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With the pandemic spreading rampantly, many are facing the brunt of the situation – either they’re out of work and/or feeling unwell. However, the Thais in Bangkok and other cities have proven that there is always goodness in the midst of calamity.

From the environment to the people, Thailand is showing that there’s always something to be grateful about – no matter how small it is.

And if you’re currently feeling blue, remember – “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Stay strong, we’re with you! 🙂

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1. CEASEFIREEEE!! – Southern Thailand Calls Truce with The Thai Government

What?! Where’s the war?? Well… Thailand isn’t exactly at war, but for the past years, many revolts have taken place in the South of Thailand. But this time, both parties are putting a pause to their conflict and spending their energy to solve this Covid-19 crisis instead. We truly hope this peaceful situation will continue, even after the pandemic ends!

Photo Via Madaree-Tohlala_AFP

2. When in trouble, everyone helps out! – Free food for the needy

Remember the song “You’ve got a friend in me” in Toy Story? That’s what the situation in Thailand reminds me of, with everyone helping out others in need – no racial/religious discrimination.

From monks to businesses providing free food to their community, people throughout Thailand are working together to help everyone pull through. And this help isn’t limited to just Thais – locals in Phuket were seen providing food for foreign tourists too.

Photo Via Khaosod-English, Blue-Tree-Phuket

3. Our angels in white armour deserve love too – Elderly hawkers donate 1.15 million baht to hospitals

While all of us are safe and sound at home, our doctors and nurses are out there risking their lives to care for as many patients as possible. As an appreciation, this elderly hawker couple in Chonburi decided to donate their savings (worth 1.15 million baht) to two hospitals as a big thank you for their efforts.

Photo Via Daily-News

4. Is this the Phuket I know?! – Nature Restoration

Just like how the ducks and fish are returning to Venice, Phuket beaches are slowly getting restored to their original idyllic state. Clear aquamarine waters, white sands and tranquil atmosphere. No wonder Phuket is famed for their beaches – it’s paradise on earth!!

Photo Via Vertigo-Video-Production

Note: Animals are also making a comeback in Thailand. 84 hatchlings of rare leatherback sea turtles were recently discovered in Phang Nga – the largest number after two decades! 

5. No home? We’ve got a shelter for you – Free housing for medical personnel, mild Covid-19 patients and the homeless

In various provinces in Thailand, many hotels have agreed to open their rooms for medical personnel as well as turning them into a makeshift hospital for those with mild illnesses.

Similarly, Bangkok is also providing the homeless with free lodging with essentials and meals included. How incredible it is to see scores of people and businesses doing their part for their community!

Photo Via The-Nation

6. Give your local sellers some love – More people are supporting grocery trucks in Bangkok

When you have the chance, remember to support your small businesses and local sellers – which is what the Thais are currently doing. In Bangkok, more people are buying their veggies, fruits and meats from grocery trucks driving around neighbourhoods. With people urged to maintain social distancing, buying from grocery trucks are a great way of avoiding crowds.

Photo Via Reuters

7. Bye-bye Covid-19? – Declining infection trend in Thailand

Ask anyone what their biggest wish is right now and almost everyone will answer “for Covid-19 to disappear for good”. While it seems like the situation isn’t going to end soon, Thailand seems to have found a solution to keeping Covid-19 under control, with new positive cases on a declining trend.

Photo Via Department-of-Disease-Control-Thailand

In the meantime, remember to practice social distancing and maintain personal hygiene. 🙂

8. Think you have Covid-19? Get tested today! – Local yet affordable Covid-19 test kits are now available

Checking whether or not you have Covid-19 can be very expensive, which means that not everyone can get tested. Luckily, scientists in Thailand have successfully invented a cheaper alternative – local test kits costing just one-third of imported ones (1,500 baht in Thailand). Chulalongkorn University has also invented a Covid-19 strip test so more people can get tested.

Photo Via Dr

9. They have your back – Thai government hands out 5,000 baht/month for Covid-19 aid

If you’re Thai and currently out of job, a freelancer/self-employed or working in informal sectors, then you might be in luck. The government is currently providing 5,000 Baht cash handouts per month for three months to ease financial burdens. However, do note that this handout is only for those deemed eligible by the Finance Ministry.

Photo Via The_kreigsman

All in all, if we mindfully practice a positive mindset even during tough times, you will realise that there can be so many things to be grateful for – even if it’s just being alive and staying healthy!

So don’t wallow in your sadness/depression/anxiety for too long! We’re here with you, and we’ll get through this situation together.

Until the entire world is safe and sound, and we can all freely do our favourite activity (aka travelling!!), let’s keep our spirits up. Stay safe everyone! 😀

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