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Trust us when we say that this is a super secret local place, that only locals in the know, really know about. (We were the only foreigners at the night market when we were there!)

We were at Liab Duan Night Market having a manicure, when a friendly manicurist struck up conversation with us – and that’s when we found out about this super local night market!

The night we planned to head there, we also found out that not many locals themselves knew about this night market (from taxi drivers to our hotel concierge).

Getting here was a tad tricky for us, but we found it in the end – and paved the way for like-minded shoppers who love a good local night market!

Seriously, it’s suuuuuper affordable.

If you’re a guy who loves shopping in Bangkok, you’ve probably lamented over how men’s fashion is more expensive than women’s – and this is one place that surprised us with how cheap the men’s clothes were! 60 baht for men’s t-shirts, and men’s jeans at 160 Baht?!

You’ll definitely want to know more about the shopping, food and overall night market experience at Sai Tai Mai Center Night Market!

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1. Welcome to Sai Tai Mai Center Night Market! – The Space

It was hard to capture how big this night market was, due to the different zones spread around different corners.

However, we can assure you that it’s fairly big with tons to eat, see, and shop for a good round of night market shopping!

2. There’s a surprising selection of eats here! – Food

From cherries and sausages from Chiang Mai, to Sticky Milk Tea, the usual night market fare is slightly different here.

For starters, it truly has some more local flavours, as opposed to the usual hipster Instagrammable fare at the more touristy night markets.

3. What’s there to buy for ladies? – Ladies’ Shopping

Honestly… You’ll get a wide variety of clothes here. Of course, don’t expect to find high fashion type stuff. You’ll however, definitely be able to find a truckload of cute casual wear, ranging from T-shirts to silk pyjamas, cropped tanks, quirky dresses and even mermaid-themed stuff.

(Like this mermaid shell top I bought for 100 Baht. :P)

While the styles here are meant to appeal to local tastes, we would rate the ladies’ fashion shopping here at 7/10. (I bought my favourite pair of earrings here for just 20 Baht too!)

PS: Mani-pedis are available here, along with Manic Panic-style hair dye (69 Baht), and hair extensions too!

4. Now for the men who deserve to shop too! – Mens’ Shopping

Like we mentioned above, the prices of mens’ clothes here were surprisingly cheap/affordable. From 60 Baht T-shirts to 160 Baht jeans, now that’s what we call a good local bargain!

Especially when you consider that the usual night market prices (or even Platinum Mall prices)  for mens jeans range from 250-300 Baht and above.

There are sneakers, backpacks, Underarmour tees (for those who aren’t bothered by fake goods), barbershops and more.

5. They did not forget the kids! – Kids’ Shopping

Travellers have been starting to find kids’ clothes at the usual night markets for quite some time now, and Sai Tai Mai Center Night Market might have taken it a step further.

Look at the array of kids’ clothes! From superhero themed clothing, to trendy pieces for your fashionable tot – your lil’ one could be one of the best dressed around!

Just like those Instagram famous fashion kids.

6. What’s everything else available? – Miscellanous Stuff

To top it all off, there’s a couple of shops in the tented area selling random antique items, tattoo parlours, stuff for pets, and decorative items like fairylights and lamps. Just take a look!

Sai Tai Mai Center Night Market

Price: From 10 Baht / USD $0.30
Address: 8 Borommaratchachonnani Rd, Khwaeng Chim Phli, Khet Taling Chan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: To avoid confusion, use Sai Tai Mai Center, also known as Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal, as your landmark. Take a 20-30min drive there via Grabcar or taxi (from Pratunam area or central Bangkok). From there, take a short 3min walk to reach the night market right beside the bus terminal!
Contact: +66 82 438 4166
Opening hours: Daily from 6pm to 2am


Now you know all you need to know about Sai Tai Mai Center. It’s been around for at least 2 years now, but most (if not all) of us have never heard of it!

It’s been a local (and super affordable) secret until now.

You’re welcome!

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