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The first thing you’ll notice about Talad Neon is how picturesque it can be with the twinkling light installations and rows upon a rows of colourful tents.

This might not be Artbox, but it might even be better. Walk in, and you’ll find yourself in a night market wonderland.

Take your creative instagrammable photos here. They have three ABCs of night market art down to a science?

A: Glorious food

B: Shopping!

C: Fun activities

You’ll find everything from here!

Just like in Taiwan’s night markets which usually include an arcade section where you throw darts at balloons, or other games to win prizes – Talad Neon also has an arcade section which is great for couples on dates, or families with kids to have fun at.

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Read on for everything great about Talad Neon!

A: Food, Food, Glorious Food!

1. Enjoy flaming pork cubes – Meat & Cheese

These reminds us of those famous Taiwan beef cubes! However, do note that only pork is served here, but it’s just as delicious!

2. We all love potatoes – Baked Potatoes

Another famous Taiwan night market food, there are delicious baked potatoes here that’ll make you go yum!

3. Charcoal waffles, anyone? – Twenty1

Impeccably presented, these charcoal waffles are sliced up in a cup with your choice of colourful toppings. Fill free to instagram away!

4. Cheese everything! – Friend Cheese

From the cheesiest toast to cheeeeesy fries, if you love cheese, you gotta stop by this stall!

Photo Via TripCanvas, Matthew.Seah

5. Something Japanese to mix things up – Giant Octopus Takoyaki

Takoyaki balls might not be anything new, but did you know you could get giant octopus takoyaki here?

Photo Via Sendy_Spoon

6. Get your galaxy cocktails here – High Cocktail

Make like a spaceman and indulge in some spaced out cocktails – this is edible glitter just the way we like it!

7. No need for Artbox, here’s that famous lightbulb drink – Hinghoyzaa

Whether it’s green lemonade or blueberry lemonade, you’ll get your refreshing drinks served in a cute lightbulb – the perfect little souvenir to bring back home.

Photo Via Hinghoyzaa

8. Seafood for one and all – Seafood Platter

If you’re the sort who’s on the constant lookout for seafood dishes in night markets, there’s a fantastically huuuge seafood platter available at only USD $11.40 / 390 Baht!

Photo Via Vincentchin86, TripCanvas

9. Looking for a heartier meat dish? –

It’s savoury, huge, and will definitely fill you up. Who doesn’t love tender ribs?

Photo Via Memoir_D.89

10. Drink up jelly shots – Jelly Jello

If you’re the sort who enjoys an alcoholic-infused beverage, jelly jello gives you more for your buck. It’s cute, delicious and hits the spot.

Photo Via Emi.Tsang

11. It’s every hungry shoppers’ favourite – Ohmyclam

Famous for the butter and garlic or cheesy scallops and mussells, you’ve got to try the different seafood here!

Photo Via Mymapitchaya, Leliciia

12. Can’t get enough of this sweet icy dessert? – Bingsu

If you’re feeling a little hot from all that walking, grab one of these Bingsus to slurp on while on the go. It’s instagrammable and will add some cheer to your Talad Neon exploration.

13. Whether you’re the doctor, nurse or the patient… – Bloody Drink

One can’t get enough of these fun themed drinks. Whether you need a blood infusion or a shot of sweet jelly, these fun drinks and desserts will make for some good photos too!

14. It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones back home – Creative Chocolate

The chocolates here are nothing short of a culinary work of night market art. It’s pretty unique and we haven’t seen anything like these around at other night markets!

B: Nothing better than Shopping

15. The cuddliest, quirkiest things to take home – Customisable Plushies

These make surprisingly good gifts and great souvenirs too. Choose your quirky plushy and customise them with your name, or names of friends and family. (We personally love our plushies :D)

Photo Via Justinkun

16. Yasssssss, who doesn’t love custom phone cases? – Customisable Phone Cases

Did you know you could customise phone cases here? We didn’t either. #YASSSSSS

Photo Via Mabeledam

17. No worries girls, we’ve got you covered – Fashion Shopping

The shopping here is not too bad with cute pieces like these!

Photo Via Nayou_5588

18. Quality canvas bags, perfect for every fashionable traveller – Bags

One thing about travelling is that sometimes, you really just need a good quality bag that can hold your things while still looking good. These bags are a great option for this, and to bring back home too.

19. Choose your favourite and make it y.o.u.r.s – Customisable Laptop Bags

Our friend got a custom laptop bag here and loves it so much, she’s never seen without it. Apart from custom laptop bags, there are cute shoulder bags available too!

20. Collectibles worth their weight in night market gold – Anime/Cartoon Figurines

Surprisingly enough, we found this stall selling anime/cartoon collectibles here. Guess what? Any lovers of One Piece, SwordArt Online or more here? The seller imports some of these figurines directly from Japan, so you know they’re the real deal. (Of course, make sure to ask and confirm before you purchase.)

21. One for the men, enjoy a barbershop treat – Barbershop

We’ve heard that some of you guys enjoy getting a barber experience while overseas. It’s a bit like a treat for you, and Talad Neon has this too.

C: It’s Fun, Fun, FUN Time

22. Have a date, a double date or a family date – Arcade Section

Just like in Taiwan, there’s a great arcade section at Talad Neon unlike most night markets around Bangkok where couples or families can have fun together.

23. Have a romantic ride, while the kids have fun on the carousel – Ferris Wheel and Carousel

No need to go all the way to Asiatique for a romantic movie-worthy ferris wheel ride. You have it right here at Talad Neon! And if you’ve brought kids along, they just might love the carousel ride too.

24. Have a rooftop massage with a view of colourful tents and twinkling lights – Terrace Massage Bar

Need a break from all that walking, shopping, eating and all around fun? Have a breather and lay back on this rooftop terrace massage bar. Your aching feet will be soothed as you enjoy the sights from above.

25. You’ll get to enjoy live music – Live Bands

Sometimes, a little background music really makes the mood extra special. At Talad Neon, live bands come to play and serenade you for the night every now and then, giving you background music to accompany your Talad Neon adventure.

Photo Via Themobsthailand

26. One for the kids – Bouncing Castle

Honesty, parents, if you need a little break from the kids, how about letting them have a go on the bouncing castle? You’ll get a little respite without having to worry about them, since they’re busy having fun! #nomommyguilthere

27. There are also great events to look out for at Talad Neon – Mini Zoo Exhibition

Did you know that Talad Neon hosts events every now and then? One of the more fun events held lately, has been the mini zoo exhibition! Get to pose with snakes, hedgehogs, mini pigs, horses, bunnies, baby goats, sheep and so much more.

Photo Via Lengyein, Issey_Miyake, Cheongcj, Carolineelisaaa

Editor’s Note: If you manage to catch the mini zoo exhibition, we would advise travellers to have fun checking out the animals – but do avoid feeding the animals (bunnies especially), as they might run the risk of overfeeding which can be potentially dangerous.

Talad Neon Night Market

Price: From USD $1 / approx. 35 Baht
Address: 1087 ถนน เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand. Coordinate here
Nearest station: Chit Lom BTS
Contact: 063 230 1555, 063 197 2515
Opening hours: Wed-Sun, 4pm to 12midnight


There you have it. Talad Neon offers a well-rounded night market experience filled with plenty of delicious food, shopping and fun.

No need to look out for Artbox, Talad Neon is the place to be!

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