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As a little girl, we’ve probably once had girly fantasies – such as having beautiful Disney dresses or imagining our “prince charming”.

For me, I’ve been there, done that and have now moved past that stage. (Thankfully)

And just because we’re older now, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these girly pink cafes – something we would’ve probably imagined when we were younger – in central Bangkok.

If you’re looking to enjoy the ultimate girls’ day out with your besties in Bangkok, why not visit one of these pink cafes? It might even be the “cherry on top” of your special day. 😉

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1. An enchanting fantasy land where wishes come true – Sretsis Parlour

You might have heard of this whimsical luxury Thai brand, Sretsis, but if not, it is never too late to head to the sisters’ edible world (yes Sretsis is sisters spelled backwards).

This café is utterly dreamy and obviously very, very girly.

Once you step in, you will be carried away to fantasy land by the prettiest daisy-adorned floors, get lost in dreamland with their sky-like ceiling – and their floral wallpaper will get you wandering…

Photo Via Jojoanneee, Met107fm

The café interior is cheery yet very serene, as it is inspired by the three sisters’ latest fashion collection “Tamed Lovers”.

Photo Via Opalsinee, Jessicachaw

In fact, you will spot the same visual designs on their dresses and other pieces like on their wallpapers, teacups, sofas and even their drinks, oh but cakes too… Beautifully illustrated unicorns and lions with a touch of glittery sparkle that doesn’t even do justice to the taste!

Photo Via Nuiarada, Nanne_n
Photo Via Pearypie, Ne_ung, Ladygreyinlove, Rbltraining, Ononono.nt_

Sretsis Parlour

Price: Tea sets from 550-650 Baht / approx. USD $17.50-20.65
Address: Central Embassy, Level 2 Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 160 5875
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 8pm


2. The ultimate princessy garden – My Castle Cafe

One scene I always liked reading in my romance novels is when the girl and guy secretly meets in a garden. There’s just something so romantic about it that it never fails to make my heart race.

Entering this cafe reminds me of this scene, especially with the bird cage-like sofas and pink flowers adorning the entire ceiling. The walls even has a castle painted on it and neon lightings. Not only is the interior pink, the outside of the cafe is also pink – what else can be more girly than this?

Photo Via Chollycha_shop, Sweets__nano
Photo Via Sweets__nano-2, Dell_onnicha
Photo Via Sweets__nano, A_aey69, Naskiss
Photo Via Katy_006, A_aey69

While you’re here, add some sweetness to your day with their desserts – whether it’s their egg waffle with strawberry, whip cream and ice cream or one of their drinks. Or maybe a plate of spaghetti or salad for something more filling.

Photo Via,, Muttanang, Toonizez

My Castle Cafe

Price: from 45 Baht / approx. USD $1.49
Address: A12 โครงการOn green Liang Muang Nonthaburi Rd, บางกระสอ เมือง Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 65 539 4040
Opening hours: Mon-Tue & Thur from 11am to 9:30pm, Fri-Sun from 11am to 10:30pm (Closed Wednesdays)


3. Try Bangkok’s best brown sugar boba drink – Seoulcial Club

It might just be me and my friends, but Seoulcial Club (a.k.a the parent store of “Fire Tiger”) makes the best brown sugar boba drink ever! Hence it’s no wonder why everyone seems to order that when they come here.

Photo Via Nok_candy, Thadabuta, Liew.am_

What makes this place even more special than the other Fire Tiger branches in Bangkok though is its exotic yet feminine interior. With the pink flower and trees wallpaper, geometric photo frame and its iconic life-sized tiger doll, this place reminds me so much of a tropical paradise in Aladdin.

Photo Via Heypegasus, Tom_pithukpong, Faiisskn, Lookchin___

And with the velvet sofas and pink plush pillows, hanging out with your girlfriends has now become a much more comfortable affair.

Photo Via Panpann.pp, Deviananugrahaputri

Seoulcial Club

Price: from 110 Baht / approx. USD $3.63
Address: Siam Square Soi 3, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 90 936 3636
Opening hours: Daily from 10:30am to 9:30pm


4. It’s a ladies night out – Cafe La Rose

There are 3 things I always make sure to do when deciding on a restaurant or cafe to go with my friends: delicious food, easily accessible and beautiful interior. This restaurant meets all three criteria easily, whether it’s the rose-filled interior or many food and drink options (they also serve alcoholic beverages).

Photo Via Annietuli, Mlymindd
Photo Via Annietuli, Mlymindd
Photo Via Bambiieis, Poupee_friends99
Photo Via Chasing_delicious, Ziczagiiz_, Puifaify, Chillguidebkk

It’s not so far away from the BTS too (it’s 1.3km away so you might have to take a motorbike if you don’t want to walk).

So if you’re looking for a ladies night out, why not try Cafe La Rose?

Cafe La Rose

Price: from 120 Baht / approx. USD $3.70
Address: 66 Phibun Wattana 10, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 99 198 2571
Opening hours: Tue-Sun from 11am to 10pm (Closed Mondays)


5. It’s a girl’s dream come true – Kay’s Boutique Breakfast

There are two things that ladies appreciate: flowers and coffee. While the former is because of it’s feminine and beautiful, the latter is because it’s a necessity to power through the day (at least, that’s the case for my cousin). So imagine how you’ll feel after experiencing these two things first thing in the morning? Magical! The whole day probably feels like a breeze…

First thing’s first… This cafe is full of pink and white roses that you probably thought that Valentine’s Day arrived earlier!

Photo Via Crystal_qing, Joywithkc
Photo Via Lockety, Jessica.hoyee_

Plus, true to its name, it opens at 6:30am so you can have your breakfast here. They do have heavier options like spaghetti and burgers though, so it’s super okay to come later in the day. One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely go home with a smile on your face.

Photo Via Mildwaranchalee
Photo Via Mutia_natalia, Supersushirollll, Alstoop

Kay’s Boutique Breakfast

Price: from 75 Baht / approx. USD $2.48
Address: 116/55 Rang Nam Alley, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 245 6138
Opening hours: Daily from 6:30am to 4pm


6. This pink cafe lets you shop and eat ‘til you drop! – Pinkplanter Cafe

I never knew you could be girly AND chic until I met one of Bangkok’s grooviest little cafe. Another ode to the retro pastel vibes where everything from interiors to desserts look this good!

Photo Via Lingweiix, Hlrys, 723photobook, Kateptolentino

Another clothing/homeware concept store that’s added a funky cafe to its floors… After browsing the racks sporting numerous popular and fashionable brands, the third floor is where all the refreshing, tasty moments happen.

Photo Via Aamnamishra, 1987brandofficial
Photo Via Matchbox.official, Dutchmewmill, Fiatarz

Try their Ice-cream Spaghetti or an adorable Winnie the Pooh Ice-cream sandwich, and their pancakes look icing-sugar-coated dreamy delicious!

Photo Via Aamnamishr, Achadotcom

I love the decor from the cacti, to the tropical fern illustrating plastering the walls – a total photo opportunity I dare do say!

Pinkplanter Cafe

Price: From 85 Baht / approx. USD $2.76
Address 2 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 95 505 5818
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 8pm


7. “Let the waltz begin!” – House Of Eden

We might not be in Vienna, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own ball season in Bangkok. At House of Eden, every day feels like a winter party with the lights and silver tinsel covering the roof.

Photo Via Lkzxphotography, Chiweilim, Yhokradchamon
Photo Via Maypimm

It also plays up to every girl’s fantasy with the amount of pink they have going (there’s only pink, silver and more pink here!). In fact, the place is super girly yet so classy that you probably never want to leave this place.

Photo Via Chicagoyumster, Cristina___lin, __Kyn.th_

Don’t forget to try their sweet and savoury delights too, such as their “Angel (Hair) in the Garden” or “Chocolate Lava” cake.

Photo Via Ehhrora,, Nantwn, Adashandasplash

House Of Eden

Price: from 130 Baht / approx. USD $4.29
Address: สยามดิสคัฟเวอรี่, อาคาร, 301, Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 65 153 7999
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm


8. Girls on the beach – Cafe Thieves and Bar

Girls loveee beaches, not just because of the sea and the parade of colourful swimsuits you got going, but also for its relaxing vibes. So when you combine “pink” with beach, you’ve got yourself a pretty and totally retro cover-worthy cafe.

Photo Via Bkkmenu, Kiewkoi
Photo Via Santoshishetty, Manee_wj

The interiors stick to that diner vibe, adding a touch of dramatic lighting and design here and there.

Photo Via Cafethievesandbar, Praeploypraeployy

The food is on-point, and they often add new touches to the menu to keep up with the seasons. Try their Summer Grill filled with tiger prawns, squid, scallops and grilled fish, fresh and light, just in time for summer!

Photo Via Cafethievesandbar
Photo Via Kodokuno_gourmet_in_bkk, Freeze_frozenyogurt, Chutima_jatsadanurak, Cafeteller

Cafe Thieves and Bar

Price: From 150 Baht / approx. USD $3
Address: 40, 25 Soi Ekkamai 12, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 95 164 6551
Opening hours: Thu-Tue from 8am to 12am (Closed Wednesdays)


9. A dessert-filled high tea in an indoor garden – Thong Yoy Cafe

If your appreciation for beautiful sweet creations holds as much significance as your love of plush pastel interiors, adorned with a flamboyant arch of flowers… This is the place to consider for a dessert bonding affair with the girls!

Photo Via Neww_pt, M_a_i_i_a_m

At Thong Yoy Cafe, traditional Thai desserts and drinks are served on beautiful golden/copper plates, or rose-gold tiers while you sit with a side of blooms. The interiors are filled with overflowing flowers, marble bar counters and rattan chairs, and the result is delightfully picture perfect.

Photo Via Cherpinkz, Ktnatacha, Praew_prem, Swrose.m

Grab their Tea Set priced at 150 Baht and enjoy a variety of sweet delicacies and local drinks. You might want to opt for their colourful pastel soda drinks to level up your Insta game!

Photo Via Abboooko

Thong Yoy Cafe

Price: From 150-250 Baht / approx. USD $4.95-8.25
Address: 88/2 ถนน พระรามที่ 6 Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Khet Phaya Thai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 83 298 7288
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 7am to 9pm; Sat-Sun, 10am to 10pm


10. Somewhere over the rainbow – Unicorn Café at Sathorn

It is true that not on many occasions do you get to marvel at a majestic rainbow in Bangkok, despite the hundreds of gallons of rain.

A creative alternative to this would be a unicorn figurine-packed little shop splattered with every single nuance of pink and pastel under the sun.

Photo Via Yellyyyy

So, ladies and gentlemen – as we promote equality in every shape and form – here is how to enjoy this gem to its fullest!

a. Leave your disbelief at the entrance door because unicorns do exist.

Photo Via Beltbebuz-steppss

b. Order the signature Rainbow Cake – mostly for pictures, although it is edible as well

Photo Via Lucymackay_x

c. Convince your boyfriend this is a very manly place, because what’s manlier than a horse with a stick on its head?

Photo Via Beltbebuz

d. Have a little unicorn tea party

The menu is actually a bit more diverse than we might have inferred, but all food and drink items are pastel coloured and even the cutting utensils are diamond-shaped at the top.

Unicorn Café at Sathorn

Price: From 100-250 Baht / USD$2.80-7 per person
Address: 44/1, Sathon 8, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 86 397 9262
Opening hours: Tue – Sun from 12pm to 8pm (Closed Mondays)


11. It’s The Jungle Book! – Netsepia Fashion Cafe

I mean… With the amount of stuffed animals here, even you’ll think this cafe is from The Jungle Book. The only difference is that the Bagheera here is a pink panther while Baloo is now a small and cute stuffed teddy bear. You’ll still feel the same joy after watching The Pink Panther though, making it a great location to meet up with your gals. (Which girl doesn’t love dolls?)

Photo Via Oatorange, Powder_ice
Photo Via Netsepia, Kamijn_p, Mssundaisy

The food and dessert menu isn’t so extensive, but enough to make you feel stuffed and happy (Creamy Omelette or Spaghetti anyone?). However, they offer a wide array of drinks from Italian Soda to the usual tea and coffee.

Photo Via Nink_salinp, Cause_im_hungry, Ppukpukpuk

Netsepia Fashion Cafe

Price: from 50 Baht / approx. USD $1.65
Address: 457/4 Pracha Rat Sai 2 Rd, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 96 269 5459
Opening hours: Tue-Sun from 11:30am to 9pm (Closed Mondays)


12. For some nostalgic childhood memories – Cintage Shop

Don’t we all wish we could go back to our school days? Back to all the fun and probably precious nap time that we didn’t appreciate!

Back your backpacks, Cintage School makes your dream of being 12 again come (somewhat) true!

Get your old-school crew down, choose your retro school desks for your gossip and order a few plates to share at lunchtime. Now that you are old enough to rebel, no one is going to stop you from ordering colourful cakes for lunch!

Photo Via Bellkamolratt, Mewer_rsu
Photo Via I_am_aeii

Like at school; our favorite moment is recess time – have fun and plunge in the ball pit with your friends! Good times ahead!

Photo Via Nut_nutkamon, Vwongchai

Drinks and meals come atop a flamingo floater which is both delicious and worth squealing over, with serious IG vibes too.

You can even complete your experience at the Cintage Shop downstairs for some retro fashion shopping!

Photo Via Pompamthong, Kati_kt

Cintage Shop

Price: From 50-150 Baht / approx. USD $1.60-4.80
Address: Siam Square Soi 6, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand  (Coordinates here)
Opening hours: Daily from 12pm to 8pm


13. Dine with style at this pink flamingo cafe – Once Cafe & Cuisine

It might not be as flamboyant as the other pink cafes in this list, but that’s what makes this cafe stand out to me. Its soft feminine charms is perfect for girls who aren’t quite fond of too much pink, and for those who are bringing their significant others (admit it guys, you sometimes feel “pink” is too emasculating).

Photo Via Meganwkn, Chegoh, Aniiisha__
Photo Via Snnngorious, B_kaewpila

The subtle pinks still provide this air of whimsy and femininity, and the cafe also offers many delicious sweet treats, from Egglette Tower to cotton candy drinks – a fan favourite.

Photo Via Xingyeex2, Jeabkiatsuda
Photo Via Anjellawong, Cn_bie, Yukisg_foodie

Once Cafe & Cuisine

Price: from 89 Baht / approx. USD $2.94
Address: 228 Siam Square Soi 2, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 84 777 7322
Opening hours: Daily from 11:30am to 9:30pm


14. Take me to the streets of New Mexico, it’s where the cool kids are – Oh Vacoda, Ari

Were you never the “girly” girly type like Cinderella but more of the “cool” girly type like Pocahontas? Well baby, you’ve found it! This reminds me of any hipster-esque cool place on the streets of Taos, New Mexico, or even Cape Town, South Africa.

Blended in orange hues, from the dark peach walls, with its matching yellow scooter, to the retro peach shading and lighting inside the cafe – it screams cool down to the last biscuit in your milkshake!

Photo Via Angsumalin_s, Imtwiggy
Photo Via Thechankburgundy, Pimpployy

What to expect on the food front? Fun, Thai fusion and a whole lotta love for the glorious avocado. I absolutely love love loveee that they incorporate it into Thai food too. (Let’s be real, it’s not a traditionally common ingredient in Thai cuisine.)

Pad Kraprao (Thai basil chicken with rice) comes with a side of deep-fried avocado coated in golden batter, YUM, or try their Avocado Cheesecake ice-cream Sundae!

And it’s also all over the drinks menu too – their Americado is basically an espresso shot mixed with brewed Avocado Seed Tea (which they also serve just btw).

Photo Via Fernphotographer, Teddymild, S.i.t.a
Photo Via Pupulele, Its_me_tor, Bkkmenu, Lalita_taiy

Oh Vacoda, Ari

Price: From 90 Baht / approx. USD $2.89
Address: 1/1 Soi Ari Samphan 4, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 80 046 0349
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm


Found a place to go with your gals yet? I have, and will definitely be going there with my bestie for our next monthly meetup. Hopefully you’ll have a blast, cause I know I definitely will! So for now, bye byeeee… 😀

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