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First taking Japan by discount supermarket storm, this Japanese Discount King empire has finally made its way to Thailand, with its first megastore opening up in Bangkok’s new Donki Mall!

If you’ve ever visited Don Don Donki in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore you’ll be thrilled with all the Japanese products and brands they have to offer, many of which you can find now in Bangkok for cheaper than say, in their Singapore stores – we’ve done the comparisons!

Bulk stock, indulge and go pretty much nuts; the two-storey supermarket is conveniently divided to make all your grocery, beauty, clothing and merchandise navigating easier.

With stands, shelves, gondolas and bargain bins stacked high, you’ll easily lose yourself, and a few hours, on just the first floor alone.

Here are some of our favourite products we overstocked on, as well as a few other interesting, unique and favourites to go.

Oh yeah, and guess what, they’re open 24/7….. That’s right, you can grab all your last minute shopping needs any time, even before catching your flight!

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Side Note: When visiting Don Don Donki it’s a known fact that their sweet potatoes are like no other, so DO try one. The Sweet Potato Factory is just outside the entrance to the mart.
Truly one of the most delicious sweet potatoes we’ve ever tasted…soft, sweet and almost naturally caramelised, it’s the perfect, yummiest snack to munch on as you take a walk around. 

Photo Via Tripcanvas
Photo Via Tripcanvas

For all things edible, snacks and foods – 1st Floor

Divided into two floors, as you enter Don Don Donki, you’ll be introduced to the first floor, filled with endless and exciting Japanese snacks and products. You might just feel as if you’re truly in Japan food heaven.

1. Your favourite mayo brand now in different flavours! – Kewpie

Tom Yum, Green Curry, and Spicy Lemongrass, basically the flavours of Thailand are now available in the form of everyone’s favourite little mayo, Kewpie (Even I have a bottle in my fridge at home).

Photo Via Tripcanvas

So if you feel like adding something extra special to your next salad or sushi roll, these are seriously a fantastic buy.

2. A convenient (and delicious) way to eat crab whenever you please, and not just at restaurants – Hakodate Stewed Crab

So, Hakodate is a main city part of Hokkaido island, in Japan’s most northern parts, and their coastline is home to some deliciously sweet and delicate crab! (It’s their most commonly found marine specifies in the waters and Hokkaido is renowned for its high quality seafood).

So it’s no doubt this yummy soup-in-a-bag is filled with absolute flavour (and real crab meat!).

Photo Via Tripcanvas

Editor’s Note: Go to Giant or any supermarket near you that stocks fresh crab meat and toss it in this soup. My partner and I cooked this on one of our date nights at home and it was soooo good.

3. Cheaper and absolutely delicious if you’ve never tried these – Hokkaido’s Dry Roasted Scallops

(All you Singaporeans, are you listening?!) These delicious, delectable seafood treasures are also available here in Thailand, and trust me, they’re at least SGD$15-20 SGD cheaper in this Don Don store! (Editor’s Note: According to my mom who frequents food fairs at the Expo.)

Photo Via Tripcanvas

Duh, of course we stocked up, and left with a few bags full, a proud bargain achievement I must say!

4. Jumbo sized packets of – Matcha Kit Kat (and other flavours)

What’s better than jumbo sized packets of chocolate? NOTHING! And now you don’t have to wait to travel to Japan or wait for friends/family to come back from Japan with these.

Feel free to stock up – and of course they’ve got the ever-popular Matcha KitKat. (There’s even a Matcha adults-only variety.) They also stock the extra dark chocolate flavour here too!

Photo Via TripCanvas, EventPass

5. Possibly the best instant ramen we’ve ever tasted – Ramen Noodles

The variety they offer here for just ramen is insane, and there are a few really amazing brands that they stock, including Itsuki. 

We had to stock up on the good stuff, and brought many of the delicious flavours home, I’m talking Kyushu Tonkotsu and Tokyo Shoyu Soy Sauce! 

What we particularly loved about these packets of ramen is that it doesn’t taste like you’re eating an ‘instant-noodle’ snack, but rather an authentic bowl of Japanese-ramen-goodness!

Photo Via TripCanvas, EventPass

They also stock Kinchan, another popular instant ramen-in-a-pot brand.

6. Your body couldn’t love you more for it – Tanesho Multi-grain Rice

Our beloved editor grew up eating her mom’s homemade multi-grain rice, so this hit all the homely feels for us, and it’s an amazing healthy alternative for plain, (and lethargy-inducing) white rice.

On the packaging it actually shows you the 16 different!!! types of grains that they use too, making life just that much more convenient, with so many grains all in the ease of one packet.

Photo Via TripCanvas

If that isn’t enough there’s also Nagatanien’s packets of different rice toppings, such as salmon, if you’re looking to add more flavour to your rice.

7. There’s nothing better than a great bag of chips –  Japanese chips and crackers

Crispy, crunchy, munch, munch, everyone has their go-to savoury snack, and we’re a sucker for a good crinkle cut. North Color’s Yuzu-covered Potato Chips are next level delicious in flavour, I mean, it’s yuzu flavoured!

Photo Via TripCanvas, EventPass

There are absolutely tons of different rice cracker brands and products too, naturally, but we went home with Kameda’s; their crackers are light, fresh and full of flavour, and not overly sweet!

8. Wasabi Soy Sauce Flavour – Maruesu’s Noriten Daio

I’m an absolute sucker for anything seaweed, and I personally usually go for Korean brands, but these seaweed wasabi-flavoured wheat crackers just jumped into my hands.

Photo Via TripCanvas

They’re crispy and the saltiness from the seaweed, with the zing from the wasabi balance each other perfectly!

9. If there could be one thing better than pistachio, it could possibly be – Sennarido Crispy Wasabi Pistachios

Let me repeat, pistachios and wasabi, I mean I’m already sold.

What’s fantastic about these packets is actually the genius packaging, and you’ll find about ten smaller packets inside, so there’s no need to be carrying a huge bag of nuts around all the time.

The perfect bite/lunch-box size!

Photo Via EventPass

10. For hearty soups with unique, traditional and punchy flavours – Hokkaido Imported soups

Another fun fact, Hokkaido is also known in Japan for its importing (and exporting) of speciality goods, so within stores here you will see on shelves labels pointing out ‘Imported Products from Hokkaido’.

They’ve got tons of variety in the soup department, and flavours are vast, with all your beloved and traditional soups from around the world; creamy tomato, onion soup, corn soup…

All the instant soup happy feels for a cold rainy day.

Photo Via TripCanvas

11. The perfect beer snack – Maruesu’s Cheese & Tara

Cheese tara, tara cheese, whichever way you call it, this extra, slowly matured cheddar cheese bite-sized finger snacks go best when drinking an ice cold one, or if you love to simply binge watch your drama series, and non-stop-snack like myself.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Each slice is individually wrapped in a wrapper, for that extra freshness. 😉

12. At least it comes with a super pretty can! – Kezo Sake Jellyshot Drink

Pink drinks – although they may lead to the worst hangover the next day from all the sugar – sure do taste delicious. And this can of Sake joy is no different.

If you love your jelly drinks, and you love your sake…this brand comes in a vary of fruity flavours, along with the same flavoured jello inside, I’m totally feeling Mixed Berries.

Photo Via TripCanvas

13. Nothing beats pasta– Ao No Dokutsu Pasta Sauce

Growing up as a kid, this was my absolute go to quick meal after a long day at school, and in-between-before-dinner filler; I’m talking about instant pasta and sauce in a packet people!

These guys infuse traditional italian and asian flavours, but still keeping the classics untouched such as the Carbonara. People seem to love this brand so much there’s even Youtube videos dedicated solely to it! Not.even.kidding.

Photo Via TripCanvas

14. Vegans, if you’ve never tried beancurd before, you’re missing out on life – Misuzu Oinari San

The first time I ever tried this sweetened and fried form of tofu (made from a beancurd skin) was wrapped around a roll of sushi, and the sweetness really works well and balances some of the more fishier sushi pieces.

Grab a pack (there are 16 skins in a pack) and try your own hand at sushi-making, it’s seriously tons of fun – and a lot of laughs, the pros definitely make it look so quick and effortless. A great activity for the whole fam bam to get involved in!

Photo Via TripCanvas

15. Go big or go home – Yakisoba Instant noodles

Yakisoba is a traditional Japanese stir-fry noodle dish, and the noodles are made from wheat-flour. The sauce that accompanies this dish is similar to oyster sauce.

Now you don’t need to travel to Japan to enjoy the flavours, and Don Don Donki actually sells them in big value packs of five, including sauce and all!

Photo Via TripCanvas

16. Squid, squid, get your squiddd – Shinsen’s Ika Sozai, Oshaburi Konbo Hamakaze

Dried, pickled, baked and crisped, Don Don stocks a variety of the beloved Ika (Japanese for squid), and Shinsen are known for their deliciously sweet vinegar-y taste.

Photo Via TripCanvas

For another fishy/salty taste, also try Oshaburi Konbo Hamakaze, a delicious dry-kelp snack!

17. You’re never too old for – ToroToro Pudding

Basically, heaven in a jar, I wanted to eat it on the spot. Set your sweet tastebuds alight with these ultra creamy, ultra yummy puddings.

There’s traditional Toro flavour, as well as caramel.

Photo Via TripCanvas

18. Go nuts over – Almonds with Chocolate AND CHEESE

Although you can find almonds among many supermarkets, and even your local 7/11, Don Don Donki stocks some really special variations.

Check out Lotte’s box of Chocolate covered almonds, as well as chocolate-crisp covered almonds! Plus a Japanese brand of chocolate-matcha covered almonds!

Photo Via TripCanvas

And get this, there’s even what looks like it’s a slab of chocolate but NOPE, it’s a slab of baby milk cheese with roasted almonds inside – for that extra flavour and texture.

I’m just picturing a scrumptious cracker with this cheese, and maybe a little drizzle of honey, mmm…

19. BLUE cola??!! – Sora Iro Cola

Nope, we’re not talking about the addictive red and white can here, in fact, this soda, filled with citrus notes from lemon and orange, has more of a tea-like taste, apparently.

It’s that famous Japanese cola for those in the know, plus, let’s also consider the fact that it’s crystal sky blue and looks pretty darn cool if I might just add.

Photo Via TripCanvas

20. Delicious, umeshu plum liqueur – CHOYA

If you’re Japanese, or have been to Japan and you’re reading this, you’ll be delighted to know you can find the delicious plum, ume fruit liqueur drink right here in BKK, and the range is extensive!

(It’s slightly cheaper here too!)

Photo Via Wissuta-Ploypetch

21. Nothing compares to fresh Japanese produce – Fresh department

Housing the glorious strawberry, I love the fact that they’ve got fresh fruit and veggies for sale, mostly imported from Japan. Expect to find strawberries, cherries, peaches, melons, black grapes and queen mangos – and that’s just the fruit I’m talking about!

Photo Via Wissuta-Ploypetch, TripCanvas

There’s also imported and frozen seafood, such as scallops, as well as fresh meats and cuts such as Saga Beef available.

22. Quick and on-the-go – Ready-made / Hot Foods

If you’re on the peckish side, but your stomach needs something of substance and not just snacks, they’ve got you covered.

There’s a hot-foods counter where on-the-go meals have been precooked and ready for the taking. Some include Pork cutlets and egg with rice, Omusoba, Takoyaki, Tempura cuttlefish, Onigiri and already-made Sushi.

Photo Via TripCanvas

23. Because sometimes when travelling all you want is a home-cooked meal – Cooking Service

This is definitely a first for us and I haven’t been in many supermarkets where they offer a service like this.

Basically, they charge you between 50-100 Baht, and you can have Don Don Donki’s in-house chefs cook you up anything you have just bought in the supermarket. So if their ready-made foods don’t attract you, grab some fresh seafood, some fresh vegetables, pay and hand them over to the chefs. They’ll whip up your meal right in front of you!

Photo Via TripCanvas

24. A MOUNTAIN bowl full of sashimi and uni – Sushi/Seafood bar

As if all the food and products on offer aren’t enough, this may just be our favourite part of Don Don Donki. What makes this sushi bar so special? Located in-store, they roll up not just your usual sushis, hand rolls and gunkuns, but they also offer sushi bowls.

Particularly, the Big Mountain Donburi! For just 399 Baht, your bowl of rice is loaded with freshly cut sashimi, topped with a HUGE scoop of decedent and delicate sea urchin caviar (uni)!

Photo Via TripCanvas

For the size and price of it all, this is seriously one of the cheapest sushi spots we’ve tried in all of Bangkok!

Beauty & Skincare products – 2nd Floor

For your head-to-toe needs, plus other non-edible products, merchandise & toys

Now you’ve finally made your way through the food, more fun comes along! The Japanese are known to have some of the coolest products out there, so we really had to try reign it in on the second floor.

We found Sailor Moon makeup kits and the craziest toothpastes… you just have to check it out for yourself. Somebody get me outta here, I’m about to break the bank!

25. All it takes is just 3 minutes – Juso Kuro Rich Black Pack

Some call it an addiction…the need to get rid of all them blackheads. Stock up on the most amazing black head removal kit, specifically for the nose, from Juso Kuro.

Photo Via Event-Pass

It’s actually made with Black Baking Soda (so when you put a small squirt of liquid on your nose, it foams up like Bicarb would). It’s a deep cleanse working miracle and the combination of Sodium bicarbonate and Charcoal work their magic together in your pores, removing all that dirt.

26. The craziest toothpastes you’ve ever seen, no seriously – Breath Palette

I’m still astounded over this one to be honest, and at first I thought it was a make-up brand. Okay so here’s the deal, these are actually tubes of toothpaste offered in the most insane flavours! Like, next level.

From Lemon to Darjeeling Tea, Cinnamon and Lavender, the flavours only get more exciting/crazy; Bitter chocolate, Cafe au Lait, Rose, Blueberry, Cola and even…Indo Curry!!! Say whatttt… you’ll have to see it to believe it.

Photo Via TripCanvas

If you’re like me, I’m not a fan of minty toothpaste, and with sensitive gums always use a natural alternative, leaving my mouth feeling herbal-y fresh. So I get the idea here, but wow, this is extensive!

27. When your hair looks good, YOU feel good – Tsubaki Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

Anyone got them wavy hair girl problems? If you’re always trying to tame your locks, and just have a smoother looking head of hair in general, this bottle is full of Camellia oil, lemon, soy protein, royal jelly and botanical fragranced essences.

Photo Via TripCanvas

It’s selling point is to leave your hair looking straight, smooth and silky, however I read a review from a Ukranian writer living in Kyoto that although it made her wavy hair ‘smoother’ looking, it didn’t completely straighten it – but they do say on the bottle it’s designed for Asian hair.

28. All your suncare worries handled – Allie Sunscreen

Did you know? Most of our sunscreen brands against UVB radiation, which helps protects against things such as Cancer, however the sun also emits harmful rays of UVA Radiation too, which most sunscreens don’t protect  against, still leaving you at risk.

Not to fear, this suncare brand has cleverly introduced a UV Gel that protects the skin against both UVB and UVA radiation. They’re offering them in value packs too, because everyone loves a freebie / more value for money.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Editor’s Note: I saw a sunscreen experiment circulating around Facebook, and one of the most effective sunscreens was Allie!

29. The lip care solution that’s going to solve your dry-lip nightmares!  – Choosy

My lips are probably one of the most sensitive parts of my body, and as soon as the weather changes from hot to cold/dry to tropical. So for me this is genius, and apparently works like a charm.

Full of all the miracle moisturisers, such as Vitamin E and  Hyaluronic acid, this is actually a lip mask (the sheet paper is slightly thicker than a usual face mask), shaped and designed to cover your lips. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and voila, moist, soft, freshened lips, even for the days to come!

Photo Via TripCanvas

30. Scrub yourself clean – Pelican Soap

So I’m secretly a soap FREAK and I never leave a country without buying an amazing artisanal, natural soap, often looking too pretty to use, and quite delicious to be honest. But of course, you pay a bit for a handmade soap.

These gorgeous bars caught our eye simply from their packaging and remind me of cake bars. Plus they come in some amazing scents and ingredients (We grabbed a Brown Sugar, perfect for a more exfoliant-type soap, and Maccha bar)

Photo Via TripCanvas

31. Another interesting toothpaste brand – Ora2 Me Stain Clear Toothpaste

Dental hygiene fanatics and caffeine addicts, keep your pearly whites stain-free and shining.

Plus, the flavours they offer are certainly delicious, and what’s great is that they don’t taste artificially/chemical-y flavoured, but rather light, natural and refreshing. Floral white tea, Apple & Rose Mint and Peach Leaf caught our eyes!

Photo Via TripCanvas

32. There’s never a time when a woman doesn’t deserve some TLC– Face Masks

From Disney, to 3D, Don Don house brand, the Japanese sure do love a good face mask in every single variety imaginable, so naturally you’re going to find rows of them in-store.

A stand out for us, Utena’s Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask CO. Focusing on skin moisture and skin oil balance, it’s filled with 33g of Golden Jelly Collagen Serum.

Photo Via EventPass, TripCanvas

33. Living in harmony with nature – Botanist

With a name like that, I’m already sold and you’ll be delighted in seeing a wide scope of their different products on shelf.

Try their Botanical Bloom Treatment Shampoo with sakura and raspberry and their Botanical Souffle Body Butter with cranberry and rose for ultra lush feeling skin.

Photo Via TripCanvas

PS: They only use plant-based ingredients that are kind to both people, and the environment!

34. All that glitters is golddd – MYM Gold Lotion with Gold Leaves

From edible gold ice creams to gold facial masks, how could we pass on this incredible gold lotion with real gold flakes. Now you don’t have to splash out a bomb for a luxurious gold facial when you can simply have a DIY one at home!

Photo Via TripCanvas

PS: Gold has been used in beauty treatments since ancient times where the wealthy pamper themselves. This super affordable gold lotion is only under 300 Baht! Also, gold is actually an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties in it, just FYI. 

35. Time to fear the cold no longer! – Hothans Hand Warmers

If you’re anything like me, and absolutely HATE the cold, this actually sounds like a god send. Hey you know what they say, cold hands and feet = cold body!

So basically these genius little packets are instant air-activated heat packs available in different styles designed for your hands, feet and body! Pretty neat if you ask me!

Photo Via TripCanvas

36. If you’re a fan of – SEKKISEI Lotion

Now renowned globally for its perfect balance and infusion of ancient Japanese and Chinese herbs, creating soft, luminous skin, you might notice their blue bottle instantly – they are sold worldwide after all.

Photo Via Sekkisei.official

All their products are amazing and they have a  well-stocked selection here from their Cleanser to Facial Soap, BB Cream and sunblock.

37. Amazing, natural ingredients = amazing, natural skin! – DHC skincare products

An amazing Japanese skincare brand experts, you’ll find a small range of in-store from Lip Creams to Eyelash Tonic.

We love that their products are free from parabens, colourants, or added fragrance. Their entire line was founded based on their very first product, Olive Virgin Oil (super rich in nutrients) which still makes up the base of most of their products today.

Photo Via TripCanvas, EventPress

38. Anything else you might be looking for? – Figurines and other Merchandise!

From socks to figurines, mugs, lego, candy, keychains and even phone covers just to list a few, Don Don Donki offers quite an extravaganza of fun products. You might just ask yourself if you’re in a Toy-store or actually a Japanese supermarket.

Photo Via Don-Quixote

PS: These could make for really awesome gifts!

39. Anime everything – Sailor Moon

What caught our twinkly eyes was so the Sailor Moon beauty range. Their Lip Cream is shaped like a Cutie Moon Rod and their Clear Compact Face Powder is encased in an illustrated Sailor Moon, never-throw-away compact mirror case.

Photo Via TripCanvas

40. As cute as can be – Disney’s QPosket

Anyone remember those packs of ‘Puppy in my pockets’ from wayyyy back when? You get a little pack with a tiny figurine inside, well this is the same thing except with all your beloved Disney characters – namely all the Disney princesses.

Photo Via EventPass

Don Don Donki  

Address: 107 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 301 0950
Opening hours: Open 24/7


Special mentions

More things to do in Donki Mall!

With so much to see and experience in Don Don Donki, the fun doesn’t end there/ If you feel like taking a walk around the rest of Donki Mall, there are actually some other interesting things to do and see!

1. Still hungry? – Japanese Restaurants/Cafes

If you’re feeling rather hungry after all that shopping, there’s a good number of Japanese food outlets. Suage (from 150 Baht) is all about traditional famous Hokkaido Soups, and Zen Restaurant (from 60 Baht) is for all you sushi fans

Photo Via TripCanvas

2. Get a gel manicure! – Nail It!

Places like Thailand are already known to be relatively cheap in terms of the spa/beauty services. Well, even we couldn’t believe the price for a Gel Manicure was 200 Baht at Nail It

Photo Via TripCanvas

3. Family-friendly magic cafe in the day, risque magic bar in the night – Legend Castle

Legend Castle is where to go for a little magic, excuse the pun. Family-friendly during the day, and a drinking waterhole come evening, the most special part about this restaurant / bar are in fact, THE MAGICIAN bartenders! No jokes, their tricks literally blew us away!

Photo Via TripCanvas

PS: Drinks from 80 Baht / approx. USD $2.59; Snacks from 200 Baht / approx. USD $6.48; After 6pm you pay a service entry fee of 500 Baht / approx. USD $16.20

4. Work off all that Japanese food with some fun activities – D Sports Stadium

It’s somewhat of a sports and recreational space where activities range from rock-climbing to soccer and baseball. You’ll have a ton of fun working off all that Japanese food at D Sports Stadium. There’s also an indoor boxing ring and a foosball table!

Photo Via TripCanvas

PS: 150 Baht for General tickets between 10am and 6pm (weekdays), 180 Baht for General tickets between 6pm and 2am (weekdays), 180 Baht; 130 Baht for Student tickets between 10am and 6pm (weekdays), 160 Baht for Student tickets between 6pm and 2am (weekdays)

DONKI Mall Thonglor

Address: 107 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 301 0451
Opening hours: 24/7


What’s not to love about this mega-Japanese haven?

We would LOVE to hear about some of your personal favourite products you’ve discovered in Don Don Donki, and anything you feel is a must-have feature on our list! We’d love to add them!

Hit us up @Tripcanvas, and don’t forget to tag us in your posts #TripCanvas. a

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