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First time travelling to Bangkok with the family?

Whatever the case may be, dive straight into the hustle and bustle, the heart of a city, the smells and street foods and vendors selling everything under the sun, the beautiful chaos, the Bangkok we imagine.

Pratunam is the perfect location as BKK’s shopping hub.

Traveling with the entire family and large groups, it can sometimes be tricky business trying to find a suitable hotel with enough rooms, that won’t break the bank – as well as all the bed and room delegating that comes with it, am I right parents?

So to lighten the travel stresses, we’ve found the best family and interconnecting rooms for four (even six) for under $130.

Convenient and in the heart of the city, all the while ensuring comfort for everyone in your pack.

So get ready to plan that fun shopping-filled, foodie experience adventure and do remember to keep these hotels, boutiques and luxury hostels in mind!

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1. Looking for a swimming pool and fitness center? – Le Tada Residence

Modern, cosy, comfortable and private seems to be the motto of Le Tada Residence with its sleek interiors.

It’s perfect for small families, surrounded by greenery thanks to the trees at Santipab Park, which is awesome to have as a view in a big city!

There’s also a swimming pool, which is perfect for your kids AND escaping the Bangkok heat.

Photo Via Tranlylyy

An airport shuffle, that they offer, is so ideal, especially when travelling with kids, and bags, and toys, etc and is in the heart of Pratunam – where you’ve obviously come to do a teensy, weensy bit of shopping…

It’s got a luxurious resort feel at a fraction of the cost; it’s comfortable and has everything you need whether you’re in the room or out of town.

Le Tada Residence

Rate: From USD $90.60 / approx. 2992 Baht  (for Family Room with balcony for 3 + 1 extra Bed); From USD $101.65 / approx. 3356 Baht (for Family Room for 4)
Address: 440/58 Ratchawithi 3 Ratchathewi, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +6622455198
Email: [email protected]

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2. Clean and cosy comfort in a pastel paradise with a Middle-Eastern flair – Noursabah Boutique Bed Bangkok

Just a 5-minute walk from Phaya Thai BTS station, be transported half a world away and into a magical refurbished building, converted into the cutest boutique hotel.

Photo Via Riarismayana

There’s definitely a Middle-Eastern design to it, but all done in soft pastels, it’s really beautiful.

Photo Via N.fade_

It’s ideal for families of all sizes as they have different rooms to suit all your accommodation needs, so everyone gets a comfortable sleep!

The rooms are spacious and tidy, in their pretty shades of pastel, which is awesome (and always needed) when traveling with the whole family.

Photo Via Elsiechelsie

If you find yourself hungry at odd hours, because sometimes when you want your child to eat breakfast, they  don’t want to eat breakfast and so it goes on and on, but not to fear here, you can help yourself to all-day-breakfast at any time of day.

It’s pretty, pastel heaven and you’ll definitely enjoy the most welcoming stay here!

Noursabah Boutique Bed Bangkok

Rate: From USD $59 / approx. 1963 Baht (for Deluxe Family Room for 4 )
Address: 164 soi Petchaburi 7, Petchaburi Road, Phayathai, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 214 3901

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3. Within arms reach of Pratunam market – De Lavender Bangkok

Light, airy, white and clean, four words to describe this next hotel.

It’s got an awesome location that’s very close to the BTS station, which is super convenient when travelling with the little ones.

If your budget is not so high – because how much time do you spend in your room anyway? – then this is a great option for you and your family vacay-ay.

The rooms here are not the biggest, but their family room does have everything you need to make sure you’re all comfortable, and it comes with two double beds. It also has the bonus of a city view!

And here’s the last (best) part, it’s literally 200 metres from the Pratunam Market, the whole lot of you will love it here!

De Lavender Bangkok

Rate: From USD $69 (for family room) / approx 2090 Baht
Address: 122 / 73-74 Ratchaprarop RD Phayathai of Ratchathewi Bangkok, in Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 21022582

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4. Something a little quieter – Citin Pratunam Bangkok by Compass Hospitality

An absolute ideal situation here with interconnecting rooms available which means a whole lot more space (and a teeny bit of privacy for mom and dad)!

Photo Via Compass-Hospitality

It’s located in a small alley so you’re going to have to look closely to find it. However, it’s just a short 7 minute walk from the Watergate Market, perfect for enjoying the city streets with the kids, it’s one of the best things about Bangkok isn’t it after all?

On the mode of transport note, they also have a free Tuk Tuk to take you to the BTS-Ratchathewi station!

As mentioned the room are connected double rooms with a small door in the middle. You can also choose if you’d like two single or one double bed in the second room.

Photo Via Compass-Hospitality, 0luvcassie0

If you’re vegetarian you’ll be happy to know that their restaurant is strictly vegetarian.

Photo Via Compass-Hospitality, Kimengtan511
Photo Via Compass-Hospitality

Citin Pratunam Bangkok by Compass Hospitality

Rate: USD $95 / approx. 3160 Baht (for Family-connecting Room)
Address: 117 Soi Chunladit, Thanonphayathai, of Ratchathewi, in Pratunam,, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 21208999; +66 953653725

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5. If you want to get even closer to the action – First House Hotel Bangkok

Definitely the one to stay at, if you’ve come (or dragged) the family along to shop until we (you) all drop! But to be fair, kids love markets and buying new things, I just don’t know if they can always stand for that long!

Now it’s literally located right next to the Pratunam market! Look out for this obvious hotel signboard, and voilà, you’re there.

Photo Via Adyndasorayalisdi

The rooms are warm and have a modern touch and they’ve managed to create a bit of privacy in between this comfortable space.

Photo Via Shintyaapriliasebayang
Photo Via Iamweikeat

There’s a bean bag, modernised chairs with a 70s vibe to it, a perfect room to spend a night or two in Pratunam.

Being so close to the market, well basically part of the market’s sidewalk – does have it’s perks being first customers of the day and everything is so super fresh.

Photo Via Xelagram888

First House Hotel Bangkok

Rate: From USD $71.50 / approx 2355 Baht
Address: 14/20-29 Soi Juldis, Petchburi 19 Road, Phyathai District, Rajthevee, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 254 0300

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6. Clean, white and simple – Marwin Space

If you’re not fussed about interiors, this simple, cleanly designed hotel will suit you just fine.

Sticking to a monochromatic palette, the simplicity of the place extends to their room offerings. Of course, they have tons of different options if the kids are a bit older, and don’t mind staying in the room next door. (There is also a deluxe room with a king size bed plus a single)

Photo Via Saipimpawee

Although it’s not the fanciest, it’s got everything you’ll need; Flat screen TV, WiFi, fridge, hairdryer, etc..

Photo Via Fardiyandi
Photo Via Chloe_voo

And lastly it’s worth a mention that it’s super close to popular attractions such as Pratunam Fashion Mall, Siam Paragon and Central World.

Marwin Space

Rate: From USD $85 / approx 2800 Baht (for Deluxe Triple with extra Bed)
Address: 2/16 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: + 66 95 445 5982

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7. A good splash of colour here and there – Klub Hotel Bangkok

Calling all the contemporary’s out there, all you artsy families that love a good splash of bold colour!

Photo Via Honeynbee
Photo Via Mita1123, Miqdadsy

This is for cool and the gang, and has some seriously epic facilities especially for a family and the kids. From a foosball table to a pool table, there’s also a mini cinema and a popcorn machine!

There’s a buzz, an energy about the place that mixes well with that travel excitement.

There are two options for a family of four – if you want everyone in the same room go for the two double beds in one room option. They also have double connecting rooms available too!

Photo Via Nathanyang0702

Lastly, there’s a breakfast buffet serving allll the yummy things like waffles and pancakes – which all look delish!

Photo Via Tidteetarn

Klub Hotel Bangkok

Rate: From USD $78 / approx 2570 Baht (for Quadruple Room – 2 Bunk Bed) and USD $43.60 / approx 1430 Baht
Address: 22/1 Petchburi Road Soi 13, Phayathai, Rajthevee, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400 (Coordinates here)
Contact: 063 -464-1011; 02-082-9910

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8. It’s funky and great for travelling friends or family – Nap Hotel Bangkok

This funky hotel in the big city has art on the walls in every room. If you’re bringing the family, you’ll be happy to know that family rooms and interconnecting rooms are available!

Photo Via Nicolebaby.ig_

For groups of friends travelling together, you might love checking out the interconnecting rooms too! They make it easier to get together, whether it’s a night of chatting in each others’ rooms, or simply to compare your shopping loot!

There’s also a beautiful cosy lounge area at the lobby, complete with a long table if you’re looking for a dining space to indulge in all your favourite Thai treats from 7-11 together!

Photo Via Xinerchan_, Yuun_k
Photo Via Yuun_k
Photo Via Ellenoey_, Evelyntay33

Nap Hotel Bangkok

Rate: From USD $44 / approx. 1480 Baht
Address: 22, Soi Petchburi 13, Phethburi Road, Phayathai, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +662 653-6260, +662 653-6261
Email: [email protected]

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9. Open and sleek, ladies and gentlemen – Spenza Hotel

With a spacious lobby and an attentive customer service staff, this hotel is very comfortable!

There’s chalk-painted walls and the hotel design is very sharp in all its greys, browns and whites, lending it a very classic / modern feeling about it.

Photo Via Ndre09

They unfortunately don’t have any rooms with two double beds in one, however, they’ve got one with a double and a single – AND there is an interconnecting room option for you too, if your family is a little bigger.

Photo Via Summer_girl

There aren’t any extra facilities here so I’d say it’s another good one if you’re not planning on being indoors much.

However the time you do spend inside is guaranteed to be comfortable and warm.

Spenza Hotel

Rate: From USD $80.90 / approx. 2 660 Baht
Address: 88 Soi Phetchaburi 15, Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 251 5251

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10. A moment of peace within the city – Metro Pratunam Boutique Hotel

Reconnect with your naturalistic selves in this green and peaceful boutique hotel.

Personally, I always prefer the smaller, more quiet places and being a 10-minute walk away from Pratunam, this is an ideal location if you’re like myself – out of the hustle and bustle, but still close enough.

Entering the hotel, it’s designed in natural light woods, from the floor to the raised wooden beams, super natural and organic, I love it.

Photo Via Greencat032292

They also have GREAT options if you’re travelling as one big happy family – and they the even have a 6 sleeper (four bunk beds, one double and a single), which are all made from woods with white linens hanging from the sides. Gorgeous.

Photo Via Mojojojo_1031
Photo Via Rikawidhiana, Supermekk
Photo Via Ys_stephy

Metro Pratunam Boutique Hotel

Rate: USD $59.70 / approx 1960 Baht  (Quadruple En-Suite Bunk Beds)
Address: 1091/189-191 Soi Petchburi 35, New Petchburi Rd., Makkasan, Rajathevi, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +(662)253-33- 69

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11. It’s like a little home with everything you’ll need/want! – The Residence Rajtaevee

For something a little bit away from the Pratunam market, you’ll find yourself and your family / or friends – spending the next few days in this little mini residence, a place you could comfortably start to call home.

Photo Via Valeriehumilde

Now, here you’re not only going to have to all cramp into one room, but enjoy the luxury of a kitchenette, living area with a flatscreen and sofa and one king, plus two twin beds.

Photo Via Emna_xsn

What better way to unwind after a long day of shopping than submerging yourself into a relaxed atmosphere? 60sqm worth of space of it to be exact, or cook up a delicious meal with everyone getting involved.

There’s also an on-site restaurant which is convenient if you don’t feel like cooking. You’re on holiday after all! It serves both Thai and Italian, because sometimes you want noodles, and other times you actually want a good ol’ pasta.

The Residence Rajtaevee

Rate: From USD $78 / approx. 2575 Baht (for 2-Bedroom)
Address: 588/1 Petchburi Road, Rataevee, Siam, Bangkok, Thailand 10400 (Coordinates here)
Getting there: 11 min walk from Siam BTS
Contact: (662) 656-5165,251-0175

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12. Ideal for a night or two of crashing – Sleepstation @ Pratunam

Just as the name suggests, if you’re looking for somewhere to station yourselves for the next few days in the heart of Pratunam, this one will do just sweetly.

Floor to ceiling windows invite you inside it’s open lobby, and from the outside you’ve got an ABUNDANCE of food vendors and restaurants – and everything around you comes alive at night.

I do love the container-esque feel they’ve got going on inside, with white walls in contrasting textures and brown wicker chairs scattered everywhere. It’s a very open and inviting environment.

The rooms are fairly simple, but again it’s also comfortable – after all, that’s what we really want when checking into your accommodation.

The bathrooms are really nice too, clean and spacious and all closed off.

This is ideal for families that don’t mind being in the busy-ness of Bangkok’s streets, and is just a 300 metre walk from the Pratunam Wholesale Market. I’d say it’s the perfect choice if you’re here for a foodie and shopping adventure.

Sleepstation @ Pratunam

Rate: USD $74 / approx 1430 Baht (Family Room for 4)
Address: 101/3, Soi Sangkarn, Ratchaprarop Rd, of Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand, in Pratunam,, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 20857475

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13. Traditional and warm, a lovely experience – KC Place Hotel Pratunam

Just 5 minutes’ walk from Pratunam Market and you’ll find KC Place, a rich celebration of Thai culture where the hotel design is warm and classical.

From the outside it’s gorgeous with green flora and natural woods you’ll find an array of beautiful art lining the entrance hall walls.

Photo Via Phink90, Engeng.ong_

The rooms have plenty of natural light, and it’s another one on the list that offers interconnecting rooms – midnight snack party anyone??!!

Photo Via Ssamsj

After a longgg day of shopping, you’re definitely going to want to unwind back at your hotel. Well, why not indulge yourself in a massage right in the comfort of the hotel. So if you’re travelling with kids it makes life a whole lot easier!

Photo Via T_eyes_hip
Photo Via Jm.rosabanane

KC Place Hotel Pratunam is just around the corner from Ratchaprarop Station (which takes you to the airport) and is just a 5 minute walk to Pratunam Market!

KC Place Hotel Pratunam

Rate: USD $64 / approx. 2115 Baht (Deluxe Family Room for 4)
Address:  178/35 Rachaparop Soi 5, Rachaparop Road, Pathumwan, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 656 2950

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14. Everything you need to be comfortable on a budget – The Konnect Hotel

It’s cutesy from the outside, and it pops in bold oranges upon entering this hotel.

Photo Via Mss__cherry

It’s a small hotel, and each room is designed with one accentuating colour in mind, so you can expect bursts of colour everywhere that will always keep the kids smiling.

Their family room can sleep up to four people and they can change and accomodate the bed types to suit you and your entire group’s needs!

Photo Via Demynong
Photo Via Nutchea

If your budget is not too high, this is a great option for a group of four.

PS: SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World/Siam Paragon is 2.1 km from the property!

The Konnect Hotel

Rate: USD $56.30 / approx 1850 Baht (for Family Room for 4)
Address: House No.36 Soi 17 Petchaburi Road (Opposite Pantip in Pratunam,) Phayathai of Ratchathewi, in Pratunam,, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  (Coordinates here)

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15. For the young-hearted (it has a bathtub) – Glur Central Pratunam

Sometimes when you’re travelling with the entire family, things do become expensive. So we’ve found another space, that’s simple, central and clean.

Essentially we have to note that this is more of a backpackers / hostel spot, so if you’re travelling in a group and want a room altogether it’s perfect.

If you’re a family, they do have a double family room option anddddd – it’s got a tub to scrubadubdub! Ah, heavenly…

It’s also got a really big, large spacious communal area with bean bags and cushions scattered everywhere for a super chill time.

It’s close to the Ratchathewi BTS station, Pratunam market, Talad Neon Night market, Platinum Mall, and also walking distance (15mins) to Central World.

Worth a mention is the ridiculously fast internet, so if there’s any business you need to quickly catch up on, you’ll be able to do so here with ease!

Glur Central Pratunam

Rate: USD $59.70 / approx. 1660 Baht
Address: 645/17 Petchaburi Road, Thanon Phaya Thai, of Ratchathewi, in Pratunam,, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 953855454

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16. A perfect mix between an up market hostel with your basic hotel needs – The Quarter Bangkok

They call themselves a poshtel and I can definitely understand why. Decorated in blue and white doors and windows, with black and brass accents – it gives off the appearance of a top class bistro you may find on London’s streets.

Photo Via Milkpimpicha

This just-as-ever fancy little boutique hotel truly has a touch of English charm. Enjoy a graceful stay at The Quarter.

The rooms all have a softness and classical-ness about them. They offer four different room options, and two of them suit large groups up to six – which they refer to as a residence.

Photo Via Korn_jurangkool

The restaurant is super popular and for good reason! It serves amazing western food, so if you’re in the mood for a good English breakfast and a hot delicious coffee every morning – we’ve found the place for you.

The Quarter Bangkok

Rate: From USD $121.70 / approx. 4000 Baht (for Private Two-Bedroom Family Room om 3rd & 4th Floor, including breakfast)
Address: The Quarter Bangkok, BTS Ratchathewi exit 4 Bangkok, Thailand  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 959572080

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17. A slight Japanese feel with pops of modern urban – In a Box Hostel

This is minimalism at its best, with everything compact, clean and in its place – just as the name suggests really, all packed neatly in a box.

What makes this hostel a favourite with the online booking world it seems is its convenience. It’s a 1-minute walk from Phaya Thai BTS Station, and a 3-minute walk from the Phaya Thai Airport Rail Link.

It also has a warm and homely feel to it. The lobby has a row of long sofas and a small kitchen done in dark cements and warm yellows and browns.

Photo Via Yyyyyyyyisme
Photo Via Absolutekyle

It’s a narrow hotel / building space so the rooms are not humongous, but with the help of using light wood in the room’s furniture and finishes – it creates a really light, airy and fresh feeling.

Photo Via Kkhmeve

Here, be prepared to sleep Asian-style with a mattress raised on wooden boxes. Catering for four, your room houses two double beds and a private bathroom.

In a Box Hostel

Rate: USD $49 / approx. 1600 Bath (for 4-sleeper room)
Address: 55/39 Soi Kolit (BTS Phayathai), Phayathai Road, of Ratchathewi, in Pratunam, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 957574305

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18. Follow the yellow brick road – GN Luxury Hostel

GN Luxury Hostel alls themselves a ‘luxury hostel’ and you can definitely see why.

Each bed, not even room, but bed, is equipped with its own flat screen TV, comfy headphones, and a super comfortable bed! (As well as the other little goodies and freebies you love getting at a hotel that, let’s be real, don’t usually come with the hostel option.)

You can’t miss it either with it’s super, like we mean, real bright, yellow building – so follow the sunshine, which continues inside; there’s yellow errrwhere!

Their four sleeper option is a double bed with bunk beds plus a small sofa so the rooms are really perfectly compact.

You can even get a six sleeper with an interconnecting double room. So there’s plenty of space and comfort for everybody, and no moans and groans from anybody.

And if you’re dying for a delicious hot cappuccino in the morning, theirs are divine.

GN Luxury Hostel

Rate: USD $46.50 / approx 1600 Baht (for a 4-sleeper)
Address: 78 / 9-11 of Ratchathewi Ratchaprarop Road Thanon Phayathai, in Pratunam,, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 22462313

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So now you have an idea of where to stay in Pratunam and what’s on offer, all within your budget range – it’s time to book your stay and flights!

Don’t forget to please share your market and food experiences with us, we’d love to hear what you’ve discovered, so leave us a comment here, or on our Facebook page.

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