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Untouched tropical islands with white sand beaches…

Incredible coral reefs…

And more wildlife and marine life than you can imagine…

Sounds like a dream right?

Now you can live the dream! We’ve found the most incredible islands around Krabi for the ultimate island-hopping adventure to go on.

If you’re in Krabi and looking for something extra special to do, these islands are next level beautiful – and a million miles from the bustle of Krabi town.

Live the island-hopping dream and enjoy them before the crowds appear!

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1. The best two-for-one deal ever – Koh Rok islands

You get double for your money when visiting Koh Rok as there are actually two islands just 250m apart!

Koh Rok Nai, the inner island is closest to mainland, while Koh Rok Nok is the outer island – both joined together with a coral channel.

Photo Via Yeeyee_

The islands are part of Mu Koh Lanta Marine National Park, so expect an abundance of nature, both on land and in underwater.

When you’re there for the day, make the most of the shallow reefs and clear water and enjoy some snorkelling. See if you can spot any turtles!

Photo Via Ichy9,-Chiara_Pradal

Photo Via Oceanpreneur,-Frederik.Wulff,-Wanderingtooth,-Wenzizizizib

Photo Via Kruptdotcom,-Elodie_Enchantee

Otherwise, climb to Pha Samet Daeng Viewpoint, on a clear day you will even be able to see Koh Lanta in the distance. It’s also the perfect place to watch the sunset – and who knows, you might be lucky enough to see a monitor lizard!

Photo Via Erik_Stikker

If you want a bigger adventure, then book a camping trip. Meet like minded travellers in the campsite with fully maintained tents and toilets knowing that park rangers are there to keep everyone safe.

Photo Via Suharevaalla,-Tarofoto

The two islands of Koh Rok are both just a few km long so when it comes to getting around…you might as well walk!

Koh Rok Islands

Price: USD $106 / 3529 Baht (for a combined Koh Rok and Koh Haa tour, inclusive of hotel pick up and drop off, and national park entrance tickets, courtesy of Klook!)
Address/Coordinates: 7°12’56.3″N 99°03’50.3″E
Getting there: From Krabi town pier, people usually take a 1 and a half hour speedboat to Koh Lanta, and from Koh Lanta’s Sala Dan Pier, take another 1 and a half hour boat ride to Koh Rok. However, we recommend hiring a private boat charter from Krabi to Koh Rok. It’s more convenient, faster, and more value-for-money.
When to go: These islands are open to travellers from November to May

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2. Have an underwater adventure – Koh Haa island

Koh Haa actually means five islands and well, the name says it all! This cluster of tall, rocky cliff-edged islands soar out of ocean, creating a protected and vibrant reef between them.

Photo Via Rockkhound,-Taylorosullivan

Photo Via Wcam18-4

Now, a word of warning, these islands aren’t for land lovers! The islands are still protected so you can’t actually go on land, you will have to make do with discovering the world class snorkelling and dive sites!

There is one thing that these beautiful islands aren’t missing – and that’s great diving. Koh Haa has 12 incredible dive sites where you can discover everything from tiny coral structures all the way to some seriously big marine life.

Photo Via Jak_Club, Kevin_Ohashi, Paipartith, Onlyfrank, Markusstommen

The lagoon site boasts exceptional visibility and is perfect for beginners, with a shallow sloping reef with colourful corals and friendly little puffer fish. Haven’t got your dive badge? Then the lagoon is perfect for snorkelling too.

Photo Via Mikebbristol, Markusstommen

If you are more advanced, you won’t be able to resist diving the Cathedral or Chimney dive sites. The underwater structures are eerie and you might even see a manta ray or a whale shark.

Photo Via Scubafish_,-Whatevertherewas

Book an afternoon trip so that after your adventure you can kick back on board with a cold drink and watch the sunset as you sail back.

Photo Via Bammberrina

This island truly is paradise for all you water babies!

Photo Via F1stfaloo,-Ploy_Pirm

Koh Haa Islands

Price: USD $106 / 3529 Baht (for a combined Koh Haa and Koh Rok tour, inclusive of hotel pick up and drop off, and national park entrance tickets, courtesy of Klook!)
Address/Coordinates: 7.42953°, 98.8956°
Getting there: From Krabi town pier, people usually take a 1 and a half hour speedboat to Koh Lanta, and from Koh Lanta’s Sala Dan Pier, take another 1 and a half hour boat ride to Koh Rok. However, we recommend hiring a private boat charter from Krabi to Koh Rok. It’s more convenient, faster, and more value-for-money.
When to go: These islands are open to travellers from November to May

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3. Swing on the beach to your hearts’ content – Pakbia island

We’ve heard that the snorkelling is quite great here, with a variety of fish species to encounter a short distance from the main beach.

Apart from that, there are some truly beautiful beaches and towering scenery so you’ll be able to do some serious relaxing here. There are beaches on both sides of this lush little island, surrounded by the emerald green ocean.

Photo Via Vbus_Thebus

Photo Via Sinichusna

Photo Via Jenny.Lexo

The best thing to do on this tranquil little island is to hop on one of the beach swings and watch the world go by with the sound of the waves in the background. If not, find yourself the perfect spot to sunbathe and admire the scenery.

Try to arrange a tour early in the morning or in the evening so that you have this wonderful place all to yourself.

Life doesn’t get better than swinging on the beach on Pakbia islands.

Photo Via Tanyabaracchi

PS: At low tide you can even walk along the sandbar to the connected Koh Hong and discover total paradise!

Photo Via Lynnkrabi, Stephantravelphotography

Pakbia Islands

Price: From USD $30 / 1000 Baht (one-way longtail boat ride)
Address/Coordinates: 8°07’02.5″N 98°40’37.0″E
Getting there: Hire a longtail boat in Ao Nang (at the booth toward the southern part of the beach) or Nopparat Thara (at the fishing pier toward the northern end of the beach), or join an island-hopping speedboat trip.

4. One for the real adventurers on the ancient island – Koh Talabeng

We don’t think you will ever get tired of the breathtaking beauty of Thailand’s islands, but you might want a change of scenery.

This is when you need to visit Koh Talabeng, or Skull island as it is more commonly known – just look at the photos and you will know why!

Photo Via Maxim.By

This old and mysterious island has ragged rocky cliff faces soaring over 70 metres out of the ocean, and towering above all who dare to visit.

Photo Via Scubalanta

The best way to explore this island is by kayak. Glide alongside the cliff faces and discover the hidden caves and watch monkeys on the rocky outcrops.

Photo Via _Twobackpacks_Oneworld

If you are really brave you will dare to enter the giant cavern of the island, and climb up inside the hollow rock tower. The cool rock and total silence is strange when you know it is bright sunshine outside.

Photo Via Ellagusgus-4,-Gunnbeas

Release your inner action man and become a real explorer – we dare you!

Photo Via Timosantala-3

Koh Talabeng

Transport fees: From USD $89 / 3000 Baht (for private boat with driver, 4-7 hour charter for up to 6 adults, direct boat ride from Krabi to Koh Haa)
Address/Coordinates: 7.6255696, 99.1442345
Getting there: We recommend hiring a private boat charter from Krabi town pier to Koh Talabeng. It’s more convenient and faster!

5. Hop over to 4 islands in 1 trip! – Koh Gai, Koh Poda, Koh Mor, Koh Tup

As you sail through the tranquil water in a traditional long tail boat the last thing you expect to see is a giant chicken shaped island rising up from the ocean. This is when you’ll know you have arrived at your destination – Chicken island, also known as Koh Gai!

Photo Via Renatinho_81

Located approximately 20 minutes from Ao Nang beach lie these unique islands, absolute packed with wildlife (not chickens though!).

Photo Via Marytear

Chicken island has everything you could possibly want on a tropical island, endless sheltered beach, shallow clear water and even a few stalls with snacks and souvenirs (try the roast corn cobs).

Photo Via Nuchtidaa, Lin.Wongsa

Photo Via Aldvs08

At low tide you can cross over to the nearby Koh Poda, equally beautiful but also a bit more crowded so there is a nice vibe to it. You can still find a peaceful spot though, just follow the beach to the rocks at the end and you will find your very own secret beach, away from anyone else.

Photo Via Lilianxpang

Koh Poda is also connected to Koh Mor and Koh Tup! These islands have so many brightly coloured, curious fish that even if you don’t normally snorkel you will love trying it here.

Photo Via Simaunmauni-3

See the most of these islands with the super cool 4 islands day tour by Klook. Don’t be a chicken, you need to visit these islands at least once in your life!

Koh Gai (Chicken Island)

Price: USD $12 / 400 baht (longtail boat one-way to Koh Gai only); USD $14 / 466 Baht (for Klook’s 4 island day tour, not inclusive of National Park entrance fee, USD $12 / 400 Baht (adult), USD $6 / 200 Baht (children)
Address/Coordinates: 7°57’14.9″N 98°48’23.0″E
Getting there: There are several ways to get to Koh Gai. Catch a longtail boat from Ao Nang Beach (approx. 20 minutes), or a boat from Chao Fah Pier in Krabi town. If you want to get more bang for your buck, do the 4 island day tour by Klook! You’ll be able to visit more than just Koh Gai. 😛

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6. The island/s that time forgot – Koh Jum, Koh Pu

Firstly let’s clear this up, Koh Jum and Koh Pu make up one island. The North of the island is known as Koh Pu, and the South as Koh Jum.

Photo Via Merka8

When Thai islands got popular with tourists and many headed to Phi Phi, it left this little island relatively untouched – and that’s why we love it!

Photo Via Cam.Here,-Kohjumbeachvillas

This sleepy little island is a collection of fishing villages with an expanse of twisted mangroves and monkey-filled forests. The pace of life is slow, making Koh Jum the perfect place to chill out.

Photo Via James_Antrobus

You will find plenty of mid-budget accommodation and restaurants, and meet some of the friendliest locals in Thailand. The island has some roads and mopeds and tuk tuks can be used to get around.

Photo Via Neunhundertsiebenundneunzig,-Tiger_Oma

Make the most of such welcoming people and take a tour to learn about day to day life, discover the real beauty of this island. Golden Pearl Beach to the South takes up almost a third of the island, and is the perfect place to catch the sun rays.

Photo Via Myislandlifeofficial, Officialcaz

Check out the destination signs on the beach, just another special touch from this spectacular island. Why not get active and hire a paddle board for a gentle work out along the shore?

Photo Via Cadwellons, Kimyoungza, Masthack

When it comes to little islands with massive hearts, Koh Pu/Jum is top of the list.

Koh Pu, Koh Jum

Address/Coordinates: 7.8119° N, 98.9770° E
Getting there: Catch the boat from Krabi Pier to Lanta Island that passes Ko Jum and regularly stops in front of the resorts. It takes just over an hour.

7. A hidden lagoon surrounded by greenery – Koh Hong, Hong Lagoon

Hong island is located just 8km away from the mainland, but as you sail through the the narrow entrance in the towering rock face – you will feel like you are entering a different world.

The lagoon is surrounded by cliffs blanketed in lush tropical foliage, like curtains protecting paradise from the world outside.

Photo Via Elizpeixoto

Hong Lagoon is famous for its shallow and clear water, making it perfect for nervous swimmers or families. You can simply stand in the water and the fish will come right up to you.

Photo Via Cleitoncs, Joeysantiniphotographyphuket

If you want to find out more about the hidden caves within the lagoon walls then use a raft to paddle around, safe in the knowledge that there is no current.

Hong lagoon is part of Bok Khorani National Park and you will certainly notice the vast variety of birds that will keep you company during your adventure.

You can visit Hong Lagoon as part of a day trip because you would never find the entrance on your own!

Photo Via Marianamarinhoc

Photo Via Sbarrx, Valescheiber

Photo Via Lien_Raskin

Welcome to your secret paradise!

Koh Hong, Hong Lagoon

Price: From USD $22 / 733 Baht (for round trip including hotel pick up, snorkelling gear rental, insurance, lunch and professional guide)
Address/Coordinates: 8.0783858, 98.676923
Getting there: Koh Hong is 20 minutes away from Krabi by longtail boat. The best way to get there is via Klook. It’s more convenient, faster and cheaper since hotel pick up is included!
Contact: +66 (0) 75 681096

Check Rate on Klook

8. Climb high in the sky on the island – Koh Nok

There is something magical about this island, of course it looks like a tropical paradise but it has special character that you don’t find everywhere.

Relax and absorb the charm of this tiny island whether you are paddling in the crystal waters or exploring the tangled jungle at the heart of the island.

Photo Via Mena_Shootz

Wander along the empty beach and you will see handcrafted wind chimes blowing in the trees, why not add a new one yourself?

Photo Via Lonewolfhk

If you climb to the top of the hill you will be rewarded with the most spectacular views from the lookout point. Turquoise ocean studded with emerald island jewels for as far as the eye can see.

Photo Via Hopscotchtheglobe

If you want to make a visit to Koh Nok extra special then some tours offer picnics or private dining on the secluded beach, enjoy!

Photo Via Roamaroo, Gladysnatalia

Photo Via Amneklevclara, Cristina_Solet

Step out of the real world and into the quaint desert island of Koh Nok.

Photo Via Phatter123

Koh Nok

Transport fees: From USD $89 / 3000 Baht (for private boat with driver, 4-7 hour charter for up to 6 adults, direct boat ride from Krabi to Koh Haa)
Address/Coordinates: 8°04’48.5″N 98°37’37.9″E
Getting there: Longtail boats to Koh Haa can be found at Chao Fah Pier in Krabi Town, Klong Muang, Ton Sai Beach, Railay Beach and Ao Nang Beach. More info here

9. Special Mention: A touch of luxury Paradise – Koh Ngai

Island hopping doesn’t have to be done on a budget, you can treat yourself and live the life of luxury for a few days and Koh Ngai (pronounced Koh Hai) is the perfect place to do that.

Shaped like a giant manta ray sliding along the ocean, Koh Ngai is just 4 km wide and surrounded with pure white beaches with a rugged jungle at the heart and hornbills flying overhead.

Photo Via Weblogwater

You couldn’t find a more romantic place if you tried, and unlike most other small islands, Koh Ngai also has accommodation and restaurants yet you still feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

Walk along the deserted sand and watch the sun set in the horizon or make the most of Koh Ngai’s great location and book some day trips to the smaller island, Koh Rok is just 15km away.

Photo Via Project_Sea,-Travelgirl_244

Photo Via Bigbirdstravels

Photo Via Koraneesakma,-Janora_N

There are no motorised vehicles in Koh Ngai so pack your walking shoes and explore at your leisure. If you stop for some food then make sure you try the seafood and pineapple fried rice, it’s a speciality on Koh Ngai.

Photo Via Jum_Chai, Hfr6869

If you want a once in a lifetime paradise island vacation then Koh Ngai is for you!

Photo Via Alz_Dymond, Nasryxo

Koh Ngai

Price: From USD $33 / 1100 Baht (adult), USD $23 / 770 Baht (children aged 2 to 11), USD $15 / 500 Baht (children under 2)
Address/Coordinates: 7.4156° N, 99.2038° E
Getting there: It’s a 4 and a half hours travel time to reach Koh Ngai from Krabi. You will first need to travel from Krabi town to Hat Yao Pier in Trang, then take a 1 and a half hour ferry ride to Koh Ngai. Read more here

So what’s stopping you? Paradise is waiting and it’s not going to last forever. This is the ultimate island hopping tour!

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