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Chips are one of the world’s best inventions. You may not agree with me, but it’s a fact that most people enjoy eating them – from young kids to grandpas/grandmas.

It’s delicious, light on the stomach and quite affordable. Most importantly, you can bring them everywhere and it won’t spoil – perfect to bring as a travel companion.

The best part about chips is that they’re available in assorted flavours, including country-specific flavours. For instance, in Thailand, you can find some of your favourite (or unknown even) Thai food as chips, making them great as snacks and/or souvenirs.

So if you’re travelling to Bangkok, or anywhere else in Thailand, remember to pick up some snacks. Here are 23 chips we recommend you should try at least once.

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1. Crispy savoury seafood – Lay’s 2in1 Grilled Prawns & Seafood Sauce

As a seafood lover, I absolutely love this one. It has 2 types of chips combined in one bag – seafood sauce (tastes a bit sour) and the grilled prawns flavour (it has a shrimp flavour, making it taste quite savoury and strong, and is orange in colour) – ensuring you’re never bored when eating the chips.

Photo Via Hanna, Metro.society

Lay’s 2in1 Grilled Prawns & Seafood Sauce

Price: 39 Baht / USD $1.23 (80g)

2. Your favourite 3-flavoured fish turned to chips – Tasto Pla Sam Rod

This is the bomb. It’s sweet, salty and savoury. And with the firm and crispy texture of the chips, you’ll think you’re eating fish (not potato chips!). Guaranteed to be super addictive.

Photo Via Pinky-Angelo

PS: The TripCanvas team canNOT resist this. Once a bag is opened, it is finished on the spot. Haha!

Tasto Pla Sam Rod 

Price: 28 Baht / USD $0.88 (75g)

3. Addictive spicy squid chips – Lay’s Hot Chilli Squid

It might smell kind of fishy when you first open the bag (due to the squid flavour), but the squid taste itself is actually quite mild. It also has a slight fiery kick at the end, reminding me of the Bento Squid snack sold in Thailand’s 7-11.

Photo Via Goldenclosetid

Lay’s Hot Chilli Squid

Price: 30 Baht / USD $0.95 (75g)

4. Sour Thai dish made into chips – Lay’s Miang Kam Krob Rod

Just like the picture on the bag, the chips are quite sour from lime, although not too strong. You can also taste hints of chilli, shrimp and ginger in the chips, making them taste authentically Thai.

Photo Via Hanna, Arieltxw

Lay’s Miang Kam Krob Rod 

Price: 29 Baht / USD $0.91 (75g)

5. Thailand’s version of Irvin’s Salted Eggs chips – Lay’s Salted Egg

Let’s admit it, Irvin’s chips are expensive and can feel quite heavy on the throat. So if you want something more wallet-friendly and have a lighter salted egg taste, we recommend Lay’s Salted Egg chips. It tastes quite divine actually!

Photo Via Mamamguys

Lay’s Salted Egg 

Price: 30 Baht / USD $0.95 (70g)

6. Up for some porky? – Entree’s Barbecued Crispy Pork Classic

Unlike your regular potato chips, these are thin, dry and crispy. It’s especially savoury though, and has a strong pork flavour – perfect to snack on when you’re bored in the afternoon.

Photo Via Hanna

Entree’s Barbecued Crispy Pork Classic 

Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (16g)

7. Peppery snack – Manora’s Fried Shrimp/Crab Chips

How do you like your chips? If you love them peppery then you’ll want to try this one. The shrimp/crab flavour is quite subtle while the pepper taste is very strong, great for those who want to eat seafood chips without the fishy taste. The chips are small too, allowing you to eat the entire chips in one bite.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Manora’s Fried Shrimp/Crab Chips

Price: 25 Baht / USD $ (75g)

8. Add some sweetness to your life – Party Caramel Snack

Move away potato chips, it’s time for yam chips. And this time, it’s coated in caramel, making these chips nice and sweet – great when you’re feeling low on energy. Other than caramel, they also have other flavours like chocolate, banana and sweet & spicy.

Photo Via Hanna

Party Caramel Snack 

Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (67g)

9. Thai-style spiciness – Lay’s Play Net Chilli Paste

Enjoy a bit of fire in your chips? Try Lay’s newest chilli paste flavoured chips. It has a crisscut shape, giving a bit more fun to your chips eating experience.

Photo Via Hanna

Lay’s Play Net Chilli Paste 

Price: 19 Baht / USD $0.60 (58g)

10. It’s time for crab curry! – Lay’s Crab Curry

If you enjoyed eating Thailand’s version of crab curry, you’ll want to try this one. The chips are ridged cut, making them nice and firm, which complements well with the subtle crab flavour.

Photo Via Goldenclosetid

Lay’s Crab Curry 

Price: 30 Baht / USD $0.95 (73g)

11. Sweet fishy crunch – Arigato’s Cuttlefish Crackers

Available in 2 flavours, spicy and non-spicy, these cuttlefish chips are sweet and savoury and shaped like scorched squid. And if you choose the spicy flavour, you’ll taste a slight fiery kick afterwards.

Photo Via ReallyThai

Arigato’s Cuttlefish Crackers

Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (65g)

12. Squids in circles! – Carada Rice Ball Cuttlefish

Who says squid chips can only be flat or curved-shaped. They can also be round and crispy. And since they’re made of rice, they’re not hard to bite at all!

Other than the regular flavour (red packaging), they also have other flavours like seaweed and coconut.

Photo Via Hanna

Carada Rice Ball Cuttlefish 

Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (68g)

13. Pea chips – Snack Jack Green Pea Snack

It may look like Cheetos, but these green snacks are much more firm than their yellow counterparts. It’s also not as salty and kind of tastes like peas – you might even think you’re eating a healthier snack.

Photo Via Putsar_pon

Snack Jack Green Pea Snack

Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (70g)

14. Spicy savoury eggs anyone? – Tasto Signature Spicy Salted Egg

If you think regular salted egg chips are boring, you better try this one. With a fiery kick, you won’t feel bored of the salty flavour – you might even finish the chips in one go!

Photo Via LOLOL-Food-and-Groceries-Delivery

Tasto Signature Spicy Salted Egg 

Price: 30 Baht / USD $0.95 (50g)

15. Crispy fries all day long – Jaxx Potato French Fries

Unlike regular fries, these ones won’t ever turn soggy. It stays crispy and tastes like salt. But the best part about this chip is that they actually provide tomato sauce/chilli sauce (depending on which flavour you choose). So remember to dip the chips in the sauce for better eating experience.

Photo Via Kinnhom, Christopher-D.-Casson

Jaxx Potato French Fries

Price: 18 Baht / USD $0.57 (62g)

16. Fiery bbq chips to the rescue – Tasto Devil Barbeque Spicy

Bored of regular barbeque chips? Then try the spicy version instead! The chips are quite firm too, giving it a nice crunch and hot kick.

Photo Via Ricky

Tasto Devil Barbeque Spicy 

Price: 28 Baht / USD $0.88 (75g)

17. Now this is HOT! – Tasto Devil Emperor Chilli

Do you hold your spice well? If yes, this is the chips for you. With “devil” and “emperor” in its name, expect the chips to be super hot. The chips are super red, and there’s even pieces of dried chilli in the bag!

Photo Via Ernglovefood, Asiansnackguy

Tasto Devil Emperor Chilli 

Price: 28 Baht / USD $0.88 (75g)

18. It’s classy – Lay’s Spicy Lobster

Can’t afford real lobsters? Eat them as crisps instead. The flat, thin chips means you can taste the strong lobster flavour in every bite. And since it coats the chips thoroughly, with the crispiness of potatoes and savouriness of lobsters, you’ll never want to stop eating.

Photo Via Amouthfulof

Lay’s Spicy Lobster 

Price: 30 Baht / USD $0.95 (77g)

19. Pointy corn chips – Cornae

If you want a salty, savoury and crunchy chips that tastes like corn, we recommend getting this one. And the best part of its cone shape is you can put it on each finger and eat it from there, adding more fun when eating it.

Cornae comes in 2 flavours: original and cheese.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Nnepneptune


Price: 22 Baht / USD $0.69 (56g)

20. Can you smell the herbs? – Lay’s Sweet Basil

Unique to this flavour, you can smell the herbal fragrance as soon as you open the bag. The crisps themselves taste slightly spicy and savoury.

Photo Via Amouthfulof

Lay’s Sweet Basil 

Price: 29 Baht / USD $0.91 (75g)

21. It’s a seafood buffet! – Tasto Hot Plate Seafood

Can’t choose if you shrimp, crab or cuttlefish better? Then you better try this new flavour by Tasto. It combines all the seafood flavours into one, and thoroughly flavours the thin and smooth-cut chips, making them enjoyable to snack on.

Photo Via Ricky

Tasto Hot Plate Seafood 

Price: 28 Baht / USD $0.88 (75g)

22. Crunchy swirls – Potae

What I love most about these chips is that it’s quite fun to eat and look at because of its swirls design. It’s also not too soft or too hard, so it’s nice to chew on, and tastes deliciously salty.

Photo Via TripCanvas


Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (72g)

23. Non-spicy pepper chips – Paprika

Despite it being a capsicum chips, it barely has a spicy taste. Instead, it’s quite savoury and brittle – you might even want to stuff several in your mouth at once!

Photo Via TripCanvas


Price: 20 Baht / USD $0.63 (72g)

Where to Buy:

1. Snacks shopping? Here’s your best bet! – Big C Supercenter, Ratchadamri

Don’t know what to get for your friends and family back home? How about some Thai snacks from Big C Supercenter, sure to please even the pickiest person on the planet! Otherwise, find everything you need here – from potato chips to Thai curry paste – at very low prices.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Big C Supercenter, Ratchadamri

Price: from 20 baht / approx. USD$0.63
Address: 97 11 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand (Coordinates here)
Nearest Station: Chidlom BTS
Contact: +66 2 250 4888
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 2am


Click the links below to download the app! :
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2. Get your favourite Thai snacks in small sizes – 7-11

Want a particular chips (or other snacks) in the middle of the night? Head over to 7-11! The things sold here are cheap AND 7-11 is located everywhere (you can find 7-11 at almost every street)! Perfect for souvenirs and midnight snacks. 😉

Photo Via TripCanvas

7-11 @ Siam Square

Getting there: Siam Square Soi 2, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 (Coordinates here)
Nearest Station: Siam BTS
Opening hours: 24/7


Click the links below to download the app! :
For Apple users, click here
For Android users, click here

3. Midnight supper, snacks, souvenirs and more! – FamilyMart

A familiar convenience store name you need no introduction to, find all your snacks, souvenirs and midnight instant suppers at FamilyMart!

Photo Via Yee___wen, Yeoh_kea_huey

Sukhumvit Soi 33 FamilyMart 

Getting there: The store is located at the top of Sukhumvit Soi 33 (corner store); a bare 5 minutes’ walk from The Emporium mall (Coordinates here)
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong BTS
Opening hours: 24/7 for the store 8:00 a.m. – Midnight for upper space (sitting area)


Interested in any of them? Remember to try them the next time you’re in Thailand and bring a couple of them back home to remind you of the “Land of Smiles”! Tell us your favourite flavoured chips in the comment box below or tag us at #TripCanvas.

Happy eating! 😀

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