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Are you feeling hungry yet stores are closed? This is the perfect time to go to 7-11, Thailand’s #1 convenience store that seems to be everywhere, even in small villages.

If you’re in Bangkok looking for a light midnight snack, 7-11 has everything you need. They’re really affordable too, perfect for those on a budget.

And honestly, I’m not just recommending 7-11 just because of its convenience and price, but because it actually sells delicious food!

Trust me, I eat it every week. You just have to know which ones to buy.

So to start you off, I’m recommending 15 ready-to-eat 7-11 food under 50 Baht you should try!

Tip: Buy the ready-to-eat meals in red or black packaging (the bigger sized ones) instead of the ones in white boxes. These ones are fresher (they have a much shorter shelf life) and tastier too.

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1. Try this Thai-style burger – Spicy Minced Pork & Chicken Sticky Rice Burger (27 Baht)

This is sooooo good! In fact, out of everything in this list, I would say this is hands down the best 7-11 meal. This isn’t to say the others aren’t good, because trust me, they are.

It’s because the burger patty’s savoury taste complements so well with the sticky rice buns. They’re also tasty when eaten separately!

My favourite is the Spicy Minced Pork & Chicken version, but there’s a non-spicy version too (for those averse to spicy food).

Photo Via Ms.lauwren

PS: One serving is quite small, so if you wanted to make a meal out of this, I recommend eating at least 2 of them.

2. Locals LOVE this dish – Spicy Chicken Basil with Rice (32 Baht)

Every time I’m stuck ordering food in Thailand, I always get Khao Krapao Kai (Spicy Chicken Basil with Rice).

So it’s not surprising to see 7-11 offering the unofficial national dish of Thailand too. Unsurprisingly, it’s delicious (what can go wrong with Krapao Kai?) and the fried egg gives the dish more umph.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Little.kcooi_

PS: Up for something new? Try the Fried Rice Spicy Chicken Basil instead. 

3. One of the best dumplings I’ve ever eaten – Jade Dragon Shrimp and Crab Dumplings (35 Baht)

I’ve travelled to many countries and tried many kinds of dumplings (cause I love them so much!!!), but this one is definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever eaten.

Despite it being microwaved dumplings, the skin has the right amount of thickness and softness. And when you bite into it, you can immediately taste the delicious shrimp and crab meat. Sooo good.

Photo Via Terrencepanglung, Ennotidi

4. The noodles, meat, veggies…? PERFECT!! – Fried Rice Noodles with Pork (45 Baht)

I love Thailand’s fried rice-flour noodles because it doesn’t taste charred (like Malaysia’s and Indonesia’s fried noodles) but sweet and savoury. (Although there are people who adore the charred taste too!)

Sadly, no Thai restaurants I’ve been to has ever made Fried Rice-flour Noodles the way I like it… that is until 7-11 came along.

The sweet and savoury flavour is balanced and the noodles has the right amount of chewiness. The pork meat and veggies also gives it a healthy and crunchy taste. Yumm!!!

Photo Via TripCanvas, Foodmakesmehappy
Photo Via Siam-Square-7-11-8

5. Love Thai curries? Then you gotta try this one – Panaeng Curry with Minced Pork Omelette (40 Baht)

According to my best friend, Thai curries are the bomb, which is why Panaeng Curry with Minced Pork Omelette is easily her favourite food by 7-11. With the layered flavours of the curry (it’s spicy, salty and a tad bit sweet) and the combination of egg, curry and rice, I can definitely see why.

Photo Via Kazu.traveler

6. Can’t find the authentic Thai dessert you want from the street food stalls? – Desserts (13 Baht)

Well then, you won’t be disappointed with 7-11! They have traditional Thai desserts like Sticky Rice Pudding with Longan, Sago with Black Bean, Mung Bean soup and Sago with Corn in Coconut milk!

7. Japanese snacks? Check! – Onigiri and Sushi (from 27 Baht)

They’re perfect for when you’re in a rush and want something quick and filling. With flavours like Salmon Teriyaki and Capelin Roe, you can definitely get something tasty even when you’re on-the-go.

Photo Via Ich0c, Jobbieparadox, Paumaliwat

8. It’s a tomato-based macaroni – Fried Macaroni with Chicken (35 Baht)

If you’ve stayed long enough in Thailand, you’ll notice that Western food equals to tomato sauce to the locals. That’s why “Thai” Western food like American Fried Rice and Fried Macaroni are tomato-based. But no worries, they’re super delicious (it’s my sister’s favourite dish)! They even taste exactly the same as the fresh ones sold in restaurants!

Photo Via Pettaxi_by_thoon, _Ethereallife

9. It’s full of crab meat – Crab Fried Rice (45 Baht)

I’m not joking, but this fried rice is actually good. It doesn’t lose out to the fried rice in restaurants!! There’s tons of crab meat and eggs and the portion is quite large too, so this actually fills you up.

Photo Via Hennysenjaya, Aodz.henshin

Tip: Eat this with chips, weird but it tastes really good together.

Note: If you don’t like crab that much (like my sister), then get the white-boxed Ezygo’s sausage fried rice (this is the only “white box” 7-11 meal I would recommend).

10. Sooo soft and tasty, just like the ones in restaurants – Chawanmushi by CP (19 Baht)

Surprisingly, this microwaved Chawanmushi tastes just like the ones sold in Japanese restaurants. The softness, umami flavour and meat inside the egg custard is what I love most about this (isn’t this everything?!).

Photo Via 7-Eleven-Thailand, June.leelok

11. Cheese or Chilli? – Sausages by CP (from 10 Baht)

My dad LOVES 7-11 sausages, so he usually buys it at least twice per week. And when he does, he’ll either get Footlong Chicken (27 Baht), Footlong Spicy (27 Baht), Smoky Bite (10 Baht) or Footlong Fresh Chilli (27 Baht). Personally, I enjoy Cheese Bite (13 Baht) and Footlong Chicken (27 Baht). Cheese all the wayyyyy!!!

Photo Via Celine.sgram_

12. Steamed Buns or Siu Mai? – Dimsum (from 9 Baht)

Believe it or not, I can eat 2 sticks of 7-11’s shrimp siu mai at once (both under 5 minutes). It’s not only cheap but also soft and tasty. In fact, I prefer 7-11’s siu mai over the ones in Chinese restaurants! :/

Photo Via Foodairika, Owl_goes_green, Cawaii_me_is_, Cawaii_me_is_

There’s are also crab siu mai (which my sister eats) and steamed buns (which my dad likes).

13. Crispy and melty… Yummm – Tuna Salmon Croissant Sandwich (27 Baht)

7-11’s Tuna Salmon Croissant Sandwich are “crispy on the outside and melty on the inside” (says my sister). But if you don’t like fish, there are also other variants like Ham and Cheese and Shredded Pork!

Photo Via Ricky, Big_noona_, Fooddiary021, Hyunjjung7

14. Who loves these American whoppers? – Burgers (from 26 Baht)

Everyone!! Thus, it’s not surprising to see burgers make their way to 7-11’s shelves. What’s great about the burgers from 7-11 though is that there are so many flavours to choose from, such as seafood and chicken.

Photo Via Mike_curato, Noyou116

15. Who says convenience stores only sell junk food? – Healthy food (from 20 Baht)

If that’s you, then Thailand’s 7-11 will definitely prove you wrong. From salads to boiled vegetables (corn for 20 Baht, sweet potato for 25 Baht, etc), get your daily vegetables and fruits here. You can even get Smoked Salmon and Cooked Garlic and Pepper Chicken Breast (40 Baht each)!

Photo Via Hanna, Pinkmel87, 7-Eleven-Thailand, Aey.is_.happy_
Photo Via Kin__rai__dee, Aob.w

Siam Square 7-11

Address: Siam Square Soi 2, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: It’s located at Siam Square Soi 2, opposite True Coffee, and a short walk from Mermaid Castle Cafe (Coordinates here)
Opening hours: 24/7


Note: We’ve included the address to the famous Siam Square 7-11, but all the food listed is available in 7-11s throughout Thailand!

How’s that for convenience store food? Unbelievable right? And they’re really tasty too, to the point that I really miss it when I’m overseas!

Bring this checklist the next time you go shopping in Thailand’s 7-11 and tell us which ones are your favourite in the comments below.

Happy eating! 😀

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