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While Emerald Heart Island (more notably known as Cocks Comb Island) is technically in Myanmar, it’s an easily accessible day trip from Ranong in Thailand.

Photo via Gatpattama
Photo via Chahub

A 1 and a half hour’s ride away from Ranong, it’s easy to see how the island got it’s Emerald Heart moniker – through drone view, the ocean lagoon within the island resembles an emerald-coloured heart!

Where is Emerald Heart Island (Cocks Comb Island)?

Without further ado, let’s dive right into how to explore Emerald Heart Island.

1. Get into the ‘Hidden Lagoon’ by going under the caves!

One of the most fun parts of visiting Emerald Heart Island that we’ve heard from travellers, is that before you even get to reach the best part of the island – aptly named the Hidden Lagoon, you’ll actually have to go under the limestone caves first.

Photo via Reefarer
Photo via Salapaonotz

Some are able to take a boat through the caves where there’s space between the water and rock ceiling, while some choose to snorkel their way through the small cave!

Photo via Teerapongv

2. What do people do here?

The main thing most travellers do here is snorkel is snorkel – and whether you’re more comfortable snorkelling in shallow waters, or if you love snorkelling in deeper waters where there’s ton of underwater life to be discovered…

Emerald Heart Island gives you the best of both worlds.

Photo Via Mpatrin

When you snorkel/dive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see everything from…

…large schools of fish…

Photo Via Pomme_Enjoy_Eatty,-Earth_Quakeeeeee

…to a sea of sea urchins (pun unintended)…

Photo Via Mpatrin

…huge jellyfish…

Photo Via Psaipaan

…little black tipped reef sharks (not dangerous!), moray eels, turtles, giant clams, sea anemone and clownfish, corals and more!

Photo Via Pphamcheesechanida,-Joeykrit
Photo Via Mamybooking,-Iamfranky

PS: We’ve heard that while a lot of the coral is dead due to bombings many years ago and illegal taking of ocean life – the wildlife to be discovered here is still fantastic.

3. It’s a fantastic dive site with great visibility too!

Little known to most people, Emerald Heart Island is actually a pretty great dive site too. In the limestone rock at the water’s edge, you’ll find openings where you’ll be able to dive in at a shallow 2-3m depth.

Photo Via Mpatrin

Once in, follow the shafts of light that will point you to the hidden lagoon. When you’re in the lagoon, you’ll find that it has a maximum dive depth of 12-15m with some coral blocks to check out.

Photo Via Dome_Tsk
Photo Via Pomme_Enjoy_Eatty
Photo Via Koboyranong

PS: If you’re an inexperienced diver who’s more comfortable doing shallow dives, we’d recommend checking out the coral plateau that’s only at a depth of 1-2m with great visibility!

4. There are other activities you can do, apart from snorkelling and diving

If you’d like more bang for your buck, you may experience kayaking here too!

Photo Via Marnhonaria

For the less active, feel free to simply float around the gorgeous waters of the island and get some great Instagram shots while you’re at it. 😛

Photo Via Paulinpor

There’s even a viewing platform in the hidden lagoon, if you’d like a higher vantage point to take it all in from.

Photo Via Pcharin

Of course, if you’re here to take Instagram shots too, Emerald Hearts’ Hidden Lagoon makes an incredible place to get those super mermaidy photos.

Photo Via Lynchee_Lynchee

(Mako Mermaids, anyone? Read: Australian TV series about mermaids)

5. It’s the ultimate border-crossing thrill!

If you’ve ever wanted to get more stamps on your passport from a single trip, Emerald Heart Island is one way to do it.

Photo Via Preeya_Air1633

Getting here from Ranong in Thailand means you’ll actually have to get a Border Pass, or Visa for Myanmar, so that you’ll be able to, well, cross borders to Emerald Heart Island. (Even if it’s only 1 hour and a half away!)

Photo Via Wantida2207

It’s easy to do, especially if you apply through your tour operator, a few days in advance. So no worries here. 🙂

Emerald Heart Island

Price/entrance fees: Tours are USD $110 / approx. 3697 Baht (adult); USD $80 / approx. 2689 Baht (kids aged 4-11 years)
Other charges: Do prepare USD $30 per person for the Border Pass (and remember to check with the operator if you require an E-Visa); Hotel pick up in Ranong is also available at USD $3 per person per way.
Address: Cocks Comb Island (Emerald Heart Island), Myanmar (Burma) – Coordinates here
Getting to Emerald Heart Island from Bangkok:
1. From Bangkok, take a domestic flight to Ranong via Nok Air. Flight prices range from USD $90 / approx. 3011 Baht.
2. Once you’re in Ranong, if you want to join the tour from Ranong, you will have to take a 1h 30min boat ride from Grand Andaman Pier at Ranong to Emerald Heart Island. It is recommended to get your Border Pass settled through the tour operator for convenience. (Do double check with them if you might need a Visa too.)
Recommended Operator: Life Seeing Tours
Contact: +95 9 780 980 607 / +95 9 254 207 077
Opening hours: From morning to late afternoon (specific timings depend on the operator)



Where to stay
Find hotels around Ranong on Agoda  

What do you think of this island you’ve never heard of? Wouldn’t it be cool to be one of the first to snorkel/dive here?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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