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Sometimes people can be complicated.

We want everything from cheap plane tickets to pretty places, and be able to shop – as well as other things that make a great holiday, like relaxing by the beach or cafe-hopping and more.

We have good news for you. Cafe-hopping is one romantic activity people love in Bangkok, but most don’t know about the great cafes in Hua Hin too. You’ll get to do this and more, with a simple trip to Hua Hin! (It’s merely 2 and a half hours away from Bangkok by car.)

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To some, the annual sojourn to Bangkok to load up on a year’s worth of new clothes is of utmost importance – and if you want to make it a true getaway that include romantic times with your partner, this is an option you should seriously consider.

Whether it’s a simple 3D2N weekend seaside getaway to Hua Hin, or a combined Hua Hin + Bangkok trip, this itinerary will make planning for Hua Hin way easier!
PS: For your convenience, Klook offers city transfers from Hua Hin to Bangkok, and local SIM card pick up when you reach Bangkok’s airport too!


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When to travel to Hua Hin?

Since Hua Hin is a beachside destination, it’s pretty much perfect for visiting all year round, just like Bangkok. It’s also only a 2 and a half hours drive from Bangkok which means it’s quite easily accessible too!

Where to stay?

1. Unique Stay: Rub the Genie’s lamp and arrive in Arabia – Villa Maroc Resort, Pranburi (from USD $136)

An enchanting resort, Villa Maroc offers the best of exotic Arabian culture – with many gorgeous photo-worthy spots around the property, including a rooftop plunge pool providing an incredible view. (It won’t be difficult to take those romantic “coupleswhotravel” Instagram photos here!)


Photo via tthhiipp, nan_niiz, Opexoscoffee, chonla


The unique rooms of Villa Maroc are dipped in designs and themes inspired by traditional spices and herbs of the Maghreb region of the Arab world – whisking you away into an exotic paradise.


If you’re looking to pamper yourself, Villa Maroc provides the best in Thai massage therapy with the elegance of Arabian furnishings. Release your stresses in a massage under an Arabian cabana on the beach.



Photo via chanindej, bobeesiri

Villa Maroc Resort, Pranburi

From USD $136 (Approximately 800 Baht)

Location : 165/3 Moo 3 Paknampran, Pranburi Prachuap Khirikhan 77220, Thailand
Phone: +66 32 630 771

Check rate on Agoda 

Getting around

To be able to fully enjoy Hua Hin and maximise your adventure here, you should definitely look into hiring a car to get around.

Whether you would rather have a private chartered car or prefer driving around yourself (only if you’re confident on foreign roads) – getting around can be simple!

1. Klook’s DIY itinerary with private car with driver (USD $330 / approx. 10916 Baht for 3 days)
Klook makes it simple with this competitive service that includes a private chartered car service that’s affordable, along with a local driver. You can also opt for a local guide if you’d like a proper tour, as well as a local sim card pick up to go along with your chartered car. It’s extremely convenient and comfortable.

2. Car rental without driver (From USD $41 / approx. 1400 Baht per day)
If you enjoy driving around personally and are confident on unfamiliar roads, you might want to consider renting a car from Thai Rent A Car. It’s tried and tested! (Prices vary depending on the car model chosen.)

Day 1

1000Sook Farm, The Venezia, Azure Restaurant and shop at Cicada Night Market

Once you’ve arrived in Bangkok, make your way to Hua Hin via a 2 and a half hour drive. If you had an early flight, you will reach Hua Hin in time for lunch.

Feast, Farm, Five-and-Dime. Who could ask for more? – 1000Sook Food and Farm

1000Sook Food and Farm is a restaurant, mini farm, and shopping outlet altogether.

First, enjoy a romantic little stroll through the landscaped European-themed mini farm with sheep, Shetland ponies, ducks and rabbits. The photo opportunities are limitless, including horse-drawn buggy rides!

Next, cool off and have lunch at the restaurant, with its abundance of delicious Thai and Western cuisine.

PS: Check into your hotel after 1000Sook Food and Farm if it’s on the way! We’ll be using Beach Garden Hotel Hua Hin as the default stay for this itinerary.)

Photo via winnie_y0ng

Experience the glittering romance of Italy at night – The Venezia

With famous replicas like the famous San Marcos square bell tower, a 200-meter Grand Canal with gondola rides, and Rome’s Fonatana di trevi – this open-air shopping destination exudes the romance and charm of Venice, Italy.

You’ll find 350+ little shops found here, including music gardens, 3D art galleries, mini trains, horse drawn buggies, and upside-down houses – not your average shopping destination with whimsical details all around.

Photo Via O-Jakgree,-i.m_jaye

Toast to your first day at this beachfront bar – Azure Restaurant and Bar, Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort

Make a pitstop at Azure Restaurant for a seaside sunset fine-dining dinner with a great view. Sophisticated and romantic, this restaurant provides Mediterranean cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Next, head to Azure Bar where you’ll get to celebrate your first day with drinks in cabanas with the same stunning views.

Photo via

Inject some art and shopping into your day – Cicada Night Market

With its mesmerising night lights, art, shopping, food and culture, Cicada Night Market is where you want to be with everything for the perfect night.

The market has 4 unique venues: Cicada Art Factory (art exhibitions), Cicada Cuisine (international eats and cold beer), Art à la Mode (a thrifter’s paradise), and Amphitheatre (music, dance and theatre performances).

Photo via cicadamarket

Day 2

It’s a full lovers’ day at the beach (or waterfall), Camel Republic and more!

Breakfast at this eclectic Bohemian lovers’ bistro – Neem Trees Thai Bistro

We call this the La Laguna of Hua Hin with its Bohemian lovers’ charm, thanks to the greenery and eclectic decor.

Your stay will be comfortable and charming – with all the beautiful pictures you can snap as you eat authentic Thai food (try the Pad Thai!).

Photo via tookta_pat-Myst.p

Make the most out of your seaside getaway – Phraya Nakhon Beach, Bang-pu Fishing Village, Pineapple Plantation

If you’re in Hua Hin, chances are you’re looking to spend time at the beach. Klook offers the perfect package that lets you make the most of your time from relaxing and swimming at the secluded Phraya Nakhon Beach.

It’ll also give you the opportunity to see how the locals live at Bang-pu Fishing Village, and make a little visit to the Pineapple Plantation too. Don’t worry about lunch, as lunch is provided!

(There’s another lovely Klook package if you’re into 1000 year old jungles, waterfalls and visiting vineyards as well!)

Photo via th_travels-_44.kg_

Romancing in Morocco and lunch at Hua Hin’s newest theme park – Camel Republic

If time permits, head to the Morroccan-styled Camel Republic.

It has the perfect blend of activities for couples who love animals (Arabian camels, flamingoes and more) and a little bit of thrill (fun rides like ‘Flying Macaw’ and ‘Sky Fly’.

PS: Throughout the park, there are many opportunities to shop at several outlet stores, as well as restaurants to get lunch settled at!

Photo via th_travels-_44.kg_

Indulge with a couples’ spa with a view – The Spa, Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

One thing you must do while on a couples’ vacay is to fully relax together with a spa treatment – even better when the spa has a great view.

We recommend heading to The Spa and combining a massage of your choice, with a couples’ bath (floral, detox, milk and exotic citrus available!)

Cosy up to your sunset seaside dinner – Chom Talay Beach Restaurant

Best when you’re here during sunset so you’ll enjoy sparkling sunset and sea views, this is where you’ll get to have a cosy and romantic dinner in this ambient seaside Thai-style restaurant.

The Thai food served is up to par, with signature dishes like Curry Crab (deshelled!) and more. Indulge in seafood all you want – while it isn’t cheap, it’s still affordable!

Photo via wanwiair-hello2day.com_

Day 3

Finish with a flourish in a French cafe, Plearnwan and Seenspace Hua Hin

Bask in French-styled romance – The’ Tea House

Where better to end of your couple retreat than with a French breakfast tea at this elegant French-styled cafe filled with nature and elegance.

Sit back and enjoy one of the café’s savoury tea cakes, or sip at a cup of fruity Marco Polo tea – as you admire what can only be one of the best examples of interior design in Hua Hin.

Photo Via ten_chayakorn,-irenesin

[PERMANENTLY CLOSED] Indulge in retro romance and culture at this old shopping village – Plearnwan, Hua Hin

At vintage Plearnwan, it’s all about happiness and feeling good. Inspired by Thai Chinese neighborhoods that once occupied Hua Hin and Bangkok, it’s just the right note to end your Hua Hin vacay on.

Browse through shops or check out the incredible street eats. From sweet to savoury, from spicy to chilled, there is something to satisfy every couple!

Photo Via Sitiyostina,-Maiivii

The hippest hangout to lunch at before leaving for Bangkok – Seenspace Hua Hin

Seenspace Hua Hin is a stylish beachfront mall with the occasional celebrity, where there’s cute cafes to grab lunch at.

White Shuffle (an industrial-style seaside hangout), or Platoo Cafe (a gorgeous white and blue beach cafe that extends out to the sandy beach) are good options.

You can also shop here with mid-range to affordable designer ware here. (Sretsis has their Sretsis Mermaid Bar and Shop here too!) Finally, continue your way back to Bangkok!

Photo Via Nampunyisa,-Iboattt,-Aummiizn_n

Total Cost Breakdown

1. Accommodation: USD $29 x 2 nights = USD $58

2. Transport: USD $330 (for 3 days custom tour with Klook)

3. Meals and entrance fees for 2 (not inclusive of shopping)

Day 1: USD $37

Day 2: USD $203.20

Day 3: USD $54

Total = USD $682.20 for 2, USD $341.10 per person

Now you have the best couple itinerary possible, for a quick seaside getaway to Hua Hin – perfect for those impromptu trips, where you’re just longing to escape reality for awhile.

Ground Transport (only)

To make things simple, try Klook’s Hua Hun DIY itinerary with a private car and driver – your Hua Hin trip will be super fun and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Take note that you will not have to stick to Klook’s recommended route/itinerary nor ours, the planning is totally flexible and the driver would help you in the route planning according to your needs. It’s time to go on an adventure!

Booking partners Travel product Price
[1-3 pax] 3 Full Day Private Car Charter
Experienced driver, 12-hour charter service (per day), instant confirmation
[4-10 pax] Full Day Private Car Charter
Experienced driver, 12-hour charter service (per day), instant confirmation

Have fun, and let us know if you like it in the comments below!

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