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I’m sure everyone will agree with me that over the last couple of months, time spent online has probably quadrupled.

But unfortunately, with nowhere to go, all of our socials have been lacking in any form of new content, having to reuse images from years ago just to try and spruce up your Insta account from your last post – four months ago…

If you’re dreaming of escaping to the tropical isle of Phuket, here’s what you can look forward to the next time you’re here!

This is the city’s latest photo-op attraction which can be found on a hidden beach, overlooking the ocean, and includes a stairway to heaven!

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1. No need to travel to Vietnam – Stairway to Heaven

Probably the highlight of the show, snap the most insanely cool photographs as you stand on a white stairway that seems to end in the sky, and being Phuket, it overlooks an endless blue below you…

Photo Via Lazycoup, Noooil

PS:. Seen this scene before? If you’ve ever visited Dalat, Vietnam (or possibly South Korea’s version of it at Cielo957 in Gokseong) you may have already climbed your stairway to heaven.

2. Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in Bali – Balinese Ocean Swinging Chairs

It seems as if you’re being transported around the world here, next up being Indonesia, with a striking resemblance to the Balinese Ocean Swinging chairs – now a trend globally.

There are four different types of swing chairs here (each as equally fab) including a wooden one adorned in flowers, a round swinging sofa bed big enough for two, and some sort of transparent swing that looks like it’s from the future…

And lastly, a plain old Jane in looks however it’s located on the cliffside and swings REAL high into the air – almost like a bungee vibe.

Photo Via Tpkie, Shimakazethailand, Journeymestyle

3. Taking the ever-popular nest-chairs to new heights, literally. – Insta-worthy Nest Chairs

Ah, the ever popular nest chairs (mainly spotted in Northern Thailand)…Yet, however more widely used they have become, we still can’t help but love them and they really do seem to have the ability to create a ‘wow’ moment in a photograph.

The ones at Rock Beach Swing are pretty big, adding to the extravagance, and seem to have some of the best views in the house. The one is nestled next to a tree on a raised platform, whilst the other stands out alone on the mountainside.

Photo Via EChang Ztudio, Glamorelle, Shimakazetthailand

4. Everything looks so BLUE and tropical! – Incredible Views

No, like seriously?! The location is actually everything here, and that includes the views, overlooking pools of pretty blues, as well as the surrounding areas and islands of Phuket.

You can actually take in a full spectrum of the colours from up here too, which all seem to mesh into each other creating a kaleidoscope of ocean hues.

Photo Via Traveluniversity, Shurochka_sanechka, Journeymestyle

5. Are you also totally over being indoors? Staring at four white walls?! – Chill Areas

I think we’re all feeling the need to be outdoors now more than ever, especially for countries where lockdown has been super real.

When you’re finally able to travel, this is the absolute ideal spot for spending some time outdoors, and apart from the photo-op spaces, there are tons of other designated chill areas that have been widely spaced in between one another.

Whether it’s reading a book, updating your Insta feed (you’re gonna have TONS of photos to sort through after this adventure) or catching up on some work in a change of scenery – trust us we know the feels – pick where you’d like to spend the next hour or so.

Photo Via Suttipong, Raimu_phuket, Beeziiez

FYI. You actually rent out each spot / prop.

6. Anyone thinking of popping the question real soon? – Proposal Spot

If you just happen to be heading to Phuket anytime soon, perhaps to ask your special someone the big “Will you…”, this could be the perfect spot to do so! The photographs alone would be absolutely beautiful as well as utterly unique.

Not to mention with the ocean outstretching in front of you, pretty romantic if you ask me.

Photo Via Miss_ashleylee, Pop_piya, Djcreambkk

7. Take twists and turns down tropical pathways leading to the Ocean – Picturesque Exploration

Here at Rock Beach Swing, they’ve really utilised the space and it’s location to the fullest if you ask me. And as if the many epic photo opportunities aren’t enough, there are little pathways and stairways leading down to the rocks and ocean.

Photo Via Pangjeedz, Lek_wang852g7, Shimakazephuket

Plus it makes things feel even more secretive / hidden.

P.s. Do be careful if you’re playing around the rocks / snapping photos for the Gram, and remember this is not a swimming beach / area.

8. Make an afternoon of it, with not one but two viewpoints for the day – Karon Viewpoint

It’s actually just a short 14 minute walk away from Karon Viewpoint – one of Phuket’s most famous view spots.  The actual name of this point is Kho Sam Haad which when translated from Thai actually means ‘The Hill of the Three Beaches’.

Why? Once you reach here, take in the gorgeous views of three of Phuket’s beaches.

Photo Via Mariana_pechurina, Travelfoodlifework, Lada_nanu

PS: Don’t forget to fill up on food beforehand, only refreshments are sold here (each ticket does however come with a free bottle of water). So if you’re planning on spending more than a short 15 minutes here, do remember to bring your own snacks along! 

Rock Beach Swing

Price: From 500 Baht / approx. USD $15.71 per photo op (Foreigners); 250 Baht / approx. USD $7.85 (locals)
Address: 25/421 หมู่ที่ 3 Wichit, เมือง Phuket 83000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 63 076 2046
Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 9am to 6.30pm


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