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Hat Yai is filled with delicious local food, Instagrammable cafes and fun things to do. No wonder it’s popularly termed as ‘mini Bangkok’.

If you’re planning a trip here with the family (great choice!), the best area to be based at would be near the popular Kim Yong Market and Lee Gardens.

It’s convenient, and you won’t be wasting precious time (or money) on unnecessary travel, especially if you’ve only got a few days in town.

We’ve sifted through the stays, and found a lovely selection of family-friendly hotels – all located super close to the popular Kim Yong Market and Lee Gardens.

From contemporary cool to living in the 50s, check out the cool stays we’ve found below!

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1. Looking for a little modern with fairytale accents? – The Bed Hotel Hatyai

From their checkered floors to Japanese Koi art murals across the walls… If you’re looking to spend a few days on the contemporary side of life, this hotel is right up your alley.

You’ll easily be able to spot The Bed Hotel from the outside. Just look at that white, funky architectural design creating the cut-out shape of the building, splashed with big and small black polka dots.

Clean and modern in design, each room is filled with fairytale line-work illustrations. If you’re a bunch of modernist creatives, le familia will really appreciate the creative touches and accents here.

Photo Via Yuki-Lee

The rooms are spacious yet cosy, and they’ve got two options for family rooms: a double bed and bunk bed (which every child loves for some reason), or two singles and an extra large double bed.

Photo Via Sueannekang

Photo Via Ple_vichuda, Hangaheun

Photo Via Vivien.hoy_

PS: This is also a great wheelchair-friendly hotel and they provide a lot of ramp access areas, so if you’re bringing great gran along, or need stroller/disability assistance, this is an awesome choice!

The Bed Hotel Hatyai

Rate: From 1820 Baht (for Family Room) / approx. USD $55.60
Address: 170/1-2 Supasarn Rangsan Rd. Hatyai, Hatyai District Songkhla, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 599 6555
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 5-minutes walk

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2. Classy grandeur in an excellent location – Diamond Plaza Hotel

Located in the heart of Hat Yai, and literally a 2-minute walk from Kim Yong Market, this is the perfect place if you’re wanting a little bit of classy grandeur for the next few days.

It has this 80s / early 90s feel to it – BUT in a good way. Think ‘Pretty Woman’ era, which creates a warm and rich feeling about it.

Each room has some sort of seating area, and if you’re looking to upgrade, the executive suite is just dreamy – and is more like a home with carpeted floors and a dining area, as well as a lounge.

Photo Via Aldrinpacheco

Photo Via Ghafara_22

Photo Via An2_cutiezz

Oh and my personal favourite, you’ll find a…..bathtub!! So after you’ve bought enough food at the market to last a lifetime, time to relax and enjoy an hour indulging in a frothy bubble bath.

FYI: This one is PERFECT for location, but if you’d prefer something more light and airy, we would suggest a different option.

Diamond Plaza Hotel  

Rate: From 1860 Baht (for 2x interconnecting Deluxe Double or Twin) / approx. USD $56.80
Address: 62 Nipat U-Thit Road 3, Hat Yai Central, Hat Yai, Thailand, 91000  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 230 130
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 2-minute walk

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3. There’s a cool ‘pack of cards’ theme here! – Room2u

Cool and compact, Room2u is one themed modernist delight.

Interestingly done in red, black and white, there’s a ‘pack of cards’ theme to it, and if you look to the hall’s ceilings, they’ve hung different faces from your deck of cards in a frame from above.

Each room has everything that you’ll need and it’s quite cleverly designed, creating so many little spaces within the room. Although it’s not ginormous (but it’s not small either), there is still a sense of free space.

It’s location is great as it’s not too far from the hustle and bustle of Kim Yong Market, but it’s not directly in it either.

Photo Via Tankylieee

It has a hostel feel to it, and they also offer a 4-sleeper option with 2 bunkbeds, if you’re a group of travelling friends.

There’s no elevator/lift here, so please take note if you’re travelling with the elderly or bringing a stroller along. Walking up 5 flights of stairs after a long day out ain’t no joke – I can testify to that!


Rate: From 1019 Baht (for Family Room) / approx. USD $31
Address: 196 Saengchan Road, Hat Yai Songkhla tel 074-220696, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 65 778 9987
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 7-minute walk

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4. Perfect location if you’re traveling through Hat Yai via train – The Train Hotel Hatyai

This is awesome for spending a night or two in Hat Yai, especially if you’re planning on hopping on the next train outta here, early morning the following day. It’s literally 10 metres from the transport station, hence the name.

Photo Via M_shamizan

The rooms are clean, well stocked with mini fridges, bottles of water and a kettle – and they can organise a microwave in the room on request.

It’s quite a new hotel, so everything works at top class, the staff are super friendly and welcoming. As a whole, it’ll make a delightful stay for your travelling brood.

Photo Via Elle-Shelly-Rzl

Photo Via Elly_ku_shelly

They can organise interconnecting rooms for you, catering better to your needs, so it’s suitable for a family of four.

Alternatively, if you’re travelling with friends, you and the mates can opt for a dormitory room with standard (comfy) bunk beds. However, this is the only room that doesn’t have a city view.

Photo Via Jieyin_life

The Train Hotel Hatyai

Rate: From 1019 Baht / approx. USD $31
Address: Thumnoonvithi Rd, Tambon Hat Yai, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110, Thailand  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 221 133
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 9-minute walk

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5. Look here for the full hotel experienceee~* – Hadyai Golden Crown Hotel

Here’s a little secret, apart from the fact that the location here is pretty much amazing – if you’re travelling with kids under 12, an extra bed can be added to your room, free of charge.

Photo Via Shanty_bahar_ising

Every room in this hotel comes with an ensuite bathroom, mini fridge, flat screen TV and flowers. You can either opt for two standard single beds, or one King-sized bed.

If you’re the type of people that want the full hotel experience – restaurant, gym, spa, the whole-shabam, then you’ll find yourself happy with your time spent here. There’s an on-site wellness and spa center, as well as restaurant (serving a la carte) and coffee house.

So if you’ve come for a bit of shopping, street food and relaxing down-time, you’ll feel perfectly comfortable here.

Hadyai Golden Crown Hotel

Rate: From 1473 Baht (for 2 Standard Beds) / approx. USD $43
Address: 12/8 Pracharak Rd. Songkhla, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66(0) 7424 6777
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 1-minute walk

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6. Bee ready for a little fun with Winnie the Pooh and gang! – The Hive Hatyai Hostel

True to its honeybee theme, there are tones of golden yellow running throughout the building. The coolest part about this joint though, is the way they’ve built the structure of the place, so that it feels like it runs up like a hive.

Photo Via _stephtyw_

Kids will love it here too, and you’re greeted by a mural of Winnie the Pooh and friends at the reception. I’m sorry, but who doesn’t love Pooh Bear, Tigger and the gang?!

Because we’re all little bees in our family’s hive, the rooms here are all designed bunk-bed style, however one of the family sleepers does come with a double bed bunk-bed, because we all know the little ones love a cuddle in mom and dad’s bed in the night.

Again, if you’re travelling with a group of friends, no problem. It’s extremely suitable for groups of four. Each bunk-bed is spacious, soft and comfortable!

Photo Via Mayleow_725

Photo Via Vincent_0827

The Hive Hatyai Hostel

Rate: From 1512 Baht (for Family Room with Two Bunk Beds) / approx. USD $46
Address: 1 Nipatuthit 2 Road, Hat Yai Central, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 97 348 1234
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 2-minute walk

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7. Artsy, playful and vintage always sounds good to us – Hat Yai Youth Hostel

If you’re travelling with friends and looking for a fresh, cute and happy accomodation, the environment of this youthful hostel will make you smile.

It’s got a laid-back artsy playful vintage vibe, and their common area is definitely made to welcome and bring guests together.

Spot the old-school Vespa, black & white television from the 50s, and frames of caricature faces to quirky life-mottos.

Here you’ll only find bunk-beds, but they do range in sleeping sizes; a family room for four with a view of the city or a 6-sleeper room with a balcony, if you need some space / fresh air.

The rooms are bright and beds are made from white-washed woods. The mattresses are thick and soft – which is one thing that’s always on my prefered list when travelling!

Hat Yai Youth Hostel

Rate: From 995 Baht / approx. USD $30.40 (for Family room for 4 people)
Address: 36/6 Pracharom Road, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 614 4196
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 8-minute walk

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8. Step outside the chaos into some peace & quiet – Hatyai Holiday Hotel

Comfortable, clean and pristine, that’s the first words that come to mind when I think of Hatyai Holiday Hotel.

It’s a lovely hotel that offers guests a pleasurable stay, with the amenities that you’ll need when away from home – hairdryers, TV, free, fast WiFi and a warm, cosy bed.

Photo Via Nazarijeri

Photo Via Travellover23

If you need some peace and quiet and don’t feel like being in the total chaos of the city, this is a great option and it’s a short 6-minute walk to the market.

However, we know what travelling with kids can be like, or perhaps your feet have been shopping till they’re dropping like in Bangkok. The hotel offers a free shuttle service to Kim Yong Market & Lee Gardens Plaza – just don’t forget to make a reservation in advance!

Photo Via Del_floraldaisy

Hatyai Holiday Hotel

Rate: From 1688 Baht(Superior Room), 2300 Baht (Family room for 4) / approx. USD $51.50, $70
Address: 1-3 Chewanusorn Road, Hat Yai Central, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110  (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 239 555
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 6-minute walk

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9. Retro and royal with a sprinkle of luxury – Kosit Hotel

From the outside it doesn’t look like much, and has more of an apartment block style feel to it. But if you follow the red Chinese lanterns into the lobby, you’ll find the reception where you’re greeted with a smile.

The interiors have a retro/traditional feel to them, all done in rich woods of beige and mahogany.

The rooms are carpeted with royal green or red, and are warm, spacious and definitely have a touch of elegance to them. There’s this sort of royal feeling about them too.

They also come with the luxury of a bathtub (!!!), and here you might also be delighted to know there’s an in-house barber too. Perhaps for the gents looking to get nicely groomed while on vacation.

On top of the barbers, their restaurant serves a yummy mix of Chinese, Thai and Western so if you’re craving crab….Ahem, room serviceeee! No, for real…

Kosit Hotel

Rate: From 1250 Baht (for 2x Deluxe Double Bed) / approx. USD $38.20
Address: 199 Niphat Utit 2 Road, Songkhla, Hat Yai Downtown, 90110 Hat Yai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 0-7423-4366(12 Lines)
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 10-minute walk

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10. Spacious and perfect for a travelling family of 4 – Pacific Residence

This is a very handsome hotel, done in dark browns and navy blues. The entrance certainly adds a bit of grandeur to the place, but the rooms tone and mellow things down a bit.

Photo Via Thesharifahsha, Liu_pipi

The rooms are really nice and spacious, so you won’t feel ontopofeachother all the time!

The family suite is awesome as it offers two comfortable king-sized beds, with tons of open space to spare. So if you’re travelling with younger kids, they’ll still have plenty of space to play around in.

Photo Via Rainbow11230627

There’s also a writing table on one half of the room, and a flat-screen TV attached to the wall on the other half. If you need to catch up on some work and the kids wanna watch TV, it’s a win-win situation.

Pacific Residence

Rate: From 1314 Baht (for Family Suite) / approx. USD $40
Address: 149/1 Nipat-uthit 2 Rd., Hay Yai, Songkhla, Hat Yai Downtown, 90110 Hat Yai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 91 847 7343
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 7-minute walk

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11. Traditional and full of warmth and flowers – Asian Hotel

Very traditional in it’s design, this hotel has personified what was expected of staying at a hotel in Thailand – maybe about 15 years ago too (in decor).

Photo Via Merryutama_

The rooms are really cosy and beautiful in their traditional accents from the patterned silk bed liners, to the stems of flowers that greet you on your bed.

Be greeted by the sunshine every morning since  every room has a nice big window.

Photo Via Nurulsyazwaniabdulaziz

It’s another great choice if you’re looking for comfort, a feeling of Thailand and a hotel that offers its guests everything you’ll need.

Photo Via Jeannislum

Here you’ll find a double bed or two single bed options. They also offer interconnecting rooms too!

Asian Hotel

Rate: From 1863 baht (for Family Suite) / approx. USD $56.90
Address: 55 Niphat Uthit 3 Rd., Songkhla, Hat Yai Downtown, 90110 Hat Yai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 353 400
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 2-minute walk

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12. Classic, pretty, light and airy. We loooove! – Mayflower Grande Hotel

Oooooo, I like this one, especially for the family, and their Family Room is actually gorgeous I’d say.

Photo Via Chan-Sai-Keong_

It’s really light, modern and classical, and it’s got all the basics of a home in two rooms.

The whole pad/family suite is done in browns, whites and neutrals, so there’s a very relaxed and calming feel to it.

Photo Via Zulfaizzulkifli

This hotel is grand in the sense of how big it is, and is a tall building filled with many suites.

As a result, your view is quite spectacular if you’re staying on one of the higher floors, with big windows opening out to your city view on the horizon.

IMAGINE sipping on your morning coffee in bed whilst staring out the window to that sort of sunrise!

Mayflower Grande Hotel  

Rate: From 2182 Baht (for Standard Room), 2460 Baht (for Family room with extra bed) / approx. USD $66.70, $75.20
Address: 150 Sangchan Rd., Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 230 120
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 5-minute walk

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13. If it were the 50’s, we’d consider this a true luxury– Hatyai Greenview Hotel

I must say, Hat Yai in general is quite a random little city that just loves to follow themes, in one way or another.

It seems that it’s the same way with their hotels, with this rich retro sense about them (that’s intentionally done), and this one is no exception.

Again I’m getting a 50s feel about the place, using classic architectural design reminiscent of the time. It literally feels like I’m being transported back to my nan’s (granny’s) house which was modelled, built and designed in the 50s!

They of course realise we are now decades ahead, so they have adapted and ensured that there’s all the comforts of today.

The lobby is filled with old school chairs and sofas, racks of newspapers and baskets of flowers, which adds a real ambiance and special touch to the place.

Photo Via Nuruladearna_yahabibi

Photo Via Afandee_lts

Hatyai Greenview Hotel

Rate: From 836 Baht (Triple Bed), 1400 Baht (Family Room for 4) / approx. USD $25.50, $42.80
Address: 85/4 Sangsri Rd., Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 234 111
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 8-minute walk

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14. Good location with decent family rooms – Grand Plaza Hatyai

With everything you’ll need for spending a couple of nights or more in town, this is a hotel that’s not overly glamourous, nor crazy shabby too.

Photo Via Bonda.hanna_

The rooms here are spacious, and you’ll find yourself a seating area, no matter which room option you choose.

Along with a family lounge area, you might enjoy the Flat screen TVs, especially if the kiddies do want to watch some TV while they have their dinner – we are on holiday after all – there’s the perfect space for them to do so!

Photo Via Psan25

It’s close to all markets and shops around you, and is just a 30-minute drive from Samila Beach.

You’ll also be happy to know that their front desk is open 24/7 for any latecomers and night owls.

Grand Plaza Hatyai

Rate: From 1900 Baht (Triple Room with Extra Bed) / approx. USD $58
Address: 24/1 Sanaehanusorn Road, Songkla, Hat Yai Downtown, 90110 Hat Yai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 234 340
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 5-minute walk

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15. Lush green potted plants everywhere! – Siam Mansion

Now this is the kind of design I would go for – aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with tons of textural contrasts throughout this upper-class hostel.

Photo Via Iphline

It feels SUPER fresh and modern, along with the abundance (❤.❤) of lush green potted plants scattered everywhere with flora and fauna hanging from the ceilings and walls. I.LOVE.ITTT.

Photo Via Jeslinhong

The rooms are crisp, continuing with the simplistic/naturalistic vibes and opens up onto a small balcony.

It really is a gorgeous find filled with lots of natural light due to it’s big windows/balcony sliding doors.

Siam Mansion

Rate: From 1074 Baht (for Family Room for four) / approx. USD $32.80
Address: 233 Prachathipat Rd. Hat Yai, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 64 337 4887
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 16-minute walk

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Special Mention 1: Time to indulge a little – The Three Hat Yai

Step things up a tiny notch, and indulge in a little modern day elegance at The Three Hat Yai.

Decorated in warm and rich browns from coffee to camel, the rooms here are super spacious, and I love the leather couches.

Each room has its own patio, so you can chill and have some chit-chat sessions on the veranda.

Photo Via Oscar_oliviatan

Now, you can’t disagree with me when I say that a great bathroom is always appreciated. Especially when the shower pressure is perfect and therapeutic, and you’ve got hot water (and not just for 3 minutes).

If you’re looking to relax in comfort and a bit of style, you won’t be disappointed with this hotel.

PS: They also offer snacks, tea and coffee for guests to enjoy from their cafe bar all day long (and it’s free!).

Photo Via Chinkee_ong

The Three Hat Yai

Rate: From 2474 Baht (for Family Room for four) / approx. USD $75.70
Address: 128/4 Nipatuthit3 road, Hatyai, Hat Yai Central, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 300 595
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 6-minute walk

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Special Mention 2: This feels like tropical Thailand with a very warm feeling to it – Wungnoy Hotel

This is simply gorgeous purely based on the fact that you’re constantly surrounded by a bit of nature, wherever on the property you may be. And that includes the inside, it’s almost like a nursery/hotel here.

This is so ideal for families and the bottom units of this guesthouse (although rather large) open out into the garden, so there’s plenty of space for the kids to run wild – if they haven’t already used up all of their energy.

Perhaps you might simply want to enjoy a glass of wine with your partner under the stars after a busy day with everyone, the bottom units opening out to the garden would be perfect too.

Photo Via Yi_han00, Andrew_ong_bc

The rooms are beautiful – all boasting the colours of autumn, with a splash of white here and there.

Each room has a (huge) balcony, so you’re guaranteed an apartment full of sunshine.

Photo Via Jaylzh0808

Photo Via Hanlun

Wungnoy Hotel

Rate: From 2474 Baht (for Family room for four) / approx. USD $75.70
Address: 114/1 Saeng Chan Rd., Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 74 236 010 Ext 243384
Distance to Kim Yong Market: 4-minute walk

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So what are you waiting for, jump on the bandwagon and head to Hat Yai with the family and experience some of it’s quirkiness first hand!

With this list of family stays, that’s one part of your holiday planning down. You’ll find things to be super convenient and hopefully a tad (alot) more easier to plan.

Do let us know how your time in Hat Yai went by commenting below, or catching us on our socials @TripCanvas.Thailand!

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