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Written by Veyroniqa

Night markets are Bangkok’s flagship and it never fails to surprise. It is the heart and soul of the city, the throbbing streets filled with eats, treasures and variable knick-knacks.

Photo Via Widebrenium

Indy Night Market Dao Khanong is about 20-30 minutes away from central Bangkok (similar to Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin) and it opens daily. We’ve found our new weekday hangout spot!!

The best part is how local it is, and we only saw one foreigner there who was an expat living in Bangkok. (This also means that the prices are generally slightly cheaper than the usual night markets!)

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The market has fairy lights strewn all around adding to the lovely ambiance, and making sure you’ll take some magical pictures. And we know it can get a little hectic, so here are the top things to check out at Indy Night Market!

From rows of shops selling creative graphic tees and whimsical fashion (not to forget the street eats), to bars, cafes and live performances too.

First up, stock up on clothes, accessories and more

1. Instagram is going to drool all over you – Ladies Streetwear

Everything from Off-White inspired shorts to Sretsis-style outfits, this is the reason why girls LOVE Bangkok. Look at the outfit with the palm trees, the shorts are velvety glam.

2. Go to bed with cute or sexy – Satin PJs

These satin jammies used to be all the rage and now they are making a comeback! I desperately need to go and get myself a few more..

3. Become a celebrity and up your A game with some sick specs – Eyewear

One budget hack is getting frames from night markets and fitting them with lenses back home. You will save money! And look… Don’t they look familiar?

Photo Via Sofiarichie,Kendall-jenner

4. No ensemble is complete without cool sidekicks – Footwear

From slides (approx. 150 baht) to sneakers, you can also get these really awesome (or weird) fish slippers. They are so out of this world!!

For those who play safe with fashion, you can pick these versatile sandals up!

5. Jazz it up with a keychain or a slick wallet – Leather Goods

There’s always someone on the lookout for leather goods, and there’s no shortage of that at Indy!

6. Rain or shine, there’s something for every weather – Hats & Beanies

If it’s hot, put on a wide brimmed hat and go all posh. When it’s raining, you can go edgy with the beanies 😉

7. Light it up with Elsa while getting cuddled by a bear – Childwear

One for the kids, I’m so jealous I didn’t have a cool night-light when I was a kid. Check out that Elsa! (If you’re getting one for yourself… We promise we won’t tell.)

8. Before you say aiya ‘I’m a boy, shop for what!’ – For The Boys

There’s always something for everyone! Grab a denim overshirt and pretend you’re a Ralph Lauren model or accessorise like a kpop star! But here’s something you’ll also like…

9. We promise you it’s gonna get graphic – Graphic Tees

Aside from the super soft tshirts that Bangkok is famous for, their graphic tees are always on point! My personal fave is that Charlie Chaplin Panda!!

You can also get one of these totes to put all your shopping in because it’s got great quality, space and to top it off: A VALUE BUY.

Now that we’re done filling our luggages, it’s time to get crafty!

10. Get a grooming from the barbers shop or a permanent souvenir – Tattoos and Haircuts

While we can’t guarantee the hygiene level of the tattoo parlour, if you’re up for it… You know it’s there if you’re up for  a spontaneous holiday tatt. And while most markets have one gentlemen barber shop, this one has two.

11. Pimp yourself out with some modifications – Beautification

There’s this odd little stall we can’t make head nor tail of – check out the little dental shop we spotted! Is it for actual braces, fake braces or accessories for braces? If anyone has any idea, sound off in the comments!

But here’s what we do know, hair braiding with colorful extensions. Usually found at tropical beach destinations, this beauty treat has made its way to Indy. And you can get gelish manicures from just 250 baht too!

12. Pick up a souvenir for your friends and furbuddies – Weird Stuff

Seriously, we’ve never seen anything like it. Individual treats for your doggo friends! And look at that salted fish pillow. Just when you think things can’t get any weirder… And how about those fortune charm bracelets? (Psst: They are not the cheapest.)

On to the main event: FOOD!!! Get ready to stuff yourself silly~

13. Throw it waaay back with these snacks – Throwback Snacks

There are certain candies and crisps that will bring people back to their childhood, and you’re looking at them. My personal fave is the pink flakes in a tube- see if you can spot them!

14. All the local favourites in one place – Local Snacks

Of course you’re going to see some edible insects in Bangkok, but you also shouldn’t miss their skewers and traditional Thai pancakes.

15. What’s bouncy and goes in your mouth? #sorrynotsorry – Deep Fried Cheese Balls and more

You’ll find all kinds of delicious round things. Deep fried cheese balls, and what looks like a Taiwanese favourite: sweet potato balls! Sometimes they are cute, like those baos (buns)! Aren’t they just adorable?

Photo Via Beaulaswanepoel

16. For the cheeky ones, choose up to 3 flavors – Phallic Waffles

At the risk of sounding too risqué, these phallic waffles give new meaning to “eat a dick”. >.< Taking the world by storm, you can pose with it or eat it.

17. Grill it or dunk it in tomyam, reward yourself with a proper meal – Mookata

For something a little more filling, enjoy a local mookata (which is basically Thai steamboat + grill) with your buddies!

18. Everyone’s favorite diet is the “see food” diet – Fresh Sea Food!

If you’re lazy like me and hate getting your fingers dirty, you can go for the de-shelled ones! Chuck what you want in a shot glass and hand it to them. Fingers? Clean!

Photo Via Jutatiphtk

19. Eeee what’s this? – Special Snacks

First, we have a salad wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper for the health conscious. Then there’s dessert fit for a king! Seriously, they used to be made exclusively for royalty. And you’re gonna love this: pork cubes with melted cheese and super long sausages!

Photo Via Kananun_darkpk

PS: There’s also this cute man who sells dried cuttlefish on his bike and you get to see how he makes it. FYI, those chocolate things are actual chocolates, not soap like we initially thought xD

20. Cheesy it up with a pizza cone and cheese fries – Western Snacks

Such a gluttonous meal but we love it! Who’d have thought of a pizza cone? Ingenious.

We could go on and on about this amazing place with its multitude of stalls. You must check it out for yourself, and don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us!

Photo Via Tripcanvas

Indy Night Market Dao Khanong

Price/Entrance fees: From USD $0.70 / approx. 25 Baht (for bites), standard night market prices apply!
Address: Thanon Suk Sawat, Khwaeng Chom Thong, Dao Khanong, Thonburi. (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Use a taxi!
Contact: +66 80 999 8872
Opening hours: Daily from 4pm to 12am (I’d recommend heading down between 5-6!)

All other images not credited commissioned by TripCanvas

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