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I’m a water baby, a child of the ocean through and through.

And there’s nothing that brings my soul greater delight than spending hours frolicking around in waters so blue they take your breath away… Amid tropical palms and schools of bright and colourful fish.

Well, Thailand is an incredible tropical paradise where thousands flock to the South – to Phuket and Krabi for a super beach getaway.

If you’re in the mood for that and more, discover the real beauty of Thailand (in my opinion anyway). Adventure out to the hidden gems of little travelled to islands only 2 hours from Phuket and/or Krabi!

From exquisite reefs to a diverse marine life, each island is equally beautiful, with its own uniqueness about it. Ooooh… You are going to be so mindblown…

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Editor’s Note: Being a conscious traveller and changing our litter habits

We love to travel due to the opportunity to discover the beauty of our world. It’s a privilege, and one that we should treat with respect.

We have the responsibility to protect and preserve mother nature and all that she gives us. For this story, what that means is to protect our incredibly beautiful oceans.

It’s home to an entire aquatic world with thousands and thousands of marine life and animals of different species. A simple Google search of “marine life affected by plastic” will show you the consequences of our pollution.

Turtles tangled up in nets, seals getting choked by plastic packaging rings, and seabirds’ bellies filled with plastic debris mistaken for ‘food’.

Our litter can be so detrimental to our environment and the other creatures in it, yet we carelessly toss it and leave it to lie there without a second thought.

Let’s change those habits!

We implore you, our dear reader, and fellow travel passionates – let’s aim to be more conscious travellers, with the impact of our actions in mind.

PS: We are heavily against the abuse and harm to any animals, including our amazing sea-life.

1. So THIS is what a deserted island paradise feels like – Similan Islands

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re in a for a real treat!

(And if you’re an avid diver, you’ll find yourself swimming in a picturesque paradise!)

If you didn’t already know, the Similan Islands have been voted the #1 place to scuba dive in Thailand, and it’s dive sites are actually considered to be some of the best on the planet!

Photo Via _inna_demchenko, Yokugi
Photo Via Filip_wolan, Explorekhaolak, Flygstolen

Trivia: Similan Islands were formed millions of years ago from hot magma that oozed through the earth’s crust. Approximately 5000 years old, the coral reefs here are the oldest in Thailand.

The Similan Islands used to consist of 9 islands and 2 islands have been added since, which brings them to the grand total of 11 islands! They are still unspoilt, and there are so many different parts to visit and dive in its crystal blue waters.

Photo Via Sia_bivshova, Aleksis_avris, Liveyourlifeaswellasyoucan

They’ve named and numbered the islands, and the Northern sites on Island 8 and 9 are rated to be the best for diving!

Island 1: Ko Huyong
Island 2: Ko Payang
Island 3: Ko Payan
Island 4: Ko Miang/Ko Meang (National Parks HQ is here.)
Island 5: Ko Ha
Island 6: Ko Payu
Island 7: Ko Hin Pousar
Island 8: Ko Similan
Island 9: Ko Ba-ngu/Bayu
Island 10: Ko Bon/Ko Talu
Island 11: Ko Tachai

They have an awesome diversity of marine life and you can expect to find frogfish, whales, mantas, seahorses and dolphins in these waters.

Photo Via Similandivingsafaris, Mekanphotography, Ksaliveaboard, Live_and_let_dive

The beaches are mostly deserted with no one around – perfect for spending some time chilling away from crowds. And a striking feature around the beaches are the (truck-sized) boulders strewn about the landscape!

PS: The islands are protected, and only 3 out of the 11 islands have accommodation. Air-conditioned basic bungalows or tents in a campsite at Koh Miang, and tents in the campsites at Koh Similan and Koh Tachai. There’s also a restaurant at Koh Similan where you can stop at for food. Otherwise, do be prepared and bring snacks for the journey!

Photo Via Megan__av, Stephen-R

Similan Islands

Price: From USD $74 / approx. 2346 Baht
Address: Technically, there are 11 islands included in the Similan Islands, so there isn’t one single address. To check out the location and surrounding islands on Google Maps, check out the coordinates. (Coordinates here)
Distance from Phuket: 1-2 hours from Phuket
Getting there: The nearest airport to Similan Islands is Phuket International Airport. To get to the islands, you’ll have to catch a minibus to bring you to the pier to catch a 1h speedboat ride to visit the islands. It can get pretty complicated so we highly recommend making things simple by booking through Klook, where you’ll have a convenient hotel pick up and drop off whilst paying a standard price. (FYI, You can also take the speedboat from Krabi to get to Similan Islands!)

Check rate on Klook

2. Swim with the whale sharks in ridiculously blue waters – Ko Surin Nuea (Surin Islands)

Obviously, these islands are all equally beautiful with their ridiculous blue/see-through waters and gorgeous coral life… BUT this one is ultra cool because it’s home to whale sharks and don’t you worry, they won’t harm you! (They are filter feeding sharks, which means that they eat plankton, not humans.)

Photo Via Phuket-Dive-Tours, Evonnz

Close to the Similan Islands and found in the Mu Koh Surin National Park, there are several bays around Surin Nuea to explore. The largest being Ao Mae Yai on the southwest with nice calm waters, and Ao Luek on the southeast side with its shallow corals and an abundance of beautiful marine life.

If you feel like exercising them muscles and doing a morning walk around, there’s a 2km pathway at Ao Mai Ngam, and it has great snorkelling and swimming spots too.

Photo Via Angie.bengie, Claudiadecastroferreira, Donnachuch.n

And if you’d like to get up close and personal with the gorgeous bay of pristine coral reefs, head to Ao Chak at the north of Surin Nuea!

Photo Via Mrjesseee, Linn_y, Iran__23

Okay now about those sharks… They’re actually whale sharks found just off the coast and can reach up to 12 metres long! But don’t fear, they don’t pose a danger to humans and are actually quite funny looking things!

(Remember, an animal – unless it’s a predator by nature – will attack you only if you give it a reason to.)

Shark sighting diving tours can also be arranged here. Can you imagine seeing one of these incredible creatures?! And in fact, the sharks are pretty friendly to the local fishermen aka the “sea gypsies”.

Photo Via Morethanphuket, Peachve

PS: There are bungalows and tents available for rent if you’re interested in a night’s stay at the islands. There’s Restaurant Ao Mai Ngam Beach to eat at when you get hungry. Of course, do remember to bring snacks along just in case!

Photo Via Giddie, Patchanewan

Ko Surin Nuea (Surin Islands)

Price: From USD $74 / approx. 2346 Baht
Address: Ko Phra Thong, Khura Buri District, Phang-nga, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Phuket: The Surin Islands are approx. 40km away. If you travel by speedboat, the journey is between 50 and 70 minutes. Larger boats and liveaboards take 3-5 hours to get there, so most of them depart at night.
Getting there: The most hassle-free and often cost-effective way to reach Ko Surin Nuea is by arranging a tour that departs from Phuket. Most dive and game fishing operators in Phuket can arrange liveaboards, or you can book a tour here!

Check rate on Klook

3. A favourite among divers that caters for all levels of experience – Koh Racha Yai, Koh Racha Noi

Just wait till you see these incredible beaches home to beautiful turquoise water!

The Racha Islands consists of twin sister islands right next to each other. The larger one, Koh Racha Yai hosts most of the accommodation, whilst Koh Racha Noi is the smaller one and is a bit rockier than the other, landscape-wise. If you’re looking for the side of the island that has less visitors, this would be the better choice of the two.

Photo Via Loverawai, _samaf
Photo Via Missterrible, Lapapa1708
Photo Via Yulius_vlc, Mr_s_val

Many divers flock here because even during the rainy season, Racha Yai’s east coast is home to a bay that is still perfect for diving and still has visibility up to 30 metres!

There are lots of challenging dive sites around these waters, so if you’re advanced, this is ideal! But if you’re a first time diver, there are also plenty of spots for you, as well as for snorkelling!

Photo Via Alyssawhoaa, Davidaragona_, Jaydeesorn

FYI, Ao Tawan Tok is the most famous beach here made of snow white sand and has a u-shaped bay, but it gets a little too crowded towards the evening.

Photo Via Krystle.morley

PS: As the Racha islands do have accommodation, you can be assured that there are several restaurants/eateries here for meal times!

PPS: Enjoy affordable luxury at its best – a snorkelling trip around the islands via a luxury Cataraman tour. Lunch, champagne, dessert and snacks provided! (USD $86.70 / approx. 2749 Baht)

Koh Racha Yai, Koh Racha Noi

Price: From USD $59.60 / approx. 1890 Baht
Address: Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Phuket: 1-2 hours from Phuket
Getting there: The types of boats which operate to the Racha Islands are long-tail and speedboats, all of them depart from Chalong Pier and Rawai in Phuket. The journey is around 45 minutes – 1 hour, but it varies depending on where you depart from.

Check rate on Klook

4. Heard of a crab beach? Seems like a scene out of Pirates of the Caribbean – Koh Bon

Looking for interesting? Koh Bon is known for its lush vegetation as well as crab beaches! Crab beaches?! Literally hundreds of hermit crabs scuttling over the sands!

Photo Via Bicciobenevelli, Livephuket, Yana_plekhanova_makeup

And did you know it’s just a 15 minutes ferry ride away from Phuket making it the closest island to this main city! But it’s not as popular as you would think – being so close and all…

For me this is the perfect day-trip island escape, secluded with sprinkles of tiny sand coves, and beautiful surroundings. What could be a better option for some private zen time? And at obly 1.2km long, it’s as if you get the whole island to yourself – almost!

Photo Via Tropicexplorers, Feli_1984

The island is also known for Koh Bon Island Restaurant (usually open daily from 10am to 5pm, but if there’s bad weather it’ll be closed) , owned by a British lady named Dawn, serving a delightful mix of Thai/International food.

Try her Tom Yum Goong (spicy soup with prawns, 280 Baht) or fried/steamed fish with garlic pepper, tamarind sauce or curry powder (370 Baht). International favourites include; Prawn salad, Chicken & Fries and your usual favourite cocktails.

Photo Via Puguipingo, Seonhye0228

If you’re an avid animal lover like myself, go explore the island! There’s tons of birds such as the long-tail broad bird with it’s beautiful green feathers, flying fox (google it!), water lizards and an abundance of marine life!!

Photo Via Wearenottrees, Divesimilan_k, Serhantamaz, Basroomjirawat
Photo Via Basroomjirawat, Diverlenny

Koh Bon

Price: From USD $37.80 / approx. 1200 Baht (for two-way ticket on longboat); USD $63 / approx. 1999 Baht (Klook’s round-trip tour incl. Lunch and hotel pick up and drop off)
Address: Rawai, Phuket, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi/Phuket: 15mins from Phuket
Getting there: Head to Rawai beach and hire a longtail boat from there. This place is a hop, skip and a jump from Phuket, just 2kms off the beach of Rawai on the southeastern coast of Phuket.

Check rate on Klook

5. Beautifully breathtaking and totally unique – Koh Khai Nok

Hidden among dazzling waters, a teeny tiny little gem awaits you, found in Phang Nga Bay, and is still not visited by many! Koh Khai Nok (also known as ‘Egg Island’ is a bit of a treasure chest!

Photo Via Misscarlylauren, Aleanitravel

Almost looking like the Maldives with it’s flat, crystal waters that basically look like a swimming pool, plus the white sands.

Photo Via Vitek_semenichev, Antell_dj, Mintsaharajung

(There are actually two other islands that make up the Khai Islands – Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nai, and Koh Khai Nai – but my favourite is Koh Khai Nok.)

This island’s beach is insane, and the ocean and shoreline somehow look and feel as if they are completely one. I know that sounds weird but with the shore and sand almost being one here, all the little tropical fishies swim basically up onto the shore.

Photo Via Reisloh, __samflores, Phuketfans

There’s also the beach bar/restaurant decorated in flying ribbons of colourful flags, umbrellas and deck-chairs. I mean, seriously, this is one of those postcard-perfect places and all I keep thinking of is just how beautiful those photos will be…

Photo Via __samflores, Jianyijchen

For a small island, this offers a lot with a little bazaar-like area in the middle with shops selling sarongs, handicrafts and more.

Photo Via Rogofel, Satoko8452

This is a day or half-day trip kind of thing, and your tour boat will usually take you around all three islands.

Koh Khai Nok

Price: From USD $20.50 / approx. 650 Baht
Address: Phru Nai, Ko Yao District, Phang-nga, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Phuket: 30 mins from the east coast of Phuket
Getting there: It’s a 20 to 30 minute boat ride from Phuket. When you hire a longboat, it will be for the entire day and so it’ll take you around, wait for you and bring you back.

Check rate on Klook

6. Life is more laid back on this slice of heaven – Koh Lanta

What was once a hippy backpackers haven is now home to some really gorgeous resorts, if that’s your thing. However, the island is still very untouched and not yet over-run by tourists and still has a real laidback-ness about it.

The weather here is simply beautiful all year round, and Koh Lanta islands are super secluded, so you can literally expect nothing else, except those awesome island vibes.

Photo Via Kissloveleopard, Neledvorjaninov

Pretty coral reefs and crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and a delicious green jungle. It’s no wonder that travellers who make their way here, come over expecting to get a few days of total relaxation and seclusion.

Photo Via Maidwelladam, Mic_bws, Time_out_experience, Whereis_adrii

This is also a great option if you’re looking to choose an island, that’s pretty far from everyone as it really feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere! AND there’s variety on the island, from the stays to restaurants.

Photo Via Kidkader, Noble-House-Beach-Resort, Jessy_schneidr, Zdenek_hasko
Photo Via Mistermephisto, Yongchanro, Noble-House-Beach-Resort

Spend the day exploring caves or take a kayak out for a spin at sea and give your arm muscles a real workout.

Photo Via Alexiabruno5_, Sarah_sunshine__

PS: Now you wanna hear the REALLY awesome part? You can join a weekly beach clean up run by an organisation called Trash Hero, and it runs every Sunday! How’s that for doing some good while on holiday! <3

Koh Lanta

Price: From USD $15.60 / approx. 495 Baht (for one-way ferry transfers between Railay Beach, Krabi to Koh Lanta); USD $24 / approx. 762 Baht (for one-way ferry transfers between Phuket to Koh Lanta)
Address: Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Phuket: 2 hours from Phuket, 52km from Krabi
Getting there: If traveling from Phuket; ferries from Phuket to Koh Lanta depart daily. The ferry departs from Rassada Pier in Phuket. The ferry arrives at Saladan Village on Koh Lanta.
If traveling from Krabi; 15 minute speedboat from Krabi. (We’ve done the math and Klook’s competitive prices are undeniable. We highly recommend booking ferry transfers to Koh Lanta on Klook!)

Check rate on Klook

7. It’s one of the best diving spots in the Andaman Sea! – Koh Haa (Five island)

What could be more perfect than spending the day in the sunshine, diving and snorkelling to your heart’s content, around small islands, cavelets, bays and wildlife filled waters? Sounds like my idea of heaven.

Known as one of the best diving spots in the Andaman Sea, expect to see octopus lurking among the rocks and crevices… And look out for Hawksbill Turtles, Marble Rays, Eagle Rays, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays too! You can also dive down to 25-30metres here.

Photo Via Pallykong, I_am_doy
Photo Via Tobipa_90-2, Magnusdeepbelow, Wichayadal

Koh Haa is actually situated in Krabi, so it’s super duper accessible if you’re coming from Krabi, but it’s also easy enough to get to from Phuket, as well as Koh Lanta.

Photo Via Shoemobi, Yuiii__1992

PS: The waters around here aren’t as luminescent blue (although still blue and beautiful) however the opportunity to dive in these waters with such a diverse ocean wildlife, is more than enough reason to get me there.

Photo Via Fabricedieudonnephotography, Franzenskohlanta
Photo Via Methass, Pattanascubaclub

PPS: There’s also a central lagoon on the island where beginner divers can train – that’s pretty ideal!

Koh Haa (Five Island)

Price: From USD $74 / approx. 2348 Baht (for Klook tour from Krabi); USD $78.19 / approx. 2481 Baht (for Klook tour from Phuket)
Address: Khao Thong, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi: It’s a 31-minute drive from Krabi, and a 2h 44-minute drive from Phuket!
Getting there: You can get there either by driving from Krabi, catching a 30-minute boat ride from Koh Lanta, or 1h boat ride from Phuket!

Check rate on Klook

8. For a day on the beach filled with epic activities – Koh Rang Yai

Convenient, filled with warm waters, beach volleyball and overall good vibrations, Koh Rang Yai is super near Phuket (it’s literally 5km away). Take a boat over or some even kayak here!

Photo Via Catboy92, Mavic_pro_boi

If you’re looking to spend some fun in the sun, in between beach activities and watersports, you’ll love this island.

Photo Via X.elli_bell.x, Olyasok, Baan_yamu_residences

There’s a bunch of outdoor activities from jet-skiing and kayaking to diving and snorkelling, and you can even hire a bike and go for a leisurely ride along the paths of the island.

Photo Via Margarita_panter, Ekskursii_na_phukete

Hungry already? There are restaurants and bars nestled around the island for you to choose from to fill your empty bellies. For some reason spending the day on the beach always leaves you mightily hungry!

Photo Via Milestonepr, Valeriya_travels

On the west coast of the island you’ll also come across some beach bungalows made from thatch and bamboo that are available for rent if you feel like spending the night under the stars on your island.

Photo Via Johneliasmma, Duartemoreiraamado

And lastly, believe it or not, it’s also home to Pearl Farm, which many travellers actually book a tour to, directly from Phuket!

Koh Rang Yai

Price: From USD $31.50 / approx. 1000 Baht
Address: Ko Kaeo, Mueang Phuket District, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Phuket: It is located 5km off the east coast of Phuket.
Getting there: Hire a longtail boat or tour from Phuket’s Laem Hin jetty to get here.
Contact: +66 89 143 9225


9. This small group of tropical islands are considered to be the most beautiful in the Krabi Province – Hong Islands

Step onto the tropical island paradise of your dreams made up of kayaking, swimming, fishing, picnicking, sunbathing and last but not least, snorkelling!

Now you might pay a pretty penny to get to this island, but because it’s so secluded and desolate it’ll be worth it!

Photo Via _annsko, Anouk_nadine, Travel_photo_everyday

Hong Islands is a small group of islands found along Krabi’s coastline which belongs to the National Marine Park, and is set against the spectacular backdrop of Phang Nga Bay.

These islands belong to the Koh Hong Archipelago with about 12 surrounding islands. However, some of them are tiny with no beach areas, but the bigger ones have spectacular beaches that are never crowded!

Photo Via Pamtapiar, Josefinax

Some great spots around the islands include:

  • Hong Island Lagoon, an amazing lake, which you can reach by boat

  • Tree covered cliffs climbing up all around you, right in the very heart of the island

  • Hong Island Bay/Pelay beach), a beautiful beach with white sand, perfect for swimming and snorkelling

  • Lading Island, a place where the locals traditionally came to collect a vital ingredient for the famous bird’s nest soup.  (although I personally condone this one)

  • Pakbia Island, with its entanglement of caves that have eroded into the cliffs

  • Daeng Island, which is famous for its coral reef which, at low tide, can be seen clearly from the surface

Photo Via Wanderlust_voyager, Back_packer_diary
Photo Via Wav3rychooi, Tropicaldream
Photo Via Lorebackpacker, Moniholanda

Hong Islands

Price: From USD $18.29 / approx. 580 Baht (for Klook’s round-trip tour from Krabi incl. lunch and hotel pick up and drop off)
Address: Krabi, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi: 25 Kms from Krabi, reachable by boat only
Getting there: Hong islands can be reached in 20 minutes by speed boat or 45 minutes by long tail boat. You can reach the group of islands from the beaches surrounding Krabi or from Phuket.The Koh Hong Archipelago is about 45 minutes away from Ao Nang beach.

Check rate on Klook/strong>

10. I love the earthiness of this island, a real jungle fever feeling – Koh Jum

Now gents, if you’re looking for a place to pop the big question – you know the one I’m talking about – this island will make both you and your darling’s heart sing when you get down on one knee, with a background of brilliant shades of blues surrounding you.

Photo Via Iammhookrabi, Vzhurudonekonecna

It’s absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a total private island experience, because there’s literally no one around. Now it isn’t a private island resort vibe, more like a private bungalow beach villa kind of place. However there are a few resorts on the one side of the island as it’s become a little more well-known over the years.

Photo Via Julien_vatos_locos, Julia_fiedler_
Photo Via Iamnottheword, Helbel.hj, Elsa_wldr_86

Filled with palm trees and empty beach bays, it’s cool to go exploring around as there are lots of small deserted beaches surrounded by emerald waters.

Photo Via Maak_anderen_jaloers, Voyagevoyage.life_

There’s a strong Muslim community who have kept to their traditions here, so it hasn’t been over-run and ‘touristified’ – and you can expect to discover local villages, green lush mangroves, longtail boats deluxe and lots of colourful fish!

Photo Via Camiprt, Anastasiasphotography, Berglund90

It’s actually neighbour to Ko Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. The ONLY thing is sometimes some of the trash  from these other islands washes up onto some parts of a few of the beaches here.

So come on guys, let’s be conscious travellers, and remember plastic takes 400+ years to decompose!!!

This island has a real earthiness about it with full on jungle island vibes.

FYI: Ko Jum is a highly seasonal destination, with a busy dry season running from November to April. Speedboats stop running and some resorts close during the rainy season. On the flip side, expect room rates to seriously drop from mid December to mid January.

Koh Jum  

Price: From USD $12 / approx. 378 Baht
Address: Krabi, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi: 31.5Kms from Krabi (45 mins via speedboat), 72 Kms from Phuket(1.5 hours via speedboat)
Getting there: Located in Phang Nga Bay, you can catch a long-tail boat ride from Krabi Pier. From Phuket catch a speedboat or ferry (1 hour) from Phuket Ao Po Pier to Koh Jum


Special Mention #1: Kayak through waters the colour of emerald and Jade – Koh Muk

This is a little slice of heaven where there’s something for everyone making it the ideal holiday destination. Choose between budget beach shacks or stylish wood-and-thatch bungalows – making sure you’re happy, won’t be a problem.

It’s actually one of the neighbouring Trang Islands and although it doesn’t have the most pristine bluest of blue waters, it’s totally awesome because there’s a lot of outdoor activities to do around the island!

Photo Via Everthewanderer, Christian_strohmayr

Explore fishing villages and a gorgeous cave (Tham Morakot Cave), where you’ll kayak through waters the colour of emerald and jade to reach the cave. It’s magnificent!! You can also go kayaking without taking a tour through the caves in Tam Yai Bay.

Photo Via Cruise2go, M1schler, Josi_loves_to_travel
Photo Via 86alejandra86, Ina__bina

There’s a luscious green jungle trek, a complete 360º change from beach life, and don’t forget to lather up on that mosquito repellent beforehand!! The trail starts behind Koh Mook Resort on Ao Kuan Beach.

Lastly, you have to wander over to Ao Kham Beach which is full with palm trees stretching sideways over a BLUE, BLUE ocean with sun loungers lying everywhere. It looks extremely postcard-worthy if you ask me!

Photo Via Jockehansson72, Iain.gladstone
Photo Via Voyageenthailande

Koh Muk

Price: From USD $55.15 / approx. 1750 Baht (Adult); USD $38.60 / approx. 1225 Baht (Child)
Address: Ko Libong, Kantang District, Trang, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi: 2 hrs 45mins speedboat from Krabi, 2 hrs from Koh Lanta
Getting there: The Krabi Town to Koh Muk speedboat ferry departs from Krabi Town Klong Jilad Pier. The speedboat ferry journey takes 2 hours 45 minutes. Trang islands are only accessible during the October-to-April high season. Multiple speedboats, ferries and (charterable) long-tails take you to and from Koh Muk. From high-season boats run south to Ko Lipe and north to Koh Lanta, Ko Phi-Phi and Phuket. Trang airport have daily flights to/from Phuket.


Special Mention #2: Here’s Paradise Beach like you’ve always seen on TV – Koh Ngai

If you’re after the nines and all that jazz, this little island that’s more ‘resort-like’ will be right up your alley and just to your taste. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but that’s because this island is home to only a bunch of fancy shmancy resorts.

Photo Via Lauraa_l, Capetown_guy

It’s another one of the Trang islands that’s right next to Koh Muk. Bearing that in mind, if you’re not in the mood for paying a fortune, it might be a better option to spend the night over on Koh Muk.

And if you are really set on spending the night here, you can also check out Koh Ngai Camping, which provides tents all set up and ready for you! (IF you’d like to have a go at camping.)

Photo Via Celinajoo, Koh-Ngai-Camping-Restaurant

Now it’s really teensy tiny, with no local life even on the island, so it’s completely aimed at tourists looking for a few days of luxury resort/hotel life.

The main beach is on the east side and there’s a small beach that’s been aptly named ”Paradise Beach” on the other side of the island. Now, that’s truly a deserted Paradise Beach for you.

Photo Via Iammhookrabi, Kobank13
Photo Via Rozaaarka, Alinvarin
Photo Via Margotcogniaux, Dao.88

Koh Ngai  

Price: From USD $14.20 / approx. 450 Baht (Minibus and ferry departing from Krabi); USD $20.50 / approx. 650 Baht (Minibus and ferry departing from Phuket)
Address: Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Lanta District, Krabi, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi/Phuket: 2 hrs 15 mins speedboat from Krabi, and 2 hrs 45 mins from Phuket
Getting there: There are a few ferry and speedboat transfers available during the high season (November to May) at the following ports of embarkation: Krabi Town, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta, Pakbara and Trang. In low season, there is only one boat running that runs between Koh Lipe and that’s the 11.30am ferry from Pakbara.


Special Mention #3: The largest, completely untouched island you’ll really have to travel out to – Ko Tarutao

Completely protected by the Thai government, this used to be a concentration camp for political prisoners. Holy smokes, this completely untouched piece of land, is every hidden-island hopper’s dream!

It’s the largest island that makes up the Tarutao Marine National Park, but few have even heard of it.

Photo Via Linlin._.16, Luli.pereyra, Ceavs

This makes it the most spectacularly beautiful spot for some adventuring around – just because of how untouched it is.

Hire a mountain bike for the day (250 Baht/day) and discover the island’s fabulous jungle and desolate beaches. Start a trail at Ao Talo Phante Malacca Beach all the way to the more remote Ao Son Beach. The ride is 6km in total, and you’ll weave in and out of the jungle along the way. Amazingggg!

Photo Via Annie_sararat, Sanuta_s, Eartholics
Photo Via, Ramonvendelboss, Ladathaj

If you’re not much of a cycler, there’s also some rad hiking trails. If you’re in the mood for waterfalls, head to Lu Du Waterfall near Ao Son Beach, or try the hike up to the 400m Tob-Bob Cliff at Ao Talo Phante Malacca.

PS: Do be sure to look out for all the monkeys on the island as well as the abundant birdlife in this national park wonderland!

Photo Via Mirco_westfalenstadion, Nardy20, Professional.nobody
Photo Via Por_napong, Jstraguzzi

Ko Tarutao  

Price: USD $14.20 / approx. 450 Baht (Minibus and ferry departing from Krabi); USD $20.50 / approx. 650 Baht (Minibus and ferry departing from Phuket)
Address: Ko Tarutao, Mueang Satun District, Satun, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Distance from Krabi: 186km from Krabi
Getting there: It’s a 4.5 hour ferry ride from Krabi, and from Koh Lipe it’s just a 2 hour speedboat ride away!


As if Thailand weren’t tropical enough, after looking at some of these ridiculously breathtaking, painstakingly beautiful islands…

There’s absolutely no reason why all of us shouldn’t be booking a trip, to at least one of them, like, yesterday.

If you’re ever lucky enough to visit any of the above, or stumble across your own hidden gems in the South of Thailand, share your moments with us – we love it!

And don’t forget to use that good ol’ hashtag, #TripCanvasThailand yo. <3<3<3

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