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Romance, adventure and great weather – this Chiang Mai itinerary is specially created for couples longing to have a different sort of getaway.

Instead of shopping in Bangkok or lazing by Phuket’s beaches, it’s time to consider a brand new romantic escapade – this time, in beautiful Chiang Mai.

We promise, the entire holiday will be photo-worithy and filled with romantic places from start to finish.

You’ll get to experience fresh and wintery mountain air and scenery, along with fun adventures to water parks hidden in canyons, and even explore culture such as interesting Thai tribes like the famed long neck Karen tribe.

(Speaking from experience, a stay and travel in the mountains does one a world of good. You will not forget the fresh air and incredibly photogenic scenes.)

Ready to get your romantic adventure started? Read on!


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This itinerary will cover everything for the perfect romantic (and instagrammable!) escapade – from accommodation to wonderful places to visit and eat. We’ve even plotted out the routes for you, so your journey will be less tiring and more romantic!

Here’s an overview of this itinerary
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When to travel
Where to stay?
Getting there & around
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Total Cost Breakdown

When to travel to Chiang Mai?

The best time to travel to Chiang Mai would be between Nov and Feb.

  • Oct-Nov: Before winter

  • Nov-Feb: Winter

  • Feb-Apr: Hot season

During Oct-Nov is when the weather is cool and absolutely perfect, please try to avoid Feb to April because the farmers would be burning and clearing their paddy fields. If you’re the couple that would enjoy a wintery getaway, then head down between Nov-Feb!

Where to stay?

1. Stay in luxury tented waterfall villas – Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa (from USD $145)
Surrounded by lush mountains, Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa is enchanting with its tented villas by the waterfall. As the trickling water falls on the boulders, the sprinkled water creates luscious mist and it’s basically an experience that begs to be had once in a lifetime!

Photo via itslaurenmilton

Photo via majestic_jc

There are also Lanna-Balinese style cottages and pool villas that are famously frequented by celebrities both local and international.

Photo via lalitachant

But we propose taking the off-the-beaten-path and staying at tented villas by the waterfall. We certify that this romantic retreat will intensify your romance to a whole new level.

Photo via oomimatchaya

Photo via note_8338

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Sukantara Cascade Resort & Spa

Rate: From USD $145 / approx. 5124 Baht
Address: 12/2 M.8 T.Maeram A.Maerim, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Contact: +66 81881 1444

Check Rate on Agoda 

Getting there & Getting around

1. Getting there:

From Singapore, Scoot Tiger Air offers direct flights to Chiang Mai (CNX) from SGD $132 (one-way).

From Malaysia, AirAsia offers direct flights from MYR $254 (one-way).

2. Getting around:

To be able to fully enjoy Chiang Mai and maximise your adventure here, you should definitely look into hiring a car to get around. Whether you would rather have a private chartered car or prefer driving around yourself (only if you’re confident on foreign roads)  – getting around can be simple!

a. Klook’s DIY itinerary with private car with driver (From SGD 104.55 / approx. 2550 Baht per day)

Klook makes it simple with this competitive service that not only includes a private chartered car service that’s affordable, it comes with a local driver that’ll help with your itinerary while making getting around extremely convenient and comfortable.

b. Car rental without driver (From SGD 37 / approx. 900 Baht per day)

If you enjoy driving around personally and are confident on unfamiliar roads, you might want to consider renting a car from Thai Rent A Car. It’s tried and tested! (Prices vary depending on the car model chosen.)

c. Airport and City Transfers (From SGD 14 / approx. 344 Baht)

If you’re not keen on hiring a car to get around and only require an airport transfer, or city transfer, the simplest way to do it would be via Klook.

Day 1

Enjoy a luxurious Fah Lanna Spa, dinner with a view, and explore the Night Bazaar

Once you’ve landed in Chiang Mai, your romantic escape begins! (Depending on your flight timing, if you’ve had an early flight, you’ll be able to begin with lunch at Clay Studio Coffee – otherwise, feel free to customise your itinerary according to your schedule.)

Lunch at a secret otherworldly garden – Clay Studio Cafe in the Garden

You’ll be hungry when you arrive, so head straight to this secret terracotta arts garden surrounded by a high brick wall. Featuring cobblestone paths, moss covered statues, the sound of trickling water and birds chirping – you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped right into a secret world upon stepping in.

PS: Using The Peaberry Hotel Chiang Mai as the default hotel, we recommend checking in first before heading to your spa.

Photo via bcf51

Treat each other to a pampering spa session! – Fah Lanna Spa

Fah Lanna Spa is one luxurious retreat tucked away in central Chiang Mai. Apart from the traditional Thai massage, we highly recommend enjoying a Thai herbal soak together – an intimate and relaxing experience to share.

Photos via steveronin, anna_stelikova

Dine in style with a stunning river view – The Deck 1

Celebrate your long awaited romantic trip with a dinner at The Deck 1. Admire the sunset and river views on oversized cushions, or lounge on a Thai style mattress and look at the stars.

For dinner, choose from a selection of gourmet dishes like grilled salmon or roast lamb and don’t forget to toast to a good time with wine or cocktail.

Photo via greicehendges

Indulge in a spot of shopping and local sights – Night Bazaar, Anusarn Market

One of the best ways to see more of the local culture is to visit the night market. Whether you like to shop or enjoy checking out local sights, visiting Night Bazaar and/or Anusarn Market is a fun way to end the night.

PS: If interested, you might want to catch one of the cabaret shows held at Anusarn Market!

Photo via

Day 2

Have a picturesque adventure at Doi Inthanon National Park and dine in a waterfall cafe

Fill up on a hearty breakfast at the artsy and imaginative – Woo Cafe Art & Gallery

Before starting on the day, you’ll want to fuel up with Thai dishes like the creative and colourful rice salad (Khap Yum), Western options like salad and sandwiches, and decadent desserts in the form of cakes, cookies and brownies.

Don’t forget to browse through the Lifestyle Shop and art gallery (connected to the café), while you wait for your food or drink.

Photo Via Seng_Khonkaen

This is where you’ll get your fill of the real Chiang Mai – Doi Inthanon National Park

When in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai, what better way to explore the area than by checking out the mountain scenery and indigenous tribes in the area? This is romance with a dash of adventure at its best!

Photos Via Jesslee37-Fdofigueroaarratia

Enjoy fresh local coffee at Thailand’s highest peak (with local tribes) – Baan Mae Klang Luang

If you or your partner loves a good coffee, you have to try this. In the tiny village of Mae Klang Luang ― just below Thailand’s highest peak, Doi Inthanon National Park ― you’ll find a small and humble stall that brews and serves freshly brewed coffee.

Photos Via Dana4david-Peat_Phiriya

The romantic waterfall cafe everyone needs to visit – KhaoMao-KhaoFang

Koi ponds and small pools, a seriously impressive man-made waterfall, and hundreds of colorful orchards adorning the grounds – this is one of Chiang Mai’s most romantic dining experience.

Dine by the lake, or beneath the falls in a stunning rainforest, choose from the menu consisting of mostly tasty Thai and Asian-inspired food!

Photos Via Xtt_Ing

For couples who love a good night market *optional* – Ploen Ruedee Night Market

If you still have the energy and can’t bear to end the night early, head over to Ploen Ruedee Night Market to check out what’s on offer before heading back to the hotel!

Photos Via My_Life_Is_A_Journey

Day 3

Visit Thailand’s Little Switzerland, and spend time with the elephants

Note: One thing everyone loves to do in Thailand is to find interesting food available in the local 7-11 to try.

There won’t be a breakfast stop for Day 3. Instead, we encourage you to stop at 7-11 to grab and try one of their ready-to-eat Thai meals (they’re delicious btw!), while stocking up on snacks for the road!

Visit Thailand’s Little Switzerland and see the exotic hill tribes – Doi Ang Khang / Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station

The drive to Doi Ang Khang will take about 3 hours, but the sights and local experiences available here make the journey more than worth it. It’s called Little Switzerland due to its resemblance to the Swiss Alps.

Apart from the fresh mountain air, you’ll see colourful plants along the road up the mountains, and strawberry, peaches, pears, persimmon farms and more.

Trivia: Did you know that fruits and vegetables that are grown in mountains tastes sweeter than normal?

There are also many flower gardens to behold such as the English Rose Garden and Bonsai Garden. (And during the winter season, you’ll find Japanese Sakura (cherry blossoms) blooming in late November, while Praya Suekrong (Thai cherry blossom) blooms from late December to early January.

PS: Make sure to stop for lunch at Angkhang Club to sample the hill tribe specialties!

Photos Via Malee_Chen-Orangetree17

Spend time with the elephants *optional* – Save the Elephant Foundation (Elephant Nature Park)

Experience elephants up close at the Save the Elephant Foundation. It’s a meaningful thing to experience together and will be one of the most unforgettable memories of your trip.

Note: Depending on how much time you spend at Doi Ang Khang, Save the Elephant Foundation is optional and if you have enough time left to head down.

Photos Via 0okar

Dinner amidst the nectar-scented flowers – Galae Restaurant

As the sun sets, enjoy your dinner amidst the blooms at the hillside Galae Restaurant. With a photo-worthy floral backdrop accompanying your meal, it’s one lovely place to end the day of travel.

Photos Via Swimut

Day 4

Explore the Artist Village, slide down the Grand Canyon, and visit ‘Ubud’

Explore a Thai artist village (and have breakfast here too!) – Baan Kang Wat Artist Village

Explore the various cafes and shophouses at the hidden Baan Kang Wat artist village that combines modern life with a country lifestyle. If you ever had an ideal romantic holiday space, this might be it.

Many of the shops here sell good quality handmade products (jewellery, ceramic items like teapots, and more) that are either organically made or sustainable, and the profits are redistributed to the community in one way or another.

Photos Via Amour_Ruru-Celine_Paul-Xiaoqianqian_W_

Here’s one way to be youthful and have fun together – The Grand Canyon

Looming orange cliffs flow into still emerald waters, painting a picture of peaceful perfection. It’s a beautiful place to spend the day swimming, sunbathing and (for those who dare) cliff jumping!

For those who prefer chilling on the water, inner tubes and lifejackets are available to rent from the restaurant (50 Baht and 25 Baht, respectively).

There’s also Tuang Thong Canyon View Restaurant where you can grab lunch when hungry, and a waterpark if you’d like to strike “slide into a grand canyon together” off your ‘coupleswhotravel’ bucket list!

Photos Via Kisforkani

It’s the ‘Ubud’ of Chiang Mai – Baan Tawai

This huge handicraft village is just the place to visit if you love beautiful handmade wooden or ceramic products! Baan Tawai is one of the cheapest places in Thailand to shop for wood and ceramic souvenirs.

Feel free to pick up your travel souvenir here so you can bring home a piece of Chiang Mai – and when you’re tired of shopping, pop by some of the numerous cafes here and take a break!

Photos Via Rina_Kina

Have a romantic river cruise dinner – The Riverside Bar & Restaurant

On your last night in Chiang Mai, dine with sparkling river views and onboard a gently floating cruise down the river.

A river cruise dinner is the perfect end to a romantic holiday in Chiang Mai. Be sure to book your river cruise dinner in advance!

Photos Via Michellecheam

Day 5

It’s a sweet end with Japanese breakfast, Bo Sang Umbrella Village, French afternoon tea

Have a zen Japanese breakfast at – Kouen Coffee & Bistro

This zen-inspired Japanese tea house is the best café in Chiang Mai – if authentic Japanese food and drink is what you’re after.

Traditional Japanese cuisine is available for those of you who love it! From sushi and sashimi, to miso soup, tempura and more, the menu will delight anyone’s tastebuds.

There’s also an outdoor garden, complimented by white lilies and plenty of foliage, boasts a rock garden, pond, and private gazebos – to add to that super zen Japanese vibes you’re going after!

Photos Via Jakkarin99

Bring home a special handmade traditional umbrella – Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Bo Sang Umbrella Village is one of the most unique places you’ll find in Chiang Mai. Busy artisans work on colourful handmade umbrellas made from bamboo struts, Saa paper (a type of paper made from mulberry), cotton and wood.

You can also find fans, lamps, parasols and other locally-made products – and even request any artist to paint anything you like, such as your T-shirt, purse, mobile phone, book, shoes or jeans.

Photos Via Pattyshahrazad-Emagasty

Dine in an idyllic French garden before you leave! – Nakara Jardin Patisserie & Bistro

Dig into a sumptuous French lunch or Afternoon Tea by Ping River at Nakara Jardin. The French garden is sweetly decorated with fountains and bird baths, along with stone walkways that pave the way through the manicured lawn.

But most of all, Nakara Jardin is known for their fabulous desserts. Take your time and enjoy the last moments in Chiang Mai, it’ll be the sweetest end to your romantic holiday.

Photos Via Kate_Phukettown

Total Cost Breakdown

1. Accommodation: USD $42 x 4 nights = USD $168

2. Transport: (USD $31 x 2) + USD $53 x 3) = USD $221 (calculated with Klook’s rates)

3. Meals and entrance fees for 2

Day 1: USD $48 (not inclusive of night market shopping)

Day 2: USD $47 (not inclusive of night market shopping)

Day 3: USD $40

Day 4: USD $45

Day 5: USD $30

Total = USD $599 for 2, USD $299.5 per person

Ground Transport (only)

To make things simple, try Klook’s Chiang Mai DIY itinerary with a private car and driver – your Chiang Mai trip will be super fun and you won’t have to worry about a thing. It’s time to go on an adventure!

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