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It’s pretty embarrassing to rock up to your friends with souvenirs and have them laugh at you: Aiya! Why you buy this? Here also can find mah! Or how about the similar: Har? You go so far, didn’t try their famous beer/bread/etc meh? Aiyo, what a waste.

Let us help you avoid those two scenarios, and arm you with all the info you need to rock 7-11 in Bangkok like a seasoned pro!

From must-eat readymade meals to novelty snacks, holy grail beauty products to beauty drinks… We’ve categorised them for you below!

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Of course, most 7-11s carry similar products, but not all of them are exactly the same. For the full selection of items we picked out here, make sure you check out the largest 7-11 in Siam Square.


1. You won’t understand the hype of dried fruit until you try them – Dehydrated Fruits

Seriously, why would anyone buy a pack of dried fruit when you can get them fresh? ‘Cause they might taste so much better! We kid you not, plus… What better way to handle a craving when the fruit is out of season?!

Also, we’re itching to rip into that bag of Dried Mangosteen (the first we’ve ever seen) and Salted Papaya.

2. Did someone say ‘too bad 7-Eleven doesn’t have a bakery’?? – Pastries

They might as well have! Check out all these goodies: mooncakes, pies, cakes, mochis and more! Honestly, you’ll be spoilt with choice. They even have a Portuguese dessert Fios de ovos (called Foi Thong in Thai) and Japan’s Dorayaki!

3. Broke or just hankering for a piping hot and satisfying meal? – Ready Made Meals!

This is something that the whole world has to adopt. One bite of their Basil Chicken Rice, and you’ll probably find yourself at a 7-Eleven every lunch and dinner – just to try every other meal they offer!

They even have Crab Fried Rice! Don’t forget to pop it into the microwave before you shove it down your throat.

4. For when you’re in between meals and feeling peckish… – Snacks

Grab a char siew pao or burger in a pack to tide you over or have a vacuum-sealed egg.

But you must try the ultra popular Sausage Cheese Croissant Sandwich (it oozes cheese) or the Pandan Custard with Young Coconut Sandwich. They will have you raving for sure! If dehydrated fruits are not your thing, you can give the preserved ones a go!

5. How about this for a gag gift! – Edible Insects

Once you get over the fact that they’ve revolutionised edible insects… and made them into what looks like bags of chips… Grab a few to bring home because it will definitely come in handy! Pour them into your friend’s lunch or drop a couple into your mom’s soup and watch everyone freak out 😛

6. Beers aren’t complete without their sidekick: snacks – Beer Snacks

What makes a good beer snack is the crunch, flavour, and how they’re able to soak up the alcohol. These have the whole package and then some. Spiciness is always a plus and those cashew nuts and pistachios look real good. And those Meat Floss Rice Crackers? A local friend recommended these during a drinking sesh!

7. Everyone’s go-to drink can only be the one – Thailand’s version of Yakult

Even if you don’t drink any probiotics normally, when you’re in Thailand, you’ll definitely pick one of these up. There’s a new flavour we saw recently – PINEAPPLE! It’s not too bad, so if you get your hands on one, cheers!!

8. Move over, Tokyo Banana! For Bangkok’s very own – Le Pan Banana

Grab one of these as a gag gift, and see if people can tell the difference. But we bet our socks that these taste just as good because what is Bangkok if not the land of delicious snacks?

Editor’s note: They taste almost just as good!

9. Crunch your way through a ‘healthy’ snack – Crispy Mushroom

Some out there will argue that no matter how you prepare them, mushrooms will always hang on to their nutritional value… Which is a good thing, because once you start on these, you won’t stop!

10. Health and beauty go hand in hand in bottles or packets – Supplement Drinks

7-Eleven stocks the answers to all your woes. Constipation, fatigue, or maybe you need a little pick me up. There is an assortment of juices, detox coffees, and collagen drinks to get you where you want to go.

Psst: Jele Beaute Collagen drinks were mentioned in our Big C guide!

11. No trip is complete without bringing home a couple of these – Instant Noodles

Whatever brand tickles your fancy, you must give the different variations of Thai instant noodles a try! Personally, I prefer MaMa’s TomYum and YumYum’s Pork, but look at all the other options! Shiitake Mushrooms, Suki Seafood and even Thai Jasmine Rice Salmon Porridge!

12. Teriyaki Squid-flavoured prawn crackers to onigiri-flavoured peas? – Chips & Crisps

We mentioned this before but we’ll say it again: Tasto’s Crab Curry Chips are pretty interesting, while Tasto’s Pla Sam Rod is one of our favourite flavours. Waffle# is the latest to join the Tasto family. See if you can find the new Chilli Crab Lays. But definitely pick up Calbee’s odd combo of Onigiri and Peas.

13. Yummilicious malt drinks and teas! – Sachets

What do you do when you have too many friends and not enough luggage space? Grab one of each and distribute them while keeping some for yourself. By the way, Cha Tra Mue is a well-loved classic tea and since Thai is synonymous with mango, we’re guessing that the instant Mango Drink should be awesome too.

14. Bring home the flavours of Thailand – Stock for Cooking

You’ve probably never heard of Durian Curry, or Lychee, Pineapple and Mango Curry. Neither have we, until now. You can get normal flavours too though, mainly Tom Yum (they even have a cooking set inclusive of the herbs and spices you need).

15. Everyone knows Singha, but how about these? – Alcoholic Beverages

Not sure about you, but where we’re from, we only have a boring selection of moonshine tipple so when we’re abroad, we tend to pick up what we’ve never seen before. Next time you’re in Bangkok, feel free to refresh your inner werewolf with Full Moon or get into Spy.

16. Weird floating candy and condensed milk in a tube? – Novelty Noms

Everything in this category will probably make you go huh? Those tubes that look like sunscreen are actually condensed milk. You can maybe find a use for that, but milk tablets? And not only is the Nude Candy packaged weird, they MOVE too. (Seriously, the Nude Candy is strangely captivating. lol)

17. Can’t find the authentic dessert you want from the streets? – Desserts

Well then you won’t be disappointed in 7-Eleven! They have traditional Thai desserts like Sticky Rice Pudding with Longan, Sago with Black Bean, Mung Bean soup and even Sago with Corn in Coconut milk!

18. Only have white rice? Not to worry, in Thailand, we have… – Rice Toppings

This will bring you back to your childhood days: Pork Floss on rice or porridge. But the Salmon Toppings are… Interesting, too! I’m wondering how the Texas one tastes like. Maybe you can drop a comment below when you’ve tried it out!


19. No, you haven’t been transported to Taiwan or Japan – Facial Masks

The masks selection in Bangkok is just as good though! There are Disney Princess Masks (I’ve only seen them in Tokyo) to Water Angel’s Unicorn Mask (haven’t seen them anywhere!) and an assortment of sleeping masks and those Blackhead Masks by Cathydoll.

PS: Water Angel is like Thai’s version of My Beauty Diary mask and you can usually find them in Eveandboy (Thailand’s version of Sephora).

20. Bacne (back acne)? Let this spray work its wonders on your skin! – Oxecure

We’ve never heard of a back acne spray, so this is a first. Even if you don’t have acne anywhere else but your face, you can probably give this a go too. Being a spray, it seems awfully convenient… Unless you’ve got sensitive skin, then you should probably do a patch test first.

21. No need to clamour to Terminal 21 for this anymore – Beauty Cottage

When we wrote about this, it was only available at Terminal 21 but now it’s popping up in 7-Eleven unexpectedly! Granted, they don’t have the full range but they carry their flagship items, and that’s more than anyone can ask for!

22. A national treasure of a face powder – Srichand

Seriously this little unassuming package has been widely loved for generations, a popular Thai brand of loose powder! The purple one is for oily skin, blue’s for normal and green’s packed with tanaka gold powder for those with acne.

23. A beauty blogger favorite not to be missed! – Scentio

You can easily find Scentio products like face wash, body wash and lotion in 7-Eleven, and this brand happens to be a Thai beauty blogger favourite. If you’re looking for new beauty products or brands to try, give it a shot!

24. Forgot to bring any lipsticks out and looking for a quick fix? Don’t fret! – Sugar Box

Sugar Box is here to the rescue! With a nice range of colors and a creamy finish, it’s totally a steal.

25. You don’t need soap to scrub a dub dub with these – Magic Cocoon

You’ve seen little cocoon exfoliators, but you probably haven’t seen these bad boys – cocoon exfoliators that come with facial wash! It’s an all-in-one and can save you the hassle of purchasing two products, when all you need is just one.

26. Mozzies your mortal enemy? Not with these organic products! – Phutawan

This brand is for those who have higher standards and shower only in organic herbal soaps. For the rest of us, that bottle of citronella will save you from countless nights of itching. Probably stronger than the insect repellent you brought from home, too.

27. Aloe me up with Gold Flakes? – Aloe Gels

Aloe Vera Gels took over the world by storm thanks to Korea, but in Bangkok, they’ve infused it with Gold! Aloe Vera’s known for its soothing effects, so those rollers look like they would work magic on tired eyes.

28. No, this isn’t for you to eat! It’s for hair, skin and makeup! – Coconut Oil

Getting your makeup removed with coconut oil is probably one of the best things you can ever do for your skin, and rubbing it in your hair will assure your locks stay healthy and thick. (Shout out to those who can’t resist some coconut oil goodness!)

29. There’s something for everyone, so stop packing so much – Individual Skin Care Packets

Makeup, serum, skincare, sunblock. It’s like they want to help you save precious space in your luggage – and we’ll take what we can get! Even if you can’t finish using the products during your trip, they aren’t gonna take up much precious luggage space.

Special Mention

30. Cute legendary Thai avatar souvenirs – Ramakien Sleeping Mask, Herbal Inhalers

Depending on how you look at it, the Ramakien Sleeping Mask could be a cute way to tell people to LEAVE YOU ALONE while sleeping on the plane.

Otherwise, those who enjoy using inhalers for stuffy noses could pick up one of the Ramakien Herbal Inhalers. It’s different from the usual lipbalm-sized inhalers, and is a cute way to unblock your noses. (PLUS, it’s not so harsh, and has a pleasant/unique herbal smell.)

Siam Square 7-11

Getting there: It’s located at Siam Square Soi 2, opposite True Coffee, and a short walk from Mermaid Castle Cafe (Coordinates here)
Opening hours: 24/7


So there you go! 30 items you should not miss in 7-Eleven, the next time you’re in Bangkok.

Make sure you send this to those who are heading there soon! And let us know if you have your MUST-BUY down in the comments.

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