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Bangkok is a shopping and cultural haven, with something in store for just about everyone. Quirky cafes, atmospheric nightlife, and incredibly satisfying street shopping – the best things in life are all gathered here.

It also helps that everything in Bangkok is so wallet-friendly – so we aren’t surprised that this bustling little city is quickly rising up the ranks as a prime honeymoon destination for young and trendy couples.

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Wait, what? You don’t believe that a congested urban tourist destination could possibly bring on the romantic vibes for a lovey dovey holiday?

Check out our list of romantic riverside hotels – you’ll be surprised what a gorgeous view of the Chao Phraya river can do for your mood. Better yet, they all cost under US$100, which means that none of them are going to be burning a huge hole in your wallet. (It’s sure hard to be romantic when you’re bleeding money, right?)

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Note: The prices reflected below are the low season rates, and they exclude tax and service charges. Accommodation rates often change with room availability, and low or high seasons. We recommend double checking for the final prices before confirming your booking. All prices are reflected in Thai Baht and USD.

1. For individualistic hipsters – Inn A Day (from US$116 / 3611 Baht)

Sure, staying in one of those high-end hotels is always a luxurious experience – but what happens when you get tired of the exact same furniture, and bland designs that chain hotels tend to be known for?


It’s to soothe your wounded hipster souls that boutique hotels like Inn A Day have been popping up left and right.


Photo via chytae

This accommodation has a fascinating concept – living up to its namesake, all the rooms are themed according to the time of day. From a school room at 8am to a salon at 2pm, you can be sure that each room has a unique vibe of its own.


Photo via it.was

One thing that they all share though, is an unbelievable view of Wat Arun, which stands proudly right across the river.

Sit back and relax in a quirky wooden bathtub while looking out at the river – or order room service at night and enjoy a romantic night in with the love of your life – sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Photo by lorenzo liu, jxykimmm


Photo via hyang dae, silviabi87

Inn A Day

Rate: From US$115.52 / approx. 3611 Baht
Address: 57 – 61 Maharat Road,Phra Nakhon, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand 10200 (Coordinates here)
Contact: (66) 2-221-0577, (66) 2-221-0470

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2. The all-in-one romantic experience – Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok (from US$64 / 2009 Baht)

Are you a staunch believer of the phrase “you get what you pay for”?


Photo via byanyabeato

Well, your world is going to get up-ended at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, where you’ll find that that saying is now void. This lovely hotel provides an all-in-one experience for the most comprehensive honeymoon ever – you’ll get to enjoy grand views of the Chao Phraya river right from the comfort of your own private balcony, as well as the humongous, 35-metre infinity pool on the premises.


Even if amazing views aren’t your thing (in which case we say, “DON’T LIE!”), there are still plenty of activities in this hotel that will enrich your honeymoon experience.


Photo via bylyy 55

Sink into the outdoor jacuzzi and have some intimate time with your hubby/wifey, or grab a drink or two at the atmospheric pool bar. You can also book an appointment with the in-house Nemita spa, where all remnant Bridezilla feelings fly away.

The views don’t end, not even when you’re having your meals. Splurge on some scrumptious fusion cuisine (tea-infused Peking Duck!!) high up on the 36th floor at Silver Waves Restaurant, or sit right by the river at the casual Pier 28. Whichever you choose, your eyes will thank you for it.


Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok

Rate: From US$64.27 / approx. 2009 Baht
Address: 28 Charoenkrung Road Soi 70, Bangkholame , Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand 10120 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66(0) 2307 8888

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3. Drink to 360° views – Millennium Hilton Hotel Riverside (from US$57 / 1785 Baht)

Fancy a romantic night out with your other half, sipping sweet cocktails in an atmospheric bar somewhere? Well, you won’t have to go far if you’re staying at Millennium Hilton Hotel.


Many previous guests have raved about the amazing panoramic views available at the hotel’s 360° rooftop bar – a great spot to watch the sunset as the sky gets dyed in shades of orange, pink and purple.


Photo via junojane

After enjoying the beauty of nature, you can sit back with your partner and enjoy some soothing live jazz music – life doesn’t get any better than that.

That is, until you discover the gorgeous infinity pool.


And the awesome, super wide window you have in your room. Taking selfies in these places even seems to be letting the beautiful scenery down – if you ask us, selfie sticks were invented for these.


Photo via vinciiiii, chaeleenk

Millennium Hilton Hotel Riverside

Rate: From US$57.10 / approx. 1785 Baht
Address: 123 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand 10600 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 442 2000

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4. Feast for the eyes (and your tummy) – Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers (from US$70 / 2200 Baht)

Imagine waking up to a view like this everyday… wait, stop imagining. Why rely on your mind when you can make this sight a reality at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers?


Photo via drsukjai


Photo via yejin 316

We wish the exquisite river view was the only thing this hotel could be credited for, but fortunately, it’s not. For the relatively affordable price, you get a wide 35 square metre room with stylish and sophisticated furnishings.


Not to mention the panoramic view of the river below – sounds like everything you need, right?

Well, all you foodies out there, it’s time to spend the money you saved on Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel’s impressive array of food from all over the world.

From savoury Italian pastas at Giorgio’s, and an all-encompassing international buffet at Feast, to the full Thai experience at Thara Thong – we’re sure there is something for even the pickiest eater in the world.


Thara Thong

Of course it also helps that all these dining areas offer you great views of the scenery outside, allowing you to choose between sitting in luxurious comfort indoors, or dining alfresco out on the terrace.


Photo via neramagic

Normally, the thought of dining outside in sweltering Bangkok already makes us sweat, but we don’t know – with those views, dehydration might just be worth it.

Editor’s note: Price rates have since increased and rooms are no longer available under $100 (low season)

Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Rate: From US$70.38 / approx. 2200 Baht
Address: 2 Charoen Krung Road Soi 30 (Captain Bush Lane), Siphya, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand 10500 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 (2) 266 0123

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5. Bird’s eye view – AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel (from US$97 / 3024 Baht)

As much as Bangkok is a cheap and fun choice for holidays of any kind, we have to admit that it’s also a 24-hour sauna. Sometimes, we just feel like sinking into a cool pool and chilling our day away.


Well, at AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel, you get to do all that – and enjoy sweeping city and river views at the same time.


Aside from the gorgeous viewpoint that is your bedroom, the hotel also boasts of a majestic rooftop infinity pool, where you get to relax your body and truly admire the view with nothing in your way.



Photo by girlgoneabroad

At night, you can also chill out at one of AVANI’s many dining areas, including the hip Attitude and the classy Skyline, which is a prime spot for catching the sunset.

Whether you’re a lazy bum who spends the whole day lazing in bed, a glutton who’s constantly munching away, or a water baby who lives in the pool – you’ll never miss out on the view while you’re at this hotel.

Editor’s note: Price rates have since increased and rooms are no longer available under $100 (low season)


Photo via june abhichaya

Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Rate: From US$96.74 / 3024 Baht
Address: 257 Charoennakorn Road, Thonburi, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand 10600 (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2431 9100

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6. Live the royal life – The Royal River Hotel (from US$40 / 1247 Baht)

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime affair – why not pamper your loved one and go for a spacious suite, instead of normal-sized rooms? Thanks to The Royal River Hotel, you won’t even have to bust your budget doing so.


The Royal River Hotel’s Royal Suites (with a gorgeous river view in tow) go at an almost shocking price of US$83++ per night. Just for that bit of money, you get an opulent suite room that’s bound to make you and your other half feel like a king and queen, even just for the few days that you’re there.


Not only do you get a gigantic bed on a raised platform (just like a throne) that you can lie down on, but the suite also comes complete with a personal dining area.

Here, you can dine next to a window that showcases the beauty of the Chao Phraya river.


While you’re not hanging out at your huge private balcony, you can head down for a meal at the hotel’s outdoor terrace – which becomes a dreamy fairytale-like sight at night when the twinkling lights are turned on.


If not, chill out at the huge outdoor pool – it almost seems as if everything at this hotel comes in XXL, and we’re sure you’ll like it that way.

The Royal River Hotel

Rate: From US$39.89 / 1247 Baht
Address: 219 Soi Charansanitwong 66/1 Charansanitwong Rd.,Bangplad,Bangkok 10700,Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: 66-(02)-422-9222

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Special Mention 1. Retreat to nature – Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort (from US$297 / 9267 Baht)

If you’ve always wanted to head to a greener destination for your honeymoon, but have a significant other who just can’t give up shopping – compromising is always the best solution.


Photo via iamtarush, heeseon flore

Or at least, that’s the case at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, where you’ll get to stay surrounded by plant friends, and still get to yell “take my money” at the various shopping hotspots nearby.

Adding on to the experience are the intricately decorated rooms, furnished with a mix of traditional Thai silk and makha wood, as well as contemporary designs.


The amazing view of the river just serves to tie everything up with a neat little bow.

While you’re not gawking at the river view in your room, you can always grab an international buffet dinner at the River Terrace – where live performances are available against the fluid backdrop of the river.


Photo via ammhee

If you’d prefer some privacy, you can also dine right beside the river in your own private pavilion!


If you’re still not feeling it, Anantara also features their very own spa, and private couple rooms come with their very own extra large bathtub – so you can enjoy soaking in the tub together, just like in the movies. Time to film that movie scene you’ve always envied!

Editor’s note: Price rates have since increased and rooms are no longer available under $100 (low season)

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort

Rate: From US$296.45 / appprox. 9267 Baht
Address: 257 Charoennakorn Road, Samrae Thonburi, Bangkok Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 476 0022

Have you been inspired to book your honeymoon trip to Bangkok and enjoy the full experience of shopping, great views and great food?

If you’re heading out with your newlywed spouse soon, we’ll congratulate you in advance for all the fun we know you’ll have. Let us know if your suitcase has enough space to stow us away…

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