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Welcome to the capital of Thailand! Apart from serene temples (or ‘wat’, as locals say it) and unimaginably crazy nightlife – what else would you consider as the best thing in Bangkok?

Yes, street food!

Regardless of the type of traveller you are, backpacker or poshpacker, solo or group-traveler – street food is an essential part of one’s experience while traveling.

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It is one of the most tangible artifacts of a culture, and it’s possibly the easiest way to dive into a different culture.

Paul Prudhomme an American chef once said, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”.

Yes, that’s true, and that’s why we are compiling this great list of 10 places to get the best (Instagrammable) street food experience in Bangkok!

5 Essential Tips for Street Food Adventure in Bangkok (Click to expand!)

a. Explore, Explore, Explore. This list is just a very tiny piece of Bangkok’s street food spots. Treat this article as a sort of guide or compass – but don’t’ let it limit your culinary adventure. Explore more by yourself!

b. Cleanliness. You can’t expect Michelin standards when it comes to street food, but you always can set your minimum standard of hygiene. Make the decision using your common sense. Check the condiment tray, if it’s clean then the food should be okay to eat.

Take a look at the dishes, if they put dirty plates or utensils on the sidewalk next to the stove, then better to find something else. Are there many flies perching on the food displayed? You know what it means.

c. A lot of customers? At one point you will see many identical sellers offering the same food. If you’re unsure about which one to choose, just go to the one with more customers. It roughly means it’s the best among them (in terms of popularity, quality, hygiene, or sometimes price).

d. Wash your hands and clean the utensils. We aren’t trying to sound too much like your mom, but it’s the rule of thumb if you’re going to eat at a street stall. You can use baby wipes, hand sanitiser, or whatever as long as it cleans your hand. Beware that the thing that makes you sick may come from the food, or your own hands!

e. Still feeling unsure? Don’t buy it. Trust your guts. Don’t let your precious travelling moments be ruined by potentially disastrous incidents that could be prevented.

f. Remember to bring medication, just in case! We’ve heard of one too many cases of food poisoning while travelling – and it’s important to always have charcoal and diarrhea pills on hand! #damagecontrol

1. A slightly different night market from the usual ones – Talad Neon Downtown Night Market

When in Bangkok, you simply can’t miss the night markets! Talad Neon Downtown Night Market is one of the newest kids on the block!

Adopting a concept that’s completely different from the typical traditional night market – it’s a night market with a modern touch. You will see shops and food stalls, but they’re much cleaner and more organised than the usual night market (look at the rainbow alignment of the tents!).

There are also some containers converted into food trucks, which is where you can find your photogenic food and drinks!

#1: Cheeeesy Nachos! Yes we know it’s an authentic Thai food per se. But that’s not a problem at all, since this crazy cheesy nachos is unbearably delicious!

Photo Via Taladneon

#2: Need to get hydrated while exploring Talad Neon or feel thirsty after tasting the delicious meals? Jelly Jello will rejuvenate you instantly. (Better yet for those who want to get their drank on, Jelly Jello offers vodka shots with their jelly drinks too. :P)

Photo Via Weeli_toh,-Namduangkamol,-A_bank_so

#3: Need a spot to sit down and enjoy the colorful atmosphere while having your dinner and snacks? Visit Pig Me Café, a pig-themed café (great for gluttons like us X.X) – look at that cute pig burger!

Photo Via Mysticalgal04,-Pookpikka

#4: Get your fill of Galaxy Cocktails here – a glittering, swirling magical drink for anyone who’s a fan of glittery drinks!

#5: Get that instagram-worthy shot of flame-grilled pork cubes and grilled cheese sandwich here. It’s fun to watch how they prepare this dish, it’s delicious too! (Very similar to Taiwan’s popular flame-grilled beef cubes!)

#6: Fancy yourself a vampire? Get your dose of ‘blood’ via syringe injections or a blood bag at the Bloody Drink store. (It’s a sweet tasty treat that comes in jelly or drink!)

This place is perfect for those who prefer to browse the night market comfortably, and walk without bumping into other people in the narrow alley. Great place to hangout, very organised, yet still an enjoyable place to find street food!

Photo Via Rinacxxi,-Cltham,-Adwyh.rz

PS: Don’t forget to get a rooftop massage at the corner of Talad Neon near the bars!

Talad Neon Downtown Night Market

Price: From USD $4.30 / 150 Baht
Address: Petchaburi Road, Pratunam (next to The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam)
Contact: +66 2 121 8000
Opening hours: Thurs- Sun, 5pm to midnight


2. Have a super good Thai Crepe or a Minion macaroon ice cream! – Siam Square

Siam Square is known to be great for shopping. From its sois (or lane) filled with rows and rows of shop featuring everything from the usual clothes to mid-range fashion, and even a custom selvedge jeans shop.

Photo Via Crepesanchatthai

There are some delicious food to be found here too and one of them can be found at Crepe San Chat Thai – which makes a meean crepe.

Photo Via Crepesanchatthai

With various type of crepes, from soft to crispy ones, coupled with the array of flavours and toppings offered – you must, must, MUST try this.

The best crepes available? Try the Pizza Ham Cheese (for those who love savoury flavours), or Nutella Banana for those with a super sweet tooth! You can also make your own crepe here!

If you’re hankering for more sweet delights, we stumbled on this cute macaroon ice cream store. Featuring characters from movies such as the minions from Despicable Me, aliens from Toy Story, Elmo from Sesame Street and more – this makes an extremely cute (and delicious) photo op!

Crepe San Chat Thai

Address: Ari Soi 1, Phaholyothin Road; Siam Square Soi 9 (next to Seefah Restaurant) (Nearest station: Ari BTS Station)
Contact: +66 818 242477
Opening hours: Daily from 12pm to 8.30pm

Bonca Cookie Ice-cream

Address: Siam Square Soi 4, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Contact: 095-505-5818
Opening hours: Daily from 10.30am to 8pm

3. The funky market with even funkier food! – Artbox

There’s another haven for street food lovers not far from Chatuchak Market. The difference is simply the theme. Artbox adopts a more ‘young and creative‘ atmosphere, while Chatuchak Market tends to be more traditional.

Photo Via Jayoheeal

You can easily feel the atmosphere when you’re exploring the market – the street fashion, artwork, handmade souvenirs, and so on. The word ‘funky’ probably describes this place best. And you know what, the street food they have is even funkier!

#1: Artbox has some seriously super special fries! From the giant squid to carbonara fries!

Photo Via Tig3rlilyx

#2: This ‘firefly juice’ (in a light bulb) should satisfy you. And no, this time don’t take the names literally.

Photo Via Enfoodgallery

#3: What’s sweeter than the candy floss? Well, how’s about the ‘cute character candy floss’?

Photo Via Kkns.s

#4: Well, if you’re starving and looking for some serious food, then try this sliced beef steak.

Photo Via Veektoriaa_eats

Trivia: Why this place is called ‘Artbox’? The answer is in the art decorating many shipping containers (read: boxes) that functions as stalls. ‘Art’ and ‘box’ are combined and there you have it!


Price: From USD $4.30 / approx. 150 Baht
Address: Chatuchak (nearest station: Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station)
Opening hours: Fri-Sun, 4pm to 11pm (Do note that Artbox tends to shift locations every now and then. Do make sure to check before heading down!)


4. The smaller and more conveniently located train market most don’t know about! – Ratchada Train Night Market

Bangkok definitely has an abundance of night markets. And of all of them we really love the ‘train night markets’ (or ‘Rod Fai’ in Thai).

Some travellers would argue that Srinakarin Train Night Market is the best since its relatively bigger. Yes, that’s true, but when it comes to food and public transportation access – Ratchada Train Night Market might be your best bet! It’s located close to Bangkok central, and it’s only 5-minute walk from the nearest MRT Station!

Photo Via Ken_zeal

Here you can do what you’re supposed to do in a night market: shopping! From vintage shopping to getting groomed at a gentlemen’s barber, you can get them here. This is also a street food daydream!

There are around three to four lanes of alleys (‘soi’ in Thai) that are filled with incredible food stalls – from local street food to fusion food!

#1: First, let’s grab some seafood! And yes, literally ‘grab’ it with your hands!

Photo Via Ployksd,-Pattyjampa

#2: Watermelon bingsu would be a perfect way to end the day, won’t it? If you prefer having something sweeter, check out this magnificent volcano brownie.

Photo Via Qpjj0927

#3: If you feel your stomach grumbling after a long day out shopping, you can always stuff yourself with Bamijompalung’s (literally “the powerful noodle”) renowned giant noodle bowls, at only 300Baht! What a culinary exploration!

Photo Via Money_looi,-Jellysita

Train Night Market Ratchada

Address: Behind Esplanade Shopping Mall, Ratchadaphisek road (nearest station: Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station)
Opening hours: Thurs-Sun, 5pm to midnight

5. The least touristy spot ever – Lalai Sap Market at Silom

Want to try some street food at the most ‘local’ or ‘least touristy’ place in this list? Visit Lalai Sap Market!

It’s a treasure of a find for travellers – it’s so local, the market is typically filled with locals and workers whose offices are around Silom.

When you think ‘Silom’, some people would suggest visiting Patpong night market. But, if you’re seeking an authentic experience at a place designed for locals and not  tourist – then Lalai Sap Market is the holy grail for you.

Photo Via Seawaan

Just like any typical market in Bangkok, you can find apparels here – but more importantly, there’s good and cheap food too!

#1: Don’t miss the waffles here! Not any regular waffle, but an incredible double-tone waffle with various fillings!

Photo Via Starvingtime

#2: How about this beautiful mung bean rice crepe? See the interesting process of making this tasty snack for yourself!

Photo Via Khun_tuu,-Goeatssleep


You’ll truly get to eat like the locals do at Lalai Sap Market!

Photo Via Nidkanitta,-Annasuii
Photo Via Rungananc,-Eat_oclock

Lalai Sap Market

Price: From USD $2.80 / approx. 100 Baht
Address: Silom Road, Soi 5
Getting there: From Chong Nonsi BTS station, take a quick 6 minute walk towards the Bangkok Bank building. The market is located on its right, at a small soi (or alley)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 10am to 9pm

6. Don’t go here only for shopping, It’s MORE than just a market! – Chatuchak Weekend Market

The most famous market in Bangkok, or even in Thailand! There’s a reason why Chatuchak market is one of the MUST-visit places in Bangkok.

Chatuchak is a shopping market – but it’s also a food galore. The volume of its culinary delights is simply spectacular. It has hundreds of food stalls and shops (almost 400+ accordingly), which gives you virtually infinite options about what to eat.

We honestly can’t cram a comprehensive Chatuchak food review here, so here are 2 of the most iconic ones for starters!

#1: The coconut ice cream is undoubtedly the most iconic street food in Chatuchak. You can’t argue with this, since many travellers come back simply because they crave the delights of this small coconut shell and what it holds. (It’s also really refreshing and perfectly complements every Chatuchak visit!)

#2: If you’re never heard of the famous Choco Banana at Chatuchak, you HAVE to try this. Frozen banana coated in chocolate with the topping of your choice (from chopped almond to rainbow sprinkles), it’s the perfect snack to indulge in that’ll cool you down in the tropical heat! (Tip: Get the Choco Banana from Section 5 of Chatuchak, it’s the best!!)

#3: For a slightly more filling snack, we recommend getting the pan-fried squid eggs. Yes, it’s a little oily and crunchy outside, but it oozes surprisingly rich flavour within!

Photo Via Inessina__

Next time you visit this market, do try to set aside some time to explore the street food scattered around. You can’t visit Chatuchak without tasting some of its street food !

Chatuchak Market

Price: From USD $2.80 / approx. 100 Baht
Address: 587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak,
Getting there: Chatuchak Market is adjacent to the Kamphaeng Pet MRT Station, about 5-minute walk from Mo Chit Skytrain (BTS) Station and Chatuchak Park MRT Station Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand
Contact: +66 2 272 4813
Opening hours: Sat-Sun, 9am to 6pm


7. Instagrammable charcoal ice-cream at everyone’s favourite mall – Demi Concept’s Charcoal Ice Cream, Platinum Mall

This writer has personally only seen two types of food that usess charcoal as its ingredient. First is the traditional coffee known as Kopi Joss’ in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. And the second is this super photogenic ice cream.

Photo Via Nkimtoxic

Just look at that picture. Who can resist not taking photos of it and posting it online?

This charcoal ice cream is sold at a food truck outside shopping haven Platinum Mall. ‘At Demi Concept’, there are several flavours to choose!

Photo Via Artravelovexplore,-Demiconcept

From the original black charcoal to matcha (Japanese green tea) – each flavor has different colours.

PS: While we do not claim to have medical knowledge of charcoal-based food – common sense would say that charcoal is charcoal and will absorb toxins from the body, just like charcoal pills would! (Guess there might not be a need for those charcoal pills after all? JK, charcoal pills are a must when travelling!)

Demi Concept Charcoal Ice Cream

Price: From USD $2.70 / approx. 95 Baht
Address: Outside Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam, Bangkok
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 1pm to 9pm


8. Get legendary Thai snacks like Khanon Buang – Banglamphu Market

Banglamphu district’s most popular spot is undoubtedly Khao San Road.

Photo Via Azure.zoe

But there are many places around the district which are less touristy – and can be a fun exploration for those seeking something more authentic or ‘local’. One of them is Banglamphu Market.

Photo Via Pastale,-Nuaoey

The market is famous among locals for their clothes and food! One of the most famous Thai snacks you should seek is ‘khanom buang’. To make it simple, it’s a kind of Thai coconut pancake/crepe where you get to choose your favourite flavour – while most of the fillings are made from coconut.

Photo Via Eo.jina,-Kanya_kaew

If you’re not a big fan of coconut, make sure to walk around and sample the other street food available!

Banglamphu Market

Address: Phra Sumen Road, in the north of Khao San Road (around 10 minutes by walking)

9. Eat scorpions, worms, grasshoppers and other tantalising critters – Khao San Road

Thailand is a country blessed with exotic dishes. If we have to define the most exotic dish, then ‘roasted insects’ would be the strongest contender.

Photo Via _Ania_ka

Let’s move to the most legendary area for travellers in Bangkok, Khao San Road! This place needs no introduction, so let’s just jump to the food. Here, you can find push-carts with special menus, and even sellers walking right up to you with a pan of freshly roasted scorpions, grasshoppers, crickets, ants, larvae, and more.

Photo Via Mondiska

To be honest, the taste of the insects is not thaaaat bad, and they are a good source of protein (if you’re into this source of nutrition. >.<)

Photo Via Paulovpr,-Hasanah_miss

If you’re not too keen (or honestly quite frightened), you can simply take photos. (Be prepared if the sellers require a small donation for the photos.)

Photo Via Aseptemberchild

The only question left to ask: Are you up for it? (If you do make it there, send us photos! We’d love to see our readers getting in on that action haha)

Khao San Road

Address: Khao San Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Opening hours: starting from the late morning (but more sellers come after 6pm) until midnight or when the food is sold out

What do you think of our recommendations?

If you have more suggestions about what or where to eat, please let us know in the comments section below! We want to hear from you!

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