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Looking for the best night market in Phuket? There are at least 3-4 great night markets to check out – we’ve ranked some of Phuket’s night markets below from best to decent.

1. Phuket Walking Street (great shopping, great food + great cafes and shops too)
2. Chilva Market (incredible ambience, great food and decent shopping)
3. Indy Market (good ambiance and food, and decent shopping too)
4. Karon Temple Night Market (touristy but can be decent for some)

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In this story, we’ll be sharing 8 highlights you’ll want need to know about Phuket Walking Street, the best night market in Phuket!

1. Snap a picture – The Entrance

Situated in Phuket Old Town, this street comes to life every Sunday night with a long stretch of road – filled with vendors selling everything from caps and beautiful quaint bottled dried flowers, to oodles and oodles of food and drinks.

Photo via TripCanvas

2. Shop till you drop as you walk – Walk down Phuket Walking Street

What makes this night market the best in our opinion, is the great shopping here. It’s comparable to Bangkok’s quality of night markets! Some people have even called it Etsy Heaven!

Photo via TripCanvas

Wondering what’s available here? Accessories, clothes, handmade quirky accoutrement and more!

Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas

PS: Sketch services are available here too!

3. Duck into any cafe and you’ll love it – Eleven and Two Co, The Tent

We loved that along this stretch of road, there were quite a number of really great cafes to rest at. These cafes not only make a good pit stop, they come in various themes too! Some have tents, some sell fun knick knacks from vintage antiques to quirky handmade goods.

Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas

4. Craving a drink? – The Bar, Carribbean House

There are at least a couple of stalls selling everything from colourful mocktails to cocktails! If the idea of wandering your way through a night market with a good drink in hand appeals to you – don’t forget to stop at one of these street bars.

Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas

5. More shopping available! – Bulan

As we wandered down Phuket Walking Street, we noticed a few shopfronts along the sides of the road selling quality designs at affordable prices. Don’t focus only on the stalls on the road, and forget to look at the shopfronts at the sides of the road.

Photo via TripCanvas

You may be surprised with what you can find! Bulan in particular was quite the hit with travellers shopping here. 🙂

Photo via cnjin angelo

6. Fill up on food and dessert – Little Pig, Ka Chai Ice Cream

Apart from the usual street food fare like Mango Sticky Rice, instagrammable street food is available here too! Little Pig serves up some truly scrumptious charcoal burgers, for example. Ka Chai Ice Cream also lends a little homemade sweetness to the night.

Photo via kookkai af2 TripCanvas
Photo via waiwai phuket TripCanvas

As you walk on, you’ll find that there’s a huge section of this market dedicated to serving up a variety of food!

Photo via stitch greentea, TripCanvas
Photo via pui chic, nantiya7029, jaykpc, ephemeralll, aewcha
Photo via supachailive, srp aoom jaiyen, classic atr

7. Make time for some culture – 92 House Cafe, Peranakannitat Museum

Keep your eyes peeled for quaint heritage spaces like these. It’s great for photos and taking in some culture, and can make a mini adventure in itself.

Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas

The best part of all, these heritage spaces are all around Phuket Walking Street, whether it’s in a cafe like 92 House Cafe, or the restored colonial architecture of buildings like Peranakannitat Museum.

Photo via ming smc
Photo via luck wp-eazyquilts

8. Our final tip: Make it a full day of exploration – Phuket Old Town

If you want to get the most out of your time in this area of Phuket, we’d recommend heading down earlier before the night market opens!

Photo by johnnysnunez aleeeeeeeeeeena.

Phuket Old Town is a place filled with vibrant Phuket heritage complete with the stunning Sino-Portuguese architecture to go along with it.

There are colourful murals and art galleries around, not to mention tons of interesting cafes and even a heritage hotel to pop into and marvel at!

Photo by jammam, natcha muan, michael
Photo via TripCanvas
Photo via TripCanvas

Phuket Walking Street

Address: Thanon Chao Fa, Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand.
Opening hours: Sundays only, 4pm to 9pm
Price: From USD $2.90 / approx 100 Baht

Like what you see? Let us know which night market you think is the best in Phuket in the comments below! We want to hear what you think!

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