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In our very humble opinion, no trip to Bangkok is complete without a visit to Big C Supercenter Rajdamri – the largest hypermart in Thailand.

Located just opposite CentralWorld, there are several stories providing different products from food (on the first floor), to homewares and much more at affordable prices!

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For those of us looking for souvenirs for family, or simply to stock up on our favourite Thai tastes – this is the one stop place to come.

There are at least 20 must-buy snacks from Big C SuperCenter that will satisfy your Thai cravings when you’re back at home!

1. You’ll be surprised at how delicious these chips are! – Tasto Crab Curry Chips, Pla Sam Rod Chips

This particular brand of chips has truly surprised us, most specifically these flavours. We recommend getting more of the Pla Sam Rod Chips – this flavour is incredible and you’ll regret not getting more!!

2. You WILL regret not trying these – Little Farm Bread Snacks (Garlic, Butter, Pizza, Tomyum and more!)

These are sooooo good…. we only wish we had more luggage space to bring more back! Little Farm Bread Snacks come in small packets with super crisp flavoured bread. Think buttered toast, garlic toast, pizza toast, tomyum toast and more, in an easy packet!

3. A familiar taste, made even better – Manora Fried Shrimp Chips

Tested and proven, once you start, you can’t stop. Manora Fried Shrimp Chips are super addictive and tastes great!

4. So much deliciousness in bite-sized pieces – Grilled Tomyum Anchovies

Tomyum anchovies are a MUST-try and are hard to come by. We recommend stocking up!

5. Explore the wide and wonderful world of… – Thai Brand Instant Noodles

Where do we even begin? There are many great Thai brand instant noodles available. From everyone’s favourite tomyum flavours, to instant boat noodles and more, any craving can be satisfied! Make sure to explore all the options!

6. Thailand’s version of Tokyo Banana – Mango Cake

Japan might have Tokyo Banana, but Thailand has Mango Cake! It’s a refreshing sweet treat to remember your time in Thailand, and makes a great souvenir too.

7. If you love durian, you’ll definitely love these – Durian Chips

Savoury crisp durian chips that leave you reaching for more every time – if you love durian, we bet you’ll love these durian chips too. ‘Nuff said!

8. We buy this EVERY time we’re here – Pork Floss Rolls

One of this editor’s all time favourite tea time snacks to nibble on, these pork floss rolls are incredibly addictive! Think wafer thin love letters with a hint of sesame filled with pork floss. Delicious!

9. Try this when you drink! – Rice Cracker with Pork Floss

When we were in Khao Yai, our local host’s mom made sure to open a bag of these during our BBQ night, as a great snack to go with the beers!

10. Make your own spa tea at home – Butterfly Pea Tea and Lemongrass Pandan Tea

You know those lovely little welcome drinks hotels serve you when you check in? Or the refreshing tea served after a soothing spa session?

These are the very teas used! Here’s a little bit of luxury to bring back home.

11. It’s a different form of coconut, but still delicious! – Sugared Coconut Strips

Head over to the dried fruit goods section and look at the delectables on offer. One must-buy treat are the sugared coconut strips. Perfect for snacking while indulging in your favourite shows.

12. No need for Nakhon Kitchen – Thai Soup Pastes

Ever had those moments where you missed the taste of a good (and authentic) Tom Yum Goong or Thai Green Curry? Instead of bemoaning the fact that you’re no longer in Thailand, why not buy these soup bases home, so you can recreate your favourite dishes!

13. Always on the hunt for good Pad Thai? – Pad Thai Cooking Sets

Who doesn’t love a good Pad Thai? With these easy Pad Thai cooking sets, you’ll be able to have your favourite Pad Thai anytime!

14. Thai Tea, best tea – Thai tea (Cha Tra Mue, Nestea)

Arguably one of our favourite teas ever, there are two types of Thai Tea to check out at Big C. Whether it’s Cha Tra Mue, the original Thai tea brand (available in loose leaves and sachets), or Nestea’s easy sachets – both are great for a quick Thai tea fix at home!

15. You can’t go wrong with a good peanut snack – Koh Kae Peanut Snack

Everyone loves these Koh Kae Peanut Snacks. From coconut coffee cream, to shrimp and more, we’re sure you’ll be able to find your favourite flavor. (Psst! Our favourite is the shrimp flavoured one!)

16. Make your own Thai desserts anytime – Thai Desserts Cooking Sets

Cook your own Thai desserts at home with the Thai Dessert Cooking Sets available at Big C! Whether it’s black beans in creamy coconut milk, or sweet potatoes in a hearty ginger soup, take your pick.

17. How much more delicious can coconut get? – Coconut and Banana Chips

We know some people who go crazy for coconut chips! If you’re a fan of all things coconut, you need to pick some up. Alternatively, feel free to get some banana chips too!

18. Eat them or drink them, these are the best! – Pitted Longans

If you didn’t already know, Thailand is pretty famous for their dried pitted longans. They’re sweet and yummy and can be eaten as is. They can also be used to make soups and tea. (Feel free to look up dried longan recipes like Longan Tea with Fresh Ginger. Delicious!)

Special mention 1: Great for ladies!– Jele Beaute (collagen drinks)

We loved these collagen drinks in Taiwan, and were delighted to find them here! They’re great snacks especially for the ladies. At only 10-12 Baht per pack, we hear these can make a simple meal replacement for those busy days, or for a simple perk me up treat.

Special mention 2: One for the beauty addicts – Collagen Coffee, Collagen Soymilk

Interestingly enough, collagen coffee and collagen soymilk can both be found in Big C. If you’re one of the beauty addicts who love a good collagen treat, and also happens to love coffee or soymilk… No harm giving these a shot!

Big C Supercenter Rajdamri

Address: 11 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Nearest BTS: Chit Lom BTS Station
Contact: +66 2 250 4888
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 2am
Price: From USD $0.20 / approx. 10 Baht or USD $10.5 / approx. 360 Baht

Official website

Have you tried any of the snacks above? Which are your favourites?
We’d love to hear from you!

Bonus points, if you have other treats you highly recommend too!

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