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Is a trip to Bangkok synonymous with retail therapy for you?

Have you always been of the opinion that there’s not much to Bangkok beyond spas, shopping and pub hopping? Sorry to pop the bubble, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth!

Bangkok, undoubtedly, is the go-to place for every shopper, but there’s also another side to the city that may have gone unnoticed.

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Bangkok has been seeing a growing number of personalised and unique workshops, that allow visitors to get a taste of the real Thailand.

Love cooking up a storm in the kitchen with exotic ingredients? Or maybe you’re the crafty kind?

Your next trip to Bangkok will open up a new world of possibilities with our handpicked list of classes and workshops.

Now you can learn a new skill while on a holiday!

1. Master the craft of leather designing – Craftsmangus

Have you ever felt intrigued by how leather products are made? Now you have a chance to experience it first hand and also learn basic leather craftsmanship.

Craftsmangus is your one-stop destination for learning all about leather – tools, skills, techniques and a lot more!

Photo by craftsmangus

As a beginner, the Light Stationary workshop will be your perfect choice to explore the art and getting warmed up for more intensive courses in the future.

Photo by craftsmangus

This 1-day workshop enables you to make your own leather stationery items like notebook cover, zipper pocket etc.

Photo by craftsmangus

The focus of this course is to teach students how to use the various leather crafting tools and how to hand-stitch leather goods.

Alternatively, if you have more time in hand and would like to extend your skills further, Craftsmangus also holds more extensive workshops ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

Photo by craftsmangus

Probably one of the most unusual workshops on our list, if you are a lover of leather goods, this is a must-try in Bangkok!

Photo by milk_krajew


Price: Light Stationery workshop starts at 2455 Baht / USD 75
Address: 42/3 Soi Sathorn 1 Yak 2 (Goethe) Thungmahameak Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand
Contact: +66 65 552 8455
Opening hours: 11am to 7:30pm, open 3 weeks every month and closed every Friday


2. Learn to stitch together more than just a puzzle – Needle Work

Learning how to create intricate embroidery and other kinds of threadwork has never been easier!

Whatever kind of embroidery interests you, whether it is lace stitching or cutwork or even crochet, Needle Work has a workshop to fit all your needs.

Photo by needlework

Using your newly-acquired stitching skills, you will be able to design and make your own bags, Christmas tree decoration or even a crochet bikini!

Photo by embroidery_prin

The instructor at Needle Work, Prin, is known to be extremely helpful and friendly so even if you are a complete novice, you are sure to get a lot of support from her.

Photo by needlework

Stitching and embroidery work may not be everyone’s forte, but Needle Work ensures you come out of their workshop feeling fulfilled and enriched with a new skill!

Photo by embroidery_prin, drintira

Needle Work

Price: Starts at 400 Baht / USD 12
Address: Metromall, MRT-Sukhumvit station, Room no.27B, Bangkok, Thailand
Contact: +66 81 711 8060
Opening hours: Different class hours available upon request, simply drop them a Facebook message!


3. Learn a new skill for a social cause – Paper Ranger

Here’s your chance to not only attend a workshop and master a new skill, but contribute to the local community as well.

Paper Ranger is a project that upcycles unused A4 sheets of paper into handmade notebooks for children who have no access to school stationaries.

Photo by wearepaperranger

Don’t you think it’s a lovely way to help a good cause and conserve natural resources at the same time?

Photo by wearepaperranger

If you have some free time during your trip to Bangkok, volunteering with Paper Ranger would be the perfect way to utilize that time.

Photo by phuri_phatt

And hey, you also learn how to make notebooks in the process, definitely a unique skill to posses!

Photo by itsme_jaratdao

Paper Ranger

Price: 300 Baht / approx. USD 9
Address: TRRM House, 2044/21, New Petchburi Road, BangKapi, HuaiKwang, Bangkok 10310
Contact: +66 8 9670 4600
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm


4. Fuel your creativity and get artsy with watercolour and more – Olive Creative Laboratory

If cooking is not your thing, how about tapping into your creative side? Olive Creative Laboratory in Bangkok is your one-stop destination for all things artistic.

Photo by ppploypraew, aprilfloraflowershop

If you’ve always wanted to pick up new skills in watercolour or calligraphy, this art school has at least 10 different courses you can choose from.

Photo by pabaja

Looking for something unusual and offbeat? Learn the art of stringing Thai garlands or even creating paper sculptures to fuel your inner artist!

Photo by aomjiboo
Photo by mm.nt_, missjinadda

All this and much more in an environment of fun and group learning, makes Olive Creative Laboratory one of our top choices for a workshop during your Bangkok trip.

Photo by navintan

Olive Creative Laboratory

Price: Courses start from 2800 Baht / approx. USD 86
Address: Ekkamai 10 Klongtun Nueng Wattana Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
Contact: +66 84 164 4056
Opening hours: Different class hours available upon request, simply drop them a Facebook message!


5. Explore the fascinating world of ceramics and pottery – Charm-Learn Studio Thailand

Are you worried that there won’t be much for your kids to do on your trip to Bangkok? Then you can let your fears rest in peace!

At Charm-Learn Studio, there are not only workshops and classes for adults, but specialised classes for the young minds as well.

Photo by charm_learn_studio

Channel your kid’s inner creativity and enroll them in a fun ceramic workshop or a natural tie and dye class. But why stay left behind and not join the kids and pick up a skill or two yourself?

Photo by charm_learn_studio, maykemisara

Love to paint? Learn how to paint ceramics and you could even take your own unique pieces home with you!

Photo by charm_learn_studio, -bobosayzeed

And if you happen to have more than 1 day and are looking for a more immersive experience, Charm-Learn Studio’s 3-day pottery workshop is the perfect way to get your hands dirty!

Photo by charm_learn_studio
Photo by charm_learn_studio, blackeyesandfriend

Charm-Learn Studio

Price: Courses start from 1800 Baht / approx. USD 55. Ceramic workshops from 2000 Baht / approx. USD 61
Address: 95 Phraeng Sanphasat Rd, Khwaeng San Chao Pho Sua, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand
Contact: +66 80 587 6331
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm. (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)


6. Witness the magic of Thai silk weaving – The Loom

Ever wondered how those beautiful Thai silk scarves are woven? Or where they come from?

The Loom is your ultimate silk weaving destination in Bangkok, that is attempting to keep the rich heritage of Thai silk weaving alive by teaching interested learners.

Photo by freshly_sewn

The school is an initiative of a family that has run a Thai silk business for several decades, and knows the art inside out.

Because there are a lot of techniques involved in silk weaving, The Loom has divided the learning process into several incremental levels of learning.

If you are a beginner, you have to start with level 1 before you can take up further courses.

Additionally, they also hold special workshops for kids above the age of 6 years to bring out their creative potential.

Photo by tangrakdek

Kids can either choose to make a bag or a scarf out of the fabric they weave in the class. If that’s not your child’s cup of tea, The Loom also has an option for young children to learn freestyle weaving!

Photo by lompad_padlom

So the next time you’re in Bangkok, don’t just leave with a ready made Thai silk scarf, make one yourself and truly take home a part of Thailand with you.

Photo by misscathelizabeth

The Loom

Price: Courses start from 1800 Baht / approx. USD 55
Address: 3F Gateway Ekamai Shopping Mall (BTS Ekamai Station, Exit 4)
Contact: +6620015715
Opening hours: 10am to 7pm


7. Get inspired by nature – Bangkok Soap Opera

If you have ever wondered about the skin care products you use and how they affect your body and our environment, Bangkok Soap Opera’s range of workshops is what you need to attend.

Photo by bangkok.soap.opera

For all you environment and health-conscious peeps, this is a unique opportunity to learn the art of soap making using all natural ingredients, free from any chemicals and preservatives.

Photo by crazyjack2020

In addition to soap making, you can also learn how natural perfumes are made.

Photo by bangkok.soap.opera

Bangkok Soap Opera is also well known for running workshops on natural face and body care where participants not only learn how to take care of their skin and body, but they are also taught to prepare the natural skincare products themselves.

Photo by bangkok.soap.opera

Imagine having your own personalised skincare kit at home? Can’t beat that, can you?

Photo by bangkok.soap.opera

Bangkok Soap Opera

Price: Soap making workshop starts from 1305 Baht / USD 40 and detox beauty care workshop from 1468 Baht / USD 45
Address: 29/8 Ekamai 10, Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok, Thailand 1102011
Contact: +66 85 348 9791
Opening hours: Different class hours available upon request, simply drop them a Facebook message!


8. Have fun with art – Attic Studios

Ever wanted to channel your inner artist but didn’t know how? Attic Studios in Bangkok will handhold you on that journey of tapping into your creativity!

A widely popular art studio for kids and adults alike, you will be tempted to explore more than one medium of art here.

Photo by by_kgb

Don’t hold yourself back and take a plunge into a world of mosaic, acrylic, pastel and many other forms of art.

If that’s not interesting enough, Attic Studios even holds a life drawing event every week where students learn to sketch and paint a live model.

Photo by leilaniis

There are special classes and workshops designed for young children above the age of 5 years that includes oil painting, sketching and a lot of other fun activities.

Photo by purpleladymama

Run by an internationally acclaimed art instructor, Attic Studios is one place where you wouldn’t mind losing track of your time!

Photo by by_kgb
Photo by lvsustar

Attic Studios

Price: Starts at 1200 Baht / approx. USD 37 for students under 18 years and 1400 Baht / approx. USD 43 for adults
Address: 45/4 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Contact: +66 93 950 0046
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 10am to 1pm; Sat 10am to 5pm (Closed on Fridays and Sundays)


9. Customise your own silver jewellery – Shannta

Who doesn’t love a piece of customised jewellery? And what if we tell you that you can now make your own customised and unique silver jewellery by yourself?

Shannta, located in the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre allows you to do exactly that! Learn the art of moulding pure silver clay and transforming it into any jewellery of your choice.

Photo by shannta_atelier, Pirawan-Hasuk

Simple techniques are taught to the learners without the complications involved in the traditional jewellery making process.

Photo by shannta_atelier

And at the end of a 2-hour session, you are going to come home with a self-designed pendant, earring or even a ring.

Photo by Acki-Görborn-Erlandsson

Imagine gifting your loved one with jewellery hand-made by you? It doesn’t get more personal than this, does it?

Photo by shannta_atelier


Price: Starts at 1800 Baht / USD 55 for a session with 5gm silver clay, 2300 Baht / approx. USD 70 for 10g silver clay and 2500 Baht / USD 77 for 15gm silver clay
Address: Room 306 (3rd floor), Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Contact: +66 85 488 3671
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm


10. Bring your favourite Thai dishes home! – Cooking with Poo

Probably one of the most popular cooking classes in Bangkok, Cooking with Poo is owned and run by a lady named Khun Poo. She has even cooked her Thai recipes alongside the likes of Jamie Oliver!

Photo by nhim_kanuengpim

The cooking classes are designed such that the menu changes every day of the week. So, if on Monday, the main course dish is Pad Thai noodles, on Friday it is Stir fried chicken.

Photo by christopher_bdot

This gives you an opportunity to choose what you’d like to learn to cook.

At Cooking with Poo, your authentic Thai cooking experience starts even before you actually get to the kitchen.

Once you are picked up from the nearby landmark, at 8.30 am, you are directly taken to the local wet market. This will give you an understanding of the fresh local produce and ingredients unique to Thailand.

Photo by sebgolby

A futuristic venture that was started by one person inside a small slum in Bangkok, has now grown to be a 12-member strong team and is starting a new chapter in the outskirts of the city.

If authentic Thai culinary skills is what you are after, a cooking class with Poo and her well-trained team will give you just that.

Photo by cookingwithpoo

Cooking with Poo

Price: 1500 Baht / approx. USD 46 (inclusive of pick up/drop, market tour, cooking class, all ingredients and printed recipe cards)
Address: Klong Toei Market, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Contact: +66 876863714
Opening hours: Daily from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm


11. Immerse yourself in Thai food culture – Silom Thai Cooking School

If you are looking for an immersive experience of Thai cooking, food and culture, Silom Thai Cooking School is where you should head to.

It’s based on the philosophy that food is a lot more than just putting a few ingredients together. This cooking school paves way for visitors to understand Thai culture and customs, through a traditional cooking and learning experience.

Photo by peun_j, -eclock

Learn to cook 6 different dishes from your chosen menu and feel like a chef in your own right!

Photo by soom_stagram, yinlin

You will be a part of a small group of learners (1-9 people), and experience cooking traditional Thai dishes in an open kitchen.

Photo by willbralph

Personalised attention and an all encompassing cultural experience sets this cooking class apart from the rest.

Photo by kybin0514, maraguti

Silom Thai Cooking School

Price: 1000 Baht / approx. USD 31 (inclusive of cooking ingredients, refreshments, and market tours)
Address: 68 Silom Soi 13(Opposite Narai Hotel and Triple Two Hotel), Bangkok, Thailand
Contact: +66 847265669
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm


12. Experience Thai cooking and learn Thai massage techniques – May Kaidee

Another cooking school on our list, but this one’s with a twist! May Kaidee is one of the very few schools that combine the art of cooking with therapeutic massage.

Students are not only taught to cook authentic Thai recipes, they are also given hands-on training to pick up a few practical massage tricks.

Photo by littlewohl

By the end of the workshop, you would have learnt the basic tenets of Thai massage and cooking. But that’s not all!

May Kaidee offers at least 15 different types of cooking classes to suit a variety of individual requirements.

Photo by amoredamore

Are you keen to know more about Thai culture? Then why not opt for the Thai culture and cooking workshop here?

This workshop is the perfect way to get introduced to authentic Thai culture and customs as your trainers take you on a market visit and a walking tour through the streets of Bangkok. Does it get any better than this?

Photo by maykaidee

Fortunately, at May Kaidee, it does! If you are a raw and vegan food enthusiast, there are special classes to cater for that too!

Photo by dstodolny, hollypazza, 123ayumi, kt_willis

We did tell you, there are so many courses to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice here, didn’t we?

Photo by laydeeaidee

May Kaidee

Price: Courses start from 1000 Baht / approx. USD 31
Address: 59, Wat Borworn Rangsi Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, Talad Yot, Phranakhon, near Ratchadamnoen, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Contact: +66 2 629 4413
Opening hours: 9am to 10pm


We hope this list inspires and motivates you to challenge yourself and learn something new.

Have you ever attended a workshop during any of your leisure trips?

Which ones out of this list excites you the most? We would love to know!

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