When you think about Thailand, you may think about white sand beaches and sparkling blue seas in Phuket, or maybe busy streets and magnificent temples in Bangkok.

But hidden deep in the unknown, there are many places in Thailand where when you see it – you wouldn’t believe these places even exist, not in Thailand, nor even in this world.

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These 19 unique places in Thailand can make your imagination run wild. From the underworld spectacular and natural phenomenon, to winged fairies and the golden dragon – you may say these places are truly “magical”

1. What will you see? Mickey Mouse, stars, or even animals!  – Sam Phan Bok, the Grand Canyon of Thailand

No need to go to the US to see the Grand Canyon. Thailand has this natural wonder in Ubon Ratchathani., a province in North Eastern part of Thailand.

Photo Via KabbyUBRU

Sam Phan Bok when translated means 3,000 holes in English. The name came from the massive amount of holes on the bedrock of the Mae Khong River, a result from millions of years of water erosion. The water carved these rocks into different shapes and forms. And during dry season when the water subsides, these holes will reveal themselves like a mystical landscape.

Photo Via F.ZERO-N,-Karn_Jewsakun

The organic shapes of the rocks and holes will spark your imagination – some see a heart , a star, and some see animals. So just let your imagination run wild.

Photo Via Oilypatcharin,-Sebhav,-May_Anes

When you’re there, see if you can find the “Mickey Mouse” hole.

Photo Via Faije

Try to visit early in the morning or before sunset, not only will the temperature be great, but  the sunrise or sunset will add the magic to Sam Phan Bok and make you feel transported to a different world.

PS: Make sure to pack water, hat, or a parasol because there’s no shades and the sun can be strong.

Sam Phan Bok, The Grand Canyon of Thailand

Address: Tambon Lao Ngam, Pho Sai District, Ubon Ratchathani
Getting there: By car from Ubon Ratchathani town, go along Highway 2050, passing Amphoe Trakan Phuetphon  then Highway 2337 toward Amphoe Phosai , then Highway 2112 toward Amphoe Khong Jeam. You’ll see the entrance to Sam Phan Bok
By boat, drive  from Ubon Ratchathani town, go along Highway 2050, passing Amphoe Trakan Phuetphon  then Highway 2337 toward Amphoe Phosai to Song Khon Village. You can hire a boat from Had Salueng, (Salueng Beach) to Sam Phan Bok along Mae Khong River for 4 km.
Best time to visit: During dry season ( November to April)
Opening hours: 8.30am-4pm
Price/Entrance fees: Free

2. Glide your way through the blooming red lotus lake – Talay Bua Dang, Udon Thani

Every year in January in the early morning, a normal lake in Udon Thani province will turn into a sea of red.

Over 8,000 acres of Lake Nong Han will be covered with blooming flowers of red lotus or water lilies, that expands the color red to the horizon as far as your eyes can see.

Photo Via Chaiyutsamsuk

Even better, you can hire a boat to get close to these beautiful flowers. When you are out in the lake, gliding among the floating beauties, you can’t help but feel imbued with a touch of magic and romance.

That’s why Talay Bua Dang (Red Lotus Sea) is very popular destination for many pre-wedding photo shoots.

Photo Via Atsurat

The best time to go is before 10am when the flowers at their peak bloom, and if you’re there to take photos, remember to wear white clothing. It will make you really pop in the photo among all that red!

Photo Via Chitsanupong.It

Nong Bua Dang, Red Lotus Sea

Address: Tambon Lao Ngam, Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani
Getting there: By car from Udon Thani, drive on Highway 2 (Mittrapha Rd) to Kumphawapi. Turn left at Marker 26, Banna Dee – Nong Meg for 14 km until you reach Bahn Diem village.
Best time to visit: During blooming season (December  to February)
Opening hours: 24 hours but the hire boat operates from 6am to 11am
Price/Entrance fees: Free

3. Have fun like Mowgli in the Jungle Book on a natural water slide! – Tham Phra Waterfall

Ever dreamt of living like Mowgli from the Jungle Book? While you might not have your very own Baloo to play with – you’ll still get a super fun day on a natural waterslide, in the middle of a jungle that’s 100% mother nature.

Photo Via Kamolned

Located at Bueng Kan Province, in the northeastern region of Thailand, Bueng Kan is rich in natural beauty, especially waterfalls. You can actually visit 4 stunning waterfalls in one day – but the most unique waterfall in Beung Kan (or even in Thailand) is Tham Phra Waterfall, also known as Monk Cave Waterfall.

What makes this waterfall fantastic is not the height, but the wide open area of riverstone. Unlike many waterfalls that can be reached by foot or trekking through the jungle, the only way to get to Tham Phra Waterfall is by boat.

You’ll ride through the luscious green of the nature reserve, until you reach a big open space with streams of water flowing down big boulders. It feels as if someone deliberately built a water park in the middle of the jungle!

Photo Via Greeniw.-S

The rock is so smooth that you can slide from the top to the shallow pool below. And because the rock is very wide, it creates the most beautiful white water curtain that will take your breath away during the rainy season.

Photo Via Ultraaqua

Another surprise waiting here are the Buddha statues strangely placed inside the cove on the upper level. This area used to belong to a Buddhist temple that has since relocated. Now it’s open to the public to enjoy Mother Nature’s playground!

Tham Phra Waterfall at Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: Tham Phra Village, Tambon Sok Kam , Seka District , Bueng Kan 38220
Getting there: By car, from Bueng Kan City Center, take Highway 212 toward Bung Khla District (approx. 26 km). Then turn right to Highway 3024 (approx. 31 km) until you reach a parking lot. Then take a shuttle boat to reach the waterfall.
Opening hours: Daily from 8am to 5pm
Price/Entrance fees: No entrance fee for the waterfall. The shuttle boat ride to the waterfall costs USD $0.70 / approx. 20 Baht

4. A mountain with three flying whales in the sky – Hin Sam Whan, Phu Singh Forest Park

It’s impressive enough how these massive and ancient (over 75 million years) rocks can sit on top of the mountain 350 meters high above the ground.

Photo Via Faraway-Gallery

But from a drone view, it has been revealed that these giant rock formations look like a family of whales. The heads of the whales stick out from the mountain as if they were about to fly off from their mountain home into a magical land.

Photo Via TAT-Udon-Thani

The surface of the rocks are so smooth, and even has bumps and scratches like real whale skin.

You are allowed to walk on the rock but do be cautious as there are no guard rails, and you should not walk too close to the steep (and slippery if wet) edges.  There’s an extremely stunning view when you reach the top of the rock (or the back of the whale), looking over the forest down below.

Photo Via Gruizeawakenboy,-Mmmemie

There are also many shapes of rock formation in Phu Singh Forest Park. According to locals in the know, you can find Elephant Stone, Heart Stone and Stone Wall along the way.

Hin Sam Wan, Phu Singh Forest Park

Address: Khok Kong, Mueang Bueng Kan District, Bueng Kan 38000, Thailand
Getting there: By car from Bueng Kan City Center, drive along Highway 212 toward Nakorn Phanom Province until Tambon Khok Kong ( approx. 10 km), then turn right toward Sri Vilai District, approx. 4km. You’ll see the entrance to Phu Singh Forest Park. Coordinate here
Opening hours: From 6am to 5pm
Price/Entrance fees: Free to enter. You’ll need to exchange your ID for the pass.

5. A waterfall that is the mightiest of all waterfalls in Thailand – Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Biggest, tallest, and mightiest are some of the words used to describe Thi Lo Su Waterfall, located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak Province.

Photo Via Aom_Tim

How big is Thi Lo Su? The fall is about 300 meter high and covers about 5 football fields. During the rainy season, you will witness the sight of endless flow of powerful water crashing down below – creating white mists coming off the fall and often a rainbow too.

Photo Via Beesui

During the dry season, you will see a different kind of beauty. The water will cascade down from the top onto different levels of rocks which are covered in moss and green trees. It almost looks like a patchwork of manicured gardens.

Photo Via _Willfearon,-Macz3000
Photo Via Nok_Nachayada

Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: Mae Chan, Umphang District, Tak, Thailand
Getting there: By car from Umphang Districk, follow the Umphang – Mae Sot route and take a left turn at Km 161 (Ban Mae Klong Mai) to De Lo Pass or the “Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary” checkpoint for 30 km. Visitors should use a pick-up truck or a four-wheel drive car which has high performance. During the rainy season ((June- November), it is impossible for a car to access the sanctuary. you must walk or hire a raft to get to the fall.
Contact: TAT Office in Tak Province at 055-514-341/2/3
Opening hours: Daily from 8am to 5pm
Price/Entrance fees: USD $6 / approx. 200 Baht per person; USD $1 / approx. 30 Baht per car.

6. A mountain with a temple in the sky – Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn, Lampang

Imagine being up on top of the mountain at 815 meters above sea level. There’s a sea of clouds that looks like a white blanket covers the entire valley. There are just a few pinnacles of the rocky mountain peeking through – and you’ll see a temple and more than 10 white stupas sitting on top of the pinnacle.

Photo Via  Wanyud

What a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

Photo Via Youtube

It’s not just the incredible location that makes Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn magical.

Photo Via Romeo-PJ,-Lovevaw,-Nae_Nara

The temple was built by the faith and determination of the community to pay homage to a sacred Buddhist relic at the highest peak of the mountain. Thais believes that anyone who reaches the top (by foot) where the sacred site is, will be blessed with luck and fortune.

Photo Via Apichat-Pimsoda

Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn (Wat Prabath Phu Pha Dang)

Address: .Thung Tong Village, Wichet Nakhon, Chae Hom District, Lampang
Getting there: From Lampang City Center, take Highway 1035 toward Chae Hom District (approx. 50 km). Then just another 1 km pass Chae Hom Village to the entrance of the temple
Price/Entrance fees: The entrance fee is 200 Baht. In addition to this, it will cost USD $2.80 / approx. 100 Baht for a round trip tuk-tuk ride from the first to the second level. There is no transportation provided between the second and third level; you will need to climb on your own.

7. Visit China’s famous Guilin… in Thailand! – Ratchaprapha Dam

Guillin is a province in Southern China that’s well known for beautiful karst topography. Luckily, you don’t need to go all the way to China to admire the beautiful landscape – it’s right here in Surat Thani Province in Thailand!

Photo Via Inahoo

Once a limestone mountain range, the area was flooded to build Ratchaprapha Dam (also known as Chieo Lan Dam). It left the area with clusters of mountain peaks peaking sharply from the very still water.

Photo Via Nattaya

The luscious green trees growing on top of the rugged surface makes a truly breathtaking view that’s hard to forget. Hence the reason why it’s dubbed as “Little Guillin” of Thailand

Photo Via Ben-The-Man

The most famous landmark in Ratchaprapha Dam that you need to see is called Khao Sam Gler” or “Three Friends Rock” in English where a group of 3 rocks forms almost a circle with the tops seem bounding toward the middle as if three close friends are having a conversation (and probably a round of drinks too).

Photo Via Robaka51

People come to Ratchaprapha Dam to seek tranquility. You can also spend time in one of the floating water resorts and just spend days chilling here. Something about the contrast of calm waters against the grand backdrop of mountains can magically bring you peace and serenity.

Ratchaprapha Dam (Cheo Lan Dam)

Address: Khao Phang, Ban Ta Khun District, Surat Thani 84230, Thailand
Getting there: By car from Surat Thani city center, take Highway 401 toward Ban Ta Khun District (approx. 42 km). There’s an entrance with big signage. After entering, continue for approx. 12 km until you reach the dam and pier where you can hire a boat or transport to the hotel.
Price/Entrance fees: No entrance fee for the dam. Boat hire for sightseeing starts at USD $30 / approx. 1500 Baht

8. The glowing blue lagoon fit for water nymphs – Sra Nam Pud, Krabi

What would you do if you were trekking in a dark dense foliage jungle full of big tall trees with twisting roots turning on the ground like big snakes – and suddenly you discover a small opening of trees leading to a pool of crystal clear blue water?

Photo Via Neledvorjaninov

The sun shines down on the  surface of the water, and it makes the pool look like it were almost glowing. You might think in just a few seconds, a magical water nymph would slowly emerge from the water.

Photo Via Zhara_Nilsson,-Kinaamir

The bad news is you might not find fairies frolicking here, but the good news is that you’ll be able to visit this Blue Lagoon at Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, just 70km from Krabi City Center.

Also a part of the sanctuary is the Emerald Pool, a large natural pool filled with pure spring water running down the stream. The water is extremely crystal clear and reflects intense emerald hues.

Photo Via Oriental-Escape

Unlike the Blue Lagoon which cannot be swimmed in due to the surrounding dangerous quicksand, you can swim in the Emerald Pool. Just make sure to get there before 2pm before it starts to get crowded!

Photo Via Amandinevernale

Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom, Krabi 81120 Thailand
Getting there: Many tour operators offers a tour package to visit the sanctuary.  By car from Krabi City Center, take Hightway 4 toward Khlong Thom District. Then to Highway 4038 and 4021 and follow the signage toward the Emerald Pool
Opening hours: January to April, November to December; From 10am to 3pm
Price/Entrance fees: USD $6.50 / approx. 200 Baht (Adult), USD $2.90 / approx. 100 Baht (Children)

9. The sleeping elephant mountain that wears a spiked crown – Doi Chang Pha Dan

Considered the highest point in Prae Province in Northern part of Thailand, from afar, Doi Chaang Pha Dan looks like a sleeping elephant – and you can clearly see the limestone rock on top of the mountain.

Photo Via Adison.Chaiboonruang

The jagged shape of the mountain top makes it looks like it is wearing spiked crowns, but the highlight of Doi Chang Pha Dan is at the high point of the mountain.

Photo Via Hmonghot

First, hike up the mountain to a small monastery at the base of the peak. From there, you can climb to the very top. The climb is quite dangerous, not only because of the sharp edges of limestone rock, but also because there isn’t any other climbing gear.

Photo Via Tor-Royal,-Jikky-Kanda

But when you finally reach the top, the view is amazing, almost out of this world. Soak in the 360 degree panoramic view to see almost the whole province!

Photo Via Thanasit-Sakpladisai

Doi Chang Pha Dan

Address: Ta Pha Mok, Long District ,Phrae 54150 Thailand
Getting there: By car from Phrae City Center, take Highway 101 heading north then take Highway 1024 toward Bahn Suan Khuan Village (approx. 10 km until your reach the entrance to Bahn Mae Lua Village), then continue the access road, up the hill to Mae Lua Village. Then by foot to Doi Chang Pha Dan. Coordinate here

10. A beach where you can walk with the dragon – Talay Whag (Golden Scale Dragon Spine)

At a beach in Sa-Tun province, everyday at low tide, the sea parts and reveals something very big and very mysterious.

Photo Via Tvpoolonline

A mysterious long and narrow ban emerges from the sea. It curves and bends just on the surface of the water. It stretches almost 3 km long between two small islands, and when the sunlight hits, the mysterious ban glimmers like gold.

Photo Via Sawadeethailand

Could this be a sea dragon swimming?

That’s what the locals have imagined and thus named it “Golden Scale Dragon Spine”.

The stretch of glimmering gold is actually an underwater sand dune which emerges when the tide is low. Instead of sand, this dune is made from pieces of seashells which glimmers in sunlight just like golden scales of a dragon would (as one would imagine).

You can hire a boat out to the dune and walk from end to end. Legend has it that anyone who walks on this dragon spine will receive pure energy from the sea that will help to boost your inner chi. If it wasn’t from the mystical dragon, it’s definitely from the stunning scenery of this place.

Photo Via F1stfaloo

Talay Whag (Golden Scale Dragon Spine สันหลังมังกร)

Address: Khao Khaung, Moo 1 , Tambon Ton Yong Po, Muang, District  Sa-Tun.
Getting there: By car from Sa-tun city center, drive along Highway4138, then turn right at 4051 (Viset Mayura Rd) and turn to Bhan Bha Kun Kaey to get to the pier. Coordinate of the islands here
Price/Entrance fees: free to enter the beach

11. A trail in a forest that may lead you to the Lost World – Ang Ka Nature Trail, Doi Inthanon National Park

Thailand is not always about hot and tropical weather.

Heading toward the northern part of Thailand will definitely require thicker clothes, especially at Doi Inthanon aka “The Top of Thailand” – the highest mountain in Thailand that’s over 2500 meters high. The temperatures here are always cold year round, and can even dip below 0 °C.

Photo Via Weekendhobby-01

Because of the high altitude climate, the forest at Doi Inthanon consists of cold weather plants and floras which are uniquely different from the rest of Thailand.

Not too far from the summit,  visitors can enjoy this beautiful landscape by walking along the Ang Ka Nature Trail, a 360 meter long trail that passes through luscious green valley. You will walk on a boardwalk covered in thick mosses, lichens, and fern.

Photo Via Sawasdeezaa

Along the trail, you can also enjoy the big giant trees covered in thick moss on their trunks and branches as if the trees are wearing huge sweaters.

If you visit during a cold foggy day, the fog will add to the mysterious feel that will pull you to enter this magical forest.

Photo Via Jekky_Af

Ang Ka Nature Trail, Doi Inthanon National Park

Address: Ban Luang, Chom Thong District, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50160, Thailand
Getting there: By car from Chiang Mai City Center, drive along Highway 108 to Chom Thong ( approx. 58 km). Then onto Highway 1009 toward Doi Inthanon summit (approx. 48 km)
Contact: 66 53 355728, +66 53 268550
Price/Entrance fees: USD $10 / approx. 300 Bath (Adult), USD $4.30 / approx. 150 Baht (Children)

12. Ever wondered what it feels to bathe in the moonlight? – Sangchan Waterfall

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to bathe in moonlight, you’ll come as close as you possibly can to it at Sangchan Waterfall – a waterfall that looks just like a beam of moonlight, in Ubon Ratchathani province.

Photo Via Sadoodta

Though the waterfall is small but it has a big impact when you see it. The fresh water runs through a big hole from the roof of the cavern down to a pool on the ground. The flowing stream of white water makes the waterfall look just like a beam of moonlight.

Photo Via Art_Play

The best time to visit is at noon when the sun is at the same angle as the falling water. The sunlight passing through the hole will add a magical glow to the already beautiful waterfall.

Photo Via Boy_Anusorn_Jankaew

Better yet, in the full moon around midnight is when the waterfall is the most beautiful – when the moonlight shines through the hole reflecting water droplets from the fall, giving out soft shimmering light that is purely magical.

Sangchan Waterfall, Pha Taem National Park

Address: Huai Phai, Khong Chiam, Ubon Ratcha Thani 34220 Thailand
Getting there: By car from Ubon Ratchathani City Center, take Highway 2134 toward Khong Chiam District (approx. 80 km). Then take Klong Chiam – Khemmarat Route ( Highway 2112)  to Bahn Na Po Khland. Then make a turn onto access  road for 13 km until you reach the fall.
Contact: 045-246-332
Price/Entrance fees: Free

13. The legendary cliff which the great giant lion admired – Pha Singh Liao, Chiang Mai

Carved by the gradual caving of the earth’s surface, this natural phenomenon created a remarkable cliff and majestic pillars.

Photo Via Dr._Puttipong_Amsintonr1

The massive size of the cliff and pillars are not the only things that make Pha Singh Liao so impressive – these pillars are as tall as 50 meters and are considered the tallest dirt columns in Thailand – but the unique sight where mounds of dirt rests on top of them makes these pillars look like they’re wearing a hat. Some say they look like a flower bouquet or broccoli.

At some angles, the cliff also looks like Roman columns.

Photo Via Potpimdee

Do you spot a giant lion on top of the cliff?

Legend has it that these pillars is so beautiful, it made the Great Lion King turn his head to admire the sight. Hence the name, Pha Singh Liao, which translates to “Cliff of the Lion Turns Head.”

Photo Via Naturetalertala

Pha Singh Liao

Address: Tambon Ban Tan, Hot District (Amphoe Hot), Chang Wat, Chiang Mai
Getting there: From Chiang Mai City Center, drive along Highway 108 to Hod District (Amphoe Hod) approx. 130 km. Then from Hod District, drive on Highway 1103 toward Doi Tao District (Amphoe Doi Tao) approx. 10 km until you reach Ban Tan.
Price/Entrance fees: Free

14. Calling E.T, the cave with an alien – Lam Klong Ngu National Park, Kanchanaburi

Going into a dark cave may not be for everybody. Especially at Lam Klong Ngu National Park where you’ll need to trek through the forest, crawling, and climbing to get to the cave. But when you reach there, we guarantee it will be worth it.

Photo Via Chanin.Sin_

Inside the caves, you’ll beautiful limestone structures. Created entirely by the hand of nature over millions of years of water slowly dripping through the limestone rock – these magnificent structures decorates the cave chambers with different formations like a work of art.

Photo Via Palmography

Some hang from the ceiling like flowing silk curtains, while some stack up like columns from the ground.

Some can transform into unusual shapes like the creature from the movie “Alien”. This is why locals calls it “Alien Rock”.

Photo Via Palmography

One of the caves at Lam Klong Ngu National Park, Tham Sao Hin (Stone Column Cave), has the tallest limestone column in Thailand (and the longest column in the world), measuring 62.5 meters in height.

Photo Via Guitarphotohometumtim-

Standing inside these majestic caves and surrounded by ethereal underworld beauty will make you think that you’ve stumbled on a strange new world.

Lam Klong Ngu National Park

Address: PO. Box 4, Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi
Getting there: From Kanchanaburi, take Highway no. 323 (Kanchanaburi-Thong Pha Phum) until you reach Phuttho Junction, then turn right and drive for a further 12 kilometres. Tufn right again and keep going for 4 kilometers to Lam Khlong Ngu National Park
Contact: 71180, 08 6175 4786, 084 9132381
Opening hours: Call to confirm
Price/Entrance fees: USD $7 / approx. 200 Baht (Adults),  USD $3.50 / approx. 100 Baht (Children); Cave Exploration Tours are available too

15. Ever dreamed of going on a space exploration to Mars? – Pong Yup, Ratchaburi

Find yourself on an entirely different planet and enter Mars at Pong Yup.

Photo Via Nicencm

Witness this natural phenomenon where the land has sunken down from erosion over time, and what’s left is a 5 meter cliff that looks like a city wall with odd-looking earthen pillars.

Photo Via Nodted

You can walk around at the bottom of the cliff amidst the maze-like formation of pillars.

Photo Via Epjackass

It truly might make you feel like you were on different planet

Pong Yup, Ratchaburi

Address: Ban Ta Koei, Tambon Ta Koei, Amphoe Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi
Getting there: Accessible by car, From Amphoe Chom Bueng, please drive passing Chom Phon Cave’s entrance towards Amphoe Suan Phueng for around 29 kilometres. Turn left at where the road to Ban Tae Koei (and also Pong Yup) is indicated. There are hand-made direction signs along two sides of crop fields. The last two hundred metres is a gravel road leading to the parking lot.
Contact: 08 1256 2550
Opening hours: Daily from 6am to 6pm
Price/Entrance fees: USD $1-2 / approx. 30-50 Baht per car

16. See the unique flaming cliff on a beach – Had Pha Dang

In Prachaub Khiri Khan, a province in southern part of Thailand, there’s a beach about 10 km long. Along this beach, there’s a very unique cliff that has great geological value and provides an unusual sight to see.

Photo Via Dmcrth

How unique?

Because the cliff is made of laterite which has a natural red color, the sight is made even more beautiful, especially during the early morning when warm sunlight bounces off the red cliff making it look almost like the cliff is on fire.

Imagine seeing a cliff over 20meters high and 5km long that appears to be flaming in gorgeous hues of red. It’s so big that you can spot the red cliff from the adjacent island!

Photo Via Sucha_Li-01

It’s not only the cliff that’s red, the beach also has the same reddish color as a result of the mixture of sand and red stone from the red cliff. With over 100,000 years in the making, the beach here looks almost as if someone painted many layers of red stripes onto the sand beach.

Though it is a beach, it’s not suitable for swimming because of the rip currents and whirlpools, but you can still enjoy this secluded beach during sunrise or sunset.

Red Cliff Beach (Had Pha Dang)

Address:  Tambon Sai Thong, Bang Saphan Noi District, Prachaup Khiri Khan, Thailand.
Getting there: By car  from Prachaub Khiri Khan City Center, Take Highway No. 4 (Phetchakasem Road) to Km. 425 (at Huai Sak T-junction), turn left into Highway No. 3497 for approximately 16 kilometers to local road 1015 until you reach Bahn Fang Dang
Price/Entrance fees: Boat for hire is approximately USD $20 / approx. 600 Baht

17. Imagine being in a jungle with thousands of little fairies – Pang Sida National Park

The butterfly is one of nature’s real life magical creatures because of its transformation. Anyone who loves fairytales will know that a fairy often has butterfly wings.

Photo Via Violet.Melody

Imagine being among thousands and thousands of little fairies fluttering their beautiful wings all around you. This is what you can expect at Pang Sida National Park.

At Pang Sida National Park in Sra-Kaew Province starting in May until September, more than 400 varieties of butterflies will gather in the thousands throughout the park.

Photo Via Thechormashift

To see more of these magical butterflies, plan to visit in the morning, especially on a sunny day. You can get really close to them, but we strongly encourage you not to touch the butterfly as it might harm these delicate and magical creature.

The National Park also has number of waterfalls to enjoy. It’s a must for any butterfly lover, or if you’re one who adores magical sights.

Photo Via Sarahmalligagrob

Pang Sida National Park

Address: Tha Yaek, Mueang Sa Kaeo District, Sa Kaeo 27000, Thailand
Getting there: By car from Sa Kaeo City Center, take Highway 3462 North (approx. 27 km) to reach the entrance of Pang Sida National Park
Contact: 037 247 948
Opening hours: 06.00 -18.00
Price/Entrance fees:  USD $7.00/ 200 Baht for adult. Half price for children


18. A uniquely bizarre rock plain in the mountains – Lan Hin Pum

Some people might find this strange geological phenomenon more unsightly than pretty. Some may find it absolutely beautiful. But whichever way you feel, you have to admit that this place is uniquely bizarre.

Photo Via Cspzhangjing

Located in Phu Hin rong Kla National Park in Phitsanulok province, Lan Him Pum is a rock plain high up in the mountains. What makes it strange is the are gnarly rounded lumps of rocks, strangely in similar sizes, spreading all over the field. It looks as if someone carefully selected and placed each lump deliberately on the mountain – but it’s all just another amazing work of nature.

Photo Via Nokkawat

Lan Hin Pum is also an impressive view point to see the valley below. The view of sunset here is absolutely stunning.

Photo Via Seksan@Keangs9

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of attractions within Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park both in nature and history.

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Address: Tambon Noen Phoem, Nakhon Thai District, Chang Wat Phitsanulok 42120, (GPS  16.893470, 101.099070)
Contact: +66 81 596 5977
Opening hours: Daily from 6am to 6pm
Price/Entrance fees:  USD $16/ approx. 500 Baht (Adult); USD $7.20 / approx. 250 Baht (Children)


19. A place where you can stand above the clouds – Mokoju Peak

Sometimes the more strenuous the journey is, the more rewarding it gets when you reach the destination.

Photo Via Boypotter01

That’s what you will feel when you reach Mokoju Peak. You will be rewarded with the stunning view of rolling sea of clouds as far as your eyes can see, hovering over the hills below.

This must be what heaven looks like.

Photo Via Boypotter01

Situated in Mae Wong National Park in Kamphaeng Phet, western province in Thailand, Mokochu peak is 1,964 meters above sea level.

The word ‘Mokochu’ is a local tribe word meaning “Looks like it’s going to rain”. The name comes from the fact that there are always clouds at Mokochu and it looks like it’s going to rain.

Getting to the peak is not easy. It can only access by trekking 30 km through the forest on rough terrain. It will take 5-6 days round trip and require a guide from park service.

Photo Via Bigstopperphotography

The hike is considered one of the toughest hikes in Thailand but the spectacular view at Mokochu peak still draws serious hikers from all over to conquer this summit.

Mokochu Peak, Mae Wong National Park

Address: Tambon Pang Ta Wai,Amphoe Pang Sila Thong, Chang Wat , Kamphaeng Phet 62120,
Getting there: By car from Kamphaeng Phet City Center, take Highway Number 1 and turn left at 338 km marker onto Highway 1117 at 65 km marker
Contact: +66 90 457 9291

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