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Heart thumping, jaw-dropping, pulse racing, body tingling…we speaking your lingo?

Apart from all the weird and wonderful things that Bangkok has to offer its guests, it is also home to a number of adrenaline-filled, fun and crazy activities – that can be found and done here in Thailand for a third of the price anywhere else in the world!

So instead of the usual shopping till we drop / how much totally bonkers food can we eat in 3 days, why not try something a little out the box?

Reenact your superhero moment as you ‘fly’ above water, or be catapulted 15 metres in the air in a steel ball! Maybe you fancy a swim with sharks or you’ve finally plucked the courage to skydive! (for a third of the price).

Being Bangkok, there’s a little bit of thrill for everyone, and because it is Bangkok we’re talking about, different levels of adventure and craziness for all ages!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s goooooooo!!

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1. If you’re afraid of heights…. (this one’s 314-metres above ground!) – King Power Mahanakhon

To start with some fun facts; you’ll be walking across an awe-inspiring Skywalk, that also happens to be the tallest building in the whole of Thailand, so it’s pretty monumental.

Photo Via Diego_che_viaggia, Pui.zk_

The King Power Mahanakhon building recently added this crazy completely glass floor, 314-metres above the busy streets of Bangkok, all the way up on the 78th floor!

Photo Via Vladadoronina, Nataliya_sludnyh, Kathis_reisen

So what’s the deal? To reach this spectacle, you take an elevator all the way to the 74th floor, once you reach here, take a glass-encased elevator lift to the upper deck on the 78th floor. Then finally walk along the glass floor and check out the city beneath your feet!

Photo Via Funocs

Now if you can’t bear the thought of seeing straight below you, 314-metres up in the air, level 74 has an enclosed observation floor with panoramic 360-degree views of the city – there’s this option too!

Photo Via, Dalcomkim

PS: After your adrenaline kick, you can also unwind, and get a little festive, with sunset cocktails at Bangkok’s highest rooftop bar, The Peak (on the 78th floor).

King Power Mahanakhon

Price: 965 Baht / approx. USD $31 (for all level access tickets)
Address: 114 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Rd, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 (0) 2 234 1414
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to midnight (last admission at 11pm)


2. Wanna fly high in the sky? This is EPIC! – Flyboard Pattaya

Have you ever watched a superhero movie and just WISHED you could have some of the gear that they have?

I’m a huge Marvel fan and my favourite of them all just happens to be Iron Man – just FYI.. If you can remember, he zoots and flies around, and well this is kindaaa the same thing, only it’s on water!

Basically, you’re strapped into boots on a board and propelled into the air by water from the pressure powered jets beneath you. It enables you to go as high as 15-metres above the water!

Photo Via Flyboard.pattaya

The pros at this sport have got it down, and you’re able to do all sorts of tricks and stunts – some that even look as if you could be Iron Man flying around.

Photo Via Flyboard.pattaya

I can feel my heart pounding now, this is seriously next level cool and something that not many have actually tried before. You just have to try it!

Flyboard Pattaya  

Price: From 2900 Baht / approx. USD $90.40  (Includes pick-up, instructional lesson & flying with the board)
Address: 58/2 Moo 9 Nonghin 5 Banglamung Muang Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 85 0000-326
Opening hours: Daily from 8am to 5.30pm


3. This experience is literally like nothing on this earth – VR-1 Virtual Experience Cafe

Fighting warlords, dragons, space aliens and roller-coaster rides… Sounds like a whirlwind!

This is virtual reality/gaming at it’s finest! Lose yourself in a solid few hours and get transported to another world at this Virtual Reality gaming center/cafe.

There’s a vast collection with more than 160 virtual games to choose from, and they also have virtual board games as well as PlayStation VR! So it’s like a station filled with tons of different virtual reality activities.

Photo Via Thonglor, Sereechai-Puttes

You can hire large private rooms – family style – with a large playing area, comfy couch and food and drinks – if you’re planning on spending a few hours here ya know…

This is a super cool experience for groups, couples, kids, families, and even solo missions!

Photo Via Thonglor

I have to mention, my boyfriend and I tried this in Hanoi, Vietnam and it was EPIC! However, afterwards I did have a serious headache, but I’m quite sensitive and prone to these kinds of things (motion sickness), so please just be aware. 🙂

VR-1 Virtual Experience Cafe   

Price: 1st hr 650 Baht and 2nd hr 550 Baht / approx. USD $19.80, $16.70 (price per room)
Address: 154 Soi Sukhumvit 55, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 80 288 2777
Opening hours: Daily from 12pm to 12am


4. Take a gigantic leap (jump) of faith or be a human slingshot!… – Pattaya Bungy (1.5h from Bangkok)

Surely once in your life, you must have pondered whether you would ever bungee jump/skydive?

Well I know I have and my answers have always been a definitive ‘no’ – because I’m a baby – however, if you’re a thrill seeker, you’ll be happy about this one.

Located just 1.5 hours out of Bangkok in Pattaya, stands Thailand’s highest bungee jump (a 60-metre swing) and is TOTALLY worth the little drive out the city.

Photo Via PattayaBungyJump, Thaitourismguide

If you’ve always dreamt of doing a bungee, it’s also really well-priced for what the experience is, comes with insurance (in case you were wondering), and an HD video so you can live the exhilarating (or terrifying) moment through for years to come.

Photo Via PattayaBungyJump
Photo Via Pocky_slowhands

If you’re not into living life jumping off the edges, they also have a human slingshot ride here too. Feel the rush (at 150 kmph) as you are launched over 90 metres!

Pattaya Bungy

Price: 2500 Baht / approx. USD $76 (for Jump); 1400 Baht / approx. USD $$42.60 (for Slinger)
Address: 248/10 หมู่ที่ 12 ถนน เทพประสิทธิ์ ซอย 9 Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 038 201 3009
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm


5. Get your blood pumping and your body flowing, let’s go surfing! – Flow House Bangkok

Back home in South Africa, surfing is definitely one of our most popular sports and let me tell ya, it ain’t as easy as it looks. Why do you think there’re surf professionals?

But if you’re up for a challenge and feel like a serious blood-pumping overall adrenaline-filled workout, well boys and girls, this one’s for you!

Grab a board and learn how to surf on Bangkok’s FlowRider – a man-made water wave, built and designed to give you the experience of riding a real wave (including the pressures, pushes and pulls you’ll usually feel when riding a wave).

Photo Via Flow-house-bangkok

It’s an insanely cool water activity too – because we all know this city can get scorching – and there’s a kid’s pool, sun-loungers and a viewing deck!

Feeling a bit peckish after (or during) all the fun? The Flow bar serves beers, cocktails and milkshakes, as well as a simple menu consisting of burgers and hotdogs from 150 Baht.

Photo Via Mookcrawl, Smninbkk

And don’t say I didn’t warn ya; trying to stand up on the board against the pressure of the wave is not easy, and can end in a lot of belly flops and tummy rolls (and maybe a scratch or bruise or two).

Photo Via Jumper_superlui

Flow House Bangkok  

Price: From 550 Baht  (650 Baht after 6pm or on weekends) / approx. USD $16.60
Address: โครงการ เอ สแควร์ 120/1 Sukhumvit 26 Alley, คลองตัน คลองเตย Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: (+66)2 108-5210
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm (last Flowride commences at 9pm)


6. Run, shoot, duck, dive – Airsoft and Paintball at Combat Zone 62

This one is all about the thrill and what could be more fun (and entertaining) than running around for a good hour or two – aiming, running, crawling, shooting and a whole lotta dodging!?

If you’ve never had the chance to run around the combat field as a kid, now could be your moment! Strategise with your team before you take on the playing field, shooting your mates with explosive, paint-filled pellets!

Photo Via Bangkokbbgunandpaintball, Global-Travel-Mate

If you don’t feel like getting splattered, they also have Airsoft; basically the same thing as Paintball however this time you’re being shot with not-so-soft plastic balls (BB bullets).

Photo Via PAINTBALL-BANGKOK-A.S.K, Uteeni.jpg

Ever played with BB guns or gone paintballing as a kid? Let me tell you, you can expect to leave with a few marks and bruises afterwards.

Of course, they provide all equipment and safety gear,and if you’re travelling solo or in a small group, you can join in with other groups.

Photo Via Bangkokbbgunandpaintball

Airsoft and Paintball at Combat Zone 62   

Price: 450 baht / USD $14.10 (for full paintball package including 100 balls); 500 baht / USD $15.70 (for a day of BB gunning with all equipment and ammunition)
Address: ถนนศรีนครินทร์ หนองบอน ประเวศ Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact:  02 330 8042,  080 956 1999
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 1pm to 7pm; Sat-Sun from 10am to 8pm


7. Known as the ocean’s top predator, take a chance and walk with sharks – Sea Life Ocean World

The thought of being chomped by the massive jaws of some great big white scares the living daylights outta me. However, I’m a child of the ocean for sure, and the thought of being able to be that up close and personal with these creatures is something pretty spectacular.

Photo Via Mohammed_aldulimi, Annyangsumalee

How it all works; fully kitted and instructed beforehand, you go down into a big tank and have the opportunity to walk alongside their sharks, as well as other sea life like stingrays.

Photo Via Novotel-Bangkok-on-Siam-Square, Mykhailoskachkov, Mm_tukta, Stuckinseoul
Photo Via Piroghnoe

If you’re not brave enough for this one, there’s also a glass boat option and you’re able to see the sharks through here if not brave enough to walk in the open with them.

PS: I’m usually not one to support zoos or aquariums (unless they’re rehabilitating facilities like this one) as I don’t believe animals should be kept in cages. However, this is part of SEA LIFE ORG, and they have over 30 different aquariums around the world.

Sea Life Ocean World   

Price: 6900 Baht / USD $215.40 (for those with no diving experience); 6400 Baht / USD $199.80 (for those with a diving license); 5800 Baht /USD $181 (for those with a diving license and dives regularly)
Address: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World B1-B2 Floor, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 687 2000
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 9pm


8. Ready, set, JUMP – Skydiving!! @ Nong Khor Reservoir (1.5h from Bangkok)

Okay, I’m ready, no wait, I’m not.

This would totally be me standing at the edge of the plane’s door, about to take a leap of faith into thin air, but like, no, literally.

Photo Via Anna_xuan_xuan

I’m sure it’s prettyyy obvious why this one made our list, jumping miles high from the sky, out of an airplane?! This is an adrenaline rush like no other ladies and gentlemen.

Photo Via Fujunjie, Lisitsav

It’s an hour and a half out of Bangkok – but think about how much air traffic BKK receives on the daily, I wouldn’t wanna jump from that sky either!

There are several companies operating out of air-bases around the Chonburi/Pattaya area, and some do include transportation from Bangkok as part of their packages.

We found one company, Thai Sky Adventures that offers single tandem jumps from 9950 Baht, and no experience is needed as you’ll be jumping with a highly experienced and trained professional!

Skydiving @ Nong Khor Reservoir  

Price: From 10950 Baht / USD $333.40 (for 1 person Tandem jump); 18 500 Baht / USD $563.30 (for 1 person Solo Sky Diving)
Address: Nong Kho Reservoir, Nong Kham, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110. Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 (0)85-900-3412
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 12pm to 8pm; Sat-Sun & PH from 10am to 8pm


9. Only for 16 years and up, race in a Formula One kart! – Taki Racing, Bira Circuit (1h 45mins from Bangkok)

This is one-up from go-karting on so many levels because instead of a measly old kart, you get to race in a real Formula One kart, on a real track and all!

These karts reach up to speeds of over 200kmph, so driving these cars can pose quite the challenge – although you probably wouldn’t think so if you’ve got driving a car down, right? Ahem, quite the opposite.

Photo Via Kkday

You’ve got to be careful on these roads, racing at such high speeds around so many twists, turns and bends, so please be careful – otherwise it might just end up costing you an arm and a leg – pun intended.

But don’t fear, there are qualified and licensed racing instructors who will teach you all about perfect trajectory and split-second braking.

Photo Via Matteo_cressoni

PS: This one is only allowed for those 16 years old and up, sorry kids!

Taki Racing @ Bira Circuit   

Price: From 15000-35000 Baht / USD $456-1066  (depending on your training course)
Address: 111 หมู่ 5 Tambon Pong, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact:  (66)86-836-6450, +66 38 938 140
Opening hours: Daily / dependent on training course hours


10. It’s time to get your spook on – The Abandoned Bangkok Skyscraper, Sathorn Unique Tower

This may not be 100% legal (trespassing never is)….but travelling the world is all about learning the tricks of the trade and hidden secrets.

So this is actually an abandoned building from the 90’s that was said to be right across from The State Tower (building made famous in The Hangover) – which looks freakishly similar to this one, supposedly being built into a block of luxury flats.

Photo via dutchbangkokian

That obviously never happened and the derelict building still stands freely, which many believe to be haunted!

The unfinished skyscraper is extremely popular with urban explorers and graffiti artists – with many online gravity-defying selfies from young exhibitionists playing daredevils. Adrenaline aside, the place offers some of the most ridiculously wild views over Bangkok!

Photo Via Explorewithus
Photo Via Pete-Rojwongsuriya

Some brave peeps even made it to the top of the 34th floor, but this is not for the faint-hearted, as there are a TON of debris lying everywhere and the building is literally unfinished, and so are the floors, walls, windows, stairs… You catch my drift.

BTW: Although in no way, shape or form do we encourage you to join the daredevil league or to bribe the authorities if you get caught – the eerie feeling of the ghost-haunted building can be safely experienced right from its base too! But if you’re looking for mischief, this certainly is it.

Sathorn Unique Tower   

Price: Free!
Address: 266/14-15, Soi Siam Square 3, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Khwaeng Yan Nawa, Khet Sathon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Opening hours: 24/7

11. One of the coolest water sports, it’s time to catch some serious air – Wakeboarding @ Taco Lake (43mins from Bangkok)

Firstly can we all just appreciate the name of this lake? And I constantly can’t stop thinking about tacos – although this has got absolutely NOTHING to do with the food, butttt you might feel quite hungry after all the exercise.

If you didn’t know, wakeboarding (which is epic) is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of strength (and some skill) to pull yourself up to standing position on your board, from the water.

Photo Via Jake1_jirath

It’s a TOTAL adrenaline rush and I can testify to that – I’ve never been able to stand longer than a few seconds.

Typically, you’re pulled behind a boat, but here they use metal cables attached to motors that pull you around instead!

Complete a full circuit (same length as a racetrack field), and if you’re experienced and wanna take things up a notch, use the ramp installation to do some cool jumps and tricks.

Photo Via Aung_yipso, Brolins, Nickie_worakarn, Huwpensonphotography
Photo Via Nickie_worakarn, Brolins

They provide all safety gear (including lifejackets, helmets, and knee pads). If you’re an amateur whose centre of gravity is not your strong point, you can also try the ‘kneeling boards’ which are much easier to use.

Taco Lake (บึงตะโก้)  

Price: 400 Baht / approx. USD $12 (per person)
Address: 175/1 Km13, Bang Na-Trat Rd, Tambon Bang Phli Yai, Amphoe Bang Phli, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 61 626 2252
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm to 8pm; Sat-Sun & PH from 10am to 8pm


12. Hang on to your lunch because this is not for the faint-hearted – Siriraj Medical Museum

Conjoined twins floating in a jar, the remains of a serial killer and many more gruesome sights await you at the Siriraj Medical Museum. This is the creepiest museum in all of Bangkok, and quite possibly Thailand!

Photo Via Qisnita, Kasparboss, Bea_thechange

It is an absolute treasure trove for medical students and those interested in forensics, as you sift and walk through dead remains and human skulls.

Butttt if you’ve got a weak stomach, or are sensitive, you might want to brace yourself before stepping in as many of the displays are quite macabre.

Photo Via Ohlalea, Marthaingeamelia

The hospital actually features six distinct museums within two separate buildings, but only three of them seem to be of interest; The Pathology (disturbing), Anatomic and Forensic museums, obviously the weirdest!

Siriraj Medical Museum

Price: 50 Baht / approx. USD $1.50 (Children free!)
Address: Siriraj Hospital, 2 Wang Lang Rd, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700, Thailand  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 419 2619
Opening hours: Wed-Mon from 10am to 5pm (Thursdays from 9am to 5pm, Closed on Tuesdays)


13. Good old-fashioned roller coaster thrills – Dreamworld Bangkok (40min from Bangkok)

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not the BIGGEST adrenaline junkie, as I’m pretty much a baby haha, so this one sounds like the right amount of adrenaline rushing to me.

If you’re the same, an amusement park could be right up your alley for the perfect balance of heart-thumping moments and fun memories!

Catch yourself screaming in moments of panic as you hang upside down or fly through the air in a metal seat (on a metal rail hoping for the best), or are catapulted through the air on their thriller rides!

These include the Skycoaster, the Viking, the Hurricane and the Flying Carpet. All four have elements of fast-paced, stomach-dropping movement.

Photo Via Th.dreamworld, Prabsruwan

The park is situated on the outskirts of the city and they do accommodate rides for all ages too!

Photo Via Buboe

Dreamworld Bangkok

Price: From 500 Baht / approx. USD $15.20
Address: 62 หมู่ที่ 1 ถนน รังสิต – องครักษ์ Tambon Bang Yitho, Amphoe Thanyaburi, Chang Wat Pathum Thani 12130, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 (0)2 533 1152
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10am to 5pm; Sat-Sun from 10am to 7pm


14. Now I’m the king of the swingers, the jungle V.I.P – Flight of the Gibbons (1.5h from Bangkok)

This is totally awesome for two reasons; you’re propelled by gravity on a suspended cable mid-air, COMPLETELY surrounded by beautiful greenery and mother nature. And two, it could actually be a great way to get over a fear of heights!

Photo Via Iamsana__, Iamkhaohom

It’s situated halfway between Bangkok & Pattaya, inside a breathtaking rainforest in Khao Kheow Open Safari Park, bordering Champoo Wildlife Reserve.

Spend 2-3 hours zip-lining through fresh treetops, as a hundred shades of green capture your eyes, enjoying the stunning views from the differing lengths and heights of each line.

Photo Via Siddhu8990, _rhys

This is a SERIOUSLY beautiful background and as mentioned earlier, if you maybe have a fear of heights – this could be a nervy one for you, but the most beautiful surrounding and space to conquer your fears in!

Photo Via Dye2tri, Mew_wararchaya

Flight of the Gibbons

Price: 3999 Baht per person / approx. USD $121.70  (Includes transfers from Bangkok or Pattaya in a comfortable air-conditioned van)
Address: Bang Phra, Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Si Racha, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 53 010 660
Opening hours: Daily from 6am to 10pm


15. Feel the need for speed (good for kids too!) – EasyKart

If you’re in the mood to open the throttle but are restricted by Bangkok’s traffic, EasyKart is the perfect solution for your adrenaline needs.

This indoor go-karting track in downtown Bangkok is suitable for all ages, which is perfect if you’re after an adrenaline rush but are travelling with family and the kids.

Photo Viaโกคาร์ท-Go-Karting

There are three sizes of karts for different experience levels, ranging from 100CC to 270CC with a maximum speed of 60-kilometres per hour. Each race lasts 8 minutes and the necessary safety equipment is provided and required.

Photo Viaโกคาร์ท-Go-Karting

The track itself will keep you on your toes too! There are several sharp turns and a few stretches where you can really test the speed of your machine.

This track is also technologically advanced; your lap times are recorded on an electronic board overhead, and each driver is given a printout of the times after the race.

PS: If you want to sit out a race out but still cheer on your team, head up to the observation deck where you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the action!

Easy Kart  

Price: From 450 Baht / approx. USD $13.60 (prices varies per kart)
Address: 31//11 RCA Plaza, 2nd Floor, Rama 9 Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10320 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 (0) 860280880
Opening hours: Daily from 1pm to 12am


16. They don’t say getting a tattoo can become addictive for no reason…. – Common Ground Tattoo; Klai Jakkawan (สตูดิโอ ไกลจักรวาล)

Spontaneous moments are always the best or maybe you’re in the mood for a tiny bit of pain, whatever the case or reason, getting fresh new ink is always exhilarating (and a glass of wine, or two, beforehand might be needed!)

Here are two of our favourite studios, for both their design and work-ethic. First up is Common Ground, run by foreigners, set up in woods and greens boutique style. The atmosphere here is really chilled, which is what you need with something like this.

Photo Via Klaijakkawanstudio, Loco_mosquito_official, Wizard_elf

You do need to book in advance for them as they are super duper busy, and you can chat with them about your design ideas/ concepts prior, via FB. Many travellers come from all parts of the world to be tatted by these guys, and you can expect nice dark ink, with a “trippy Asian” design aesthetic.

Photo Via Erinjamiesonn, Eungkyungyyy

Second, and as equally talented and skilled are the guys over at Klai Jakkawan, and if you’re after a piece that’s really detailed and so well-drawn, especially big works of art, they’ll sort you out. They’re super clean, modern, professional and the studio itself reflects this!

Photo Via Klaijakkawanstudio

PS: Always remember to only visit a studio and ensure that your ink is done by artists with experience, and that uses clean needles and are up to hygiene standards! The two above come with excellent reviews!

Common Ground  

Price: From 1000 Baht / approx. USD $31 (price varies per individual design)
Address: 300 Rimklongsatorn Rd Bangrak Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 073 9161
Opening hours: Daily from 12pm to 10pm


Klai Jakkawan (สตูดิโอ ไกลจักรวาล)

Price: From 1500 Baht / approx. USD $62.30 (price varies per individual design)
Address: 29, 38 Lat Phrao 23 Alley, Khwaeng Chan Kasem, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 94 675 8338
Opening hours: Wed-Sun from 3pm to 8pm


17. Learn the art of eight limbs, and get a full body workout – Muay Thai, Elite Fight Club

Known as the “art of eight limbs”, it’s time to get INVOLVED in this beloved Thai combat sport, but not in a ring boxing your friends for fun. This time we mean some real-ass Muay Thai 101 training from the professionals!

Photo Via Elitefightclub

Elite Fight Club is in a centralised location in downtown Bangkok, and they also offer training with the famed trainer Ajarn Gae. So you know you’re really learning from the great!

This is all about keeping your endurance and fitness levels up, as well as learning some rad fighting (and protection) skills too! Muay Thai is all about using your fists, elbows, knees, and shins, so it demands your full body action.

Photo Via Sa.mantha77, Louishesse, Avepates

There are two types of classes for you to try: Muay Thai and Boxing. If you’ve never had any type of martial art/combat training before, the beginner classes are in the evenings!

Photo Via Sonjamoses, Bkkboxing

Elite Fight Club

Price: From 400 Baht / USD $456 (for group session); 1200 Baht / USD $1066 (for private session with trainer)
Address: 758/22 วอเตอร์ไดมอนด์ ทาวเวอร์ Sukhumvit 30/1 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact:  +66 (0) 2 6613546
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 7am to 10pm; Sat-Sun from 7am to 9pm


18. Strap into your seats boys and girls, it’s a rocket ball ride! – 2Sky Pattaya, Rocketball (1h 50min from Bangkok)

Eeeeeeeee; bounce, tumble, scream, laugh, fly, spring and spin around inside a ROCKET BALL (a cousin of the Human Slingshot).

So what’s the deal? Basically, two riders are strapped into a round steel cage, shaped like a ball and get ready to be catapulted 50-metres vertically, flying at speeds of 100 kmph, into the air!

Photo Via 2sky_pattaya
Photo Via 2sky_pattaya

They’re a pretty big attraction and super easy to find on Walking Street in front of Bali Hai Pier, in Pattaya, so you’re guaranteed an audience too!

The next few minutes of your life are gonna be spent going through a crazy experience, as your ball spins, twists and bounces at ridonkulous speeds, making it the ride of a lifetime.

2Sky Pattaya  

Price: From 670 Baht / USD $21(for one); 992 Baht / USD $31 (for two)
Address: Bali Hai Plaza – Walking Street, Pattaya 311/17 Moo 10 Nongprue, Banglamung Chonburi – Pattaya. (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66-877-980843, +66-948-206810
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 4am


19. Ever wanted to learn parkour? – The Movement Playground, Asia Parkour

Okay, we’ve all heard of it when it was a thing, but by definition for those that are still unsure of the exact meaning of Parkour…

Photo Via Soongnana, Muangstagram

It is the art of using effective and efficient jumps, vaults, climbing and swinging to conquer obstacles. The idea is to not be controlled by your surroundings.

Photo Via Pangbonee, Kentt0, Jzzy_training

Set up in a warehouse-like space, filled with many gymnastic/gymnasium-like obstacles, Asia Parkour’s training programmes focus on core strength, boxing, Tabata (high-intensity interval training), Parkour and general ninja skills!

Group classes are from 60-90 mins or you can opt for a private training session. There’s also a monthly pass, which would be more cost-effective in the long run if you’re planning on making it a reoccurring thing!

This one’s all about callisthenics, which they say is a form of ‘street workout’ which makes sense, body movements and having fun!

The Movement Playground, Asia Parkour

Price: From 550 Baht / USD $17.20 (per session); 1800 Baht / USD $56.40 (for private training session); 1500 Baht / USD $56.20 (for a monthly pass)
Address: 1780 Bangng Trad rd, Khwaeng Bang Na, Khet Bang Na, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10260, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 053 8687
Opening hours: Mon-Frid from 10am to 8pm; Sat-Sun from 8am to 8pm


20. Watch a snake show with snake milking! – Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

Did you ever think you’d be able to see a snake getting milked of its venom before? We didn’t think so. And I think if I had to get this up close and personal with the reptiles, I might just wee in my pants!

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute specialises in the husbandry of venomous snakes and you may bear witness to the unique practice of extracting their venom to create antidotes!

Photo Via Himetop
Photo Via Himetop-richs2k6-Lumenated

However, you might want to plan your time ahead, so you may enjoy the snake handling demonstrations which start at 2.30pm on weekdays and 11am on weekends and holidays

Photo Via World_with_lu, Thegreglowe
Photo Via Galileafll, Jonasworld

When in Bangkok, don’t ride elephants or pet tigers – watch the milking of snake venom instead! It isn’t exploitative to the animal and it saves lives. So I guess, thanks, Mr Snake?

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute  

Price: From 200 Baht / approx. USD $6
Address: Thai Red Cross Institute, at the intersection of Rama IV and Henry Dunant roads (Coordinates here)
Contact: 0 (2) 252 0161
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 8.30am to 4.30pm; Sat-Sun & PH from 8.30am to 12pm


21. Tricky…But let’s get riding already! – Peppermint Bike Park

Rip up the trail at one of Bangkok’s bike parks that have been designed for an extreme cyclists dream. Enjoy the thrill of cycling, skidding, and flying around it’s wavy, jumpy and unprecedented rails!

Photo Via Sirakoop, Koolmouse

The park has been designed to desire and challenge the hearts of cyclists in Bangkok’s urban environment.

Photo Via Coopsjdbkk, Koolmouse, Peppermintbikepark, Sirakoop

For those that want to bike but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. They have experienced off-road cyclists to help with bike recommendations and selections, biking techniques and they even offer a beginner’s Mountain Biking class.

Peppermint Bike Park ALSO organises trips from the park where you get to experience biking in a real natural environment – with guidance from professional cyclists, helping you improve your skills and elevate the experience!

Peppermint Bike Park

Price: From 200 Baht / approx. USD $6.30
Address: 127 Soi Yothin Phattana 3, Lat Phrao, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10230, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 090-980-1368
Opening hours: Tue-Fri from 11am to 8pm; Sat-Sun & PH from 7am to 9pm (Closed Mondays)


22. If you’re a sportfishing enthusiast! – Bung Sam Lan Lake (1h from bangkok.)

Get this, this place is home to literally some of the biggest fish on this PLANET, for reals!

If you love your fishing (especially sportfishing) you’re going to want to whip out the old rods for this one, as it’s proven to be quiteee the challenge.

Photo Via, Bungsamran

Get ready to reel in (if you’re lucky) fish no less than 80 kgs, so guys and gals, you’re gonna need some serious strength here!

Photo Via Bungsamran

This fishing park has an insane diversity in their species of game fish, both herbivores and ones that are carnivorous.

Look out for their large Catfish in the waters up to 40 metres and fish weighing in from 100-200 kgs – they seriously aren’t playing around here.

Bung Sam Lan Lake

Price: The fish park charges 6000 baht for 8hrs of fishing + 1 rod and includes everything from fish bait (bread) and a fishing guide.  / approx. USD $182.60
Address: Unnamed Road, อำเภอ บางน้ำเปรี้ยว Tambon Sala Daeng, Amphoe Bang Nam Priao, Chang Wat Chachoengsao 24000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 02-734-9272 and +66 94 559 5112
Opening hours: Daily from 1pm to 12am


So if you’re looking for a little adventure, something to fill that part of you that seeks the thrilling side of life…

Bangkok in Thailand is the perfect place to begin! They’ve got something for everyone, so what are you are waiting for?

And don’t forget to share those CRAZY moments with us by tagging us on your socials, we’d love to hear/share your experiences!

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