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If you’re Malaysian or Singaporean, you’ve definitely sampled durians from Malaysia – Golden Pillow (Jin Zhen Tou), D24, Mao Shan Wang, Hong Xia, and more.

We all have a certain favourite type of durian whether it’s sweet, bitter, creamy or firm, and Thais have their own favourites too.

Did you know? Thais prefer their durian slightly firm on the outside, but smooth and creamy on the inside – and they have their own varieties of durian.

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It’s up to the discerning durian lovers to sample Thailand’s much loved durian species, from the hard to find Nonthaburi, to Kanyao, Puangmanee, Nockachip and Montong.

Read on to find out more about the best places to find durian in Bangkok!

1. NSFW: Melted durian in a bun? – Phoenix Lava

An out-of-this-world creation which will definitely make you sit up and salivate because… It is a creamy confectionary that combines two Asian favourites: liu sha bao and durian.

Designed to look like the flesh of the fruit, you might think it’s just a usual durian seed with a peculiar stamp on… But it’s not, and it’s not just any ordinary bun too. Wait till you get a load of this!

Video by foodie.munchies

Their other featured buns includes Charcoal Lava, Cheese Bacon Lava and of course, the original Salty Egg Yolk that started all this.

Photos by nfate, youfoundken
Photo by

Phoenix Lava

Address: Central World (5th floor) 999/9 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 2 640 7000
Opening hours: Daily, 8:30AM to 10PM
Price: From 39 Baht / USD $1.25
Facebook page


2. Scale this mountain of Korean durian bingsoo – Mr. Bingg

You might be used to seeing Bingsu served with a mountain of watermelon balls or other favourite toppings.

At Mr. Bingg, you’ll find durian bingsu like you’ve probably never seen before, with actual durian seeds neatly stacked on top of each other creating your own mini durian mountain. Served with sticky rice, coconut milk and condensed milk, you’ll be able to enjoy different variations of Thai durian desserts with just one order.

Photo via nugoisour, looxnam_ch

First, dig into your durian bingsu! Second, take some durian flesh and mix it with the sticky rice, add a little bit of coconut milk, and you’ll be enjoying some durian sticky rice. Third, try durian with some condensed milk, it might be a little bit weird, but it’s an interesting way to enjoy the fruit.

Photo via peachy_monz
Video via nannytaless

PS: Other bingsus and desserts are available here too, from chocolate lava bingsu to strawberry bingsu and even cereal bingsu!

Photo by namfon_dzaza_, iamole

Mr. Bingg

Address: โครงการ bizzo อยู่ในซอย บางนาตราด 23 Bangkok, Thailand 10260
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 9.30pm
Price: From USD $12 / 399 Baht


3. Dig into durian ice cream that looks like an actual durian – IceDea

Bet you didn’t know about IceDea Bangkok, an ice cream parlour on a mission to make ice cream look like all sorts of food like Steak and even the Japanese Katsu Don.

Photo by sweetsummer_world
Photo by ivonyeap_, boy_yyyyyy

Here you’ll be able to find yummy Durian Ice Cream that’s made to look like the durian fruit itself. From durian shell to seeds, it’s all edible ice cream goodness!

Photo by gypzpy_gz87

PS: You’ll also be able to find delectable Mangosteen Ice Cream here, crafted to look like mangosteens. What better way to accompany the King of fruits (durian) with the queen of fruits (mangosteens)!

Photo by tridtima, kit__tang


Address: 4rd Fl. Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. 939 Rama1 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan Bangkok, Thailand
Getting here: Take the BTS to National Stadium Station and make your way there!
Contact: +66-89-834-5950 (shop), +66-2-331-1741 +66-2-331-1751 (office), Line ID @icedea
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 7pm
Price: USD $7.20 / 239 Baht (for durian ice cream)


4. The durian specialty cafe to try (durian frappes available!) – After You Durian

Anyone who’s been to Bangkok will definitely know about After You, the cafe that most make a compulsory visit to specially for their toast.

Well, the same people came up with After You Durian, a specialty durian cafe to satisfy any and every durian craving you could possibly have.

From Durian Sticky Rice Toast topped with ice cream (325 Baht)…

Photo by mnfitfoodie

to Durian Crumbstick, pure durian ice cream (95 Baht)…

Photoby afteryoudessertcafe

Durian Frappe, YES, there’s a durian frappe!! (165 Baht)…

Photo by sienna_kim

and Durian Kakigori, a huge Japanese durian shaved ice dessert (345 Baht)…

Photo by barrom

It might be tough to decide what to order.

Photo by panthi_m, da0.da0_

Thankfully, After You Durian is located right in the heart of Bangkok at Siam Paragon, so you can make multiple visits when in the vicinity to try everything before you leave.

After You Durian

Address: 991 อาคารสยามพารากอน Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Getting there: The nearest BTS station is Siam BTS Station.
Contact: 02-610-7747
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm
Price: From USD $2.80 / 95 Baht

5. Here’s 4 signature durian edibles to try! – Durian Shack Siam

From Crispy Durian Pancake and Durian Liege Pancake that are soft and cold, to Durian Ice Cream and Durian Shake – you get 4 types of durian treats and even a durian drink.

Photo via sylvia.chandra.1

Durian Shack Siam focuses on a simple menu focusing on only 4 types of durian treats to ensure the quality of these offerings.

The Durian Crispy Pancake is basically a crepe slathered with durian flesh and cream, best eaten when freshly made, hot and super crispy. On the other hand, the Durian Liege Pancakes are soft and best when cold, and come stuffed with ample chilled durian flesh. These are the top 2 items on the menu!

Photo via WTF What the FOOD
Photo via lianatjiang, WTF What the FOOD

If you’re craving ice cream, feel free to indulge in some Durian Ice Cream, otherwise, be bold and try their Durian Shake!

Photo by kketsyd
Photo via WTF What the FOOD

Durian Shack Siam

Address: 2194 Charoen Krung Rd, Wat Phraya Krai Bangkok, Thailand 10120
Contact: +66 98 519 6772
Opening hours: Daily from 5.30pm to 11.30pm
Price: From USD $1.80 / 60 Baht


6. Durian Daifuku Mochi!! – Sweet Duchess

Love traditional Japanese sweets? Then you have to visit Sweet Duchess to sample their traditional daifuku mochi flavours.


Traditionally consisting of sweet red bean paste, Sweet Duchess has upped the ante by introducing all sorts of fruity flavours into their mochis (that are also loved due to the chewiness and softness of the mochi).

Photo via koch_r

Try their durian mochi, stuffed with cream and durian flesh especially, it’s one of the hot sellers!

Other flavours to try include the popular strawberry red bean that includes a huge strawberry with delicious red bean paste, blueberry and tangerine daifuku mochis.

Photo by aksika

Sweet Duchess

Address: 16/30 ซอยรัชดาภิเษก36 ถนนรัชดาถิเษก แขวงจันทรเกษม เขตจตุจักร กรุงเทพ Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Contact: +66 95 519 1190
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm
Price: From USD $3 / 100 Baht


7. Durian Sticky Rice Pudding and ice cream – Nara Thai Cuisine

Wherever you are at central Bangkok, there might be a Nara restaurant near you since there are 6 locations altogether.

The best part? All 6 locations serve their famous Durian Sticky Rice Pudding with Durian Ice Cream.

Photo by makimakioat

It is honestly challenging to find Durian Sticky Rice in Thailand compared to the usual Mango Sticky Rice you can find almost anywhere – so Nara Thai makes the perfect de facto place to go.

Photo by bankkalyarat

Sink your teeth into the perfect combination of creamy durian, sticky rice, and icy sweet durian ice cream – it’ll satisfy both your durian craving and sweet tooth for sure.

Photo via cherry_fat_fighter

Nara Thai Cuisine

Address and Contact:
Apinara Thai Cuisine and Bar, 2/F Tel:+66 2 252 0063-4 –
Nara Erawan Bangkok,L/F Tel:+66 2 250 7707-8 –
Nara CentralWorld,7/F Tel:+66 2 613 1658-9 –
Nara Central Embassy, 5/F Tel:+66 2 160 5988-9 –
Nara Emquartier,7/F Tel:+66 2 003 6258-9 –
Nara Siam Paragon,G/F Tel:+66 2 129 4863-5
Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm (do double check the opening hours for the specific branch you’d like to visit)
Price: USD $7.50 / 250 Baht (for Durian Sticky Rice Pudding; USD $8.70 / 290 Baht (for Durian Sticky Rice Pudding with Durian Ice Cream)


8. Sample fresh durian at the 4th best market in the world – Ta-Toy Durian Stall, Or Tor Kor Market

Have you even heard of Or Tor Kor Market? Not only will you be able to find the largest varieties of fresh durian here, this market is a whole foodie/shopping experience in itself. (There’s a lot of local food available, from traditional dishes and desserts, seafood as well as things to buy like souvenirs, dried flower bouquets and crafts for you to take home!)

Photo by seefaabkk, melatiputrii

Back to the durian, when at Or Tor Kor Market, make sure to look out for Ta-Toy Durian Stall. This is one of the more prominent stalls that has a reputation for stocking the most varieties of durian.  (While durian season in Thailand is tentatively from April to August, you’ll still be able to find durian here outside of the season.)

Photo by hunrenik

Here’s a list of different Thai durian varieties to look out for.

1. Nonthaburi (hardest to find in Thailand)
2. Kanyao (sweet and creamy, “normally the most expensive and high class durian in Bangkok”)
3. Puangmanee (rich and creamy, best when ripe)
4. Nockachip (similar to Monthong)
5. Monthong (it’s the Golden Pillow – Jin Zhen Tou – of Thailand)
6. Chanee (sweet and bitter, pungent, soft and buttery)
7. Kradumthong (similar to Musang King of Malaysia)
8. Nom Sod (sweet, milky and soft)

Tip: Order a sampler platter (from 300 Baht / USD $9 per platter depending on what you choose) so you’ll get to try different types of durian. It’ll be cheaper than buying whole durians too.

Apart from ordering the sample platter, you can actually sample the different types of durian before deciding what to order.

Photo by wilwn18_, bluenamchu

Fun Fact: Or Tor Kor Market was once voted the 4th best fresh market in the world by CNN Travel.

Photo by rosita_929_, albsalamanca

Or Tor Kor Market

Address: Kamphaengphet Road, opposite Chatuchak Weekend Market
Getting there: Take the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet Station. Walk out through Exit 3 and you’ll see Or Tor Kor Market.
Opening hours: Daily from 6am to 8pm
Price: From USD $9 / 300 Baht (for sampler platters)

9. Bite into fluffy spiky buns oozing creamy durian – Baan Phadthai (House of Padthai)

This nostalgic retro-themed restaurant is apparently one of the places with the best Padthai ever. But apart from that, they also serve creamy durian steamed buns!

Photo by ploytadaaa

Taking inspiration from the popular custard steamed buns that you’ll be able to find off most Dim Sum menus – Baan Phadthai has taken the stuffed steamed bun idea to the next level, by filling its fluffy spiky buns with creamy durian filling.

Photo via food_oclock

Of course, don’t forget to try their Padthai while you’re here too, they even have Pad Thai Boo (Crab Padthai)!

Photo by tyjaaaa

Editor’s note: I used to love saying that custard buns are like buns that ooze sunshine, and I think these buns just might live up to my favourite custard bun quote.

Baan Phadthai

Address: 21-23 ถนน เจริญกรุง 44 แขวง สาทรเหนือ Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Getting there: The nearest BTS Station is Saphan Taksin Station.
Contact: 02-060-5553
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm
Price: USD $4.20 / 140 Baht (for durian steamed buns)


10. Combining 2 favourite flavours, durian and charcoal – Konchong Konprung

This is the place to be if you’re looking for Thai-Chinese comfort food. It’s a retro shophouse featuring vintage drawings of Chinese beauties and delicate porcelain dishes, that loves serving traditional flavours with something a little special.

Photo by mickymui mrbmbouyz

One of the highlights on their menu apart from the mains is the Macadamia Durian Charcoal Cake, a charcoal sponge cake with durian cream slathered between layers of cake, and mixed with crushed macadamia.

Photo via themichellaneous

Other desserts like Panna Cotta with Longan and Young Coconut are available too.

Photo via behappynuchy

Here’s where you’ll get to have your cake and eat durian too.

Konchong Konprung

Address: 109 Inthamara 3 Sutthisarn Road, Samseannai, Phayathai Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Getting there: The nearest BTS station is Saphan Kwai BTS Station.
Contact: +66 97 251 8178
Opening hours: Wed-Mon, 11am to 9.30pm (closed on Tuesdays)
Price: USD $3.50 / 115 Baht (for Macadamia Durian Charcoal Cake)


Love durian? Let us know in the comments below which durian treat you’re craving to try!

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