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“Humans have 2 stomachs – one for food, and the other for desserts,” says my best friend. If you’re anything like her, you’ll probably be looking for desserts after your meal. So instead of eating sweets you can find back home, why not get something only available on the streets of Bangkok?

Not only will this make your trip uniquely Thai, you’ll also create unforgettable memories! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

For your convenience, we’ve compiled 14 must-try Thai street food desserts under 60 baht – everything from iced to grilled sweets – ALL located in the Pratunam area.

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1. I can eat this everyday… – Nam Khaeng Sai (น้ำแข็งไส)

Thailand is so hot that you probably perspire as soon as you step out the door. That’s probably the reason why this country has so many iced desserts, such as Nam Khaeng Sai.

What I love best about this dish is that you can combine your favourite toppings in one bowl and it’ll always taste amazing. You can even make it healthier by having fruits and grass jelly instead.

Photo Via Phaitoon.polyeam, Ijojoez, Pemikatragul, Wannabhornpk

Although this dish melts quite fast (Thailand is that hot), don’t eat it too fast or you might get brain freeze. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

2. Goodness comes in small bites – Kanom Krok Bai Toey (ขนมครกใบเตย)

That’s what best describes this green snack. It’s green and chewy like the centre of a Kue Ape (an Indonesian snack from Jakarta). It’s also fragrant, attributed to the pandan leaves used Hence, you’ll often see people lining up for this snack. The taste isn’t too sweet – perfect for people who prefer less sweet dessert – and small enough that you can eat each one in one bite.

Photo Via Redseo, 18.jul, Nowa_jqjq, Eatwithpanida

3. Soft yet crunchy coconut snack – Kanom Khrok (ขนมครก)

Gosh… How my dad LOVES this snack. And I must admit, it’s a favourite amongst my friends too because of its sweet taste, soft texture on the inside and crunchy texture on the outside.

It’s usually made with different toppings, such as green onion and taro, although my favourite is jackfruit. Depending on the toppings you choose, you’ll find your Kanom Khrok either more savoury or sweet, so choose wisely. 😉

Photo Via Grace Oktaviani, Tualektualekna, Jubjang.kb_

4. It’s a dessert taco! – Khanom Bueang (ขนมเบื้อง)

Or at least that’s how it looks because of its folded appearance. But taste-wise, it’s nothing like tacos. The white cream in the middle is sweet and chewy, which is why you’ll find your teeth and lips full of this cream after a bite.

The crunchiness of the crepe skin complements so well with the softness of the cream too, making this small snack quite addictive for sweet lovers. And with the Bua Loi or coconut topping, you’ll find yourself reaching out for more!

Photo Via Yesaroi, Grace Oktaviani, Myfunfoodiary

Tip: If you don’t like your sweets to be too sweet, ask them to reduce the amount of cream.

5. For coconut lovers – Khanom Ba Bin (ขนมบ้าบิ่น)

Is coconut your favourite fruit? If so, you definitely want to try this grilled coconut pancakes. It’s made of coconut milk, shredded coconut and rice flour that all you’ll taste is coconut.

It’s not that sweet too – in fact, it learns more towards the savoury side, most likely because of the coconut milk and meat. They often come in various colours – white (standard flavour), red and even blue – due to additional ingredients being mixed in.

Photo Via Eakonjitlada, 365favoritedays, Elahpalui, Supattraskanomthai

6. The Thais have elevated your usual pancakes – Khanom Tokyo (ขนมโตเกียว)

And they did it soooo simply. By adding sausages or custard in the middle and rolling the “pancake”, you get Khanom Tokyo.

It’s a favourite amongst Thai kids – understandable since its sweet and savoury taste is quite addictive. It’s also really simple to eat and fills you up quite easily, making it a great on-the-go snack when you’re feeling nibbly.

Photo Via Eatnotstoppp, Foodie.pompom, Nunnapaswong, Asianinspirations.com_.au_

7. In need of a CPR (Colourful, crisPy & Round)? – Khanom Khai Nok Kratha (ขนมไข่นกกระทา)

You’ll probably need one after eating this – it’s that good! Believe it or not, these fried round desserts are made of sweet potato. They’re sweet, although not overwhelming that you feel nauseous after eating them. I love its hollowness too – bite it and you’ll realise that there’s nothing inside it. But because of that, you get to eat tons of them without feeling full!!

Photo Via Nazneen_hlf, Kanomkainokgrataa, Aloha.apt, Takiabcooking

8. Pudding anyone? – Khanom Thuai (ขนมถ้วย)

Forget about your usual sweet, chocolaty pudding. This soft steamed dessert takes pudding to another level by combining the sweet taste of pandan juice with the saltiness of coconut milk, causing this flat, bowl-shaped snack to have 2 layers. They’re eaten together though, allowing you to taste the sweet and salty flavour at the same time.

Photo Via Kanomtuay_sws, Flipsidetravel, Grace Oktaviani, Kinplern_fern

9. Meet Yaowarat’s favourite buns – Kanom Jao (ขนมปังเจ้า)

My favourite type of bread is those with fillings, preferably something sweet like chocolate or strawberry jam. Kanom Jao ups this concept by putting your yummy fillings like custard and milk inside a soft toasted bun. They put quite a lot of filling too – it can even overflow (be careful not to spill the inside when eating!).

Photo Via Serimarket, Suthamart_wan, Yongsans, Bowsopitra

There’s also a salty and spicy version – chilli flavour (recommended for spicy fans).

10. Sweet or savoury? – Crêpe (เครป)

I prefer mine sweet, which is why I usually get the banana and chocolate crepe combination. They also have other combos – tell them what kind of fillings you want and they’ll make them for you.

But if you’re like the Thais, get yours salty – add an egg, ham, pork floss and tomato or chilli sauce and you have a local version of a burrito. They’re quite filling too, perfect for an afternoon snack or a quick meal when you’re busy.

Photo Via Crepe_sai_poon, Crepeyeunnan, Angelanacs, Aoe_restauran

11. Light and super refreshing for a hot day – Coconut Ice Cream (ไอติมกะทิ)

This isn’t your usual coconut ice cream. What makes Thailand’s version stand out from the rest is their selection of toppings, which is a must-use when you get coconut ice cream here. Popular toppings include nuts, sticky rice and nata de coco; add a dash of milk and chocolate syrup and you’ll find this being your favourite ice cream (it’s definitely mine!).

Photo Via Georgio Valentino Rayala, Waru_waru_yui, Vili_viliya

12. Sweet and crunchy fried dough – Roti (โรตี)

You might know this as “Roti Prata”, but here we call them Roti. The most popular version amongst locals is the condensed milk and sugar roti, most likely because this flavour is the easiest one to eat and digest. The portion isn’t so big too, a great option if you’re looking for a quick afternoon snack.

Although this is usually served cut (in small squares), some sellers can sell them rolled too (must request them beforehand).

Photo Via 358mm, Rotibabaa, Nanagreen9

13. Its pisang goreng!! – Fried Banana (กล้วยทอด)

Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians might know this better as pisang goreng, but here, it’s called Kuay Tod (read: fried banana). What makes Thailand’s version super special is that the banana is flat yet soft and crunchy. The combination of salty batter and sweet banana also makes this snack very appealing.

Photo Via Nadsuda_tid, Bas_bmw_m3, Basbas770, Junesawitri

One thing’s for sure – you won’t feel that guilty snacking on this! 😉

PS: Fried banana stalls also sell fried sweet potatoes and fried taro.

14. Meet Thailand’s take on… – Cendol (ลอดช่อง)

3 words to describe this dessert: Sweet, soft and cold – great for hot weather. The most popular way to eat this is having them plain with some sweet coconut milk. But for some sellers, you can also enjoy the cendol mixed with other sides like jackfruit for a more crunchy and complete taste!

Photo Via Ziggycreaky, Juntirasukhothai, Snacknook

Where to find these desserts?

Here are 3 places you can find all of these yummy local desserts!

1. Find authentic Thai desserts in Bangkok’s biggest food court – foodwOrld @ Central World

Located on the 7th floor beside Gourmet Market, foodwOrld offers more than 600 Thai and international dishes for all visitors, including local sweets.

Photo Via She She, Chu Chinthammit, Lothar Dallman
Photo Via ขนมไทยเมืองพิชัย, Kanomthai.muangphichai

Between foodwOrld and Central Food Hall also lie stalls selling famous Thai desserts like coconut ice-cream and Khanom Tuay.

Photo Via Kanomthai.muangphichai, Susanto.lina, M.l.d.y

PS: Although foodwOrld has two floors of seating with 704 seats in total, seats can be full during meal time. It’s recommended to come before or after peak hours for a higher chance of getting seats.

foodwOrld @ Central World

Price: from 12 baht / approx. USD $0.40
Address: 7th floor, Central Court zone, 999/9 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 640 7000 ext. 1517
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm


2. Indulge your sweet tooth at one of Thailand’s ritziest malls – Paragon Food Hall @ Siam Paragon

Worried about eating unhygienic street food desserts? No worries. At Paragon Food Hall, you’ll find most of the Thai desserts on this list being sold here. So you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the food since it’s all made indoors. Yet the taste is still authentic! So good!!!

Photo Via Rod Wong, Jimmy Kamadjaja, Faithcuneta

You can also find other savoury favourites like dim sum, satay and onigiri if you’re looking for a different flavour or heavier snack.

Photo Via Maddie_csl, Wongwarit_yok, Cafe Story Thailand, Kryz Hong

Paragon Food Hall @ Siam Paragon

Price: from 40 baht / approx. USD $1.32
Address: G floor, 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 95 659 5310
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm


3. Your go-to Thai crepe and pancake store in Siam Square – Siam Pandan

When I’m in Siam Square with my family, we always make sure to stop by here due to their delicious, freshly-made Khanom Krok Bai Toey and other Thai sweets. In fact, it’s an open secret that you come here if you want great Thai crepes and pancakes (Khanom Tokyo and Khanon Ba Bin) in Siam Square.

Photo Via Siam.pandan, Preeyakorn Palm
Photo Via ขนมครกใบเตย-สยามสแควร์-Siam-Pandan, Jeabb_siri

Each box costs from 40 baht, making it super affordable and possible to buy loads and share them with your loved ones.

Siam Pandan

Price: from 40 Baht / approx. USD $1.32
Address: Siam Square Soi 6, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 (Coordinates here)
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 6:30pm


Are you feeling an incoming sweet coma? No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely feel satisfied. So remember to try these Thai street food desserts the next time you’re in Bangkok and tell us which one’s your top pick in the comment box below!

Happy eating! 😀

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