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Written by Veyroniqa
Edited by Dawn Pillay

Hat Yai is seriously such an underrated place…

People think of it as the go-to holiday for older folk, BUT it’s actually a pretty fun road trip to experience with your friends.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this 3D2N Hat Yai itinerary we’ve planned for you and your buddies. Before you’re through with reading, you’ll be raring to go!

PS: We didn’t know Hat Yai had Bangkok-worthy night markets!!

When to travel?

Normally, you’ll think that weekends are better because the markets are only open then, right? No worries, there’s a lot to see and do in Hat Yai, so you can go whenever you want and still have tons to see and do.

Getting there & around

1. Getting there

From West MalaysiaFrom Singapore (tap here to view)From East Malaysia (tap here to view)

Those in West Malaysia are lucky because of all the options available!

1. Bus – You can take an overnight bus to the heart of Hat Yai for just RM65. You’ll leave at 11PM and arrive bright and early at 6AM.

2. Car – You can choose to take an 8 hour drive with your own car, make sure you bring along your papers (if the car belongs to someone else, like your dad, get him to write you an authorisation letter).

3. Plane – Otherwise, take a flight which would be about RM300 with AirAsia.

The best way to get to Hatyai from Singapore is by plane.

From SGD $155 with Scoot from Singapore, SGD $115 with Jetstar.

The best way to get to Hatyai from East Malaysia is by plane.

From RM240 with AirAsia from KL, and RM756 with Scoot from KL.

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2. Getting around

For those that are opting to fly, but want the freedom of driving around, you can rent a car for just USD28 per day.

Alternatively, you can also choose to hire taxis, or book Uber and Grab to get around!

Taxi rides to town are approximately 300 Baht – but to save cost/avoid potential scams, you should either ensure that your taxi driver uses a meter, or to double check the price of a ride to your destination through Uber and Grab.

PS: can also try their version of a tuk tuk (songthaew). It’s an open van that can fetch up to 8 passengers.

Photo Via Sharonnwxy


On to the Itinerary! We’ve prepared all you need to know from Day 1, Day 2 (weekend), and Day 3!

Day 1

Eat, shop, eat, and repeat before anything else

The first thing anyone should do once they reach a new destination, is fill up that tummy with some grub! Regardless of what time you arrive, we’ve got the perfect spot waiting for you.

(Assuming you start your day at 9am in the morning while on holiday, everything has been suitably planned for you.)

It’s a traditional foodie place and shopaholic heaven – Kim Yong Market (2 hours)

Go on a foodie hunt at this popular spot, and taste what Thailand has to offer! Filled with cultural knick knacks and art and textiles to buy, you’ll really want to take your time. Plus, there are many local brands here so you’ll come away with tons of bargain buys.

Psst! Their chestnuts are delicious and cheap! 250 baht for 1kg? It’s a total steal. And don’t forget to try their grilled potatoes with coconut milk.

Photo Via Vinaazhou

More info on visiting Kim Yong Market

More shopping awaits just 2 minutes away – Odean Shopping Mall (2hrs)

This is where you can get cheap and good quality Wacoal lingerie, and it’s filled to the brim with beautifully designed cheap wares. Try some home-grown brands you’ve never seen before and remember that there’s a night market outside the mall if you’re interested.

PS: There’s a yummy pork trotter rice that travellers really love here, so keep your eyes peeled!

Photo Via Tukkung

More info on visiting Odean Shopping Mall

Take a sweet tooth break with cotton candy and fruits – Happy Dessert Factory (1hr)

Shaved ice is everyone’s thing, but you can dress it up to your fancy. If you’re craving for a solid meal, you can also try something off their savory menu.

Photo Via Justmejea

More info on visiting Happy Dessert Factory

The latest gorgeous attraction you have to visit! – Wine Village

Looking really scenic with its European architecture, there’s even a magical carousel, pumpkin carriage and castle to add to the ambiance.

Here you’ll be able to feed sheep, goats, bunnies and parrots, go shopping at their night bazaar, and indulge in yummy food at various Thai/Western restaurants located in the village – where you’ll get to dine on the rooftop. Take your pick!

Photo Via Meena_rak_chai,Chickylovecoke

More info on visiting Wine Village

Fill up that suitcase and pack up some cultural experiences too – Asean Night Bazaar Hatyai (2-3 hrs)

A market that’s only closed on Mondays that has everything weekend markets are known for – art, fairy lights and rows upon rows of stalls.

Of course, you don’t want to miss out buying some matchy and comfortable tees for cheap!

Photo Via Moosetagious,Helmy_rahim

More info on visiting Asean Night Bazaar Hat Yai

There’s always room for dessert, especially for local specialities – The Lotus Bowl/Bua Loy Mae Luean (บัวลอยหน้าธิดา) (30m-1hr)

Popular with the locals, this is something that can’t be missed. They have many choices, and they all look good.

One way to try them all, is to have each friend order a different one and share. But the vermicelli in coconut milk is a definite must.

Photo Via Tent_ii

More info on visiting The Lotus Bowl / Bua Loy Mae Luean

Optional: Burn and dance the calories away at a young hipster scene – Nectar Pub (2 hrs)

If you and your friends enjoy closing the night with a round of drinks – take a short 8 minute walk to one of the trendiest pub that’s a local favourite. Have a drink or two and let loose!

More info on visiting Nectar Pub

Day 1 Route

Day 2

(Weekend Itinerary)

Floating markets, Weekend Night Markets and more! Hotsprings, Night Markets and more!

Note: This is a weekend itinerary, if you are traveling to Hat Yai during weekdays, please click here

Experience an authentic floating market or hit the largest mall – this weekend itinerary for day 2 will be one that anyone who loves Bangkok’s markets will particularly enjoy. 😀

Only if you’re up for something truly local, and some amazing mango sticky rice – Khlong Hae Floating Market (2 hrs)

Bangkok may have a famous floating market, but the one in Hatyai is something different. You’ll find peddler boats lined by the river. Feel free to indulge in this local experience and have breakfast here!Right beside them is a market that has some of the best mango sticky rice! Let us know in the comments what’s your favourite part of this market. 🙂

Photo Via Travel_with_a_gap

More info on visiting Khlong Hae Floating Market

If you’re craving more shopping, you’ll be spoilt for choice here! –– Central Festival (2 hrs)

If shopping’s calling your name (again), this is the largest mall in Southern Thailand with over 250 brands. Plus, you can go ice-skating too!PS: You can also register at counter for an hour of free wifi.

Photo Via E_buab_buab,Super_chenny,M.memii_

More info on visiting Central Festival

Nothing better than bonding over a steaming hot pot! – อลิฟ กะทะร้อน / Alif Hot Pot Buffet (1-2 hrs)

Don’t miss out on a weekend hotpot, have lunch over a pot of boiling soup, with your buddies and snatching for the best meat.Here you’ll get to try cooking on a traditional dome-shaped hot pot with lots of authentic food.

Photo Via M.mewww_

More info on visiting Alif Hot Pot Buffet

Put on your fat pants because you’ll be nomming your way through – Greenway Night Market (1-2hr)

There are many clothes and knick knacks all waiting for you and your squad to bring them home at this night market.

Photo Via Tarnthanunya,Malisorn,Mameimaii

More info on visiting Greenway Night Market

Be blown away by the vivid night market adventure at – IStyle Night Market (1-2hr)

Shop till you drop here and soak in the very local vibes, iStyle Night Market is a fun flea market that offers what you’re looking for, if you’re looking to shop till you drop. Have fun exploring!

Photo Via Chaimongk,Jang_jud

More info on visiting I-Style Night Market

Don’t forget to get a good massage before heading back – Sawasdee Thai Massage

Sawasdee Thai Massage is a favourite with travellers to Hat Yai, so give it a go! After all that shopping today, you’ll definitely be in need of a good full body massage. 😛

Photo Via Eykinmurnie,Jan-Ooi-Ch

More info on visiting Sawasdee Thai Massage

Optional: Have a splash and a beer at a local favorite! – มหาสระหนุก หาดใหญ่ / Mahasanook Hatyai (2 hrs)

Come and have a drink with the locals, if you’re looking forward to round 2 of drinks! We’re sure you guys will have a blast trying to shove each other into the shallow pool.

Photo Via Vividewit,Colorsmind

More info on visiting Mahasanook Hatyai

Day 2 Weekend Route

Day 3

Before heading home, relax at a hot spring and get some munchies for your friends back home!

Start your day with a bang with great breakfast nooks – Mezza Cafe & Meeting Complex (1hr)

Quaint and instagrammable, it’s really the place to wake up to. And not to mention the smell of roasted coffee beans!

Photo Via Thejoiiz

More info on visiting Mezza Cafe & Meeting Complex

Relax with the macaques at a hot spring – Khao Chaison Hot Spring (2-3hr)

But make sure your phones or food are safe from those thieving monkeys! Other than that, dip your feet into both the hot and cold natural springs.A hidden treasure tucked out of the way, enjoy free admission and go for a trek. You can also go for the healing massages priced at 120 Baht per hour (4USD).

Photo VIa Partick-lepetit

More info on visiting Khao Chaison Hot Spring

Before you leave, remember to grab all the Thai food you can’t live without – Big C (1 hr)

For those familiar with Thailand, you’ll know that Big C is a must whenever you’re in the country. Chips, instant noodles, koh kae (a favourite peanut snack), pocky… The list is endless! For a better idea of what you can get, check out our guide.

Photo Via Woanchyi911

More info on visiting Big C Supermarket

Day 3 Route

Recommended places to stay

1. Have a slumber party for 4 or more – Centris Condominium

There’s no other place in Hatyai that are more perfect for group stays. This place can sleep up to 6 people, with two queens and one sofa bed. It’s about an 8 minute walk to where all the hustle and bustle is, so you don’t have to worry about being kept awake by sounds at night!

More info on Centris Condominium
Check Rate on 

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2. For groups with couples that want alone time – Grand Pink Hotel Hatyai

Great value for money and smack in the middle of where everything is, it’s 6 minutes from Haadyai Station and 4 minutes to the nearest 7/11. Plus, right out the door is a walking street and Odean, one of the more prominent shopping malls in Hatyai.

Photo Via Okgalcinbee

More info on Grand Pink Hotel Hatyai
Check Rate on Agoda

3. Little pricier but great architectural and interior designs for those aesthetically inclined – The Three Hatyai

A great option which is very central, and a little more on the hip side with great decor.

The Three Hatyai makes a very comfortable, instagrammable and luxurious stay for its location. It’s just a few steps away from Walking Street and Odean!

More info on The Three Hatyai
Check Rate on Agoda

Special Mention: For large groups with their own car, you can have a place all to yourself – Punpun House

A little bit more out of the way, but perfect for those driving a car around Hat Yai!

This place can comfortably accommodate 12 people with 4 bedrooms and 7 beds – and there’s easy access to parking. The garage is large enough for an SUV, and you may also park out front or by the side of the road.

PS: It’s in a residential area so it’s quiet and homey.

More info on Punpun House
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And that concludes your future trip to Hatyai!

Share this itinerary with those you want to travel with most. Your travel buddies will thank you for it.

If there’s a favourite hotspot of yours that you think should be on this list, sound off in the comments below. Happy tripping!

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