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Everyone wants to believe they have what it takes to party like a rockstar. At this club, it’s your chance to live it up and see if that rockstar life is for you.

Good beach clubs in Phuket are hard to come by, so sit up and pay attention to what makes this one so great.

Photo Via Paradisebeachphuket
Photo Via Isaevaeva

For one, you’ll be hard pressed to find another fantastic club with sun loungers on the beach itself!

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1. Every event is a cause for celebration – Songkran, Half Moon Party, Full Moon Party

You can have DJs on the decks spinning out the latest beats or foam being pumped into the air. Or, you can have beers while watching a fiery performance (alcohol is flammable so please keep it away from open flames!)

If it’s something to celebrate, you’ll be sure Paradise Beach is two steps ahead with a game plan.

Songkran, Half Moon Party, Full Moon Party


2. Even if it’s not a special occasion, they’ll throw – Special Events

Check out this glow in the dark party they did two years back. Those girls are rocking the neon look!

This year, they had a guest DJ throw some trance down which I’m sure everyone loved because rave + beach = beautiful perfection.

Photo Via Paradisebeachphuket

3. If you wanna get wet, there’s always – Water Activities

And I’m talking about snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and if you’re confident in your balance, you can even go paddling (it’s a less exciting version of surfing, but no less fun!)

4. They have not one but two beaches! – Main Beach & Second Beach

This means that with all the hustle and bustle going on at the main, you can take your drink and find yourself a quiet spot at the second. Maybe with a new bae or two 😉

Photo Via Pepii7, Chiricozza
Photo Via Anyapugina628, Onikate, Olga_4ch

But if you rather enjoy the life of the party, you will not leave the fully-equipped beach with bars, sunbeds and where the entertainment takes place.

Photo Via Irina_geyer
Photo Via Protsenko_yanaa, Faycalchouikha

5. This means you can see hot chicks and dudes smashing it – Volleyball & Football

We mean it in the most family-friendly way of course. Join in the fun and show off your skills or take a sip of margarita and enjoy the show.

6. Eat before you sleep to prevent hangovers – A large restaurant and bar

Did we mention the amount of cuisine available? If you fancy Thai, Italian and Western, you can get it all. If Mai-Tai’s are more your thing, they’ll get that sorted too!

Photo Via Nebedulina, Anyazarovskaya.
Photo Via Mirko.pas_

They boast a wide selection of things which you can get straight from wherever you’re lounging on at the moment.

Photo Via _marinadrozdova, Olly_belkys
Photo Via Lisabaloo

7. An even better hangover cure – Massages by the beach (400 Baht/90 mins)

With the warm air and soft crashing sounds of the sea, you’ll feel better in no time!

Don’t try to smuggle any food or drinks into the club because just like any other club, it will be confiscated!

Also, if you’re planning to bring along your drone, just leave it at home because you won’t be able to fly it with the hordes of people around. And you’re better off socialising anyway!

Editor’s Note: If you see elephants at the beach, they belong to an elephant compound nearby. Do avoid taking elephant rides if they are offered, as it is harmful to these magnificent creatures.

Paradise Beach Phuket

Price: From 500 Baht / USD $16 (Day Pass, includes insurance and towel); From 1500 Baht / USD $48 (Full Day Pass, includes two serves of alcohol, insurance and towel)
Address: Muen-Ngern Road, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 93 580 9399
Opening hours: Daily, 9am to 6pm (extended to 12am on Saturdays)


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