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If there is one place in Thailand that stands out to us as the next up-and-coming holiday destination for families, it has to be Krabi!

A few years ago, encountering children in Krabi was a surprise, it was more of an adults-only perfect paradise…

But hey things have changed! Now children literally beg for holidays in Krabi! No matter the age or size of your family, few travel destinations compare.

Krabi is safe, clean, and full of fun family activities that have been popping up!

Of course, hotels have been catching up fast with rooms to accommodate families too.

Although relatively rare, you can find affordable rooms fit for families at these hotels with pools and near to the beach! Here is our curated list… Peek in to finally promise your kids fun family times at the pool and beach.

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Time for a family beach holiday in Krabi! – Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach

Don’t know where to stay in Krabi with your family? Stay at Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach, an affordable family-friendly hotel that’s only a 5-minute walk to Noppharat Thara Beach.

Whether you’re travelling with young kids or teens, the spacious family rooms here provide two bedrooms – equipped with a twin bed and a double bed – with a connecting door joining the two. This means privacy for mom and dad!

Photo Via Holiday-Inn-Express-Krabi-Ao-Nang-Beach

There’s also a swimming pool here so you have fun in the resort, while enjoying one of the best locations in Krabi, where so many pretty beaches are located.

Photo Via Tipontheroad
Photo Via necaticelek, Hiexpresskrabi

Want to go to the beach early in the morning? That’s super possible – just don’t forget to get your free grab-and-go breakfast so you can enjoy it by the beach!

Find out more Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach


1. Slides for the kids, and pool bar for the parents – Ananta Burin Resort

At its price, Ananta Burin Resort is a steal for families and this means: a cosy night in a spacious triple room that is well-appointed. It fuses Thai design with modern amenities and a touch of Japanese accents – along with a bathtub for some bubbly family fun before bedtime stories…

The resort’s room arrangements are flexible with extra facilities such as a cot, extra bed and babysitting services available on request…

Catch some tipples at the poolside bar or enjoy a massage by the pool, while the kids enjoy their free entrance to the waterslides! Phew, parenting dreams come true!!

Photo Via Shafiqbakhri

Photo Via Camilladoll23, Pin_pnp

The beach is a short 12 minutes’ walk away, but you will notice that most guests tend to gather around the family pool. It’s been laid out to give parents ample sun-lounger time, and children a rowdy ruck-about sliding down to the water!

This is the Krabi hotel that is geared toward adult-friendly vacations while welcoming children with open arms too!

A restaurant is available at the resort, which is a great option, if your little ones are too tired to head out and scout for a dinner spot (Ugh, kids hate that!) – after a whole day of fun in the water!

Photo Via Rattikal_party

Ananta Burin Resort

Rates: From USD $56 / approx. 1746 Baht (for Triple Family Room)
Address: 166 Moo 3 Tambon Ao Nang, Ampher Muang Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 661 551
Distance to Noppharat Thara Beach: 11 minute walk or 3 minutes by car/taxi to the beach!

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2. Sleep in a charming little bungalow near Railay Beach – Diamond Cave Resort & Spa

If you’ve not heard of Railay Beach; you should Google it straight away! I know, mind-blowing right?

While most might think that only celebrities can afford a stay at hotels on Railay Beach, here’s where you’re wrong. Diamond Cave Resort & Spa is one lovely and affordable stay at popular Railay!

The hotel is nothing super fancy but the scenery is. For families with kids, simply opt for their family room bungalow which comes with a side of garden views!

The room boasts all your necessary comforts – air-conditioning, bathtub and comfortable beds! Your stay also includes a swimming pool – and a spectacular beach awaiting for you just a 7 minute walk away.

Photo Via Natibrenda

Don’t keep the kids in, it’s time for some outdoor fun! Like the light at the end of a tunnel, enjoy the short 7 minute walk to amazing Railay Beach!

Railay beach is one of the less commercialised areas in Krabi – and you won’t really have to worry about your kids throwing sand at others as the beach is never overcrowded…. Well, it looks like you are now in heaven…

Diamond Cave Resort & Spa

Rates: From USD $51 / approx. 1590 Baht (for Family Room Bungalow)
Address: 36 หมู่ 1 Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 819 443
Distance to Railay beach: 7 minute walk to the beach!

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3. It’s a family-friendly paradise in Krabi! – Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa

Bring your kids to this tastefully designed family-friendly traditional Thai resort!

When you stay at Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa’s Deluxe Pool View rooms, you get two double beds – perfect for a family of four to sleep comfortably in.

Photo Via Centara-Anda-Dhevi-Resort-and-Spa, Centara-Anda-Dhevi-Resort-and-Spa, Designertravelmy

Your kids can’t wait to jump into the pool? Head over to the pool, there’s a waterslide for the kids, and a relaxing swim, poolside bar and sun loungers waiting for the parents!

Photo Via Centara-Anda-Dhevi-Resort-and-Spa, Siwakorn_wichakit
Photo Via Centara-Anda-Dhevi-Resort-and-Spa, Tham5566

If your kids get bored and don’t wish to be in the sun, there’s also a kids’ room your little ones can play at.

Photo Via Centara-Anda-Dhevi-Resort-and-Spa

Hungry? Visit the restaurant on site serving Thai and Western delights, or the two bars (poolside and in the restaurant) for adults only.

Photo Via Centara-Anda-Dhevi-Resort-and-Spa, Fahsaii_wj

The nearest beach is also a 2min drive or 12min walk too!

Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa

Rate: from 1,712 Baht / USD $56 per night
Address: 182 Moo 3, Tumbol Ao Nang Soi 8, Mueang Krabi, Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 62 6222
Distance to Noppharat Thara Beach: 2 minutes drive or 12 minutes walk to the beach

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4. Family time awaits at this Caribbean-style resort! – The Pelican Residence & Suites Krabi

Never been to the Caribbean? Well… you can now go escape there without hurting your wallets at this Caribbean-style stay.

The resort’s long swimming pool fitted with palm trees and sun loungers will remind you of those sandy beaches at the Caribbean. And if you do feel famished after a swim in the pool, replenish your energy at the poolside restaurant.

Photo Via The-Pelican-Residence-_-Suites-Krabi
Photo Via Thepelicankrabi, Meadiaruz

And for kids, there’s a kids’ room here for more playtime adventures. Staying at the “Two Bedroom Suites” also entitles you to two bedrooms, a separate living room, a kitchenette and a balcony (with loungers) – how’s that for a great family stay?

Photo Via The-Pelican-Residence-_-Suites-Krabi, Thepelicankrabi, Elaine_yimeng
Photo Via Thepelicankrabi, The-Pelican-Residence-_-Suites-Krabi, Thepelicankrabi

The Pelican Residence & Suites Krabi

Rate: from 2,081 Baht / USD $68 per night
Address: 185 Klong Muang, Tubkaak Road, Tambon Nong Thale, Krabi, KR 81180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 817 000
Distance to Klong Muang Beach: 7 minutes drive to the beach

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5. Weee… It’s an indoor Sealife & Safari World!! – 8Icon Ao Nang Krabi

I loveeeeee this place! And I bet your kids will too! Why? It’s not just because of the B-shaped swimming pool (with a kids pool) and cheerful red loungers, but also thanks to the colourful paintings and graffiti throughout the stay.

Photo Via 8Icon-Ao-Nang-Krabi
Photo Via Phuketletsgo, Madziullka

In each room, you’ll find either an underwater or rainforest-themed wall to bring some imagination into the space – and as you walk around, you might even spotother graphics like a scuba diver.

The Quadruple Room also boasts a bunk bed, two single beds and a terrace – the perfect fit for a family of 4.

Photo Via 8Icon-Ao-Nang-Krabi

8Icon Ao Nang Krabi

Rate: from 1,744 Baht / USD $57 per night
Address: 208 Tambon Ao Nang, Mueang Chang Wat Krabi 81180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 680 361-4
Distance to Noppharat Thara Beach: 3 minutes drive or 14 minutes walk to the beach

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6. Splash around and have fun at this beachside resort – Purin Resort & Restaurant

Although staying at the beachside is preferred for beachgoers, it’s usually really expensive and not worth the price (especially if you can stay just a few minutes further away for much less). But what if you get this experience and stay by the beach at an affordable price?

Photo Via Verone_chong, Kasiafaka, Inko30

At Purin Resort & Restaurant, you can enjoy this win-win situation and create fun memories with your loved ones. How so?

Swim around and relax at the pool facing the beach. And it’s also so close to the beach, so you can walk to the beach and swim there instead, if the family gets bored with swimming in the resort.

Photo Via Purin-Resort-_-Restaurant, Penguiinxx

Indoors: Have an enjoyable private time with the family in your family room, with two beds (for 4 people) and a private outdoor bathroom in the middle of a mini garden.

Photo Via Purin-Resort-_-Restaurant, Inko30
Photo Via Kasiafaka, Jessababiii

Sounds amazing right?

Purin Resort & Restaurant

Rate: from 1,348 Baht / USD $44 per night
Address: 203, Tambon Taling Chan, Amphoe Nuea Khlong, Chang Wat Krabi 81130, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 078 4105, +66 92 271 5704, +66 75 818 133
Distance to Long Beach: 1 minute walk to the beach

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7. Fishes, nets and everything fishing! – Marina Express – Fisherman Hotel – Ao Nang

Enjoy fishing? You might not be able to fish here (after all, it’s a hotel), but doesn’t mean you must part with your favourite sea activity.

At this fishing-themed stay, you’ll find fishes, nets and other fishing accessories hanging as decorations throughout the hotel. You can also be a mermaid (or just swim normally) in the pool of this white, blue and brown-toned villa – the colours of the Andaman sea and pier.

Photo Via Marinahotelsandresorts, Realwhatbraah
Photo Via Linebberthelsen, Selinapettersson

For families, I highly recommend staying at the Villa Two Bedrooms where there’s a room for your kids, a room for you and your partner, and a terrace you can all relax around. How lovely!

Photo Via Marina-Express-Fisherman-Hotel-Ao-Nang, Nok_supattra555, Marina-Express-Fisherman-Hotel-Ao

Marina Express – Fisherman Hotel – Ao Nang

Rate: from 1,440 Baht / USD $47 per night
Address: Ao Nang 20/1 Muang Ao Nang, Krabi, Moo 2 Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 76 396 611-5, +66 62 875 9003
Distance to Ao Nang Beach: 3 minutes drive or 16 minutes walk to the beach

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8. Take a trip in the woods within your hotel room – GLOW Ao Nang

A wooden deck with a laid-back pool in the middle, funky sun loungers, friendly and welcoming staff, buffet breakfast and a strategic location – GLOW Ao Nang has everything and more.

Photo Via Believe_ee

We love how one can truly relax in the rooms that feature contemporary design mixed with natural and simple interiors…

Photo Via Yashy_hassaan

Bedtime stories have never been so promising! Look out for their multiple family rooms; whichever one you choose, you can be sure to check-into a modern, clean and spacious room.

A kids’ play area is available and packed full with huge colourful bean bags, all sorts of toys, books and even movie screening sessions!

Photo Via Yashy_hassaan

If you’re here to break off from your daily stressful routine, drop by the gym to sweat your anxieties away – and head to the pool or stroll down to the beach for a relaxing dip!

Photo Via Amreborn

This stay is bound to make both the kids and their ‘rents happy! Happy ‘rents, happy kids! 😉

GLOW Ao Nang

Rates: From USD $65 / approx. 2027 Baht (for Family Triple Room)
Address: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 818877
Distance to Noppharat Thara beach: 14 minute walk to the beach!

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9. It’s a waterpark within a resort – Aonang Viva Resort

Whether you’re travelling with the kids or fancy being a big kid yourself, consider booking a stay at Aonang Viva Resort!

Opt for their deluxe room and enjoy an expansive, airy space. Rooms are well-maintained, cosy and tranquil – perfect for family afternoon naps and smooches.

The deluxe rooms provide 1 king bed and 1 single bed (which can accommodation 2 young kids – add an extra bed if your kids need more space) – and sleep up to 4 guests which are perfect for mommy, daddy and 2 kids!

Photo Via Norfatin_mansor

What’s more fun than staying at a hotel with its own waterslides? One where you can just wake up and head down to the pool for ultimate family fun (no crowd, no queue at no extra cost)!

Photo Via Lalita_gier

At Aonang Viva Resort, this is exactly what you get to enjoy – your family can play all day without having to roam far!

Keep an eye on the kids while you relax on the multiple sun loungers, cocktail in one hand and magazine in the other…

Photo Via Ivy_kanita, Norfatin_mansor

Getting hungry? The resort is highly raved for its strategic location, and there are plenty of restaurants in the surroundings to fit your every picky eater (vast variety of halal options too).

In the afternoon, consider packing buckets and spades as the beach is just a 14 minutes’ walk away!

Photo Via Sario_aomz

P.S These waterslides are sure to tire them out so they go to bed early! 😉

Aonang Viva Resort

Rates: From USD $50 / approx. 1560 Baht (for Deluxe Room, USD $32 for additional bed)
Address: 194 Moo3 Aonang Soi 8, Ao Nang, Muang, Krabi 81180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 810 545
Distance to Noppharat Thara Beach: 14 minute walk, or 4 minutes by car/taxi to the beach!)

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10. It’s a space galore for bigger families – LaRio Hotel Krabi

Right in the middle of beachy, crazy and busy Ao Nang is the extraordinary LaRio Hotel. Focusing on wellness, relaxation and renewal moments, LaRio Hotel guarantees a break from your daily routine Just like a little sanctuary …

There are two options for family rooms, so just pick whichever fits your crew best (sleep up to 6 persons per room)…

The rooms are bright white with little splashes of colours scattered in the form of cushions and wall decor; they also feature a unique Scandinavian look and feel.

Family rooms at LaRio Hotel are perfect for parents looking for some privacy during their vacation, as the bunk beds are a sliding door away from the double bed.

Both parents and kids have their own TV sets so hooray to no fighting for TV channels – and no little ones sneaking in your bed for cartoons in the morning…

There’s a pool here that also offers safe swimming for younger ones, with the dining area located right next to it – keep an eye on them while you indulge in a delicious meal.

Photo Via Fudnfun

A 6 minute drive to Ao Nang Beach will give you the ultimate toes-in-the-sand moments with the family – and why not a sundowner dip in the warm inviting waters too!

LaRio Hotel Krabi

Rates: From USD $53 / approx. 1653 Baht (for Deluxe Family Room)
Address: 849 Moo 2 Ao Nang Soi 2/1 Muang Krabi Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact:+66 75 810 940
Distance to Ao Nang Beach: 6 minutes by car/taxi to the beach!

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11. Fall asleep by counting sheep all over the walls – Kokotel Krabi Ao Nang

Finding sleep at Kokotel Krabi is as easy as 1,2,3… Besides being modern, spacious, clean and comfortable, the family rooms at Kokotel Krabi help kids fall asleep!

Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

  • In the morning, head up to the rooftop pool and let your little ones enjoy some splashy times in the water.

  • Then head down for a delicious meal at the hotel’s farm-to-table restaurant.

  • While waiting, tet the kids enjoy the playground at the hotel too!

Photo Via Rasa_buu, Shazalyza

Photo Via Joypiyaporn

Once you are done; the beach is calling…

Take a leisurely 8 minute walk to Ao Nang beach – and relax in the shade to the ocean breeze and sound of chirping birds… While the kids build castles and throw sand at each other. (Keep an eye so that they don’t bother other beachgoers!)

Now that you are tanned and roasted (or simply relaxed), settle for dinner at one of the various restaurants in Ao Nang. They have anything you might be looking for, but we’re sure the kids will love and possibly request for Italian !

Back to Kokotel, enjoy a lavish shower and laughter with your littles before putting them to bed – and let them fall asleep by counting sheeps all over the walls! Your day is accomplished…

Photo Via Aom_aomkuan

Feeling like a royal family? Limousine rental is also available!

Kokotel Krabi Ao Nang

Rates: From USD $48 / approx. 1497 Baht (for Family Room)
Address: 143 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Muang, Krabi 81180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 91 034 2122
Distance to Ao Nang Beach: 8 minute walk to the beach!

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12. Where kids are VIPs with their own private pool – Anyavee Ban Ao Nang

This is exactly where you can initiate your kiddos to swimming in a private kids’ pool!

At Anyavee Ban Ao Nang, you can sleep over at the spacious family room with bunk beds provided for the kids… The family rooms are comfortable with crisp bed sheets and blankets to slide in after a full day out in the sun… loveliest feeling ever!

The rooms are also divided with an interconnecting door to the kids’ bedroom – so you are guaranteed privacy and freedom during the night, plus the kids will also love their personal space too!

Photo Via Man_nasir

There are family-friendly facilities here such as a children and full sized pools for adults.

Photo Via Meganhankin

There’s nothing extra fancy at Anyavee Ban Ao Nang, but the hotel is value-for-money when you consider its strategic location along with its facilities! A short 11 minutes’ walk to the beach can be your ultimate saviour in times of tantrums and whining!

Photo Via Sri_elyna

Anyavee Ban Ao Nang

Rates: From USD $52 / approx. 1621 Baht (for Family Room)
Address: 211, Moo 2 Ao Nang, Muang, Krabi 81180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 637 071
Distance to Ao Nang Beach: 11 minute walk to the beach!

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13. Watch the kids in the pool from your balcony – Sugar Marina Resort Cliffhanger

It’s 8am and your personal alarm clock/s (kids) sneak into your bed, to urge you to accompany them to the pool. What!? You surely planned to sleep longer but it’s their vacation too….

Well, at Sugar Marina Resort Cliffhanger you can keep an eye on the kids in the pool – from your very own family room balcony, which comes with a pool view!

Photo Via Zhar.zach_

Family rooms are simple and contemporary, with no excessive furnishing – providing just what you need while on vacation. They come in two family-friendly options too! Opt for the king size and single bed or the two queen beds…

Dads, do not expect rooms to be equipped with a working desk to keep up with emails and work; it’s time to make the most out of this family holiday! But be rest assured, all guest accommodations feature thoughtful amenities to ensure an unparalleled sense of comfort…

This resort is not your typical resort, but its got its own charm – and is very appealing to families who want to escape from big crowds, while on holiday with the kids.

Photo Via Saifon-Keawdum, Adorawhitney

Photo Via Adorawhitney

Take a 14-minute walk to the beach, and enjoy your days drinking fresh coconut water… While the kids have fun jumping waves and playing in the sand!

Sugar Marina Resort Cliffhanger

Rates: From USD $57 / approx. 1777 Baht (for Family Room with pool view)
Address: 873 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81180 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 695 271, +66 75 695 272
Distance to Ao Nang Beach: 14 minutes walk, or 3 minutes by car/taxi to the beach!

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14. Bunk beds, playstation, dreamy bedrooms and more – Ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang

Bunk beds – the fun beds every kid loves! Book your kids a dream holiday by staying at the family room at Ibis Style…

The family room comes equipped with bunk beds, and a playstation set with lovely poufs for the kids to play from – so you can travel light and leave the tablet at home!

While it looks like the kids are well taken care of, parents are not left behind either… In fact, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and large double bed, in a room painted in light green – spacious and peaceful…

Family rooms also come with a balcony that let in that gorgeous golden morning glow from the sun rays…

Photo Via Mrs.fox___

On top of the dreamy bedroom, your little ones can also enjoy the playground, and the kid’s pool at the hotel. You can even head to the beach via  6 minute drive by car/taxi! Tough choice but pick wisely, or simply try them all 😉

Photo Via Junitashamsul

Ksenia_i_alenka, Yulia_smorodnikova

There’s plenty to do at this hotel (and nearby) to tucker the kids out for a good night’s sleep – before the island hopping you might have planned for the next day!

Note: Ibis Style is a wheelchair-friendly hotel!

Ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang

Rates: From USD $65 / approx. 2027 Baht (for Family Room)
Address: 725 Moo 2 Ao nang, Muang Krabi, Krabi, 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 659 2888
Distance to Ao Nang Beach: 6 minutes by car/taxi to the beach!

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15. Check out this sweet family ‘suite’! – Ao Nang Miti Resort

This small-scale stay in Ao Nang oozes charming homey feels that are truly welcoming. (It even has a cat or more, that drop by occasionally!)

Besides the ambience, the resort also offers expansive family rooms that come with one double bed and a single bed.

If you were to ask us, the room is just more than a ‘room’.

It has everything needed to be classified as a suite… A dining table and even a kitchenette for a home cooked meal when the family misses it! Walking into the room will be like walking into home 🙂

It’s easy to see why families are welcomed with open arms at the resort – the area is quiet and safe for kids of every age. There are superb facilities available, and the excellent location makes Ao Nang Miti Resort the perfect base in Krabi!

While the kids enjoy the pool, relax peacefully on the sun loungers for some tranquil and serene moments… It’s your personal time to relax while in paradise.

Photo Via Nadiaxworldmap, Jiamin331

Complete your day with a dip in the pool with your little ones for moments you will cherish forever. (In 20 years you will go “Do you remember when we were in Krabi, in the pool…”)

Photo Via Hotsonic, Amp_kawinthip

Better yet, the beach is only 6 minutes away by car! Affordable, family-friendly, with pool and near the beach? We’d definitely call this a steal!

Ao Nang Miti Resort

Rates: From USD $31 / approx. 967 Baht (for Family Room)
Address: 262 Moo 2, Soi Leela Valley, Ao Nang Road, Ao Nang, Muang Krabi, 81180, Thailand. (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 695 457
Distance to Ao Nang beach: 6 minutes by car/taxi to the beach!

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16. Make it your yearly affordable family stay – Phranang Place

We all have that one stay we will always stick to when visiting a destination… And we secretly think that Phranang Place is worth the status of “yearly affordable accommodation while in Krabi”.

Vacations are made simple at Phranang Place, especially if you are here with kids. The stay has different options for families. Choose the standard or prefer an upgrade to the deluxe. For 3? For 4? They’ve got it all!

At Phranang Place, you sleep close enough to your little ones for a late-night movie in bed, followed by a pillow fight session; although you might be too tired for that – after a whole afternoon swimming at the hotel pool!

Photo Via Ucniiii, Ch_annk

Be warned, the family rooms at Phranang Place are popular for families with kids and sell out fast – blame it on the hotel’s affordability, amenities and location.

Photo Via Dilajamaludin

Be sure to book early if you want to find a room that fits your criteria, and you will be enjoying a “near the beach” holiday in Krabi soon! Phranang Place is just a 13 minute walk from bustling Ao Nang Beach!

PS: Got  little ones who are between 0-9 years old? They stay for free if using existing bedding!

Phranang Place

Rates: From USD $58 / approx. 1809 Baht (for Family Room)
Address: Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact:+66 75 695 537
Distance to Ao Nang beach: 12 minute walk to the beach!

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17. Your family does deserve a stay at a studio apartment – Ao Nang O2 Boutique Hotel

For a reasonably-priced family stay in Krabi, try Ao Nang O2 Boutique Hotel.

The expansive studio apartment sleeps up to four adults (that means even your 12 years old, wow!) and is located on the upper floor with mountain views.

The bright studio comes with a flat-screen TV, a minibar, and a desk. There is also a sitting area on the balcony.

Photo Via Mitch_on_tour

The hotel also offers free shuttle bus services to the beach, although it is just a short 11 minute drive away… Extra helpful as you won’t have to carry the kids in the stroller (we know the pain)…

While you might want to spend most of your time outside, know that your stay includes a pool. It’s great for family bonding and/or evening dips before shower time. Then head out for dinner at the multiple restaurants in Ao Nang. (PS: You MUST have fresh seafood!)

The hotel staff is their biggest asset – expect a warm and hospitable welcome throughout your stay. Thai people are known to love and care for kids (we don’t just mean their biological kids!)…

If you are keen to stay somewhere convenient, clean and tranquil without being too far from the main area – you know what to consider on your next visit with the family to Krabi!

Ao Nang O2 Boutique Hotel

Rates: From USD $46 / approx. 1435 Baht (for Studio Apartment)
Address: 727 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 75 810 080
Distance to Ao Nang beach: 11 minute drive by car/taxi to the beach!

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Did these rooms inspire your next family vacation to Krabi? Tag your family and let them know where you’re heading next 😉

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