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With so many amazing foods to try in Bangkok, where does one even begin??? Well we’ll let you in on a little (probably not so-little) secret…Some of the best food you’ll find in Bangkok is at your local street food spots, as well as local markets.

If you’re staying in Pratunam, we’ve got a treat for you. Here’s how to eat like a local and where to find this hidden food street that locals love to visit for breakfast!

You’ll find it located in Pratunam, more specifically at Petchaburi (between Soi 10 and Soi 12 specifically) – PLUS nothing costs more than about 40 Baht! Cheap, local and delicious…we couldn’t ask for more!

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1. Want something homely and warm for brekkie? – Noodle Soup (Yentafo, Tomyum & clear)

For me this is always an easy breakfast choice when traveling SEA and Thailand is known for their flavoursome and hearty broths – so what better way to start the day.

At this market you’ll find a Noodle Fishball stall selling yentafo (actually traditionally Chinese and the colour of the soup is bright pink!).

Photo Via TripCanvas

There’s also TomYum and a clear-noodle soup if you’re not in the mood for this pink noodle dish.

Photo Via Md501010051, Tee_nen

Noodle soup

Located: Soi 10

2. Sucker with a sweet tooth? Even for breakfast? .– Patongo (ปาท่องโก๋), Thai donut

We introduce to you the Thai equivalent of a Chinese You Tiao (deep-fried wheat dough basically), however the dough isn’t actually sweet, but a little bit more salty, and is perfect with your morning cuppa’.

It’s surprisingly a super popular breakfast choice among locals (but then again, this country doesn’t worry much about sugar content it seems) and it’s best eaten (in my opinion) the way the Thais do, dipping it into condensed milk, coffee, or cacao.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Iamhungrysomuch

And if you prefer, grab some take away, order a Jok porridge and dunk it whilst you enjoy a delicious steaming bowl.


Located: Soi 12

3. We LOVE a good shank! – Kao Kha Moo (ข้าวขาหมู), Slow Braised Pork Leg on Rice

Soft, tender, juicy meat that’s been pulled, but actually just falls off the bone naturally from cooking in a stew, and is served on a bed of fragrant rice, traditionally served with a hard-boiled egg, and some pickled greens.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Eakpol.cnx_

You can have it served dry or ‘wet’, i.e. as a soup, and this Thai Style Braised Pork Leg is a must-try regardless of what time of day it is!

Photo Via Msgbox, Cookingkrub_, Kin_tasty

Khao Kha Moo

Located: Soi 10

4. The perfect easy morning meal – Bachang, Sticky Rice Dumpling

Every Asian country has their own version of it – over here in Vietnam they call it ‘Banh chung’, traditional Chinese call it Zongzi, but whatever it’s called, this sticky rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo (sometimes banana) leaves is always a winner – and really fills you up!

You can choose to have it savoury (or sweet) and a popular choice in Thailand for breakfast is Bachang filled with a seasoned sticky rice, salted yolk and seasoned with pork, dried shrimps and pepper.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Lenitdjo, Yv6nn3ng, Jaime_ej


Located: Soi 10

5. If you wanna truly eat like a local, order a bowl of – Khao Tom (ข้าวต้ม), Rice soup served with pork

If you’ve indulged yourself in some Thai-cuisine knowledge before, you’ll know this is another breakfast dish that makes the pages of recipe books and food-related articles, and this rice soup is a firm favourite among locals – at any time of day!

So basically khao tom is a cooked rice soup, usually served with different types of seafood or fish – however some places do it with a variation of pork, or even chicken.

Look out for the yellow street stall (with writing in Chinese) in Soi 10 which not only serves Khao Tom, but some other noodle soups too, as well as Rice with pork.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Jennius

Editor’s Note: This is my favourite Thai breakfast of all time!!

Khao Tom

Located: Soi 10

6. Enjoy these tasty treats sweet or savoury – Khanom krok (ขนมครก)

These coconut rice pancakes are often seen as a Thai dessert, but again it’s another dish that can be done both ways, and is a super easy, delicious and on-the-run breakfast snack.

Because they’re so small, they’re perfectly bite-sized and the cups of rice flour are filled with a custardy-y, coconut cream. You’ll then find ingredients such as scallions, corn, pumpkin or taro adding their final touches on top.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Noomeow_mama
Photo Via Puinichy, Steeler

PS: Usually, two different batters are made – one sweet, and the other more savoury according to which avenue you go down this morning.

Khanom Krok 

Located: Soi 10

7. The ones you’ll spot here are extra meaty! – Moo Ping (หมูปิ้ง), Grilled Pork Skewers & Kai Yang (ไก่ย่าง), Grilled Chicken

If you’ve never before seen these deliciously BBQ-d, sticky and caramelised meat sticks, or let alone not tried one yet (albeit the vegetarians), have you actually been to Thailand?

Spotted around street corners, sidewalks and markets, Moo Ping has become somewhat one of the more well known street foods, and we can’t blame the love for them; what’s yummier than a crispy, crunchy, sweet-savoury, marinated pork cooked over charcoal flames…

If you’re more of a chicken person grab a stick of grilled chicken marinated in garlic, black pepper, lemongrass, palm sugar, and soy sauce.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Makanterusss

Moo Ping

Located: Soi 10

8. Enjoy their steaming hot for ultra foodie satisfaction – Dimsum (Khanom jib and Salapao)

Oh our glorious dimsum, I love you in any form, and the reason you’re probably familiar with the yellow coloured, open top dimsum of Thailand is because they are literally everywhere.

Enjoy Khanom Jib (stuffed & steamed wontons either with minced pork, chicken, shrimp, tofu or mushroom) (AND THE DIPPING SAUCE IS EVERYTHING), or feast on Salapao.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Salapao (ซาลาเปา), also known as Baozi, Nikuman or Banh Bao, is a sweetish white steamed bun, the middle consisting of different fillings. Going sweet it’s filled with things like Mung or Azuki beans, and savoury wise you’ll find pork, chicken or seafood.

Photo Via Madamenhu, Boupamadoo


Located: Soi 10

9. Known as the ‘rice curry shops’ of BKK, you’ll feel las if you’re eating in a local’s own home kitchen – Khao Rad Kaeng

Three words; ran (shop), khao (rice), and kaeng (curry), ran khao kaeng translated literally means “shop (selling) rice curry” and well, that’s exactly what they’re considered to be -but there’s not just curry that you’ll find.

Basically a typical street food spot that locals will visit during their day selling tasty, cheap and already made food – which you can pick and choose from the trays in front of you – the smell of it all is insanely yummy!!

Along the street here you can also find a stall that does pre-packaged, take-away meals where you just grab, pay and go.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Khao Rad Kaeng

Located: Soi 10

10. Sweet, fried morning delights – Fried banana (กล้วยแขก), Thai Fried Sweet Potato balls (ขนมไข่นกกระทา)

One thing I can relate to with the Thais in terms of cooking is that they don’t hold back on making a dish because it may be considered unhealthy (and although it’s naughty, I’m the same with my cooking), but at the end of the day it just means the food is bound to be darn delicious! 😉

And if you haven’t noticed the Thais love their fried (anything). So when you tell me there’s banana and sweet potato balls up for grabs, consider me sold!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Side note: I always find fried banana a great one – especially for kids – because it’s actually naturally sweet (plus eating fruit and getting in your Potassium at the same time). 

Fried Bananas and sweet potato balls 

Located: Soi 10

11. Or go the savoury, fried route – Fried chicken, fried fritters

There’s not only battered, doughy fried treats that you’ll find but also an assortment of fried snacks – and believe it or not – the Thais are a HUGE fan of fried chicken (and clearly the time of day doesn’t matter).

Photo Via TripCanvas

There’s also loads of different fried fritters to try, from fish cakes to shrimp cakes, as well as actual fried crabs…yummy! Man, I can do seafood at any time of day!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Fried chicken and fritters 

Located: Soi 10

12. Craving some lighter, fresh and simple flavours this morning? – Chicken Rice (ข้าวมันไก่)

Needing no explanation to this dish I’m sure, everyone’s favourite Thai Hainanese Chicken Rice can be found around the city too, and there’s a small stall selling their Thai version of the traditional Chinese dish.

It’s quite small, but just look out for the standard hanging chickens!🐔

Photo Via TripCanvas, Iamkelvinchen

Chicken Rice 

Located: Soi 10

13. Grab it on the go – Sandwiches, Waffles & Sausages

No we’re not talking the three together here – although a great (non-processed) pork sausage on a sandwich is bloody delicious, not sure about the waffles part, but…

Anyway, if you’re in a bit of a morning rush, grab an already made and packed sandwich filled with crab meat and tuna (located at the same stall as the Khanom krok), or grab a freshly made waffle – for just 5 Baht!!!

Photo Via TripCanvas

And who doesn’t love a good sausage on a stick, quick, easy and also just 5 Baht.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Sandwiches, waffles and sausages 

Located: Soi 10

14. The Thais version of fried eggs – Thai Omelette with rice

Craving your eggs in the morning? You may not find an All-American here, but the Thai version of an eggy breakfast is scrumptious in its own right.

Pretty simple; you choose the ingredients of your omelette – remember being in Thailand don’t expect to find sauteed mushrooms or cheddar cheese – which is quickly fried up and topped on a plate of rice.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Keagan_kang

Thai omelette 

Located: Soi 10

15. A staple morning drink – Nam Tao Hoo, SoyBean Milk

Before you go making your judgements, this is actually one of the locals go-to, staple breakfast time beverage, and it is often sold at street stalls with different optional toppings such as peeled fruit, seeds, and jellies.

You can buy your cup from a small street stall milk cart on wheels (think wheelbarrow vibes), right next to one of the Patongo spots along Petchaburi Soi 12.

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via Monopoli1922, Eat_yolo

Nam Tao Hoo 

Located: Soi 12

16. Nothing beats it on a blisteringly hot day – Smoothies & Fresh fruits

What would Thailand be without it’s incredibly juicy, sweet and tropical fruits – and that includes being able to buy them on every corner and turn, whether it be in their natural form or blended into an incredible smoothie.

(I have this theory that still, out of all the SEA countries I’ve traveled to, the Thais just have their smoothies DOWN man!).

There’s a smoothie stall, juice stands as well as a fresh-fruit-on-ice stall.

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas, Aishalam

Fruits and smoothies 

Located: Soi 10

Special Mention. The most traditional of all the traditional, local breakfasts – Jok (โจ๊ก), Rice Porridge @ Jokemymom

So although not located directly between Soi 10 and Soi 12, we couldn’t leave off this staple Thai breakfast meal – and local breakfast spot Jokemymom is just a 7 minutes walk away anyway.

So Jok (pronounced as Joke) is the Thai’s version of congee, and is usually served with a cracked egg, some minced meat, spring onions, ginger and soy sauce.

Khao tom is quite similar to jok (โจ๊ก)  because they are both rice dishes.

Photo Via B0y_witthawat_, Jimmyfooddiary


Price: 40 Baht  / approx. USD $4.72
Address: 40/1 Ratchaprarop 8, Mak Kasan, Bangkok 10400, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Opening hours: Daily from 6pm until late
Contact: +66 62 262 8559


Hidden Breakfast Street @ Petchaburi Soi 10

Price: Everything under 40 Baht!
Address: ซอย เพชรบุรี 10 Khet Ratchathewi Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400 Thailand (Coordinates here)
Getting there: 8min walk from Ratchathewi BTS Station (The local breakfast street food stalls are located between Petchaburi Soi 10 and Soi 12. Simply walk along to find your favourite breakfast!)
Opening hours: Daily from 7am (stalls start running out of food at 10am, so the early you get there, the better!)

So maybe you’ve tried some of these local delights before, have something similar back home, or maybe you’re new to the Thai breakfast game.

Either way we’re super intrigued to know which tickled your fancy OR if there are any personal favourites of yours that you’ve tried, tested and feel should make our list!

Leave your comments in the comments box below, or tag us on your next foodies adventure using #TripCanvasTH

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