jelly – and more ways to prepare fruits than you could ever imagine!

Photo Via Worldtrip375,Loveacademy

Make sure to try the durian, widely known in Asia to be the King of Fruits – they’re only available upon request when in season.

Photo Via Yearofthedurian

It’s a fantastic alternative for a refreshing afternoon tea, complete with free admission to stunning sky high views of the heart of Bangkok, from the Observation Deck and Revolving View Point.

Photo Via Yearofthedurian

BaiYoke Sky Hotel on 18th floor

Price: From USD $17 / approx. 520 Baht (includes admission to Observation Deck on the 77th floor, and Revolving View Point on the 84th floor.
Address: 222, Thanon Playa Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok
Nearest Station: Phaya Thai BTS Station.
Contact: 02 656 3939
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 9pm


Special mention 2: You will feel like you’re sitting in little Tokyo – Daisuke Japanese Mini Restaurant

Don’t let the name and size of this restaurant fool you. Daisuke Japanese Mini Restaurant is not only packed with charm, it’s also packed with good quality traditional Japanese food.

Photo Via Tangmoloveu,Ninningning

What’s the main star of this restaurant you ask? Big plates full of salmon sashimi!

The restaurant is set up like a small bar in Japan with the kitchen right in front of you. The atmosphere is very cosy and intimate – and the owner and chef often make friendly conversation with you as if you’re visiting their home.

Photo Via Jommntp,Parthing_Words

That will definitely make the whole night even more pleasant.

Have we also mentioned that they open until late at night? It’s the perfect stop after work or after drinking at the pub!

Photo Via Jommntp,Ramoniies

Daisuke Japanese Mini Restaurant

Price: From USD $16.30 / approx. 499 Baht
Address: Lat Phrao Wang Hin 93, 10230 Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 099 952 5585
Opening hours: Daily from 8pm to 3am 20:00-03:00 Daily


Now that you have the complete list of different buffets available in Bangkok that won’t break your wallet – it’s time to feast!

Let us know which buffet you’d love to try the most, in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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