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Written by: Dawn Pillay

True story: You know that shopaholic scene in movies where someone uses one hand to sweep all the products off the shelf and into her cart? We saw that happen in Boots 3 different times, with the same product. (Find out more about this below!)

Who said that Bangkok’s boring with not much to buy now? We just went back to our favourite shopping locale to see if it was still worth the hype and wellll….  I spent a bomb at Boots and Watson’s alone.

Not kidding. My colleagues and friends all had that same jaw-dropping moment at how much I managed to spend at Boots & Watsons alone – but they loved the cool new products I had to share.

Honestly, these drugstores in Bangkok just keep upping their game… Even after going back so many times, we keep managing to find new stuff to buy, it’s quite crazy but super fun.

Pro Tip: Don’t just stock up on clothes when in Bangkok. You can stock up on a year’s worth of skincare & makeup too!!!!  

PS: In case you were wondering, I gave some of these fun items away for birthdays and Christmas so my friends could try (and fall in love with) some of the products they wouldn’t be able to get back home. #giftideas!

Disclaimer: This story is NOT in any way sponsored by Boots nor Watsons. It was written out of a love for shopping + drugstore products, and to share our finds with fellow shoppers.

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(Before we go deeep into all the cool stuff we’ve found, let’s cover the Boots & Watsons’ house brand items first.)

1. All the notable house brand items to look out for – Watsons

Welcome to the world of Watsons, we all love Watsons, don’t we. This particular branch is one of the bigger Watsons stores in Bangkok with 2-storeys worth of goodies.

Photo via Tripcanvas

The Collagen skincare range is pretty good (I started off trying their sleeping mask, which was good!), there’s a wide range of masks, moisturising sprays, and more. (Not a Watsons’ product, but look out for those aromatherapy eye masks too!)

Photo via Tripcanvas
Photo via Tripcanvas

Watsons @ Siam Square 2

Address: 258 Siam Square Soi 3, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Nearest BTS: Few mins walk from Siam BTS
Contact: +66 92 246 3401
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 11pm


2. We literally saw girls going FULLLLL shopaholic with this Boot’s product! – Boots

This UK drugstore has been a favourite for many years with travellers, with so much to buy!

Wondering what’s the latest product girls were going full-on shopaholic for? The 3-min cucumber masks by the Boots’ house brand. You wouldn’t think anything of it, but we saw girls at 3 different Boots stores literally sweeping the tubes off the shelves into their shopping baskets!!

Photo via Tripcanvas

Apart from that, Boots offers a huuuuge range of products that caters for everything. Others include the Teatree & Witchhazel skin care range (which my partner loves), hair removal stuff like the Warm Wax Kit, and even Ante-Natal Massage Cream.

Photo via Tripcanvas

Boots @ Siam Square

Address: ถนน อังรีดูนังต์ Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 252 5101
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10.30pm


More things to buy at Boots & Watsons

Note: The Boots & Watsons’ locations listed are the ones we went to, but you should generally be able to find most of these products at any Boots & Watsons’ stores.

3. Teeth Whitening that works – Sparkle Toothpaste & Teeth Whitening

If you’re a fan of teeth whitening products, you’d probably know about the popular Crest Whitening Strips. Well, I can personally vouch for the fact that the Sparkle Teeth Whitening Kit works! Don’t forget to check out their range of toothpaste too. 😉

Photo via Tripcanvas

4. Exfoliate and feel oh-so-good – Maithong Bath Mitts

A fun gift for the ladies (and men), these exfoliating mitts come in different flavours for different needs. (Awakening Whitening includes lemongrass to refresh your skin, while Balancing Whitening uses Jasmine Rice to balance your skin tone.) Note: They also have shower gels, such as this Mangosteen one!

Photo via Tripcanvas

5. No need to save your own coffee grounds – Oab’s Coffee Scrub

I actually spotted this, because my best friend had this habit of getting her barista friend to save coffee grounds so she could make her own coffee scrub. Well, said friend has well and truly fallen in love with this! #whatelsecanIsay

Photo via Tripcanvas

6. Who knew there was – Superdry® for Men

This one’s for your hypebeasts who fancy something cool for their shower. It doesn’t smell too bad to be honest, and would be a cute gift for the men in your lives!

Photo via Tripcanvas

7. Body Lava by Fenty Beauty? Nahhhhh – Nº7

This brand carries quite a number of interesting skincare products, but our favourite find has to be the Nº7 Body Shimmer Aftersun. It’s quite a good dupe for Body Lava, anddd it’s a moisturiser to boot! (Pun unintended)

Photo via Tripcanvas

8. One of the first brands I fell in love with in Bangkok – Cute Press

I mean… Cute Press offers a ton of cute sh*t. From skincare to perfumes, it’s affordable and fun, especially with the themed products! (I particularly like the cute perfumes that smell pretty good for a drugstore brand – it’s a fantastic way to mix up your scents from high-end to drugstore TBH. You can also see how I have been rationing my use of this perfume… T.T)

Photo via Tripcanvas

9. Another fun and cute brand to experiment with – Cathydoll

This Thai/Korean brand always surprises us with their range of products that has constantly grown and evolved ever since we discovered it maybe 2-3 years ago. From the sunblock that we love, to the mascaras and more, I’d highly recommend spending at least 5 minutes checking their stuff out!

Photo by hannaanindhita, cuttiebettie, TripCanvas

10. Supermodel Mascara, YES please – Mistine

This is a pretty well known Thai brand that’s affordable and loved by locals, and for good reason too. For instance, the Supermodel Mascara you see here is a hit! We saw travellers snapping these up as well. I bought one to try, and all I can say is, I love how the mascara even with its fibers doesn’t clump, and is fully waterproof.

Photo via Tripcanvas

11. Sweet gifts for the sweet? – Chupa Chups

It isn’t particularly jaw-dropping in any way, but these make some pretty darned cute stocking stuffers come Christmas, or random fun birthday presents!

Photo via Tripcanvas

12. I’ve used this brand of skincare for at least 3 years now – Botanics

I have two full sets of Botanics skincare, one at mine and the other at my partners’ place. This range of skincare is actually pretty good. If you’re a 20-something on a budget (say if you’re saving for a home) and can’t afford to splurge on the likes of SKII or La Mer, you might want to give this a go.

Photo via Tripcanvas

13. Yes, now available in Boots & Watsons!!! – Country & Stream

Can I just say, the Honey peel-off mask we’ve raved about endless times used to only be available at Eveandboy in Siam Square. Well, it’s now available at drugstores too! (Along with some other products by the same brand.)

Photo via Tripcanvas

14. Heard of Susenji’s Body Massage Gel? – Power Burn Lipogel

I’m sure some of you have heard of Susenji’s Body Massage Gel that’s been getting popular in Singapore and/or Malaysia. For those of you looking to tone your body up a little, this actually does work. IF you exercise when you use it, you’ll see much better results. (I’ve experimented with using it alone, and using it coupled with exercise, and exercising alone without it.)

Photo via Tripcanvas

15. Uhmmmm, a Thermal Detox Mask? Ya don’t say! – Sanctuary Spa

Imagine entering a sauna, feeling your pores open, then applying a clay purifying mask, and exiting the sauna so your pores close and the masks dries up with the gunk from your pores stuck in it. Essentially, that’s what this mask does, and it won a beauty award in 2017 too!

Photo via Tripcanvas

16. From the signature face powders to makeup – Srichand

We were blown away by the beautiful Betta Eyeshadow Palettes by Srichand, along with other makeup products we discovered. This legendary Thai brand is stepping up its game, innovating and modernising their range of products. (The Srichand Glowing Loose Powder truly helps to brighten yellow skin tones and give you a rosier/healthier glow!)

Photo by kruengpech, lycheecakes

17. Problem skin solution – Acne Soaps & Spray

If you’re looking for solutions for your acne, there’s a multitude of options available at Boots & Watsons. From acne soaps of various brands, to the Old Rock Acne Spray (my partner loves this for his skin), feel free to test them out if you’re up for trying new things.

Photo via Tripcanvas

Note: If you have super sensitive skin and fear a breakout, you might want to test the product on a small patch of skin before fully committing.

18. A brand we all know and love – Soap & Glory

While I’m not a fan of their body scrubs, Boots & Watsons in Bangkok carries quite a variety of products by the brand. My colleague absolutely adores their Bright & Pearly Radiance Boosting Cocktail. And if you’re in the market for body toning products, they have a couple such as Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion, and Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D Firming + Smoothing Body Serum.

Photo via Tripcanvas

19. Affordable coloured contacts? Why, thank you – Colour Zone Contact Lenses

Choose from a range of different colours and designs, the Thais love their coloured contacts. You see them everywhere in the night markets, but if you want something a little more reputable – it might be best to get them from the drugstores instead!

Photo via Tripcanvas

20. Have you EVER heard of Hair Blush??? – Hair Blush, Hair Dye, Hair Dye Shampoo

When we stumbled on the Hair Blush, it was the first time we’ve seen something like that. If you love to DIY and change up your hair at home, there’s a cute range of everything from hair blush to dyes and hair dye shampoo!

Photo via Tripcanvas

21. There’s a mask for everything these days… – Fingernail Masks

The title says it all, welcome to your new life with fingernail masks… For moisturised cuticles and what have you.

Photo via Tripcanvas

22. Honestly one of my favourite shampoos to date! – Dove Skin & Hair Care

Did you know that Dove came out with a range of shampoos dedicated to different cultures from all over the world? For starters, the Lotus-scented Hair Straightening Ritual “is inspired by Japanese rituals of treating hair with blends of pink lotus and rice water”. MY FAVVVVV (I’m DEFINITELY going back to stock up on these.)

Photo via Tripcanvas

23. Can’t get enough of those collagen products? – Collagenese

From collagen supplements to drinks, of course collagen skin care makes sense. (Although there have been studies that might argue against this, collagen generally helps to boost the skin whether applied or ingested.) If you’re keen, try this out!

Photo via Tripcanvas

24. For those who absolutely love coconut oil-based products – i Nature, Inecto Naturals

We have a colleague who adores coconut oil-based products and needless to say, she was raving over the huge bottle of i Naturals’ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and the Inecto Naturals coconut range. If you’re in the same camp, you’re in luck!

Photo via Tripcanvas

25. Fancy some Thai spa time at home? – Sabai Arom

If you can’t get enough of your at home spa products, consider the affordable and cute Sabai Arom stuff. From different scented cooling gels, to basically anything you’d need for an at home spa ritual – they’ve definitely got this one in the bag.

Photo via Tripcanvas

26. Bye Luxola, Hello Boots/Watsons – Sleek

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My favourite part of Luxola (in SG) were the Sleek products they carried, and now that it’s gone, I get to get my fix in Bangkok’s drugstores. FYI, apart from owning their beautiful blush/highlighter/bronzer trio, I got the brush set on my last trip too!

Photo via Tripcanvas

27. SERIOUSLY? Tired of boring old toothpaste cream/gel? – Nude Liquid Toothpaste

Not sure if this is innovative, or simply a gimmick, the idea of this Liquid Toothpaste that turns into a lather when you gargle is pretty unique. Try it!

Photo via Tripcanvas

28. When in Thailand, you might as well… – Thai Soaps & Shampoos

We love to drink their butterfly pea drinks, why not use it in our hair too? I haven’t personally tried these Thai brand shampoos to be honest, but I can’t deny they look real good. (I’ll get this on my next trip and update the story when I do!)  Apart from that, I personally do love that Thai brand soap bar (the all white bar). It smells amazing and gets me all squeaky clean!

Photo via Tripcanvas

29. Tried this famous Japanese facial powder cleanser before? – Kanebo Suisai (Beauty Clear Powder Wash)

Apparently, lots of people swear by its cleansing powers. Since you’re already in Boots/Watsons, there’s no harm giving this a shot!

Photo via Tripcanvas

30. One for the flight crew – Lanna & Naksoo Foot Patch

This is another one of those products that we saw travellers buying in bulk. Most especially the Lanna Foot Patch purchased by ladies, and the Naksoo Foot Patch by older folks. If you have people in your life who tend to have chronic foot ache, you might want to let them try this out. (After all, Thailand’s famous for their herbal remedies right?)

Photo via Tripcanvas

31. Pretty packaging, interesting products – Faith in Face

With a design that looks a little like Soap & Glory, this brand actually originated from Korea. Its products are geared toward Asian skin (just like any other Korean brand products am-i-right), so have fun checking them out!

Photo via Tripcanvas

32. In Malaysia and Singapore, and Thailand too – Physician’s Formula

If they’re available back in your home country, what’s the point of checking this out in Thailand? Well, different countries usually carry similar but slightly different varieties of products. Just like how you can’t get certain Soap & Glory products in Singapore’s Sephora but you can get them in Boots/Watsons in Bangkok – look out for interesting products that might not be available back home such as this Lip Plump Potion!

Photo via Tripcanvas

33. Who’s a yummy mummy (or trying for it at least) – Pregnancy Test Cassette

As ladies grow older and ease into the next chapter of our lives from teenhood to adulthood, some of us might be in that place in life where we’re considering having kids. (At least my friends are…. hahaha) Instead of splashing out on those expensive Clearblue pregnancy test kits, or cheapo ones you’re afraid might be faulty – try these! They’re affordable too. 😉

Photo via Tripcanvas

34. What does Michelle Phan love? – Sailormoon Makeup

If you watched Sailormoon as a kid, or you’ve followed Michelle Phan since her Ricebunny years – you might just appreciate these Sailormoon-themed cosmetics too. Whether it’s worth the price or not, that’s totally up to you.

Photo via Tripcanvas
Photo via Tripcanvas
Photo by prawindafitri classicgirlhalina TripCanvas

35. A face mask a day keeps the wrinkles at bay – Face Masks

If you’re a religious user of face masks, there’s no better opportunity than here in Bangkok to stock up on them. Unless you’re in Japan or Korea of course, but then again – it’s generally all the same isn’t it?

Photo via Tripcanvas

36. Any Anytime Fitness members here? JK – Sun, Swim, Gym Hair Care

Whether you gym or not, if you’re the sort that enjoys activity, whether it’s outdoors under the sun, in the water, or indoors at the gym – check out this special range of hair care formulated just for you!

Photo via Tripcanvas

37. This is one brand that has stood the test of time, and for good reason – Vaseline

While I particularly enjoy their lip balms (you know the ones in the mini pots), it’s good to know that they have moisturising body wash, AND men’s facial cleansers too.

Photo via Tripcanvas

38. Yesssss, it’s time for a milk bath at home! (or in your hotel) – A Bonne Spa Milk Salt

We’ve all heard about the benefits of milk baths, right? Now you can have the luxury of an easy milk bath simply with this cute product! (I bought 2, 1 to give away and my friend loved it.)

Photo via Tripcanvas

PS: If you don’t have a bath tub at home, you could also use these for a foot bath. It’s super relaxing, tried and tested!

39. Fairest in the land – White Me Up Sleeping Pack

Stereotypical or not, there are some who love a good tan, and some who prefer to avoid the sun entirely and get as snow white as possible. If you’re a firm believer of the latter, you could give this a shot! (Actually, there are a lot of whitening products in shops all around Thailand – which Asian country doesn’t – so feel free to check them all out.)

Photo via Tripcanvas

40. Quick home mani-pedi solution – Dashing Diva Nail Press (Press-on Gel Manicure)

When it comes to personal grooming, I do enjoy having a nice set of nails myself. This explains my monthly visits to the nail parlour. If you don’t have the time and patience for that, but want a solution for a quick fix before heading somewhere fancy – here you go.

Photo via Tripcanvas

41. An on-the-go throat spritz for the pain – Snake Brand Herbal Rescue Spray

Can’t remember if I’ve seen something like that around. All I remember is Pei Pa Koa cough syrup, whether it’s sucking on the sweet, or drinking the syrup by the tablespoon, or diluting the syrup in water and enjoying that. If your job requires you to talk a lot, or if you’re prone to throat pains, you could give this a shot.

Photo via Tripcanvas

42. Something weird? Yay or Nay? – Fracora Placenta Soap

Some women believe in it, and some don’t. There are those who give birth and have their placentas cooked up like a steak (and eat it), and some who ingest it in powder pill form. Regardless, this Japanese soap is supposed to be an anti-aging soap for sensitive skin. If any of you try it, please let us know how you feel about it!

Photo via Tripcanvas

43. A brand that’s been crazy popular since over a decade ago – Snail White

It started off with the Snail White cream back then, and has since developed into a whole range of products from body soap to serums and sunblock. I’ve pretty much tried it all, and I would say that I have friends who swear by their body soap.

Photo via Tripcanvas

44. Oily scalp? No worries – Dry Shampoo

The usual dry shampoo brands we see are generally Batiste. (I have one sitting on my counter even now.) If you’re an ardent lover of dry shampoo, go ahead and explore the different brands both Boots & Watsons carry!

Photo via Tripcanvas

45. Love that squeaky clean feeling – Shokubutsu

I haven’t been able to find these Shokubutsu bubble foam products back home to be honest. If you’re like me and you’d love to get your hands on these – you know where to find them now.

Photo via Tripcanvas

46. Anything multi-functional sounds good to me – Yobelle 3-in-1 Shower Scrub

Hate wasting time showering, and THEN doing a scrub? This 3-in-1 option will be the answer to your (first-world) predicament.

Photo via Tripcanvas

47. Pretty packaging, equally delicious scents – Champneys Health Spa

Accordingly, “Champneys was the first health resort of its kind” and was the UK’s original health spa established in 1925. Betcha didn’t think you’d be finding English products here in Thailand did’cha. If you’re looking for shower spa products, give it a go!

Photo via Tripcanvas

48. How good does Snow Lotus sound? – Snow Lotus Cooling Gel, Aloe Vera Cooling Spray

I’m a sucker for anything lotus, and well, aloe vera too. It was cool stumbling on these neat items! Good for sunburns, itches, scratches and the like.

Photo via Tripcanvas

49. I seriously swear by the white one – Biore Face Milk

I can’t remember if my home country has as wide a range as Bangkok has with all the different colours, but I will say this. I actually discovered this in Bangkok (I KNOW, it speaks volumes about how I ONLY shop in Bangkok and not back home), and my usually quick to get oily skin has been oil/shine-free since!

Photo via Tripcanvas

50. Isn’t this an interesting name for a skincare brand? – Voodoo

From the Eternally Gorgeous Cream (albeit with a typo), to the Premium Booster Sleeping Cream, the Thais kinda love this. I have yet to personally give this a try, but I will say that it’s worth exploring at least once – just to see if it’s worth the hype.

Photo via Tripcanvas

51. Bring your favourite Thai massage HOME – Thai Massage Balm

I have nothing more to say but this. Treat your mom, dad, partner, siblings, friends, whomever to a good old Thai foot rub! The scent of this massage balm will be enough to transport you back to Thailand – and we can’t deny the healing magic of this soothing balm too. (I personally bought a big tub for my ol’ dad who suffers from chronic foot pain, and he’s completely finished it.)

Photo via Tripcanvas

52. Anti-oxidant and anti-pollution skincare – Pure Beauty Skin Care

If you’re like me, and constantly in the market for skincare that combats certain stuff like photoaging – that can be caused by not just the sun’s UV rays, but artificial light sources such as blue light from your phone & computer screens for example… (Hello, Soo Beauté’s Blue Light Defence Eye Cream!) This might be just up your alley. Especially if you live in the city with haze or certain levels of pollution, this is worth trying, IMHO.

Photo via Tripcanvas

53. All the different types of sun protection you might want – Allie

From Waterbased UV BB Gel to Double Proof UV Gel and more, Allie is an interesting alternative to Biore’s Face Milk or Anessa’s sunblock. It’s definitely on my list of products to try next!

Photo via Tripcanvas

54. Yay to the lip liners! – Mee

I really, really like the lip liners by this brand. It’s pretty staying (although drying as per norm), but it glides on quite evenly – and even comes with a small stiff lip brush on the other end to smooth the lip liner out. They’ve other products you can check out too!

Photo via Tripcanvas

Well, I absolutely went nuts writing this lengthy list, but it was the good sort of ‘nuts’. May this list of our drugstore finds inspire your next shopping trip to Boots & Watsons in Bangkok!

And remember, if you find any interesting new products, PLEASE share them with us on our socials @ #tripcanvasthailand!

Much love from one sort-of-shopaholic (only in Bangkok, I promise), to another. <3

PS: We were totally eyeballed by the Watsons’ staff at the Siam branch opposite the BTS, and they were quite rude to us. It was quite an unpleasant experience, and we sincerely hope that the customer service improves.

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