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Whoever came up with the idea of convenience stores like FamilyMart, had the best ultimate goal to change the world and make our lives easier!

”Khop Khun Ka” (Thai for “thank you”) for that!

With so many stalls, shops and stores in the city of Bangkok; we agree that it can possibly be a hard task to know what is worth buying, trying and taking home.

We have selected this list of the most unique treasures you can pick up in Bangkok’s FamilyMart.

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From tasty treats and scrumptious desserts, to unique thermometers and hand-picked souvenirs – these items will help you remember that nothing beats a stop at Bangkok’s FamilyMarts (or 7-11s).

Photo via yee___wen, yeoh_kea_huey

Time to stop scrolling your feed and scroll down the shelves and aisles of Bangkok’s FamilyMarts!

Note: For the purpose of this article, the items illustrated are easily found at the FamilyMart located at Sukhumvit Soi 33. You really shouldn’t miss it with its unique and minimal interior, but we’ll put the details at the end of the article. Just keep reading ☺ !

Attention to all digital nomads: Rejoice! The FamilyMart at Sukhumvit Soi 33 features a working space with proper internet connection too; you can now carry on with your wanderlust lifestyle in Bangkok!

Photo via aeysahat, mayureepreampree0708
Photo via iameststory, sniple

Edibles, edibles, edibles

1. DIY Breaky – Breakfast items

Wakey Wakey! No time for breaky or you’ve probably missed the schedule? Or well, no breakfast included at your stay?

Who needs hotel breakfast when you can pack up a bag full of breakfast items from the nearest convenience store? Same Same… (But different?)

Photo via eatwithpanida

It’s seriously an exciting and creative way of choosing your breakfast bits and pieces; plus you could play along by exchanging them with your friends’ picks!

2. If Italian coffee is your cup of tea – Segafredo Zaneti

The FamilyMart at Sukhumvit Soi 33 is so commodious; it even features a Segafredo outlet – also known as one of the best alternatives to Starbucks  (tested and approved)!

If you aren’t familiar with Segafredo Zaneti; well, time to give it a try. Indulge in their Italian-roasted coffee which happens to be a real hug in a mug – warm and comforting.

Don’t forget one of their succulent pastries too – croissants, doughnuts, cheesecakes, cupcakes and more. Don’t feel guilty trying them all.

We promise you’ll lick your fingers and come back the next day!

Gift idea alert! They also have a merchandise corner for you to grab the brand’s coffee cups and coffee beans!

3. Hangover munchies – Dim Sum, Oden, fried chicken and more!

Just like shopping, bar hopping in Bangkok can get pretty extreme and just like any hangover, you’ll get insatiably hungry! Why wait for local shops to open?

These filling snacks at FamilyMart taste crazy good; whether you’re drunk or sober!

Photo via via phakchiras, Tripcanvas

You’ll wolf down their yummy buns and pastries, fried chicken, grilled sausages, warm Oden bowl and dim sum… Take out some egg tarts while you’re at it!

Did we mention they have 12 different types of grilled sausages? We love the cheesy ones! Back off hangover symptoms!

Oh and we love the self-service concept – truly earning its convenience store status!

4. Escaping the lines at local food stalls- Ready-made Meals

What a time to be alive! Freshly made meals, packed, sealed, affordable and only waiting for you to pick them up!

Today we would go for some Steam Chicken Breast with Fish Sauce… and you? You’re sure to find cheap but elaborate traditional Japanese and Thai meals.

There’s something to tickle everyone’s palates!

5. Cheese galore – Cheese toast, cheese everything!

Even Ratatouille from Disney approves of all these cheesy products available at FamilyMart in Bangkok.

Ready for an upbeat swirl of flavors hiding in oozy and cheesy pizzas, lasagnas, toasties and macaroni? It’s going to be an ooey gooey cheesy affair!

6. To fuel up your adventures – Road trip snacks

Step 1 to keeping everyone happy while traveling: have snacks packed for your days out.

These snacks are as important as packing toiletries (if not more), and they make great gifts to your friends and relatives too.

Seaweed, Crab, Cheese stuffed Jalapeno – just to name a few of the potato chips flavors available at the snack aisles in Bangkok’s FamilyMart.

You don’t have to choose between a packet of banana chips and almonds; they’ve got it combined for you!

Nibbles, but with a Thai twist, along with all the Japanese weirdness- that mango Pocky though!

7. As tasty as your grandma’s – Asian Herb Herbal Drinks

No holiday is completely soothing without some herbal drinks, to greet goodbye to your daily routine anxiety and stress.

These fresh infusions are available in various flavors and are to everyone’s liking.

You can choose to enjoy some pure Chinese Mixed Herbs, or simply choose their lemongrass aroma. Tough choice as there is much more…

8. Sorry but we’re here only for the … – Desserts

You surely deserve a quick stop after your long day of shopping around Bangkok, to grab one of these delicious desserts before heading back to your stay.

Of course we like fruits, but we’re more into their glutinous rice with coconut cream; and absolutely out of words for their mouth-watering Lotte ice-cream cones!

But what seriously drives us crazy is the Snappi Frozen Mango coated with chocolate! Have you tried these?

9. Traditional ice-creams are so yesterday – Mo & Moshi Ice Cream

There are times where we all need is a sweet, creamy and chewy treat! Good thing you don’t have to choose between an ice-cream and a mochi, because they’ve got it combined for you!

10. Nuts about coconuts –  Ize Coco Ice Cream

♫ “The coconut nut is a giant nut, if you eat too much you’ll get really fat”♫… But who cares!? All you’ll have to do is buy a new pair of jeans!

Yet another product that lives to the hype of coconuts; but not only as Ize Coco comes up with other wonderful flavors like durian and mango! Can’t go more Thai, seriously!

11. On-the go cleansing – Eze D’tokz and Bio Veggie

Keeping up with good health is as hard as keeping up with the Kardashians, seriously. But it becomes less dramatic when you finally manage to put your hands on those little sachets of on-the-go cleansing, with doses of detox ingredients and veggie supplements!

12. Hotel room supper – Instant noodles

Bangkok is mushroomed with an array of supper places; but sometimes we feel it’s just so comforting to enjoy a warm cup of instant noodles, while lying in bed on some fresh and crisp linen.

You know that feeling… it gets better in sweater weather!

PS: We simply love the fact that they’ve got real (delicious too) meat in the instant noodles!!

13. Not your usual Thai Sticky Rice- Thai Sticky Rice & Mango / Durian Candy

WHAAAT!? Yep, our reaction too!

Thai people take their Mango sticky rice very seriously so they’ve made candies out of it! Now you don’t have a reason to say that you miss the taste of authentic Thai Sticky Rice!

They even dared adding a little twist to them – a hint of durian here and there…This sound like the best combo!

14. A rejuvenating cup of … – Collagen Coffee

A cup of collagen coffee later and … “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?’’ 😉

Your daily collagen injection has never been simpler with these collagen coffee sachets.

Not only are these convenient for you but they make distinctive gifts to your group of friends-you’ll probably contribute in making their life simpler too 😉

This is also available at Big C Supercenter!

Stuff that go straight to the heart (Not stomach)

15. For when you run late on a date night –

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? But that does not apply to every girl out there (thankfully)!

We know how life can get pretty hectic; but this FamilyMart in Bangkok could be your ultimate date savior.

Although “flowers-on-a-first-date” has been an ongoing debate topic; why not stick to the old-school romance trick? Grab an in-season bouquet (doesn’t have to be roses) and charm your lover. It does not matter if you are on holiday or not…

We guarantee you the flowers alone will be a token to sweeten that date you’ve been anxious about! Especially if your plan is to kneel down while in Bangkok!

Date Tip: It is an even safer bet to know her favorite flower or colour ;)!

16. When you need to level up your OOTN for a last-minute plan – BKK Original

Avoid the craziness of a crowded mall and get your BKK Original item at the FamilyMart! There is a wide range of bag styles available, be it for your night out or a casual day strolling around.

They’ve got a great collection ranging from chic and classy to the latest summer trends with some serious tropical prints! You might want to consider these as gifts to your girls’ gang too!

We’ve come to conclude that no other convenience store does it better!

17. For some handy souvenirs – Candles, Incense and Unique Soaps

If there’s something human beings are not good terrible at, it is definitely picking useful mementos for others… especially when it is for a secret Santa purpose (been there, done that)!

Well here are some souvenirs your friends and relatives won’t hate getting; and these are also known as things that are utilitarian!! 😉

18. Nomads’ approved products – Travel size skin care

Packing can be such a headache when you have to save plenty of space in your luggage for some serious shopping.

Well, here are items that will be a life savior to your constant travelling worries. Pick some of these travel size skin care products and carry them easily around your travels!

19. A brat’s quick mani-pedi fix – Ten Ten Nail Polish

Girls, we feel you! Just got your nails done and well, the worse happened!

What do you choose? Head back to the salon and wait for the next slot (which would probably be in 1 hour)  to fix the little incident or stop by the nearest FamilyMart to stock up on a nail polish and get your bestie help you out? After all, that’s what best friends are for!

Is that even a question!?

Crazy Finds

20. If Hello Kitty can cool you down – Hello Kitty Thermometer

If you’re a fan, here is something unique to add to your collection! Plus, it might come pretty handy too (although we do not wish that!)

Time for Hello Kitty to claim how “hot” you are 😉

21. Breaking the rules with  …. – Premium Durian Tablets

They ban Durian in most public spaces for its intimidating odor but little did they know that Durian tablets existed 😉

Pick some of these Premium Durian Tablets packets and hide them in your bag for everywhere you go! Kind of breaking the rules but it’s a good way to prevent other people from going off completely!

22. For some real squad fun – Gashapon machines

They even have Japanese Gashapons . These vending-machines dispensed Gashapons capsules that contain small toys and figurines! Tokens are available at the FamilyMart cashier on the ground floor.

Photo via yuiisama, pimjaiya

Sukhumvit Soi 33 FamilyMart

Getting there:  The store is located at the top of Sukhumvit Soi 33 (corner store); a bare 5 minutes’ walk from The Emporium mall (Coordinates here)
Opening hours:
24/7 for the store
8:00 a.m. – Midnight for upper space (sitting area)
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong BTS


 If these don’t persuade you to stop by and shop at Bangkok’s FamilyMart, we don’t know what will 😉 We repeat, the best one is at Sukhumvit Soi 33!

What are your favorite items from Bangkok’s FamilyMart? We would love to know! Share them below!

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