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Ever heard of the term hangry? Hungry + angry? Well, if you’re not familiar with it, I’m one of those people that suffer with it, and yes, I get  ‘hangry’. When I want to eat, I want to eat, so I’m always on the hunt for copious amounts of food to satisfy those hunger pains.

What better city than to help me with my life-long problem, than Bangkok.

A city that’s got it all, everything and anything your heart desires, feels or has a sudden craving for. Waves of seafood, sugar loads of the biggest sweet treats and enough noodles to last a lifetime.

Exploring the city streets a d hunting for HUGE food, here’s what made my tummy happy chappy.

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1. Finish one of their famous Xkg curries and you’ll get it for free – Gold Curry Bangkok

You won’t be eating this curry in a hurry, that’s for sure! If you’re feeling up for a challenge, you may have met your match.

Photo Via Nalin.g, Ploy_pongratee

Now, I love anything crumbed, especially Japan’s Katsu – that perfect golden, crunchy outer layer with delicious, tender chicken – or pork, mmm. Here they serve it on a bed of rice, lathered in their famous Japanese curry.

Now this curry is SO big, they actually have a challenge going. If you can finish one of their different sized kg plates, your meal is free.

Photo Via Nut_devahastin, Atji_mazhang, Piingpiingk
Photo Via Special9919, Rachata_y, Yosi_sita, Fatbutstillhungry, Pepomoku

Now it gets even more insane, the Challenge plates come in 5 different sizes, from 2kgs to 10kgs (40 000 Baht) worth of food. Yeah, you heard right, 10kgs!

I reckon you’ve surely got to be a bit bonkers – or brave – to stomach all that curry, so you see, no hurry!

Gold Curry Bangkok

Price: From 180 Baht / Approx. USD $5.50
Address: 39 ซอย พร้อมมิตร Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand 39 ซอย พร้อมมิตร แขวง คลองตันเหนือ เขต วัฒนา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110 (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the BTS to Phrom Phong BTS station and walk 6mins to reach!
Contact: +66 2 662 5003
Opening hours: Open daily from 11am to 1.30am


2. The hugest bowl of tomyam noodles at Talad Rof Fai Ratchada – TomYamkung Noodle

I absolutely go mad for TomYum Goong, also sometimes referred to as TomYum Kung – don’t you just love it, there’s always 5 words used to describe one over here! Anyway, back to the food.

Again you’re going to find this monstrous sized bowl down at the Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market – also known as the Train Night market by locals. So look out for their food stall, that’s เตี๋ยวกุ้งรถไฟ if you’re good at deciphering things.

It’s a hot and sour mouth EXPLOSION , this much TomYummmmm on the palette, just in one sitting? It’s atomic.

A TomYum is traditionally done with prawns, but they’ve taken it to the next level and added mammoth lobsters to their (already oversized) bowls.

If your budget is more low-key, they also do BIG TomYum’s, just minus the lobster hanging over and out your soup.

Photo Via Yukislw, Cherryxjialee, Momou__
Photo Via Tomyamkungnoodle

TomYamkung Noodle (เตี๋ยวกุ้งรถไฟ)  

Price: BIG TomYum 750 Baht, BIG Lobster TomYum 1500 Baht / approx USD $23, USD $46
Address: 93 3 93/3 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station. From there, it’s a 5mins walk!
Contact: 0874642492
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 11.45pm


3. Noodles for days, weeks, months… – Maeklong Noodles (เตี๋ยวแม่กลอง&เล้งแซ่บ)

Hmmm, how to describe this next mountainous extravaganza. Let’s relate it to Mount Fuji this time. 😉

Now don’t be put off by the sound of it, it’s in essence, a structure of pig bones, built skillfully to reach its peak.

Photo Via Kim_bobear
Photo Via เตี๋ยวแม่กลอง_เล้งแซ่บ

But the pork bones are cooked down so when you eat, you just scoop the meat off the bone and then mix it with the sauce on the plate, filled with herbs and LOTS, we mean, LOTS of green chillies.

With an amount of chilis such as this, we would only recommend this dish to those who have the ability to handle their spice.

Photo Via Tapaneefreedom

You can find this stall down at the Talad Rot Fai night bazaar in Ratchada, and the dish is considered to be a ‘delicacy’ of the night-market, because all somehow know of it’s wonders.

Maeklong Noodles (เตี๋ยวแม่กลอง&เล้งแซ่บ)   

Price: From 150 Baht / Approx. USD $4.60
Address: 55/9 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station. From there, it’s a 5mins walk!
Contact: 02 6109713, 0619123145
Opening hours: Daily from 5pm to 12am


4. We warned you, bring your friends – Mo & Moshi

Arguably the most famous dessert bar in Bangkok when talking supersized desserts, and it comes at no surprise when their largest sweet treat is served with a crazy 22 scoops of ice-cream, that’s right, 22!

Photo Via Giftzyisme, Poonvora, Nattarika3008

It’s called the Strawberry Supreme in case you were wondering; a (fishbowl) sundae with strawberry & vanilla ice-cream, mini waffles, a giant layer of cake, vanilla & raspberry parfait, strawberry sticks and obviously, strawberries. (3000 Baht)

Photo Via Llookgate

Indulge in a sweetness overload with some of their other huge desserts; try their 45cm tall fruity sundae (Serious Sorbet), this one served with sorbet and yummy, fresh fruits.

Photo Via Moandmoshi

Their desserts are seriously decadent, as are their names – we’re talking about ‘Delicious Decadence’.

Now, do you see why you’d need help finishing these sugar mountains?

Mo & Moshi  

Price: From 100 Baht / approx. USD $3
Address: 979 Rama I Road Siam Center 2nd floor Room no. H408 & 433, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the BTS to Siam BTS station and walk a few mins to reach Siam Center!
Contact: +66 2 252 2688
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 11pm


5. If you’ve ever got a giant noodle craving…. – Giant Noodles of the City (บะหมี่ล้มยักษ์ ท่าน้ำนนท์)

I love the simplicity of a good noodle dish; a few ingredients, tons of flavour, amazing taste. Well this place is definitely all that and a bag of chips – well in this case, wontons (dumplings).

Photo Via Popeye_sosmile, บะหมี่ล้มยักษ์-ของดีเมืองนนท์

Basically it’s tons of egg noodles, sliced char siew (barbequed pork), dumplings, and fresh vegetables, but the biggest plate of Wonton Noodles you’ve ever seen.

Photo Via Julagottravel

The portion size here is massive, and if you finish their largest noodle dish, it’s on the house, yip that’s right, it’s free!

Photo Via Jay_nujay

If not, no worries, the most expensive item is only 250 Baht – for all that food!

Oh yeah, they also do takeaways, so it’s perfect for you and a bunch of friends to enjoy at home.

Giant Noodles of the City (บะหมี่ล้มยักษ์ ท่าน้ำนนท์)

Price: Big bowls from 250 Baht / approx. USD $7.70
Address: 78/126 Pracharat 26, ตำบล สวนใหญ่ Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the MRT to Yaek Tiwanon MRT station, then take a 7min taxi ride here.
Contact: +66 85 369 3616
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 10am to 5pm (Closed on Mondays)


6. A Mount Everest of Thai tea shaven ice – Fucheer Lounge by Lukkaithong

The reason why the masses flock here, isn’t so much for the food, but for this restaurant’s signature Thai Milk Tea Shaven Ice dessert.

Photo Via Nutruth

If you’ve been around Thailand’s block, you’ll know that this is the local equivalent to your morning English Breakfast tea. Taking this favourite, they’ve fused it with another popular dessert, first made famous by the Japanese, the beloved shaven ice.

Photo Via Mi_kenn, Tttteameiei

Made with 5 types of tea – Ceylon Island Sri Lanka Tea, Local Southern Thai Tea, Red Tea, Leaf Black Tea, and Emperor Oolong Tea – this dessert is topped with chewy sago balls, cubes of toasted bread (which soaks up all that yummy milk tea liquid), almond slices and cream!

Let’s get climbing already!

Fucheer Lounge by Lukkaithong

Price: From 295 Baht / Approx. USD $9.10
Address: EmQuartier, 6F, 637 Sukhumvit Rd. | Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the BTS to Phrom Phong BTS station and walk a few mins to get to EmQuartier.
Contact: +66 2 003 6301
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm


7. Tonight, I want LOBSTER! – Pae Radna

Looking to escape the city’s central bustle? Located just 45 minutes out of town, the wee drive is seriously worth it, especially if you’ve been searching for A LOT of seafood.

Find yourself in a chilled atmosphere, whilst diving into some serious crustaceans – they’re known for their lobster, and boy, were we excited when we saw it arriving on the table!

Photo Via Ikapper, Aor_pat_pp

The meat is soft – there is nothing worse than overcooked shellfish – and its full of flavour!

Their seafood platters are filled with giant sized seafood of all sorts from the squid to the mussels, it’s all JUMBO sized.

Photo Via Bank_winminhtut, Nok_niknok, Gutofy
Photo Via Nonnntp, Lalinthip_lilly ,Fahjaa, At_no_on

If you’ve come all the way here, you also have to try their oysters, Pae Radna if known for these delicacies. A pile of oysters for next to nothing.

Photo Via Prosche, Tatertots, Numammie
Photo Via PaeRadna

Pae Radna  

Price: From 50-11,300 Baht (Largest seafood platter) / Approx. USD $1.50–350
Address: Soi Nonthaburi 46, Bangkok (Coordinates here)
Getting there: It’s about 45 min drive to get from Bangkok to Pae Radna. The best way to get here would be to take a taxi. (Maximum comfort!)
Contact: +66 81 545 6564
Opening hours: Thu-Tue, 9am to 12am (Closed on Wednesday)


8. Alright, who’s hungry for some salmon and creative food art? – Fuku Japan

That would be a ME! Make sure you bring an empty stomach as you indulge in this next seafood extravaganza. We’re talking salmon overload with an all-you-can-eat Japanese style salmon buffet. Yes that’s right, a salmon buffet, including the hugest plate of salmon slices we’ve ever seen.

Of course, if you don’t have an appreciation for the soft, subtle, meaty fish, then this is not your game – unless of course you’re trying to learn one, then you’ve come to the right place.

Photo Via Bj_bubo

Beautifully presented, this creates added drama to the plate as food is heightened with a little structured presentation. Try their Stairway to Heaven with a variation of both cooked and fresh salmon.

Photo Via Subaworld, Pimmlovefood, Basspatter
Photo Via Nnamtan_nt

There are 38 different dishes to choose from, mainly salmon, and the time you’ve got is two hours! Or just 500 Baht? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Photo Via Travel.trueid, Canthestar8_fc, I_amfaiiz

Their sashimi is delicate and melts in your mouth and the slices are nice and big, so you know you’re in for a real treat.

PS: They have quite a number of outlets around Bangkok, but the most easily accessible one would be the one near Siam BTS!

FUKU Japan (FUKU In Town Siam Digital Gateway)

Price: From 195 Baht, Premium Set 499 Baht / Approx. USD $6, USD $15.45
Address: อาคาร Digital Gateway(ชั้นสอง) ซอย สยามสแควร์ 3ถนน พระราม 1, ปทุมวัน, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the BTS to Siam BTS station and walk a few mins to reach!
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 9pm


9. The biggest seafood platter right at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada! – Pao Maem Loie

If you dig the trendy side of life, our next seafood spot can be found at the downtown Talad Rot Fai Ratchada – home to a bunch of hipster-esque stalls filled with all sorts of things you don’t need, but actuallyyyy do.

It’s also home to one of the biggest seafood platters – as in the actual platter dish itself, holy moly! – I’ve ever seen and definitely, in my opinion, takes no less than eight people to finish this monstrosity.

Photo Via Paomaemloie, Yaya_patpatsorn

It’s abundantly filled with grilled scallops, mussels, crab, squid, Tiger prawns, an entire fish, cockles and sea snails. As is the norm with every Thai meal, it’s accompanied by fresh leafy green veg and dipping sauces (chilli vinaigrette).

Photo Via Sheisnanxy, D_dress_up
Photo Via Waythegentle, Paemaemloie

For all the sea in the ocean, you’re only going to end up paying 750 Baht which is crazy good value for money in my eyes!

Photo Via Paemaemloie, Beingchamp, Wendythoong

Pao Maem Loie

Price: From 100-750 Baht / Approx. USD $3-23
Address: 167 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Getting there: Take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station. From there, it’s a 5mins walk!
Contact: +66 99 415 7194
Opening hours: Open daily from 5pm to 11.45pm


10. Prepare to get your hands dirty – Crab and Claw

I mean, if the name isn’t a giveaway enough… Get your fingers cracking, hammering and digging into some serious shellfish business – New England style.

New England is known for Lobsters and you can be assured, you’ll find all the favourites like Clam Chowder and Lobster Thermidor here.

But listen, the lobsters here are ridiculously sized, no, we mean it! A whole table widths across worth of lobster!

Photo Via Ampere_mimo

The place is set up to give that old-school seaside harbour, seafood shack feel, with the likes of old-school murals of crabs sprawled across the walls.

Photo Via Senyeong_c, Miyukimyk

It is a bit more on the expensive side, but that’s because their lobsters are imported from the US.

Crab and Claw   

Price: From 399-1999 Baht / Approx. USD $12-61
Address: Siam Paragon, Ground Floor Room Number G-28 (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take train to Siam BTS and walk a few mins to Siam Paragon.
Contact: 02 6109713, 0619123145
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm


11. The ever-faithful Thai Chicken Rice – Sri Lueng Potchana ร้านศรีเหลืองโภชนา

If you love your chicken rice, or simply love chicken, go have a feast at this next traditional Hainanese (Thai) chicken spot.

But here’s their secret, they also do the most gigantic sized plate of Chicken Rice that you could imagine!  Apparently there’s 20 plates worth of food in just this one, and we don’t doubt it!

Photo Via Pui_patta

If you enjoy your chicken the traditional way, their signature Giant Chicken will be enough to feed you and an army.

Buttt, if you lurve fried chicken like myself, then you should definitely order the Mixed Giant Chicken, a serving of both steamed & fried chicken, it’s the best of both worlds!

Photo Via Yin-yangka, Starvingtime

It’s run by mom and daughter, and the place is full of character; sharing the shop’s history  over the last decade.

Photo Via Saffron, ศรีเหลืองโภชนา-สะพานควาย-ข้าวมันไก่ไจแอนท์

Sri Lueng Potchana ร้านศรีเหลืองโภชนา   

Price: From 150 Baht, Giant Chicken 550 Baht / Approx. USD $4.60, USD $17
Address: 45/6-7 Saliratthawiphak Rd, Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Khet Phaya Thai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take the BTS to Saphan Khwai BTS station, and walk 7mins to get here.
Contact: +66 86 326 8586
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm


12. Take a load of this huge platter of Gyozas! – Cheesy King Gyoza

Do you love dumplings? Do you love cheese? Do you love…pizza? What if we told you, you could have the combination of all three, in one? That’s right, a cheesy, dumpling pizza!!

Gyoza is the name for the Japanese half moon-shaped pockets of joy, and that’s exactly what these are.

Photo Via Buasaxs, Rebounddung

And as if Gyoza aren’t delicious enough on their own, now you’re adding oozing, dripping, piping-hot cheesy goodness to the mix. My mouth is watering just typing the words.

Pan-fried with the right amount of crisp on the outside, take yourself into a dumpling coma.

Photo Via ____________________pjjchiitha, Wmxfood, Nunzerrr, Xsoduz

PS: You can combine a visit here with a visit to Chatuchak or Union Mall as they’re in the vicinity!

Cheesy King Gyoza   

Price: From 100 Baht / Approx. USD $3
Address: 495 พรอนันต์เพลส ซอย, Soi Suea Yai Uthit, Chan Kasem, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: Take a 15min drive from Phahon Yothin MRT!
Contact: +66 99 264 9655
Opening hours: Open daily from 9am to 9pm


After looking at all this huuuge food, I’m sure you’re salivating too!

Now you know where to go in Bangkok if you’re looking out for a great, GREAT meal.

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