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Think you’ve shopped at all the night markets in Bangkok? If you haven’t visited Owl Market, then it’s time to add it to your list! (Unless you’ve read our 14 night markets in Bangkok story. :P)

Let me tell you upfront that you’re missing out BIG TIME. The shopping scene here is great, with everything from affordable clothes (from 20 baht!) to pet accessories and food available for sale. There are loads of food stalls and restaurants around the night market too, ready to stuff you with delicious food when you’re hungry.

Photo Via ตลาดนกฮูก, เลี่ยงเมืองนนท์

It’s located quite far from Pratunam – around 30 minutes by car without traffic (or at least 1 hour with traffic) – but the low prices and vast stylish selections are definitely worth the journey.

Curious how good the market is? Here’s a quick (yet thorough) glimpse to get you started.

PS: There are ATMs machines in this market in case you’re low on cash. Please note that the toilets here are not free (you must insert coins in the turnstile to enter the toilet).

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1. Get ready to be spoilt for choices – Women

I mean, where else can you find a night market that has new, second-hand and plus-sized clothing in one location? The second-hand clothing selections are quite varied too – ranging from regular t-shirts to party dresses. AND they cost from 20 baht! So cheap right?!

You’ll also find cute earrings, sunglasses and other accessories, as well as clothing essentials like pants, undergarments and swimwear. If you feel like getting a makeover, you can get cornrow braids and hair colour wax here.

Photo Via Tripcanvas
Photo Via Tripcanvas
Photo Via Copbrand_galaxy, Mystiyeshop

2. Who wants some 80 baht t-shirts? – Men

If you do, then you’ll be happy to find graphic t-shirts for only 80 baht (available in all sizes). Otherwise, you can only find other things for sale here, such as pants, hats, shoes and sunglasses. As for music fans, there were cool, affordable band t-shirts for sale too.

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via Tripcanvas

3. Don’t forget about your adorable lovelies – Kids

Or else they might get grumpy when they find out you didn’t get them anything! One tried-and-tested method to get into their little hearts is by giving them toys or some cartoon water bottles or t-shirts. Or else, even some cute, colourful loungewear can appease them. Just take your pick!

Photo Via Tripcanvas
Photo Via Wirod-loy, TripCanvas

4. I’m hungry!! – Food

Is that so? There are tons of food stalls here. Fried fritters, fruits, meat… You name it. I especially loved the rooftop all-you-can-eat Moo Krata and Shabu-Shabu restaurant. Free flow shrimps and pork with a great market view for just 199 baht per person?! Woohooooo!

Photo Via Tripcanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

There’s also a bar where you can drink cocktails in this market. Sounds refreshing eh?

5. Maybe my place can use a little something – Home & Living

Why not get some unique lamps? They come in all shapes and sizes, catering to all types of tastes.

Your house is bright enough? Get some sweet-smelling aromatherapy instead. And they cost just 60 baht per piece (or 100 baht for 2)!

Photo Via TripCanvas

6. Is there anything else? – Miscellaneous

Of course. Don’t forget about your fluffy pets at home. It doesn’t hurt to spoil them with some new treats or toys, or even stock up on animal food.

You can also make printed DIY phone cases using an image you’ve chosen for just 150 baht.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Or else, you can get temporary tattoo stickers (lasts for 3-7 days) or permanent tattoos here, as well as some motorbike spare parts and accessories.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Owl Market

Price: from 20 Baht / approx. USD $0.66
Address: 14/87 Thanon Liang Mueang, Bang Kraso, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi 11000 (Coordinates here)
Getting here: Take a 40-minute taxi or Grab ride to the market from Pratunam
Contact: +66 2 102 4048
Opening hours: Daily from 4pm to midnight


Found something interesting? Then remember to stop by and shop here the next time you’re in Bangkok!

Happy shopping! 😀

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