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What’s amazing about Thailand is you can find a piece of Europe in various cities around Bangkok.

Missing Santorini? Hua Hin’s your place.

Want a more French vibe? You’ll find it in Khao Yai, especially with all those wineries and Western food.

But what if you’re looking for an idyllic spot where you can laze around all day long? Then you’ll want to go to Suan Phueng, which reminds me strongly of Tuscany – the amount of hills and greenery here is surreal, just like the Italian countryside!!

At these romantic stays, you’ll never want to leave. Best of all, they’re ALL under USD $85 (so much cheaper than a stay in Tuscany itself, not to mention the flight ticket… Gahhh!!).

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start this romantic vacation in Suan Phueng now! 😀

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1. Welcome to Tuscany – La Toscana Resort

What do you expect to see when you hear the word “Tuscany”? A quick google of this city will show you miles after miles of green fields with brick houses in the midst of it all. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at La Toscana Resort.

Photo Via Ativit Chobthum

Although the trees and fields here aren’t exactly endless, the only things you’ll see here are greenery and brick houses.

Photo Via Rodrigoviveiros, Honey_ja
Photo Via Aofaum, Kitty_ladiiz, Kee_jitty

I especially love the dreamy vibe of the villas, from the arched windows and wooden arched doors to the white bathtubs with legs. And with exposed brick walls and potted plants surrounding the house, it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re in Thailand anymore.

Photo Via Itthichai_clinic, Sita_chompaiwan, Saraa_aom

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy breakfast by the gardens – so lovely…

Photo Via Jiranet_makeup_wedding, Nukungmomoko

La Toscana Resort

Price: from 2,061 Baht / USD $66 per night (Party Suite)
Address: 5/1 Moo.3 Suan Phung Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 84 456 2008

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2. Relax and enjoy some of the pleasure of the old English charm – Swiss Valley Hip Resort

Nestled among 50 shades of green mountains, plus throw in a few palm trees, you’ll discover a little world of it’s own. It seems to take you back to a classical time and makes for a relaxing stay.

Photo Via Angelbeer, Pokolemo

There’s a definitive old-world charm about it and rooms are decorated accordingly. You can expect to find all those charming furnishes and finishing touches here.

Villas are cottage-like, almost like a Disney fairytale – and rooms are decorated in floral paisley prints. There’s armchairs with fabrics to go, and your cups and saucers hang from above – naturally.

And I HAVE to mention the gorgeous outdoor mosaic bathtub and pool. It’s a quiet and relaxing stay and feels like you’re away from everything.

Photo Via Aliisa_bell, Grace_wachirapron

Spot the lambs, ponies and rabbits hopping and galavanting around, or have fun doing some of the activities on the grounds, including horse-riding and mini-golf.

Photo Via Paknipa_r, Js.jjtawjeab, Itzmejoesuck

Swiss Valley Hip Resort

Price: from 2,653 Baht / USD $85 per night (Deluxe Suite Villa)
Address: 7/7 Moo 7 Ratchaburi, Tambon Suan Phueng, Amphoe Suan Phueng, Chang Wat Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 87 773 3950

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3. Staying in the countryside can be comfortable! – Ashcarya Boutique Resort

The last thing you’ll want on a romantic holiday is to stay somewhere uncomfortable, regardless of how pretty the accommodation looks. But you won’t have to make that concession here.

Photo Via เที่ยวทั่วไทย-ไปไหนดี2

At first glance, this stay might feel like a regular European countryside villa in a vineyard, especially with the stone walkways and various types of trees placed around the premise.

Photo Via Ashcarya Boutique Resort, Ashcarya Boutique Resort, เที่ยวทั่วไทย-ไปไหนดี
Photo Via Nan_wimonrut, Ashcarya Boutique Resort, Opster, Itsme_yks

But try to hold your train of thoughts until you’ve entered the villa. Gone are the hints of ruralness. There’s only modernity and sleekness inside, with tons of red and black furniture and a fishing net-shaped ceiling lamp, making the room feel quite Oriental.

Photo Via Ashcarya Boutique Resort

But if you miss the “Tuscany” vibes, just open your windows to relish the beautiful garden view from your room. Easy peasy!

Photo Via Tiewjonmaedah

Ashcarya Boutique Resort

Price: from 2,279 Baht / USD $73 per night (Garden View Villa)
Address: Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 172 1277

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4. Have a break at this countryside farmland – Royal Good View Resort & Farm

Peace and quiet is what you need when you need a respite from city life, and what can be better than having that in the company of your beloved and fluffy animals?

Their clay house villa is right by the field, giving you a clear farm view from your room. You might even see sheep and horses munching on grass or/and roaming around the field!

Photo Via Emmymemie
Photo Via Balloonatistan, Yen_bussaya, Annbyon_55

The rooms are really cute and cosy too, with night lights carved in the walls in the shape of stars and moons. They even have an open rooftop you can laze around with your sweetheart.

Photo Via Warattamon, Ppporkaew, Chillpainai

I especially love the majestic landscape view of the mountains in the background of the farm houses, green fields and animals – WOW.

Photo Via Teenoi_pt, Husnakamalstudio

Royal Good View Resort & Farm

Price: from 1,592 Baht / USD $51 per night (1 Bedroom Villa)
Address: 888 Moo 8 Suan Phung Ratchaburi, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 984 1986

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5. Modern European stay in the countryside – Stamp Hills Resort

If you’re looking for a tranquil place to stay at, without omitting style and comfort, then you’ll want to be here.

Since it’s located up the mountains, it’s super quiet here, and the amount of greenery around the premise just makes the place even more serene. So you can definitely enjoy resting indoors or soak in the positive vibes from nature by walking around.

Photo Via Aeasyphoto
Photo Via Wat_kang
Photo Via Jelly.ort, Chibichibimc

Each room feels cheerful as they’re painted in vibrant colours like pink, yellow and orange. They’re also equipped with modern amenities, including a mini fridge and kettle, ensuring your time here stays comfortable.

If you have a bit more budget, we highly recommend their 1 Bedroom Deluxe Villa room. The room is gorgeous, with curtains separating the bedroom and bathroom and floral cushions, and the bathtub on legs placed beside a window.

Photo Via Moziiq, Mmimie36
Photo Via Stamp Hills Resort_Restaurant

Stamp Hills Resort

Price: from 1249 Baht / USD $40 per night
Address: Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 256 3656

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6. Exotic Italian countryside stay for two – Rak Na Suan Pueng Resort (รัก ณ สวนผึ้งรีสอร์ท)

Aren’t the villas here so unique? The colours are so vibrant that it catches your attention at first glance, unlike the usual pale yellow/brown colour of countryside houses.

The place is beautiful – just imagine waking up in the morning with your favourite person to such a breathtaking mountain view – that you’ll love staying here for one or few nights with your bae.

Photo Via รักณสวนผึ้ง
Photo Via Raknasuanpueng, Bankbank_juice, P.hitcn_

Don’t miss the swimming pool too. It’s quite big AND lets you swim amongst the greenery.

Photo Via Pawichaya_too, Poyd_wanni, Areerat_toei

At this resort, you get a choice between staying in your own mini villa, a bedroom with a mountain view, a room by the pool or in a whimsical country home.

But if you ask me, I say go for the villa. The pastel-coloured walls make the place look adorable, while the fluffy white beds and floral curtains make you want to stay in all day long!

Photo Via Chillpainai, รักณสวนผึ้ง

Rak Na Suan Pueng Resort (รัก ณ สวนผึ้งรีสอร์ท)

Price: from 1655 Baht / USD $53 per night
Address: 557 หมู่ 8, ตำบลสวนผึ้ง อำเภอสวนผึ้ง จังหวัดราชบุรี, 70180 สวนผึ้ง Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 894 4642

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7. Je t’aime… I really do! – La Provence Suan Phung Hotel

Seeking a romantic weekend spot? Spoil your lover by bringing him/her to La Provence Suan Phung Hotel.

What I love most about this place is it’s designed like a small French village, with quaint villas spread around the area. In fact, walking on the road to each villa feels so sweet, and the flowers and trees along the roads feel super romantic.

Photo Via La Provence Suan Phung
Photo Via Peiwarunee, Aoi_aoii26, La Provence Suan Phung
Photo Via G_chaya.080

The rooms are also quite charming. The inner walls are painted in vibrant colours like purple and yellow, while the sofas and pillows are patterned and colourful (e.g. stripes, butterflies).

Photo Via Lali_a

Remember to stop by the chapel-like building (it’s actually a restaurant!) by the pool too. You get to swim being surrounded by mountains, and it also makes a great photo spot!

Photo Via Orio140527, Aoi_aoii26, Aoeetuzki

La Provence Suan Phung Hotel

Price: from 1,811 Baht / USD $58 per night (Superior Villa)
Address: 33/3 Bowee-Huay Phak Road Moo 4, Bowee, Amphur Tanaosri สวนผึ้ง Ratchaburi, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 83 737 7667

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8. Fairytale dreams can come true – Bibury Resort

As a kid, I would always dream of living in one of those cottages by the plains. There’s just something about cottages that seem so magical, probably due to the fairytales I kept reading during my childhood. And when you’re here with your loved one – trust me – it just gets better.

Photo Via Bibury Resort

It’s located in the middle of greenery and plains, making the place feel like a fairytale cottage that Snow White lived in.

Photo Via Salin_ao, Kookai_sulawan, Ktawong
Photo Via Aew_rungtiwa, Aoithip

Where there’s fairytale, there’s princessy things too. From bathtubs on legs with a view to a white royalty bed, it feels like you’re living in one of those royal English cottages.

Photo Via Somphop65, Ktawong

The complex has a small lake where you can feed geese, enjoy tea, row a boat or just sit around at. Or else, you can go fire camping (PS: Inform the accommodation beforehand for this activity).

Photo Via Bibury Resort, Pongsoul

Bibury Resort

Price: from 1,592 Baht / USD $51 per night
Address: 298 m.2, tanawsri, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 199 0193

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9. Panoramic 360º views of green landscapes and rolling hills – Panalee Home and Camping

Ok… Maybe this isn’t the kind of Tuscany stay you’re expecting. With this African-themed/Mexican infusion vibe going on, it feels like I’m stepping onto the plains of Africa – or sitting among giant cacti in Mexico (said in accent if you’ve been watching Narcos).

Photo Via Bongbank_natthaphon, Chalida_900
Photo Via Khunnok.nok, Djorawan, Jubz_sk

However, the trees, mountains, as well as the clouds covering the mountain tops reminds me so strongly of the European countryside. A one-of-a-kind European experience you won’t even find in Europe itself!

Another totally awesome place to camp with your beau for the night, except they provide everything you need, and tents are already set up in a beautiful green garden lined with trees and the rolling hills.

Photo Via Nattareeyas, Jujukhwan

If camping ain’t your sorta thing, indulge in one of their stunning villas, reminiscent of the Western coast in South Africa; cements, neutrals, thatch and simply stylish.

Panalee Home and Camping

Price: from 2,092 Baht / USD $67 per night (1 Bedroom Villa)
Address: Chang Wat Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 89 110 0226

Check Rate on Agoda

10. Enjoy Italian beauty on a budget – Villa Tuscany Country Resort

Just because you don’t have much to spend on accomodation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury and beauty of the countryside in Suan Phueng.

The greenery and low-roofed villas give such strong down-to-earth vibes that it feels like you’re living the local Italian life in a village.

Photo Via Pop_nam

The place is beautiful, and the sight of the vines covering the walls of the villas makes it even more breathtaking.

Photo Via Prettyguide, Januaryfift5

For those on a tight budget, their modern-styled Standard Room would tick off your comfort needs – it even has a mini fridge!

Photo Via Ghamyuiizy, Ten.worra_

But if you wish for a more posh and dreamy place, we recommend staying in their other European-styled villas.

Villa Tuscany Country Resort

Price: from 937 Baht / USD $30 per night (Standard Room)
Address: 439 ม.1 Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 86 178 1141

Check Rate on Agoda

11. A taste of Santorini in Tuscany – Dandelion Resort

These two cities might be 31 hours apart in real life, but at Dandelion Resort, they coexist harmoniously, creating a unique Tuscany stay in Suan Phueng.

Photo Via Kwan Za

From the while walls to open rooftops, these quaint villas strongly remind you of those houses along the island at Santorini. The rooms are also cute too, with hearts and chandeliers decorating the place.

Photo Via Ramoniies, Kanyawadee_kollasuta
Photo Via Aokakung, Sara_form
Photo Via Dandelion Resort, Anchalee_puttawong

The only difference is instead of sea breeze, you get to enjoy nature’s beauty, just like what you’d expect in the Italian countryside.

The villa’s rooftop makes a great place to stargaze too, especially when you’re with your loved one. You can even request to have a barbeque dinner on your rooftop! What a way to end your romantic evening eh?

Dandelion Resort

Price: from 905 Baht / USD $29 per night (Standard)
Address: 200/12 Moo 7, Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 349 5646

Check Rate on Agoda

12. Special Mention: Stay overnight in a quaint villa by the field of sheep – The Scenery Vintage Farm

Can’t get enough of sheep? How about staying in the middle of a field of sheep in 1 of the 9 villas named after sheeps (e.g. Merino Villa)?! It definitely doesn’t get anymore sheepier than this…

We recommend staying in 1 of the 6 jacuzzi-type villas by the field of sheep – you can see a herd of sheep right from your window or the rooftop! But if not available, opt to stay in 1 of the 3 bathtub villas for a magical night. So peaceful and full of romance!

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

You can also hold an intimate BBQ party with your loved one at the rooftop of your villa (BBQ grill is provided). (Please inform the resort beforehand if you wish to hold a BBQ party here.)

If not, you can always stargaze at the rooftop or sit on the hammock while relishing the peaceful night vibes. Super relaxing!

Photo Via TripCanvas

The Scenery Vintage Farm

Rate: from 3,500 Baht / USD $112.10 per night
Address: 234 ม 7 ต สวนผึ้ง อ สวนผึ้ง, Tambon Suan Phueng, Amphoe Suan Phueng, Chang Wat Ratchaburi 70180, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 81 000 6677

Reservation site

Can you feel the love yet?! If yes, that means you’ve probably found your next favourite spot already. Remember to take your SO here, and tell us how your experience went at the comment box below or tag us at #TripCanvas.

Happy holiday! 😀

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