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Hidden away among protruding limestone rocks and waters so emerald blue you might just feel as if you’ve entered another realm….seriously!

The incredible setting totally reminds us of a scene straight out of Jurassic Park, what with morning low-hanging clouds and all rolling above the waters…

This one-of-a-kind floating resort will transport you, as you spend the next few days living completely on water, totally surrounded by all kinds of shades of greens and blues, and the sounds of mother nature a-calling.

Oh, and did we mention it’s like SO insta-worthy it’s ridiculous, I mean, check out that lake pool scene…

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Getting There

There are two options for getting to the resort.

You can either head directly yourself to Chiew Larn Pier, from where you’ll catch a longtail boat (1000 Baht for a shared boat tail ride) from the pier to 500 Rai (1.5 hours long)

If you’d prefer to have it all organised prior/are heading here directly from the airport, you can book a one-way minivan (check website) from the airport to Chiew Larn Pier (1 hour). From here you will catch the long tail boat.

1. Taking the word ‘floating’ to the next level; this ain’t no ordinary resort

Probably one of the most unique floating resorts in the whole of Thailand, here the actual accommodation isn’t simply built on a raft, attached by a boardwalk to the shore. NOPE.

Instead, the resort has literally been built in the middle of the lake in a small dam, so you’re always off land, and completely surrounded by water.

It’s also one of the most unique stays we’ve seen in awhile and certainly makes for insane photographs!

Photo Via Mongkol_media, Resort500rai, Resort500rai, Kook

2. One of a kind photo op which totally reminds me of a scene from Jurassic Park!

Located inside the pretty mystical and magical Khao Sok National Park, marvel at the gorgeous limestone mountains and rocks as they protrude out from the waters, which are the deepest shade of emerald just btw! 😍

At one glance, it reminds me of Halong Bay in Vietnam, and it is also referred to as Little Guilin of Thailand as it resembles the Li River in Guilin China.

And then, of course, the most obvious of them all…As you float past the iconic Khao Sam Klur, you might just eerily feel as if there could be a giant T-Rex lurking around the corner, or a swooping Pterodactyl flying high above you… Don’t say we didn’t warn you😉.

Photo Via Brendonohue, Paigunna, Acm.blogge

3. With fairytale lake bungalow villas, you won’t want to wake up anywhere else. 💙

Imagine waking up, as you draw your curtains, a pool of green and blue stretching endlessly in front of you, whilst marvellous mountains begin to show themselves through the morning light…

There are six different wooden villa bungalows to choose from, each with their own private patio for chilling.

The rooms have been done up in a comfortable Thai-style, look super clean and cosy – oh and I love the wooden floors.

Photo Via Resort500rai, Labelle.bella_

4. Private pool & hot tub, the Honeymoon Suite is everything!

If we’re choosing options, this has got to be our favourite, seemingly the most private as it’s afloat completely separate from the rest of the resort – so lovers, this one’s for you ;P

There’s the master bedroom, as well as a sweet loft room, in total sleeping up to five, so also ideal for two couples!

Sip bubbly in your outdoor hot tub, spend the afternoon reading in your hammock outdeck, or refresh and splash around in your private pool as the sun goes down, it’s all simply dreamy…

Photo Via Resort500rai, Soulmatesadventures, Resort500rai, Paigunna

5. Each room comes with private kayaks so go exploring!

An epic addition to each floating villa, they provide private kayaks that are already there and waiting for you and are attached to your jetty/patio (so no need to fuss about and organise anything prior).

It’s also the most glorious way to go exploring around the waters, even if not far, especially as golden hour hits, we promise you won’t regret it!

Photo Via Louisdelamaison, Melissa_fair, Resort500rai

FYI: Each villa also comes fully equipped with life jackets – so you’re covered with safety equipment too.

6. Wake up to a sea of fog on the water, and go to bed under a blanket of glistening stars.

Sunrise, sunset?! We can’t decide which one is more beautiful, but each time of day is alluring in its own way…

Bring your soft white duvet onto the deck, coffee in hand and cosy up with your bae as you watch (and snap) gorgeous photos of the steam rising off the waters and the low early morning clouds billowing by…

Alternatively, as the sun says goodbye, the sky turns the most wonderful shades, and as the stars come out to play and the sky is littered with them, grab a blanket and go lie under them in a dreamland.

Photo Via Paigunna, Paigunna, Resort500rai

7. Is it a lake or the most gorgeous swimming pool?

One of the most stand-out features of this floating resort, there’s a large infinity pool for all guests to use. It floats in the middle of the lake (attached to the resort) so it literally looks as if it’s part of the same water…It’s insane.

The views are endless, the photographs incredible and the moments irreplaceable.

Photo Via Paigunna, Resort500rai, Resort500rai

8. How about a free Morning Safari by longtail boat!

Firstly, it’s a free safari, people! Second of all, it’s done by longtail boat, so you’ll be spotting wildlife from the comfort of your boat (which is also pretty special if you ask me and a rather different way from say, just driving by)…

The perfect way to spend your morning on the water, look out for some rare species of birds, deer, buffalo, and even an elephant if you’re lucky!

Photo Via Resort500rai

9. Explore Thailand’s most ancient rainforest!

If you’re not a morning person, no worries, you’re luckily surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty 24/7 that definitely isn’t going anywhere.

If you’d prefer to begin your day a little later, do go wandering around the surrounding area of the resort. Take a short boat ride to the shoreline where you’ll be able to spot the wildlife by foot.

If you’re more of an active person, you should totally take a hike through one of the world’s oldest evergreen rainforests (Khao Sok) – it certainly is Thailand’s oldest!

And if that’s not enough you can always check out the activities in Khao Sok National Park from amazing viewpoints to stunning caves.

Lastly, there’s also a small hidden tropical waterfall right near the resort– it’s not too big, but it is really pretty as it runs into the lake.

Photo Via Resort500rai, Senatkst, Resort500rai, Resort500rai

10. Feel as if you’ve truly escaped to a world and time before…

When we say this stay is all about getting back to basics and actually appreciating the natural beauty around you, we certainly mean it!

500 Rai is a Wifi FREE resort, with the idea of spending the next few days taking in the beauty of being completely hidden and away from the world.

On that note, the resort itself is completely private with nothing else around you, so here’s where you can take the time to focus on you and your favourite people with you. We’ve all spent a bit too much time online in the past few months anyway! 😉

Photo Via Resort500rai


Being a treasured part of Thailand, this resort is all about sustainable tourism, ensuring that we care for what provides for us – in this case being the amazing waters and park filled with animals around you.

Photo Via Resort500rai, Maximelanglais

They use sustainable waste management, and all of their bath products are eco-friendly.

During your time here, please be mindful of this factor and how important it is to your hosts, don’t throw anything into the waters, as well as when exploring the National Park, etc.

12. Oh and just in case you thought we forgot about the three most important meals of the day…

Bear in mind, you are quite literally surrounded by nothing, so the chances of you quickly hopping to your nearest 7/11 are few and found in between, however, the resort has that covered.

Done in mostly a Southern Thai-style, with a touch of western here and there, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet-style.

Photo Via Raft 500 Rai

However, if you’re like me and lurveeee to snack, don’t forget to stock up on them munchies before you head over here!

13. Lastly, it might be worth your while to check out their package deals if planning on staying for more than a night.

If you’re thinking about making a weekend getaway out of it, I would highly recommend checking out their packages, which can be found directly on their site.

They seem a whole lot cheaper and actually include some awesome activities that the resort provides too!

Photo Via 500 Rai

500 Rai Floating Resort

Rate: From 12 235 Baht / approx. USD $382 per night. (Sleeps 2-5 people) Packages from 6000 Baht / approx. USD $187
Address: Chiew Larn Lake, Khao Sok National Park, Ban Ta Khun, Suratthani, 84230 Thailand (Coordinates here)
Contact: +66 77 953 013

Check Rate on Agoda

So when are we leaving?!

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit here, or if you think you can top this unique stay, do share your experience with us! #TripCanvas

For now, you’ll catch me dreaming of these emerald waters.

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