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Bangkok definitely knows how to do nightlife right. From high-end rooftop bars and trendy dance clubs to cosy intimate live band pubs in Chinatown, Bangkok has something for whichever mood you’re in that night.

If you’re not the typical bar-goer and are a bit of thrill seeker, Bangkok has some bars that are hidden from the public intentionally and unintentionally.

Some of them hide behind a decoy door, and some of them just hide in plain sight. Some of them even locals don’t know they exist.

Don’t worry that you will waste your time. Trust us, all these hidden bars will be worth your effort. You will be rewarded by world-class creations of cocktails accompanied with a unique experience and all around good vibes at these bars.

Your mission is to follow our clues. We won’t publish any names, addresses and most definitely not the Google Maps coordinates of these bars. Some of them we honestly can’t because there are none.

If you choose to accept this mission, continue reading!

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1. Your “Selfie” will get you in this hidden bar with no name

Welcome to the age of social media. This speakeasy bar doesn’t have a name, just a hashtag. (WHAT??)

Also, it’s hidden inside another bar. (HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO FIND THIS PLACE?!)

Once you find this bar, you will enjoy the upbeat vibes with an elegant retro-styled décor. The people behind this bar take their craft seriously.

Photo Via Ikn1ght, Zilingoth
Photo Via Thestandardpop

The innovation of their cocktails is out of this world, with the names that are unheard of like “Sorry Only BTS this Century”. Their speciality is a classic drink with a Thai twist, using Thai flavours and herbs, like jasmine, bitter melon, and coconut.

Photo Via Inggykly, Junehoney
Photo Via Fiatfiata, Iceiirin, Jamie_sutthinon

If you are a serious and adventurous cocktail drinker, this is your kind of bar. Although you’ll have to find it first by following the clues.

Scavenger clues:
1. Go to Sukhumvit Soi 11 Alley in Nana district.

2. Keep an eye out for a restaurant with a second floor accessible by a flight of stairs.
3. Go to the bar on the second floor.
4. The secret entrance is the answer to this clue “How do you take your selfie without your phone?”
5. And step into the darkness.

Take a ‘Selfie’ to enter this speakeasy bar

Price: Cocktails from 360 Baht / USD $11
Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm to 2am
Address: Somewhere around Sukhumvit Soi 11 Alley

2. You will get “Locked Out” if you can’t find DOUBLE secret doors to this bar.

Another bar with no name, and just a hashtag – #ThesePeopleAreCrazy – that’s not the real hashtag for the bar. ☺

It’s a sister bar of bar #2 on this list, created by the same group of A-listers in Asia’s cocktail industry.

You know it must be really good when there’s not just one secret entrance, here there are TWO.

Photo Via Pammypim, Fah.phadungkit

Once you use your super skills to figure it out, reward yourself with a top-notch cocktail. Playing on “Past, Present,& Future”, you can try three different versions of the same cocktail.

Photo Via Satoshipayne, Thanachot_lo
Photo Via Nidnidnueng, W.wanpiti, Faiyhief
Photo Via Calistianyong, Thedrinkhunter, Satoshipayne, Patiphan_fluke

You can stick with the classic, then be awed by the updated version for the now. Lastly, you will be mind-blown by the master mixologist’s creativity in the ‘future’ version.

To keep up with the double secret doors, we’ll give you TWO riddles to solve in order to figure out the clue.

Scavenger clues:
1. Go to Sukhumvit Soi 55 Alley – Thonglor main road

2. Find a bar with the answer of this first riddle in its name “Which superhero can also make your shirt wrinkles disappear?” Hint, not Superman, not Aqua Man.
3. Go to a small alley next to this bar.
4. The secret entrance is the answer to this second riddle “Find the room with many doors and find a door behind the doors.”
5. Don’t celebrate yet. You’re almost there, but not quite yet. You’ll still need to figure out the location of the second secret door. We’re sure you can take it from here. Good luck!

Enter 2 secret doors to master mixology

Price: Cocktails from 360 Baht / USD $11
Address: Somewhere in Thonglor area
Opening Hours: Daily from 8pm to 2am

3. Find this secret entrance and transport yourself to Cuba

Even if we give away the name, you wouldn’t be able to find any signage of this bar on the street. But when you find the secret entrance, you’d think that you’ve just magically travelled across the world to a bar in Cuba.

Photo Via Fayfairy, Emily_patiya

Immerse yourself in a pre-revolution 1940s Cuban-style décor, and enjoy a drink on vintage sofas. We recommend a rum-based cocktail which is their speciality.

Photo Via Aditim88
Photo Via Marzenaaa

But if you’re in the mood for a party, grab your fedora and come on Friday or Saturday nights when a live band will play Cuban jazz, followed by a DJ to keep your night going!

Photo Via Fon_parsit, Uniquecld

Scavenger clues:
1. Go to Sukhumvit Soi 11 Alley. Don’t think it will be easy to locate the bar on this party strip. This alley is long and full of bars. ☺
2. Zigzag your way through the alley and find the 7-11 store
3. Go into an even smaller alley next to the 7-11 store.
4. The secret entrance is the answer to this clue “ Where does Superman change into his uniform?”
5. When you are at the secret entrance, call 06-1450-3750 to get a secret code to open the door.

Get transported to this magical bar in Cuba

Price: Cocktails from 270 Baht / USD $9; Beers from 120 Baht / USD $4
Address: Somewhere around Sukhumvit Soi 11 Alley
Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm to 2am

4. Don’t feel ‘Bitter’ if you can find this bar, you just need to know where to look.

So far we have secret bars where they try to fool you with a secret door. But at this bar, there are no tricks and no decoy entrances.  It’s just located in a hide-out spot that you might walk by without noticing it.

Not that it doesn’t want to be found, the bar keeps the intention of being a quiet place. No frills, and no unnecessary noise. Occupying an old abandoned printing house, this bar keeps everything to the bare minimum.

Photo Via Pumisarasin, Renton_superstar

From exposed concrete, few sitting areas, and dim light, to no standing, and no shouting rules. This place is ok if you want to be left alone to enjoy a cocktail from a talented mixologist from New York City.

Photo Via Youdianblue, Babykoby, Tao.binn_
Photo Via Beejuta, Ploy_chanya
Photo Via Oilfin, Imsochill, Eatwithbuandy, Guggigpr

Hidden away from the street light, you will need to be brave when navigating your way into the eerie and dark small alley to find this bar. There are small signs providing direction throughout, and even at the entrance but as we mentioned – if you don’t know where to look, you might miss it. So pay close attention to our clues.

Scavenger clues:
1. Go to Phra Sumen Rd near Wat Bowonniwet School

2. Find the oldest Jazz Bar in the area
3. Go into a small alley next to the jazz bar – yes it’s dark
4. The door to the bar is next to the answer to this clue “ It looks like a house, but it’s not a house that you and I could live in. What is it?”
5. Go up to the 3rd floor. You are in the bar and you don’t even know it.

Keep your eyes peeled, there’s no secret door here

Price: Cocktails from 350 Baht / USD $10.50
Address: Somewhere in on Phra Sumen Rd
Opening Hours: Thu-Sun from 7pm to 12 midnight

5. Dark and mysterious world-class bar on an unnamed alley, and Google Maps can’t help either

Sometimes the best of the best requires that it remains mysterious. Created by a world-renowned mixologist, he (or she) hides this bar at the dead end of an alley with no name.

Once you find the alley, you’ll still need to find the entrance. There’s not a sign indicating where the bar is. Many first-timers may stumble back and forth few times down this dark alley. If you’re lucky, one of the friendly staff will open the door and save your lost soul.

Photo Via Qqueenpp

The bar keeps the ambience dark and mysterious with jaw-dropping design, by yet another top-notch bar designer in Asia.

Photo Via Pabmak, Navneet_charlie
Photo Via Landy_nininini, Phantomcam1404

What to order? Anything that your heart desires.

There’s no menu to limit the imagination of the skilful bartender. Every single cocktail is custom-made to your personal taste. Let them know what you like and how you like it, and watch the magic happen.

Photo Via Yungying_yingg, Piepie64
Photo Via Mick_natch, Simone_sarzo, Slippersandshorts

Scavenger clues:
1. Go to Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor)

2. On the odd and single digit number side, find a small dead-end alley. Hint, it’s very close to a ramen shop.
3. If you can’t find the door, look for the shadow.

Whatever cocktail you want, you’ll get

Price: Cocktails from 600 Baht / USD $20
Address: Somewhere in Thonglor
Opening Hours: Thu-Sun from 7pm to 2am

6. The reveal of this underground bar will remind you of Gringott’s Wizarding Bank in Harry Potter

Imagine walking down a steep staircase that leads you to a tiny noodle shop.

You’re not sure that you’re in the right place, but you’ve found a secret pathway revealing a room 10 times bigger than the restaurant with vault doors along dark brick walls.

Photo Via Calvinleecalvin, Jassika_koo

The room is filled with people, music, and cabaret. It’s like a whole different world. The bar has been designed to reflect 1930s Shanghai vibes, which gives off the feeling of opium dens, illegal gambling, mafia bosses and seductive cabaret girls.

Photo Via, Nobnab
Photo Via I_am_bird86, Gino_whatimsayin
Photo Via Cherish_nguyen1109, Thanitavisunee
Photo Via Nizaxolaritar, Ppim_cc, Ningnarumol

The bar often hosts themed events and costume parties. So be prepared to let yourself go in this curious fantasy-filled world.

Scavenger clues:
1. Go to the end of Silom Road where it sparkles with diamonds and gemstones.

2. Find a hotel next to Krung Sri Bank. Hint… No, no, no, we can’t tell! X.X
3. Look for a Chinese restaurant with a carved wooden door. Sorry, we can’t tell you the name but little hint: it’s a girl name.

Welcome to 1930s Shanghai!

Price: Cocktails from 300 Baht / USD $10; Beers from 160 Baht / USD $5.50
Address: Somewhere in Silom
Opening Hours: Daily from 7.30pm to 2am

Ready to go? Get your super detective hat on and let’s go secret bar hunting!

If you’ve managed to find some of these bars, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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