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Co-written by Shannon Osztonits

Thailand – the Land of Smiles. Just what is it about this place that puts the smiles on people’s faces?

For gluttons like us, it’s got to be the plethora of desserts that you can find here. It’s especially so in Bangkok, where cafes of all themes and sizes make their home.

From the usual mini cakes to zany concoctions that will have you going “whaaaat?”, never let it be said that the Thais are not creative.

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Thankfully, we (and our Instagram feeds) are the biggest beneficiaries of this talent. We’ve trudged through the deep and fascinating world of Bangkok desserts to find those that not only taste sweet, but look just as sweet…

…And you’ll never know them because who shares good stuff with other people?

Ahem. Apparently, we do! Presenting… 19 desserts in Bangkok that are so artsy fartsy, they might turn your tummy into a museum.

1. It’s more than just a ‘foodie’ experience, it’s a story being told – KYO BAR

Consider yourself a foodie? Constantly on the hunt for delicious looking food? Are unusual flavour combinations your thing? This Japanese-inspired dessert bar totally sends tingles in all the right places.

Photo Via Katy_kanokwan, Mudmudmud

Typical to that of a Japanese Kaiseki (set-menu), your ‘3 course meal’ is prepared whilst you watch, and each dish has an explanation.

And trust me, some of these dishes really do need some explaining. Ever eaten charcoal? Bamboo MERINGUE coal that is! Yeah, we got ya!

Photo Via Dukeljonel, Oattch

Kyo is all about adventurous flavours and food, and providing new sensations on the palette; Zen Garden uses strong notes of sesame, charcoal and…cheese.

The plates are full of little fun surprises too. A box of eggs..or is it? And of course, everybody loves a little bit of a show. Be sure to order Sakura to unravel all sorts of Japanese secrets hidden inside the box.

Photo Via Coolheart, Wisanee_h, Dreamxxarisara
Photo Via Vojtechvegh, Ladiinattyz, Eunice_littlekitchen,

Kyo Bar

Price: Desserts from 300 Baht / USD $9
Address: Kyo Bar, G/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 025404555
Opening hours: Daily from 10.30am to 10pm


2. [TEMPORARILY CLOSED] Step inside a world of fantasy and magic – Mocking Tales

Ever wanted to escape into a fictional reality? Where wizards conjure up spells, and knights fight for honour; where mermaids swim below and jumping on a magic carpet is a thing. Believe it or not, we’ve found the closest thing to an alternative reality.

Inspired by Fairy Tales and Classic fiction, this place is the ultimate fantasy-lover’s dream. Themed in a medieval / mid-century castle vibe, the decor is so on-point – think walls lined with magical potions.

Photo Via Golfhit, Phanidasomo

Now, let’s talk real business here, let’s talk dessert. So the concept is based on an ever-changing theme, with a menu change every four months.

First try has to be Inferno Mountain, from Lord of The Rings: A melting chocolate volcano (it starts to melt as you flame up orange liqueur). Inside you’ll find ice-cream, brownies, raspberry sauce and some rice crispie treats.

Photo Via Nickysudteerak Kelvinchengphotography

We all know what happened to Snow White when she bit the poison apple… luckily for you, this one’s got a sweet ending. A baked cinnamon apple, with apple sorbet, caramel and a crumble. Throw in liquid nitrogen, just for the theatrics.

Photo Via Pangjeedz, Locolifestyle, Onedaywithoutkitchen,Pond_dnop

And they all lived happily ever after.

Mocking Tales

Price: From 100 Baht / USD $3
Address: The Maze ทองหล่อ 148 ซ.ทองหล่อ 4 ถนนสุขุมวิท 55 คลองตันเหนือ วัฒนา Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 83 386 6992
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 1am


3. Funky, spunky, weird and wonderful…ice-cream – Icedea

Conceptual, crazy, artisanal, what more could we ask for in a dessert? The idea behind Icedea is to create a new experience by deceiving the eye and taste buds at  first glance. The aim here is at making ice-cream…that doesn’t look like ice-cream at all! Say whatttt.

Photo Via Mildnatt

What seems to look like a delicious savoury dish, is quite the opposite. Steak & Fries anyone?

The steak is actually a brownie, drizzled in chocolate sauce to give it that authentic flame-grilled sizzle – and caramelised bananas cleverly disguise themselves as fries… all finished with a sweet parmesan toast and dollop of sour (sweet) cream.

Photo Via Mathailande

If you’re not in the mood for red meat, why not try something lighter like the all-famous Japanese Tonkatsu plate. Fooled yet?

Feeling tutti frutti? Ice-cream is replicated to look like popular Thai fruits such as durian and mangosteen. They’re a work of fine, creamy art.

Photo Via SARANYU-NOKKAEW, Paronlozer, Chaiyojoseph, Pari_wat17
Photo Via Fern4friend, Ohwiwi

PS: They do have an array of gelato flavours, some classics, and if savoury is your thing, these wonderful combinations are for you; mushroom, wasabi, tofu or sesame anyone?


Price: From 100 Baht / approx. USD $3
Address: 4rd Fl. Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. 939 Rama1 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66-89-834-5950
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 7pm


4. Biggest ice cream in Thailand – Mo & Moshi

If you’re a glutton, or you can never stop eating ice cream, drop whatever you are doing right now and head to Mo & Moshi.

Mo & Moshi is a Japanese-style cafe that specialises in homemade soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. But, there’s a catch.

Photo via Giftzyisme, Poonvora, Nattarika3008

Can you stomach a cup (if you can even call that a cup) of ice cream this big? Even if you’re here with your friends, we think it’ll probably take a team of gluttons to finish this much ice cream.

Photo via Llookgate

Decadent picks include the Strawberry Supreme, a fishbowl (that’s what it looks like) stuffed with ice cream, strawberries, waffles, whipped cream and enough pocky sticks to make you not want to eat pocky ever again.

If you’re up for a bigger challenge, get this monster of a parfait with cereal, fruits, ice cream, and more ice cream stuffed into cones and perched on top of the “cup”.

Photo via Moandmoshi

Although eating this might seriously cause you to swear off ice cream for a long long time, the chance to shock your Instagram followers might just be worth it.

Mo & Moshi

Price: 101Baht – 250Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $7.15)
Address: 979 Siam Center Building, 4th floor, Rama1 Road Prathumwan
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm
Contact: +66 2 252 2688


5. Help get rid of global warming – Mix Restaurant and Bar

Well, you can’t really get rid of environmental problems by eating it, but you can raise awareness for the issue through a dessert.

Or rather, through this ingenious confection by Mix Restaurant and Bar, aptly named Global Warming.

Liquid fire is poured onto a green chocolate dome with flowers laid on it. You watch as they slowly melt away due to the heat… in a show of what global warming is doing to the earth and the natural environment.


Thankfully, the melted chocolate dome doesn’t bring across any serious consequences. Instead, you’ll be delighted to find a secret dessert hidden in the depths of its ruins.

12-2 via kriteta
Photo via kriteta

A delicious and pretty dessert that also reminds people to care for the Earth? We think this deserves a permanent pinned spot on our feeds.


But, let’s not forget the restaurant’s many other insta-worthy desserts, each more special than the last. Join us as we drool at the durian sticky rice and pineapple sorbet vodka bomb – here’s a tissue.

Photo via Oreomacchiato

Mix Restaurant and Bar

Price: 109 Baht – 350 Baht (USD $3.10 – USD $10)
Address: 5 Fl. Terminal21 sukhumvit rd Bangkok Thailand Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Contact: +66 2 254 0799


(Now closed) 6. Un-bear-able cuteness – Hungry Bear Pancake

If you find yourself with a bear-y strong craving for dessert one day, Hungry Bear Pancake might be the place to go.

This unbelievably cute cafe in Central Ladprao has its logo, a smiley bear holding a stack of pancakes, stamped on all its pancakes. You can even order some bear-shaped pancakes, but we wonder if you’d bear to eat them (pun not intended) with all the stuffed bears in the cafe watching you.

Photo via Mintjiranan

The pancakes come in a variety of flavours as well. From the original cotton pancakes and chocolate pancakes to smores pancakes and even pancakes with ice cream, you’ll never run out of options.

Photo via Noirny4, Plyummy, Conancnt

If their menu doesn’t satisfy you, you can even opt to make your own unique bear with DIY toppings. Do you have the confidence to defeat all your friends and create the next (and probably first) Miss Bear Universe?
Photo via Go.Do.Eat

Hungry Bear Pancake at Central Ladprao

Price: 101 Baht – 250 Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $7.15)
Address: 4th Floor Central Ladprao, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Contact: +66 89 134 4466


7. Cute dessert with a seal of approval – Sirotan Cafe

The popular baby seal from Japan, Sirotan, has come to set up shop in Bangkok.

In typical Japanese fashion, this quaint cafe is decked out in Muji-style wooden furniture and simplistic decor. The many Sirotan faces plastered all against the glass wall are so cute, you might even find yourself wanting to bring one home (and you can!).

Photo via Dr.Zelebritae

But if you think those are the cutest things you can find in Sirotan’s humble abode, then you’re wrong. Don’t be surprised to find fluffy toasts with Sirotan’s smiley face stamped upon them, and even Sirotan cookies with colourful sprinkles dusted all over.

Photo via Sirotan Cafe

Chocolate lovers, you can even try out the decadent Belgium Chocolate Fondue Set! These come complete with tiny cutlery-shaped cookies, mini fruit kebabs, heart-shaped marshmallows and a smoking cup of TWG tea. The fondue, too, comes with a little chocolate Sirotan for that extra cuteness buff.

Photo via Mercury Ville

This seal sure knows where its strengths lie in!

Sirotan Cafe

Price: 101 Baht – 500 Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $14.30)
Address: The Mercury Ville, Chidlom, Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm
Contact: +66 2 658 5895


8. Indulge in an ice cream hot pot – Itim Morefire Yotse

Or rather, icy pot. Itim Morefire Yotse gives “hot pot” a whole new meaning with its ice cream-filled hot pots.

You’ll get your ice cream in this unique presentation when you order six scoops or more of the ice cream stall’s numerous quirky (and sometimes weird) ice cream flavours.

Photo via khomusani

Think redbull-vodka, yakult jelly, and even lychee and soju. Some of this we don’t think we’ll ever be brave enough to try.

But if you are game, you’ll get to enjoy your ice cream with dry ice drifting out of the pot, just like what a real hot pot will look like. It’s probably worth it just for the photo opportunity, but the ice cream tastes great too, so why not?

Photo via Numonchan, Bmmpanjasewee

If you’re having hot pot for your reunion dinner this year, why not gather your relatives after and head for a second round?

Itim Morefire Yotse

Price: From 30 Baht per scoop (USD $0.90)
Address: Soi Yotse, Krungkasem Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 4pm – 11pm
Contact: +66 86 896 1514


9. The salted egg craze rages on – C.O.D.E. (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts)

And the salted egg yolks continue to exert their manic holds over our hearts – and stomachs – over at C.O.D.E. (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts).

Photo via Code Dessert

This cafe has impressed with their incredibly drool-inducing Salted Egg Lava Thick Toast, but are taking it up a notch with their new Salted Egg Yolk Croissants.


If you never liked croissants, this moist and crispy creation, paired with oooozing salted egg lava, is probably going to change your life.

And salted egg lava isn’t even the only wacky choice you’ve got. The cafe also offers croissants filled with earl grey tea and Thailand tea lava!!! Other innovative desserts also include Thai iced tea bingsu, and a two-toned lava toast.

Photo via I_ve, Pattarinya.b,, Llookchinn

We lava it, and we think you will too.

C.O.D.E. (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts)

Price: 90 Baht – 225 Baht (USD $2.60 – USD $6.40)
Address: The Jas Ramintra, Ladplakhao Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Monday to Friday), 10am – 10pm (Weekends)
Contact: +66 2 041 0260


10. Drinks for the kid in you  – Barstow

Cocktails come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but when it comes to being unique, Barstow goes all out.

The kid in you will love the striking colours of their signature cocktails, especially the fascinating Happy Two Tone drink, which comes in two colours.

Photo via Pream__Pimpilai, Krongthong_r

Some special cocktails even come with syringes and a bird (a fake one, of course). Jellies are arranged into a mini ice cream cone and placed on top of your drink – how fun!

Photo via Luk_Kadzz

But, the most shocking and satisfying item on the menu would have to be the signature Vodka Jelly.

Yes, you read that right – the favourite kiddy sweet has entered the adult world, and it’s no less delicious.

The jelly comes in a bright red hue, surrounded by orange slices; it’s a fun and happy image that probably won’t even remind you of alcohol… so don’t get too shocked when the vodka starts to burn!

Photo via Te_Nuttee

It’s also the perfect cover if you’ve got someone who disapproves of drinking tagging along. What? I’m just eating jelly.


Price: Cocktails from 150 Baht – 159 Baht (USD $4.30 – USD $4.50)
Address: Talad Rot Fai 3, Kaset Nawamin Road, Nawamin, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Opening hours: 6pm – 2am (Thursday to Sunday)
Contact: +66 89 900 9558


11.  Run into a candyfloss explosion – ONCE Social Bar & Cafe

While you would probably run away from an explosion anywhere else, you run towards the danger at ONCE Social Bar & Cafe. Because if there’s anything this explosion is going to hurt, it’s just going to be your diet.

Featuring a gigantic candy floss ice cream perched on top of what can only be the most calorie-packed drink ever (there’s even whipped cream), ONCE’s Explosion truly is one of epic proportions.

Photo via Oncecafe-Lypnaa

Choose between chocolate, milkshakes, or lemonade – or you could give up and just have them all.

And as if that’s not enough to give your determination to lose weight a quick death, other yummies like the egglet tower are in existence.

Two fluffy layers of egglets sandwiching three large scoops of ice cream, and topped off by a generous whipped cream tower. How could you possibly resist that?

Photo via Maidara24

One thing’s for sure – you’re definitely not coming here just once.

ONCE Social Bar & Cafe

Price: 100 Baht – 300 Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $8.60)
Address: 74/3 Ekkamai 6, Sukhumvit 63, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Opening hours: 4pm – 12:30pm
Contact: +66 83 675 6767


12. Eat sand from a bucket (seriously) – Jaiyen Cafe

We never thought we’d find edible dirt anywhere, but inexplicably, Jaiyen Cafe is one place in Bangkok that serves sand in a bucket as dessert.

Just kidding… almost. This simple Japanese-style cafe does serve sand in a bucket, and even soil in a pot, but things are not as they seem.

Photo via Cafeseries-Nontira-Explodingbelly

The “sand” is actually a cookie, and even the duck and seahorses are completely edible! This bucket is actually an ice cream bucket covered with a jelly “sea”.

Similarly, the flower pot also disguises ice cream with chocolate and gummy worms. So fear not –  you can dig into the “soil” and not have to worry about being seen as a weirdo and getting an upset stomach.

Photo via Jaiyen-Cafe

We’re sure the little ones will love this extremely creative way of eating ice cream. You can even sign up for the cafe’s workshops to make your very own artsy fartsy ice cream!

Jaiyen Cafe

Price: 101 Baht – 250 Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $7.15)
Address: Civic Park 60, Thonglor 13, Sukhumvit 55, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm
Contact: +66 98 251 6485


13. Melting your worries away – Matcha Ten

The trend of melting desserts seems to be catching on everywhere. If you’re one of us, meaning, if you like to destroy things too, then you’ll love this cool (literally) take to the melting fad.

Matcha Ten is a Japanese-style dessert cafe yet again (not owned by Ben 10), but it offers a homey atmosphere not unlike that of Muji. Here’s where their popular Ice Fudge Lava is made.

Photo via Ginlaewfin, Ladykonkrua, Bkkmenu

Wait – ice and hot fudge? Huh?

Although these two things don’t seem to go together at all, Matcha Ten combines them to make a dessert that’s both a fun experience and pretty sight to watch.

Photo via Ploys.ei-Mminemnt

A tiny cup with vanilla ice cream, brownies, cookies and marshmallow inside is covered with chocolate. You’ll get your own test tube of hot fudge, which you can pour over the chocolate cap and watch as it dips and slowly melts into the ice cream below.

Unlike most other places, where staff will take care of the melting for you, you get to be the destroyer at Matcha Ten.

In a bad mood and need some ice cream therapy? Let your worries melt away and your tummy get sated with this unique confection.

Matcha Ten

Price: Ice Fudge Lava at 175 Baht (USD $5)
Address: 66 Sathon 6 (Pipat), Sathorn-Nua Rd., Bangkok
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm
Contact: +66 2 632 2669


14. Reinventing shaved ice – After You Dessert Cafe

Shaved ice is no longer a novelty all around the world. In fact, we’d say that we’re starting to get sick of the same milky, snowy white ice that we see marketed almost everywhere.

Photo via Fah_Sornsawan

But we’re fans of innovation, and who could hate on After You Dessert Cafe’s Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori when it marries shaved ice and Mango Sticky Rice into the best combination ever?

Photo via Aounzaaa

Fluffy ice is paired with a heavy dose of coconut cream, along  with sweet mango cubes sprinkled on.

While you’re enjoying the fruity taste, you’ll find a small surprise hidden within the mountain of ice. That’s right – there’s even real mango sticky rice hidden within the ice!

This dish isn’t going to be around forever, so it’s time to pack your running shoes and make a beeline for After You if you don’t want to miss out on it.


If you do find that it’s gone when you’re there, don’t be too disappointed, because the cafe has plenty of equally pretty desserts that taste jaw-droppingly good as well.

Don’t forget to try out (and take pictures of) one of their famous Shibuya Toasts, or the gorgeously red Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori!

After You Dessert Cafe

Price: 101 Baht – 500 Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $14.30)
Address: G, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, 991 ถนน พระราม 1 Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Opening hours: 10am – 10:30pm
Contact: +66 2 610 7659


15. Get down to some monkey business – Paul Frank Café

We know Paul Frank specialises in fashion, but if we may be frank, his desserts deserve a spot on the runway as well.

 Paul Frank’s signature monkey mascot takes the centre stage at Central Pinklao’s Paul Frank Cafe. You’ll find the quirky cartoon monkey on the walls, plush monkeys on the seats, monkey figurines standing around…

Photo via Ammy Sirikarnn

And even waffles shaped like the face of a monkey! If you’ve ever been attacked or gotten your things snatched by a monkey, now’s your chance to relieve that hatred.

Bite into a selection of savoury chocolate, green tea, and red velvet waffles, as well as a classic-flavoured one. You can even order the Fruit Load Waffle – give your monkey kiwi eyes and fill its mouth with jam!

Photo via Andreas Julianto – Oopalpawws-kanom_Piakpoon

Of course, waffles aren’t your only choice here. Try out the smoking (literally) Choco Strawberry Brownie and Red Velvet Pancake, or sip at a Hot White Chocolate. Or, you could also sit around and cuddle with the life-sized monkey plush.

Paul Frank Café at Central Pinklao

Price: 101 Baht – 250 Baht (USD $2.90 – USD $7.15)
Address: 2nd Floor Zeenzone, Central Pinklao, 38 Charansanitwong, Khwaeng Arun Amarin, Khet Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700
Opening hours: 10:30am – 7:30pm
Contact: +66 2 954 6400


16. When ice cream becomes fast food – Stick House

At Stick House, gelato becomes a work of art.

From quirky Minion gelatos to mummies and even fusion-flavoured ones, you definitely won’t be walking away with a plain ol’ popsicle in your mouth.

Photo via Tyanaraaa

But what’s unique when you can be one-of-a-kind?

Stick House is sticking it to their competitors with the Ice Cream Pizza (only at the Siam Paragon outlet).

Photo via Erica Leonardo07, Bella Monn

Yes, this is a legit pizza made out of vanilla sponge cake and five milk gelatos on sticks. Raspberry sauce replaces tomato sauce, and pineapples are even served up as french fries to make this “fast food meal” complete.

Looks like we’ve found the healthier alternative to Pizza Hut.

Photo via adk.5

We don’t know about you, but this gelato definitely has got a pizza (*ahem* a piece of) our heart.

Stick House

Price: 650 Baht for 5 sticks (USD $18.60)
Address: 4th Floor Terminal 21 // 1st Floor Tha Maharaj // 1st Floor Platinum Mall // G Floor ICONSIAM
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Contact: 02-610-7682


17. You and the Giant Cherry – Patisserie Rosie

If you were ever a little kid holding your Roald Dahl book and wishing you had a giant peach like James, here’s your chance.

Patisserie Rosie’s Cherry Ripe cake takes form in the shape of a cherry, and even has the glossiness of the fruit to match. Okay, so it’s not really that big, but in cherry terms, we think this is pretty gigantic enough.

There won’t be any secret rooms in this cherry, but when you pop it open, you’ll find it filled with yummy cherry mousse and dark chocolate ganache, topped off with a chewy outer layer.

Photo via Roots1992an, Jolli316

And this sure isn’t the only gorgeous dessert that you’ll find at Patisserie Rosie. This French cafe offers various tarts and cakes that are nothing if not beautiful.

Photo via Yukaaa_s

Check out the apple-shaped Apple Mousse Tart, as well as the Light Chocolate Tart – apparently, desserts can look elegant as well.

Photo via jolli316, Feve703, Laugheat

But you definitely won’t just be snapping away at these lovely cakes! After all, with such gorgeous vintage vibes surrounding you, how could you miss out on some “act cool” shots?

Patisserie Rosie

Price: 301Baht – 500Baht (USD $8.60 – USD $14.30) per pax
Address: 113/2 Thonglo 10, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok
Opening hours: 12pm – 9:30pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: +66 92 542 9900


One last word of advice before you start emptying your piggy banks – remember to charge up your cameras before you head for these cafes!

Are there any more drop-dead gorgeous desserts in Bangkok that we’ve missed out? Are you the next dessert hotshot we’re looking for? Send a close-up and full body shot to [email protected].

Just kidding – let us know in the comments below!

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